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  • Title: 7 Billion People | 7 Billion Actions
    Descriptive info: .. Login.. E-mail:.. Password:.. I forgot my password.. A new password will be send to your e-mail.. About.. Resources.. Media Toolkit.. Stories.. Music.. Film.. Organizations.. Blog.. Data.. 7B ME.. العربية.. ব ল.. French.. German.. Italian.. 日本語.. 简体中文.. Portuguese.. РУССКИЙ.. Spanish.. Swahili.. TÜRKÇE.. 繁體中 文.. 한국어/조선말.. Romanian.. 7 Billion People: 7 Billion Actions.. Rapidly and surely our world of 7 billion people is growing older.. In less than 10 years, more than one billion people will be 60 or older.. Population ageing, which results from lower fertility and longer survival, is actually a triumph of development.. Yet it also presents many challenges.. This unprecedented trend calls for a rethinking of how much older persons can contribute back to society.. 7 Billion Stories.. Everyone has an opportunity and a responsibility to make a world of 7 billion a better place for all of us.. We are collecting stories of individuals making a difference in their communities – and globally.. Stories that can inspire others to take action.. To date,.. 991.. people have shared their stories.. Erika Goldson:.. I am A UN Staff.. I love the work that I do, especially when it involves worki….. view my story.. Maria Alejandra Curbelo Cal:.. I am A  ...   and semi-ignora….. ARAVINTHAN DEVARASU:.. I am ID.. ARAVINTHAN belon….. ARAVINTHAN belongs to Iluppaiyur.. village , Tiruchi….. Victoria Borasio:.. I am An Actress / Writer….. I was born in the UK, my passion for the theatre and acting….. Shawn Thompson:.. I am An Artist / Graphic….. I am one of the 7 Billion People on Earth.. Such a Large Numb….. Current World Population.. 6.. 934.. 678.. 806.. Video.. A Celebration and a Challenge.. A new report, "Ageing in the 21st Century," offers a vision to unlock the potential of ageing populations.. Latest.. from the blog.. "I Was Here".. Every year on August 19th, World Humanitarian Day recognizes those who face danger and adversity to help others.. There are so many simple ways you can make a difference in your community.. Help create a global message that s so loud it can t be ignored.. Sign up today and tell the world I WAS HERE!.. http://whd-iwashere.. org.. Social Media.. making a difference.. See all.. Add your organization.. Partners.. supporting the campaign.. 2011 7 Billion Actions.. All Rights Reserved.. The 7 Billion Actions initiative is convened by.. UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.. with support from partners from the private and public sector.. Terms of Use/Disclaimer..

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  • Title: About 7 Billion Actions
    Descriptive info: Everyone has a story!.. Share your story with the world.. About 7 Billion Actions.. 7 Billion People | 7 Billion Actions; a Global Movement for all Humanity.. The World at 7 Billion.. The world s population will top seven billion people in October 2011.. This unique moment in human history represents both an achievement and a challenge, and will have an impact on every single person on the planet.. A world of seven billion has implications for sustainability, urbanization, access to health services and youth empowerment however, it also offers a rare call-to-action opportunity to renew global commitment for a healthy and sustainable world.. As the United Nations agency responsible for marking this milestone, the.. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).. is leading an innovative global campaign 7 Billion Actions to build awareness around the opportunities and challenges of a world of seven billion people.. UNFPA has enlisted a wide group of corporations, organizations, and individuals to deliver this unique initiative, using online, mobile and offline actions to tell the story of the people behind the number.. The initiative Objectives.. 7 Billion Actions aims to achieve two key objectives:.. Building global awareness around the opportunities and challenges associated with a world of seven billion people.. Inspiring governments, NGOs, private sector, media, academia and individuals to take actions that will have a socially positive impact.. Themes.. The campaign will build awareness around seven key issues, then count the activities the campaign stimulates to address them.. The issues are:.. Poverty and inequality;.. Women and girls empowerment;.. Reproductive health and rights;.. Young people;.. Ageing population;.. Environment;.. Urbanization.. Timing.. The campaign s key launching activities will take place in September and October, culminating on 7 Billion day (31st October, 2011).. Given the campaign's intention to inform, mobilize and collate actions on several development priorities, the duration of the campaign extends well beyond 2011 and into 2012, with significant initiatives taking place at major United Nations milestones.. Review processes related to the.. MDGs.. , the.. International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) Programme of Action.. at 20, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development at.. Rio + 20.. anniversary, are some of these global events.. Further, the Campaign will also feed into ongoing global efforts including the Secretary-General's initiative for.. Women's and Children's Health.. and the Global Campaign to.. End Violence Against Women.. Madrid at ten Conference on Ageing.. , fora on climate change and many more.. The Campaign will draw from and provide significant strategic input to several UN policy  ...   reproductive health, environment and urbanization, among many others, giving a wide overview of the status and challenges of human development.. By framing their vision under the 7 Billion Actions initiative, partners will be able to better position their work and draw attention to their specific issues.. Illustrating the exponential effect and impact that each partner s work can have on global dynamics.. Organizations of all kinds, in every part of the world, are creating innovative programmes that address issues associated with a world of 7 billion.. For example, Women Deliver, a global advocacy organization bringing together voices from around the world, is working since 2007 to call for action against maternal death.. 7 Billion Actions wants to build on what partners such as Women Deliver are doing, amplifying their work.. By sharing their organization s stories through the campaign platform, our partners they will inspire others to take action.. Broader outreach.. Reaching new constituents, in particular young people, the primary users of the innovative mobile technology and social media that powers the campaign.. 7 Billion Actions will nurture the interest and support of a new generation of young adults in specific development issues and in the organizations which support them;.. Leveraging the media attention through the campaign s news room and team of journalists, who will be looking for good stories from partners related to the 7 key issues;.. Linking your organization s website to the campaign s shared platform, attracting new audiences and activists.. Strengthened partnerships.. Joining this collaborative effort supported by the private sector, UN agencies, foundations, NGOs, individuals and academia, organizations can benefit from collaboration with new partners and subsequently develop partnerships.. When sharing their stories through the platform partners will be linked to other organizations that work in the same area, increasing their networking opportunities.. Contact Us:.. Mr.. Alvaro Serrano.. 7 Billion Actions Campaign Manager.. E-mail: serrano@unpfa.. Telephone: +1 212 297 5036.. Cell: +1 917 213 7307.. Ms.. María F.. Ruiz de Larrinaga.. Campaign Coordinator.. E-mail: larrinaga@unfpa.. Telephone: +1 212 297 4957.. Private Sector and Foundations:.. Nicole Carta.. E-mail: carta@unfpa.. Telephone:+ 1 212 297 5242.. NGOs:.. Nobuko Takahashi.. E-mail: takahashi@unfpa.. org ?.. Telephone: +1 212 297 5386.. Noemi Espinoza.. NGO Partnerships.. E-mail: nespinoza@unfpa.. org.. Telephone: +1.. United Nations System:.. Azza Karam.. UN Partnerships.. E-mail: karam@unfpa.. Telephone: +1 212 297 5255.. Katja Iversen.. E-mail: iversen@unfpa.. Telephone: +1 917 403 3063.. News Room:.. Lindsay McKinley.. News Room Coordinator.. E-mail: lindsay.. mckinley@edelman.. com.. Telephone: +1 212 642 7742.. Omar Gharzeddine.. E-mail: gharzeddine@unfpa.. Telephone: 212 297-5028..

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  • Title: Media Toolkit
    Descriptive info: On this web page, you will find updated and newsworthy information about 7 Billion Actions.. This can be used as background for articles, feature stories, interviews and other communications.. Small actions taken by each of us, multiplied across communities, can create a better world.. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.. Population is about people.. It is about embracing the dignity and human rights of every individual.. We need to create conditions for each one of us to live on a healthy planet, so we can all reach  ...   Babatunde Osotimehin, UNFPA Executive Director.. Contact information:.. Abubakar Dungus.. Tel: +1 212 297 5031.. Email:.. dungus@unfpa.. Tel: +1 212 297 5028.. gharzeddine@unfpa.. Bios.. -.. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.. UNFPA Executive Director Dr.. Babatunde Osotimehin.. Briefing.. Media Briefing.. Fact Sheets.. Overview.. Ageing.. Environment.. Poverty and Inequality.. Reproductive Health.. Urban Growth.. Women and Girls.. Young People.. Press Releases.. 11 July, 2011 Press Release.. 12 September, 2011 Press Release.. 24 October, 2011 Press Release.. Media Clippings.. National Geographic Inserts.. Key Events.. Events Calendar.. Country Office Events.. Promotional Videos.. "United"..

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  • Title: 7 Billion Stories
    Descriptive info: About 7 Billion Stories.. Around the world, individuals are taking positive, meaningful action to make the world a better place.. Teachers, doctors, government officials, parents … people everywhere are contributing in personal, unique and innovative ways to a global movement for all humanity.. 7 Billion Stories is a collaborative initiative to collect and distribute these stories of people making a difference.. By sharing your story, you can inspire others to get involved and take action in helping for a better world.. You can also search for – and connect to – people whose stories of change are similar to yours.. Grid.. Map.. All Stories.. All Stories.. Women.. Men.. All Issues.. Reproductive Rights.. Ageing.. Others.. 60 over 60.. Search.. I am One of 7 Billio….. Maria Fernandez Ruiz de Larrinaga.. I am A Starship Rang….. Austin Hope.. I am helping to end….. April Smallwood.. I am a person willin….. Kaleb Miller.. I am Hopeful of the….. JOSE RENE TIJAM.. I am An IB Student f….. Gabriel Westaway-Heaven.. I am a Government of….. Quazi Rafshan Yeazdani.. I am 29 years old, m….. sopyan bkkbn.. I am A librarian and….. Eric Reber.. I am EID DAH.. eid dahir.. I am indian.. SABARATHINAM SRINIVASAN.. I am a housewife-cum….. Pankhuri Aggarwal.. I am Tahira Saleem.. Tahira Saleem.. I am ASSOCIATED WITH….. SANDEEP SRIVASTAVA.. I am a patriotic Fil….. Wilhelm Garay.. I am a 31 year-old C….. Augustin Zusanné.. I am just along for….. Jake Hanrahan.. I am a professor of….. Sumitra Srinivasan.. I am ELECTRICAL ENGI….. TAWAKAL RWAHILA.. I am social worker.. sk rousun munshi.. I am ready to help.. Jeanne Carboni.. I am one of the 7 Bi….. k sivanageswara rao.. I am a believer.. Yara Amr El Eshraky.. I am world citizen w….. Farid Huseynov.. I am a Homosexual: H….. Nestor Quizon.. I am using design to….. Allysson Lucca.. I am Mel Waller.. Mel Waller.. I am Social Worker.. Chamara Jayakody.. I am born into this….. Low Tak.. I am rajendra ray.. rajendra ray.. I am A compassionate….. john hoelen.. I am a Nurse and I a….. Dan McCarthy.. I am an Apprentice o….. Dan Quinones.. I am Editor wiserear….. Mainsah Gilbert shaafe.. I am nothing.. h s.. I am a new mother, a….. Rowan Martin.. I am hopeful for a b….. Noor Shams.. I am one of many mak….. Ryan Dougherty.. I am Indifferent ! I….. Nico Tyndale.. I am Sure we can liv….. Sebastian Gómez.. I am Elizabeth Liu.. Elizabeth Liu.. I am Celebration of….. We are all one 16.. 8.. 12-18.. 12.. I am the future.. Carolyn.. I am medical student.. M.. Elmahdi Abdulwahab.. I am a softball play….. Courtney.. I am EduSciTech.. P Jamal.. I am one of 7 billio….. Marty Moore.. I am campaigning for….. Mrs.. Gunathilake.. I am one of seven bi….. Federico Serrano.. Erika Goldson.. I am searching for m….. Jaybee Balilea.. I am a student.. Tyler Thorson.. I am Peace (Islam) I….. Ghulam Hassan.. I am Yet another per….. Hans Zomer.. I am an Observer.. Tyler Frost.. I am general manager….. vijay raj.. I am an Intern.. Nafisa Didi.. I am Masha.. Masha Alexandrova.. I am The Professiona….. Sajel Saxena.. I am a believer that….. R C.. I am Udo Ukeme, Fro….. Ukeme Udo.. I am Optimistic abou….. Phatsimo Mosimanegape.. I am A Global Citize….. Aditya Singh.. I am an optimist.. Nazm-us Saadat.. I am a young contrar….. Cornel Mosneag.. I am i am one of the….. narsingraj raj.. I am Blogger, eActiv….. Arif Nezami.. I am The Change.. Ziyad Abou Chair.. I am a global citize….. Barry Costa-Pierce.. I am A Student.. uday kiran.. I am D voice of digi….. Divine Freeman.. I am an Advocate and….. Vanessa Avila.. I am Founder of Soul….. Kim Moore.. I am a Teacher and a….. laura sabina conti.. I am Giving the Reas….. Ochieng Kennedy.. ARAVINTHAN….. ARAVINTHAN DEVARASU.. I am student.. Yu Ching Ting.. I am an apprentice s….. Terry Lam.. I am n/A.. Adam Fakhreddine.. I am Sharon Howe.. Sharon Howe.. I am 1 in 7 Billion.. Paul Contin.. I am an observer the….. Danthanh trinh.. I am Calling upon ev….. Robert Kisekka.. I am nsereko stephen.. stephen nsereko.. I am a musician.. Katie Elliott.. I am DJ Lacka.. DJ Lacka.. I am Empleada Admini….. Sonia Silvera.. I am working to redu….. bolajoko fadipe.. I am Ganesh.. K.. Ganesh Moorthy.. I am A STUDENT.. Ben Messina.. I am Responsible.. Celine Gammal.. I am I'm from Bangla….. ARUP BARUA.. I am telecom enginee….. Nicholas Nayfack.. I am one hopeful sur….. Shivani Kumar.. I am a Public Health….. Pamela Duncan.. I am just a human tr….. Jacques Macaire.. I am a student in Oa….. Ibrahim Abouhashish.. I am a happy human b….. Rosana Hermann Efraim.. I am Iam a born sout….. Ravi Rangaraajan.. I am a filmmaker.. Brenden Dannaher.. I am 70 years old an….. Jim Finn.. I am 1 of 7 billion….. karen ok silva.. I am one among 7 bil….. Gayathri.. I am what I am.. Carin Biegnolé.. I am a human.. Sonam Tobgay.. I am One of 7 billio….. Mitch Downey.. Øyvind Moonshine Holmstrøm.. I am The Exponential….. David Coutts.. I am working for a c….. Juan Diego Calisto.. I am A people living….. Tsui Man Kit.. I am ronnie layoo jo….. ronnie layoo.. I am building a brig….. Sheena Levi.. I am 61 years old.. Bharatsinh Raijada.. I am a Student, Lear….. Sara Savoia.. I am Katya,.. Katya Saenz.. I am 25 years-old.. Merdan MAMETSEYİDOW.. I am un ser humano.. Diego Oviedo.. I am "Committed to e….. MAINAK SHARMA.. I am a dreamer, but….. Darshana Mahtani.. I am Youth Advisory….. Angga Dwi Martha.. I am one like many t….. Melinda Nassif.. I am Babatunde, one….. I am A student at a….. Madeleine.. I am A student at Io….. Emily Hogan.. I am.. I am Global Change M….. Israr Tunio.. I am one of people w….. Marouan Ben Larbi.. I am The Wolf Poet.. Micah Stout.. I am Teacher, Resear….. Mohamed Kharbach.. I am an artist and t….. Tony Ivanda.. I am a basketball pl….. Sharav Sadhu.. I am Jonathan Leung.. Jonathan Leung.. I am an ordinary wom….. Papitha Cader.. I am a Change Agent….. Niyi Ojuolape.. I am Jamie.. Jamie.. I am Volunteer Photo….. Suriya Thonawanik.. I am in 9th grade an….. Ben Johnson.. Samuel Walczyk.. I am EMPLOYEE OF BAT….. PRANATI DEVI.. I am Ibrahim Kizito.. Ibrahim Kizito.. I am open mind for a….. yaçif myr mora.. I am una buena perso….. luisa fernanda espinosa.. I am on fire with pa….. Eric Rochford.. I am optimistic pers….. mamillapalli archan.. I am UN Volunteer -….. Jacqueline Ontoy.. I am Teacher.. Brazil….. José Carlos Guireli.. I am Ricardocantu.. Ricardo Cantu.. I am a believer of e….. Samira Manzur.. I am a marine scient….. Tania Norori.. I am looking for som….. Ana Júlia França Monteiro.. I am Working Profess….. Parveen Kumar.. I am a nurse.. Sister Anne.. I am a class of 19 (….. Monroe C1.. I am English now ret….. Phil Soffe.. I am a storm chaser.. Corey Harguth.. I am a spark plug fo….. Courtney Robin.. I am Cafe Den.. Black Coffee.. I am A human.. Zainab K.. I am LIFE!.. Thabile Maripe.. I am a member of Nat….. Dong Elina.. I am Operation Execu….. Mohammed AbuJubara.. I am Environmentalis….. MARY JANE MOLINA.. I am change.. Rae Smith.. I am a Child of Warr….. Chris Borowik.. I am kai zhang.. kai zhang.. Islam Abujebara.. I am a small part of….. I am Cheryl.. Cheryl Phillips.. I am Book author and….. Walter Hain.. I am A Parks Man.. Alan Otterbein.. I am A Musician.. Colin Reams.. I am trying to explo….. Jay Amunga.. I am an advocate of….. Erin Wilson.. I am CEO, Author, Ra….. Doreen Agostino.. I am going to teach….. Maura Matney.. I am Biomedical Engi….. Mirza Abdul Aleem Baig.. I am A proud father.. Lars Knutsson.. I am a "star-thrower….. Lesa Walker.. Michael Geraltowski.. I am WYSIWYG.. Gael Dube.. I am A YOUNG CHANGE….. Joseph Opoku.. I am a student at Te….. Alyssa Decker.. I am a student and t….. Kain Nanne.. Ng Jia Ni.. I am Nigeria's forem….. Emmanuel Odiase.. I am a independent c….. zola cao.. Hannah Pincus.. I am a college stude….. Brad Truscott.. I am Owain Jones.. Owain Jones.. I am Your partner.. Chady Hossam.. I am Maria Jose Una….. Maria Jose Fraga Torres.. I am Dhinakaran from….. DHINAKARAN SUNDARAM.. I am a believer in C….. NCBIS New Cairo British International School.. I am a storyteller.. Rey Bufi.. I am A 14 year old t….. Stephen Lewis.. I am Engineer (E&T),….. Madan Moray.. I am Christian Delso….. Christian Delsol.. I am a Visual Journa….. Michael Lopez.. I am happy and lucky….. Claire Bonnet.. I am Motivated.. Mark Kenyon.. I am A MATERNAL HEAL….. Deepa Jha.. I am A MEDICAL DOCTO….. BRIDGET NWAGBARA.. I am Student.. Mohamed Hussain.. I am distraught at t….. Melanie R.. I am Future Electron….. Federico Ramos.. I am my own role mod….. Andrew Grossman.. I am Jackson Christo….. Jackson Christopher.. I am a part-time par….. HUI THOMAS.. I am sundar from che….. sundar rajulu.. I am one of the 7 bi….. GLORIA MOLINA.. I am a cheerful init….. Teresa P Saraswati.. I am guy doing my UG….. senthil kumar.. I am A Listener.. Paige Abbott.. I am Equity Lover (P….. Anil Shrestha.. I am an engineer.. Van Ishedintathinair.. I am blessed.. Katy Folk.. I am CEO of Amazing….. Libia Cuba.. I am Nwaugwu Bright….. Bright Nwaugwu.. I am Maira.. maira hernandez hernanddez.. Christian Shannon.. I am a happy lad.. Jordan Quimby.. I am a Dreamer!.. Mücahit Yılmaz.. I am a mother , emig….. mariska van der meer.. I am sick of this sh….. Tyrone J A.. I am happy to live i….. Danny Cosico.. I am Peace Practitio….. Robinson Thapa.. I am I'm who I am.. ….. Teresa Truch.. I am a belivier.. Arlindo Detomi.. I am A Human Rights….. Arslan Arshad.. I am a father at 53….. Barbaros Altindis.. I am HIV social work….. Benedicte Kouassi.. I am 34 Million Frie….. Jane Roberts.. I am a part of the c….. Mark Ross.. I am The Doer.. Oni Gbenga Isaac.. I am GEERVANI.. gummadi GEERVANI.. I am Committed to re….. Laurie Newell.. I am the hospital Di….. Florence tugumisirize.. I am a servant.. Tamara Vogelzang.. Piret Salumäe.. I am MANRRS.. Angelica Navarrete.. I am free spirit.. joão barbosa.. I am Determined and….. Beryl Ooro.. Семён Касимов.. Andrew Glanton.. I am I’m Saidou, P….. Saidou Kaboré.. I am Yemeni.. Wagdy Al-Kadasi.. I am Yuka Abe.. Yuka Abe.. I am a peacelover.. Kirthi Jayakumar.. I am Charlie.. Charlie.. I am a proud gay man….. Zachary Robbins.. I am a Dooniter to c….. Oliver Stark.. I am a dreamer.. Hayley Sitz.. I am the rule, not t….. Viki Wang.. I am a teacher.. Devilim Devilim.. I am A Computer Engi….. Leonardo Shawon.. I am Who I am.. Rebekah Fluit.. I am 18.. James Phillabaum.. I am a youth activis….. Ana Rizescu.. I am A Future Educat….. Heather White.. Jamana Al-Zadjali.. I am on my boat in N….. simon owens.. I am working in a go….. swaminathan.. I am a proud Filipin….. Jane Perena.. I am HAYATNA an (NGO….. HAYATNA.. team.. I am responsible for….. Aly Rady.. I am A Community Sol….. Henry Maato.. I am Aida Alzhanova.. Aida Alzhanova.. Jeremy Folds.. I am Enviro-Networke….. Kabita Gautam.. I am the change I wi….. Sanya Shiraz.. I am collecting real….. Roger Pilon.. I am Look after your….. Grupo Sexto D.. Samantha Hudson.. I am 79 year young S….. Mansukhlal Ruparelia.. I am Resilient.. Carla VanKoughnett.. I am Nurse.. Patrick Roden.. I am A Tunisian Psyc….. Frida Ben Attia.. I am the Founder Pre….. Madhav Datt.. I am I AM STUDENT.. SOHRAB RANGRZ.. I am committed to ma….. Aliya Ali.. I am -.. Haw Seng Chiat.. I am human,female,da….. Donna Driskill.. I am not.. Youssef Simaan.. I am a dedicated edu….. Eric Friedman.. I am pro Animal Righ….. ching kin fung.. Shalini Jabar.. I am an equalizer.. Saundra Pelletier.. I am HEI Chan, now i….. Matthew Chan.. Sari Schwartz.. I am daughter, siste….. Jenny Tew.. I am a mother, an ac….. Cheryl Lynn Cain.. Manija Arman.. I am Health & Wellne….. Puru Gupta Healthy World.. I am Alpha Oumar Dia….. Oumar Diallo.. I am medico.. zhu yu.. I am a high school s….. Eleonora Carella.. I am a cartoonist.. graziano bruno squicciarini.. I am Just One.. Eric Lee.. I am Technology Assi….. Mattthew Covington.. I am Indonesian Peop….. Nanggara R Santoso.. I am an Age Demands….. Kenneth Hemley.. I am dedicated to ma….. Cynthia (aka) Maya Sciberras.. I am wanting to see….. Zeyad AbouelLeil.. I am student who cul….. RAVI SHANKAR.. I am one of the seve….. Pinki Trishna.. I am Childrenactivis….. Jos Aalders.. I am a triathlete.. Brandon Hines.. I am The hope to end….. Marwan Elkholi.. I am boy.. umakaran kanmany.. I am being the solut….. TMS Ruge.. I am who looks forwa….. Love and peace.. Taylor Fraise.. I am one of many spa….. Shanaz Sukhdeo.. I am changing the wo….. Daniel Busse.. I am A Policeman.. Srinivaas.. I am happy to be the….. Muhamad Faizal.. I am an American, wa….. Bryce.. I am for more peace….. bederstorfer francois.. I am a tiny drop in….. Bulut Dinibütün.. Zamar Khan.. I am An Actress / Wr….. Victoria Borasio.. Shannon.. Impacting my….. Cecil Dadzie.. I am one in 7 billio….. shahd mohamed.. I am trying to do my….. Rhea Williams.. I am a Firefighter.. Brandon Vogt.. I am a public school….. Agbe Epou.. I am Environment.. Wassim CHAABANE..  ...   Charlie O\'Brien.. I am Waves of Courag….. Kayley Ricker.. I am photographer in….. Adam Jutrzenka.. I am a very happy te….. Filipe Oliveira.. I am Youth Activist,….. Hira Hafeez Ur Rehman.. I am an educator com….. Tanya Capuli.. I am a student of li….. Hamz Roshan.. I am Master at Mecha….. Amra Dzaferovic.. I am A Ecologist and….. Jose Pedro Naisser.. I am A Peace Corps V….. Charlene Espinoza.. I am one human out o….. Scott Mohrman.. I am Santi, Raúl, J….. Dj rris Jimenez.. I am The Voice of Yo….. Ali Rıza BABAOĞLAN.. Marcus Bremer.. I am Graphic social….. BIBIANA MORENO ACUÑA.. I am an Engineer and….. Yamaha T.. Dejene.. I am Roberto "El Tej….. Roberto Uranga.. I am a freelance pho….. ontoshiki vun.. I am Having complete….. Jiaul Hoque.. I am a teacher and t….. Vanja Skrobica.. I am A big dreamer.. Kara Kibbe.. I am free.. Biljana Petrusevski.. I am A climate chang….. Joseph Andreone.. I am a full-time sch….. Christopher Shanley.. I am optimistic.. Shams Badr.. Kyle Morton.. I am A mother, a His….. Renee C.. Maria Eugenia Rinaudo Mannucci.. I am An African Unio….. David Gwiina Kamu.. I am convinced that….. Marta Agosti.. I am For a better an….. Ecacav Pagavc.. I am A Volunteer.. Richard Abbenbroek.. I am founder of Gree….. Balraj Arpit.. I am a student of th….. Sarah Freeman-Woolpert.. I am Retired out of….. Victor Belleli.. I am Simply down to….. Elmer De Chavez.. I am a Computer Engi….. AFM Nazmul Alam Shajib.. I am Alia.. Alia Afifi.. I am empowering yout….. Jesse Saruni.. Rajendra Patel.. I am a Musician and….. Adam Pain.. I am a soccer player….. shelby scott.. I am a student eager….. Maddie Wynn.. I am a point in 7 bi….. Ersin Demir.. I am a world citizen.. Khalid BOUKHDIR.. I am I am 14.. James Santoro.. I am An Optimist.. Cole Davidowski.. I am a master studen….. Lili Jiang.. I am an imaginist.. Al3xandra Granruth.. I am an Architecture….. Jill Maltby.. I am writer, teacher….. Annalì Fe.. I am creating champi….. Rosie O\'Halloran.. I am musician.. Javier Castro.. I am Imagining your….. Ciaran Donohoe.. Karolina Skoczylas.. I am a part of this….. Dharshan Chandran.. I am Julie Imafidon-….. Julie IMAFIDON-BEDAN.. I am a part of the s….. Kirsten Williams.. I am a student of Go….. ERLI WIJAYANTI PRASTIWI.. I am Kirelos Daniel.. Kirelos Daniel.. I am Emily.. Emily Dally.. I am touched when l….. mildred boora.. I am an activist.. I….. Zahra Benyahia.. Ismail Afia.. I am Just a drop in….. Joseph Bolger.. I am Ronaldo Alves.. Ronaldo Alves.. I am just a simple m….. Ash Alam.. I am UFO Consultant….. Marco Barraza.. I am Siaka TRAORE.. Siaka TRAORE.. I am Chris Harris Fu….. Chris Harris.. I am A Physician & W….. Marie Keith S.. Epe.. Mark Charlesworth.. I am father.. nobuki kimisima.. I am one in a billio….. Zeeshan Mohamed.. I am 18 years old.. Pooja Shah.. I am A Confused Teen….. Doreen Jones.. I am A Social Worke….. Mazoon Al-Zadjali.. I am a common person….. Chris Lee.. I am 17 years old an….. Felix Haave.. I am an Industrial E….. Omar Ajlouni.. I am :).. Megan Machtolf.. I am a champion for….. Ranuca Hamlet.. I am Open minded and….. Finland Bernard.. I am a Storyteller.. Robbie Cleaves.. I am pooja.. pooja.. I am Fighting agains….. Jose Luis Gonzalez.. I am A CHEMICAL ENGI….. ISMAEL ROSALES.. Paula Fournier-del Valle.. I am part of the sev….. korben ward.. I am I am One of 7 B….. Hicham El Cadi.. Angeline Martyn.. Myung Eun Lee.. I am Nihan Dedeoglu….. Nihan Dedeoglu Baker.. I am Shahzad Ahsan.. Shahzad Ahsan.. I am an artist, what….. akif Kurtulus.. I am Harshil Deepak….. Harshil Deepak Ayyadurai.. I am one of 163 mill….. Sifat Shams.. I am electrical engi….. Nenad Posedi.. Diksha Gupta.. I am Californian Wor….. Michael Conrad Pawelski.. I am studyin' math.. ekrem soyudoğru.. I am a Runaway Proce….. Nico Izco.. I am a nature lover.. Sanjoy Chandra Bhattacherjee.. I am setting my goal….. Manjita Sharma (Rajopadhyay).. I am trying to chang….. Ramy Sharaf.. I am a believer in h….. Kristy Carr.. I am a 23 year old B….. Tasmia Foyez.. I am Dreamer, Social….. Prakrit Nepal.. I am A FINAL YEAR LA….. KUSH KALRA.. I am a world citizen….. Mark Halabecki.. I am An activist, ca….. Michael ANTHONY Snaith.. I am a collegiate sc….. David Cobb.. I am willing to help….. Meral Helmy.. Ivan Leonce.. I am everyone or any….. Ertuğrul Murat Özgür.. I am a loving teache….. Susan Palmieri.. I am a proud father.. Shamsul Haque.. I am Maternal Health….. Mohammad Ahsan.. I am a positive youn….. Petar Mladenov.. I am Gerald.. Gerald Tivatyi.. I am Realistic.. Derek Hartley.. I am a socialist a w….. Noor Walia.. Liwen Chen.. I am a UN Consultant….. AMM Zowadul Karim Khan.. I am one of those am….. Ahmad Zia Barekzai.. I am a young man and….. Tawanda Moyo.. I am a 3rd year univ….. İrem Alpaslan.. fouad mohamed.. Ayla Deniz.. I am mouza aka zooz.. mouza lootah.. Shereena.. I am a school boy wi….. Ling Zhu.. I am Victoria Contre….. VICTORIA CONTRERAS.. I am a Mexican study….. Sarahi L.. Garcia.. Aredhel Pinto.. I am Web & Graphic D….. ram mehra.. I am Nehru.. Nehru.. I am Winnie Hjord Du….. Winnie Hjord Dumstrei.. I am a friend, a wom….. Natalie Nucci.. I am a Father.. Fuad Chowdhury.. I am 14 years old.. Caty Gonzalez.. I am nominating Aure….. Jake Darpine Banggay.. I am convinced of th….. Nati Barona.. I am Dadaab refugee….. Mohamed Bashir garcade.. I am 1 on earth.. Robin Saif.. Shiva Raj Mishra.. I am very concerned….. DR Rawson.. I am Steven Earl Sal….. Steven Earl SALMONY.. I am Jimmy Li.. Jimmy (Qinxu) Li.. I am g.. nightwing grayson.. I am the one who lov….. Clement Leung.. I am Karina a Creati….. Karina G.. I am A Challanger.. Anny Mamuchashvili.. I am 22yrs-mukono.. Mugema Richard.. I am grateful to be….. Dustin Pickett.. I am an alchemist of….. Laura de los Santos.. I am hoping to make….. Suzy Tonini.. I am 1 of 7Billion+;….. Humphrey Munene.. I am a young enviro….. Priya Verma.. I am Good And Active….. Thirunavukkarasu AD.. I am an educator & u….. Edward Huang 黄铁屿.. Oscar Thompson.. I am a Warrior Witho….. Leo Duarte.. Golam kibrea.. I am fighting Street….. Noha Emile.. I am an Innovative D….. Mona Seleim.. I am A design studen….. Jenny Zhu.. I am a filmmaker and….. Alexandra SL.. I am a ordinary stud….. Timmy Law.. I am one of the you….. MingSen Tan.. I am William Cheng,o….. william cheng.. I am Nourane Said, 1….. Nourane Said.. I am an individual.. Farida Wagdy.. Mercedes Caño Soria.. I am One among the 7….. Priya Singh.. I am Reindeer.. Saranya Jirapanyachote.. I am Martin.. I am I'm just one of….. Raphael Wong.. I am researching rhy….. Jakub Christensen M.. I am Human who is li….. Abdul Basi Shakeri.. I am part of a group….. Ahmed, Alejandro, Carla, Devin, Fiona, Grace.. I am Medical Student.. Sarina Khanal.. I am a future pilot.. jack black.. Ali Mujtaba Sangrasi.. I am a Designer.. Rúbrio Nóbrega.. I am smile.. eri more.. Laure ouedraogo.. I am a Census Office….. Lkhagvadulam Chimeddamba.. Adnaan Suldan.. I am an internationa….. Yu Gu.. Salma Mounir.. I am a temporary res….. Drew Harvey.. I am a piece of the….. ATTAFI Mohamed.. I am a frown rotator….. Layla Ghaleb.. I am a Change Maker.. Daniela Tort.. I am a vyshavaite be….. SATYANARAYANA CHARYULU asurimaringanti.. I am a Community Bas….. Josie Namuyaba.. I am Dany Segovia.. Dany Segovia.. I am MDG 5 Advocate.. Jovito Dy.. I am ALIVE !.. Leticia Salas.. I am whispering the….. Claire Jarvis.. I am a caseworker he….. Steve Roberti.. Marissa Cokeley.. I am a daughter, wif….. Janaki Parajuli.. I am Inspired Indian….. Gaurav Julka.. I am a social actici….. Shashi Shekhar Kashyap.. I am an Industrial d….. Ovais Hanafi.. I am a Volunteer,Soc….. Syed Mahmood Kazmi.. I am a music teacher….. Elías Federico Sánchez Gómez.. I am an architecture….. WOHA.. I am a freshman at T….. Nick Despart.. I am a guy who wants….. Caleb Tidwell.. I am ilker buğday.. ilker buğday.. 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I am my own person.. Billy James.. I am Wilson Ereng.. Wilson Ereng.. I am the future Prim….. Nicholas Harrison.. I am A Film maker.. Ramachandra Babu.. Michela Lafisco.. I am sometimes quiet….. Delores Brown.. I am happy to write….. venkat c v.. I am part of The NAT….. Manop Rattichote.. I am the founder of….. Jennifer Lentfer.. I am Farah El Eshrak….. Farah El Eshraky.. Nilma Dole.. Chloe Maxmin.. I am One of the 7 Bi….. HIMANSHU BHUYAN.. I am 23 years old.. catriona Stewart.. John Paul Simon.. I am Gabriela Duarte.. Gaby Duarte.. I am journalist and….. Francesco Foglia.. I am someone who car….. Joshua Fiddelke.. I am a believer in G….. Caitlyn Crenshaw.. I am A Black Diamond.. Max Mankge.. I am me.. Amy Linders.. I am who you are.. Chyi.. I am an advocate.. Sarah Marzouk.. I am Anandh from che….. anandh kannan.. I am student and a t….. Leah Clifford.. I am a crazy hungari….. Gabbie Czifra.. I am an Ordinary Ame….. Alycia Ulrich.. Eugenio Lou.. I am a business scho….. M.. E.. Asad.. I am Milad Taleghani.. Milad Taleghani.. I am a vegetarian an….. Calvin XUE.. I am Their Supporter.. Erli Wijayanti P.. 991 of 1110.. Stories Counted.. Tweet..

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  • Title: United: Music to Inspire Action
    Descriptive info: United: Music to Inspire Action.. One original song.. Many unique interpretations.. One goal: inspiring action.. 7 Billion Actions is connecting people and creating positive change through the universal language of music.. Music has the power to break down boundaries between people.. Music transcends geographical, political, economic, spiritual and ideological distances, uniting people everywhere as one human race.. To harness the power of music, we are working with Playing For Change, a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music.. Playing For Change has created an anthem for 7 Billion Actions, United (see.. lyrics.. ).. The Playing For Change crew is introducing this song to communities around the globe, where talented musicians are interpreting it through their own distinct voices, instruments and musical styles.. To inspire people everywhere, a film crew led by the producer Mark Johnson has been documenting the performances of the song and uploading videos to the web as they are being produced.. Want to be part of the 7 Billion Actions sound track? You can add yourself to the video and remix the track.. Playing for Change will make a mash up with the different versions produced around the world.. Listen and watch the behind-the-scenes videos.. United -- Part 1 New York City, USA.. Today was the beginning of a dream to unite the world with the power of music and the human spirit.. Playing for Change wrote an original song, titled United, to serve as an anthem for this moment intime, when our planet reaches 7 Billion people.. Today we started the process with Mermans Kenkosenki and Jason Tamba, musicians from the Congo, who recorded and filmed live in front of the United Nations.. We will now travel the world and record other musicians interpreting the song.. No matter how many issues and languages and other barriers divide us in this world, nothing is as strong as the shared humanity that brings us together.. We are 7 Billion hearts moving forward in a positive way, and the time is now to unite as a human race through the power of music.. Join us on the journey.. Mark Johnson.. Playing for Change Producer.. United -- Part 2  ...   for Change movement, Grandpa Elliott.. He has been performing on these streets for over 60 years and has devoted his life to bringing moments of joy to all those who pass by.. There is something special in the air of this city, a magic that can be felt in its music.. Europe, Africa, South America, the Caribbean and North America all combine in the musical gumbo of New Orleans and remind us that in all great music we find soul.. No matter who we are or where we come from, we are all United through music.. United Part 4 Ireland / Northern Ireland.. "It is in the shelter of each other that the people live".. This Irish proverb perfectly describes our visit to record music in Dublin, Ireland and Omagh, Northern Ireland.. We walked on the streets of Dublin and within minutes we were running back to the hotel for our equipment to record and film some amazing street musicians.. We then headed up to Northern Ireland where we recorded the Omagh Youth Community Choir.. They are a group of angels that bridge differences with their harmony, soul and spirit.. After hearing them sing I know we are going to make it as a human race.. United Part 5 Budapest / Hungary.. This is the first time I have visited Eastern Europe and we could not have come to a better place.. Upon arrival in Budapest we met a family of Gypsies and where invited into their inner circle where music lives in their veins.. We organized a recording session featuring a female vocalist, acoustic guitar, spoons and the water caine drum.. They performed with so much soul and the sounds became our soundtrack to Budapest accompanied by a string quartet.. One evening while eating dinner we witnessed one of the greatest accordion players we had ever heard and the next thing we know we are pulling out our equipment and recording at an outdoor café.. If you listen and keep your heart open you can hear the perseverance and hope in every note.. Stay tuned to learn more.. CONTRIBUTE TO THE TRACK.. Download the lyrics.. Then record your own version and:.. Upload your song.. Share..

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  • Title: 1 of 7 Billion
    Descriptive info: 1 of 7 Billion.. A Global Film Competition.. The winners of the 1 in 7 Billion short film competition will be announced on 2 April, 2012.. Film is uniquely powerful in bringing issues to life and putting a human face to the challenges facing the world and their solutions.. "1 of 7 Billion" is a global short film competition, organized by the 7 Billion Actions initiative and the Foundation 10.. 48.. It is designed to inspire people everywhere to use their talents to explore one of the seven key issues targeted by 7 Billion Actions:.. Poverty and breaking the circle of inequality.. Empowerment and progress of women and girls.. Young people.. Reproductive health and rights.. Healthy environmental and healthy people.. Aging.. Urbanization-planning for growth.. Submissions Timetable and Instructions.. The Short Film Competition 1 in 7 Billion is now officially closed.. The 7 Billion Actions initiative and the Foundation 10.. 48 would like to thank all of you who made and submitted films for contributing your inspiring stories to this short film competition.. The jury is now reviewing all the entries that have been submitted, and will choose ten finalists on, or around February 26, 2012.. Then, through online voting, users will choose three winners.. Voting will take place from 16 February to 6 March 2012.. For more information about the jury, click.. here.. For more information about the "1 of 7 Billion" competition, read the.. Rules and Guidelines.. and.. FAQ.. Come back to see if your favorite made it to the finals and help us determine the top 3!.. Rules and Guidelines.. Guidelines.. The International Short Film Competition, 1 of 7 Billion, was created to raise awareness of issues concerning human rights, population and development, poverty and inequality, gender, young people, environment, reproductive health, ageing and urbanization.. The competition will accept audiovisual works in any digital format.. Films must focus on one of the 7 key issues of the.. 7 Billion Actions.. initiative (as described below).. The maximum length of each short film is 10 minutes, including credits.. The competition will award prizes according to the following rules and criteria:.. Objective.. The International Short Film Competition 1 of 7 billion is a platform for digital work that educates society on the importance of human rights, population and development, poverty and equality, gender, young people, environment, reproductive health, ageing and urbanization.. Therefore, entries should focus on one or more of the 7 key issues of the.. initiative:.. a) Poverty and Inequality – Breaking the cycle:.. In the poorest countries, extreme poverty, food insecurity, inequality, high death rates and high birth rates are linked in a vicious cycle.. Reducing poverty by investing in health and education, especially for women and girls, can break this cycle.. As living conditions improve, parents can feel more confident that most of their children will survive.. Many then choose to have smaller families.. This allows for greater investment in each child’s health care and education, improved productivity and better long-term prospects – for the family and for the country.. This helps break the poverty cycle.. b) Women and Girls - Empowerment and Progress:.. In a world of 7 billion, every person should enjoy equal rights and dignity.. We cannot afford to lose the full potential of half the world’s population.. Investing in women and girls is cost-effective and essential to solving the world’s most challenging problems.. When women are healthy and educated and can participate fully in society, they trigger progress in their families, communities and nations.. c) Young People - Forging the Future:.. Energetic and open to new technologies, history’s largest and most interconnected population of young people is transforming politics and culture.. People under 25 make up 43 per cent of the world’s population, but the percentage reaches 60 per cent in the least developed countries.. When young people can claim their right to health, education and decent working conditions, they become a powerful force for economic development and positive change.. Investing in adolescent girls is one of the smartest investments a country can make.. d) Reproductive Health and Rights – The Facts of Life:.. Ensuring that every child is wanted and every childbirth safe leads to smaller and stronger families.. Individual decisions determine global population growth.. However, some 215 million women in developing countries lack access to effective family planning and are not able to exercise their reproductive rights.. Too many women give birth too young, too often or with too little time between pregnancies to survive: every day 1,000 women die giving life, one every 90 seconds.. e) Environment - Healthy Planet, Healthy People:.. All 7 billion of us depend on the health of our planet.. The paramount challenge of this century is to meet the needs of 7 billion human beings now – and the billions to come – while protecting the intricate balance of nature that sustains life.. Demands for water, food and fossil fuels will only increase as world population grows.. Impoverished people, who contribute the least to climate change, are likely to suffer the most from its effects and many will seek a better future elsewhere.. We should invest in greener technology.. f) Ageing - An Unprecedented Challenge:.. Lower fertility and longer lives add up to new challenges worldwide: ageing populations.. Smaller percentages of people in their prime working years, relative to older or younger dependents, skew social and economic structures.. When fertility drops below replacement level, labour shortages may result, because the number of retiring workers each year will eventually exceed the number of new workers coming into the labour market.. Yet, healthy older workers represent a growing reservoir of unrealized human capital.. g) Urbanization – Planning for Growth:.. The next two billion people will live in cities.. We need to plan now.. While cities concentrate poverty, they also provide the best means of escaping it.. Cities have long been engines of economic growth.. Densely populated areas can be more environmentally sustainable than sprawling communities and allow for more efficient provision of services.. Eligibility requirements.. This competition is open to all those who are legal residents of their country of origin, 15 years of age or older who are committed to upholding the rights of others and maintaining a sustainable environment.. Film professionals and amateurs, individuals or legal entities, are invited to participate.. Employees of UNFPA and the.. Foundation 10.. (“Sponsors”) and their affiliates, subsidiaries, divisions and advertising, promotional and judging agencies and the immediate family members (spouses, parents, children, and siblings and their spouses) and household members of each, are not eligible to participate or win.. Void where prohibited by law and subject to all federal, state and local laws.. Timeline and submission instructions.. Entries may be submitted through the website of.. (.. www.. 7billionactions.. /film), the.. fundacion101248.. ), and Facebook (https://www.. facebook.. com/7billionactions?sk=app_238945266162007) beginning at 12:00 am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) October 31, 2011.. The deadline for submissions is 9:00  ...   the film catalogs of the.. and will remain the property of the two Sponsors of the competition.. By accepting prizes, winners agree to ensure that employees of both the.. are protected against any and all claims and liability arising out of use of such prizes.. The winners assume all liability for any injury or damage caused from participation in the competition or use/redemption of any prize.. Entrants agree to be bound by the official competition rules and decisions of the judges.. Winners of the competition agree to refer to it in all advertising and press materials, using the logo of the.. , and specifying the prize.. Obligations of the Sponsors.. Sponsors are.. , 605 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10158 USA, and Fundación 10.. 48, Calle S.. Vicente de Paul, 13-4 4600 Valencia, Spain (“Sponsors”).. The winning short films will be announced on March 8, 2012.. A complete list of winners, along with the winning videos, will be posted at.. after March 8, 2012.. The winning film(s) may be shown at UN-related events as well as in international human rights film festivals.. Organizers may consider screening any other short films submitted to the competition.. Promoters will include the logo or name of the producer of the film in any communications to publicize the pieces submitted to the competition.. Promoters will not use the films submitted for commercial purposes.. Additional information.. For additional information, please visit.. org/film.. or.. FAQ.. 1.. Who can participate?.. This competition is open to all those who are committed to upholding the rights of others and maintaining a sustainable environment.. Participants must complete an online entry form, to be soon available on the websites of the.. ) and the.. 2.. What is the subject matter of the films?.. The short films presented are expected to focus on one or more of the 7 key issues of the.. 3.. What are the 7 key issues of the.. Campaign?.. Poverty and Inequality – Breaking the cycle.. Women and Girls - Empowerment and Progress.. Young People - Forging the Future.. 4.. Reproductive Health and Rights – The Facts of Life.. 5.. Environment - Healthy Planet, Healthy People.. Ageing - An Unprecedented Challenge.. 7.. Urbanization – Planning for Growth.. Where can I get more information about the.. initiative?.. Visit.. In what format should I submit my project?.. All entries should be submitted in digital format.. We will not accept audio-only PSAs or PSAs recorded on VHS tapes.. What is the maximum length of the work?.. The maximum length is 10 minutes, including credits.. How many entries may I submit?.. Each team or individual is allowed to submit two short films.. Each film must be accompanied by its online entry form.. 8.. What is the deadline for submissions?.. Entries may be submitted through the websites of the.. ) beginning October 31, 2011.. 9.. What forms do I need to fill out, and where should I send them?.. You must fill out an online entry form when you upload your video.. Each submission must be accompanied by its online entry form.. com/7billionactions?sk=app_238945266162007).. Starting at 12:00 am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) October 31, 2011.. 10.. What are the prizes?.. The awards are as follows:.. First Place: $ 4.. 000.. Second Place: $ 2.. Third Place: $ 1.. 11.. Who will choose the winners?.. A jury will choose a final selection of ten films.. Their decision will be announced on February 26, 2012.. The top three films will be determined by the vote of online users.. GMT March 6, 2012.. through the websites of the.. ),.. the.. 12.. When the winners will be announced?.. 13.. May I use copyrighted materials?.. No, the use of copyright materials (music, images, etc.. ) is not allowed, unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material for this contest.. The organizers disclaim all liability in relation to the submitted works.. 14.. Can entries be disqualified?.. Yes.. If there is inappropriate content, use of copyrighted materials, problems with length, or incompatible format, the entry will be disqualified.. 15.. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?.. If you have any questions, please contact:.. shortfilmcompetition@fundacion102848.. shortfilmcompetition@unfpa.. Judges.. Raúl Celda.. Co-founder and President of Foundation 10.. Raúl Celda is a human rights lawyer.. He has been working in different development and nonprofit areas for more than ten years, overseeing and distributing grants in Africa, Asia and Latin America through the Foundation for Justice based in Valencia, Spain.. He has designed and implemented a wide range of educational and cultural programs intended to raise awareness on social issues, as well as, foster cooperation and development between Spain and developing countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa such as Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Senegal, Mozambique, Benin, Bangladesh, India, Paraguay, El Salvador, Brazil, Cambodia and Vietnam.. He is currently working as a Chief Creative Officer of the Human Rights Film Festival, World Music Festival and Social Theater Festival, all of them taking place in Valencia, Spain.. Daria Sommers.. Filmmaker.. Daria Sommers is a NYC-based filmmaker whose work includes both documentaries and narrative fiction.. She is the co-director and co-producer, with Meg McLagan, of Lioness, which won the Center for Documentary Studies Filmmaker Award at the Full Frame Film Festival in 2008 and was broadcast nationally on the PBS series Independent Lens.. Her previous films include Eastern Spirit Western World, a portrait of Chinese artist Diana Kan, which was broadcast by PBS, BBC and CBC and premiered at the Smithsonian, and the half-hour drama Ready To Burn for which she received Panavision’s New Director’s Award.. Daria began her career at PBS and her work has garnered support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Sundance Documentary Fund, the Fledgling Fund, Chicken & Egg Pictures and NYSCA.. She has served on the Metropolitan Museum ’s Program for Art on Film review panel and been an artist-in-residence at the Macdowell Colony and the Content+Intent Documentary Institute at Mass MoCA.. She recently completed Sawadika American Girl, a screenplay about Americans living in Thailand.. Daria is a graduate of Oberlin College and is co-founder of Room 11 Productions.. Producer and media specialist at UNFPA.. Since joining UNFPA in 1992, Christian Delsol has worked with independent reporters, documentary film makers, photographers and designers to help advocate for population issues and gender equity.. The productions have been aired on BBC World, CNN International, Euronews, PBS and syndicated on AP and Reuters.. He has also worked with photojournalists commissioning photo reportages in emergency situations and addressing gender based violence.. Christian has a background in cultural anthropology and has experience producing video shorts in Laos, Afghanistan, Ethiopia and many more locations.. Contact/Sign Up for Email.. Do you have any questions? Would you like to give us some feedback? Please complete the form below:.. Name:.. Email address:.. Enquiry type:.. Your Question:.. View your favorite films via Votigo..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Organizations Making a Difference.. In a World of 7 Billion.. About our Organizations Directory.. 7 Billion Actions is a call to action for corporations and NGOs.. All around the globe, organizations have answered this call by mobilizing their employees and partners to get involved.. Organizations of all kinds, in every part of the world, are creating innovative programs that address issues associated with a world of 7 billion.. All Organizations.. All Organizations.. Government.. Foundation.. NGO.. UN System.. Academic Institution.. Corporation.. Media.. All Issues.. Crea+.. UNYSAB.. Merlin.. Medical experts….. HUMANBE.. ACTION TANK ON….. Youth Alliance for Lea….. The Youth are T….. International Planned….. International P….. Churchill Club.. Igniting Conver….. efAfrica Solutions.. Making IT solut….. Open Source Ecology.. creating the Gl….. Million Moms Challenge.. You don't have….. Gandhi Tour.. The Gandhi Tour….. Advocacy Initiative fo….. Influencing Cha….. NGO's Computer Literac….. For better Educ….. BOCS Foundation.. Global educatio….. Office of the UN High….. Human Rights fo….. Institute for Populati….. Because populat….. Facebook.. Headline for yo….. Give Hope, Fight Pover….. Educating Acros….. VGIF.. Glory Reborn Organizat….. Healthy Moms &….. Coopera ONG.. Join our solida….. Greeneration Indonesia.. Green Attitude….. KAY MORRIS FOUNDATION.. Women Shed No M….. The Fistula Foundation.. Think about wha….. Suma Veritas Foundatio….. Suma Veritas.. Redemption Research fo….. RRHEDS.. StartARTproject.. StartARTproject….. Action Canada for Popu….. Art Pitara.. Developing Crea….. Georgian Youth Develop….. GYDEA.. SCORP-CIMSA.. Human Rights an….. Direct Relief Internat….. Improving mater….. Ruwasunchis.. Ruwasunchis - L….. AIESEC IIT Kharagpur.. A local chapter….. Family Care Internatio….. Making pregnanc….. Mzungu Volunteers.. Change & Experi….. Caption of Life.. Austrian Family Planni….. Austrian Family….. Ace Communications Ken….. Global Ace.. Thomson Reuters.. Musetude.. A revolution in….. Primary Education for….. Imagine that yo….. AquaCultures.. Educate.. Innova….. G2 - Give Green Canada.. Changing the Wo….. Youth Without Borders.. Youth Without B….. Equilibres & Populatio….. Equilibres & Po….. SESRIC.. Statistical, Ec….. International Federati….. Family Enrichme….. Combined Youth Council….. “TOGETHER WE….. the ManKind Project, I….. Creating safe s….. MURNA FOUNDATION.. Murna Foundatio….. Youth of JAZAS.. Youth of JAZAS….. Family Planning Intern….. Rights.. Choices….. SIFE - City University….. Merging Network….. Peace Dividend Trust.. Building a Bett….. Fukushima Future NPO.. Inform the Worl….. Social Interactive.. Human Needs + S….. Hope Development Volun….. Volunteer Abroa….. UN-HABITAT.. For a better ur….. Interact Worldwide.. Community respo….. SBS Corporation.. Seven Billion S….. Local Development Grou….. Participatory l….. SENSOA.. Innercredits.. Inspiring the w….. Millenniumparty.. Millennium Part….. Youth Peer Education N….. CORE Group.. Advancing commu….. Cercle Universal des A….. Queremos paz.. United Nations Develop….. Empowered lives….. AIDOS.. Italian Associa….. Association AVED COLIB….. Association de….. Luxury Dossier.. Polo players ma….. AXIORA.. Let´s get it!!….. Global Voices Online.. The world is ta….. EMPOWER PEOPLE.. EMPOWER PEOPLE….. HelpAge International.. Age helps!.. BANCHBO.. Organization wi….. MasterPeace.. Creating Peace.. AFG Consultores / Grup….. Our current act….. Karunalaya.. Center for stre….. Exercise Works Ltd.. Exercise Works….. Parliamentarians for G….. Parliamentarian….. Circle of Sisterhood F….. One World.. One….. JEUNESSE ET VIE- NGO.. automation of t….. N/A.. European Parlia….. The Different Comapny.. that's diffe….. Potmax LLC.. Singing for a G….. UNAIDS.. Marie Stopes Internati….. Children by cho….. Summit Foundation (SUF….. advancing equal….. Design Global Change.. Fonkoze.. Building a netw….. Playing For Change Fou….. Creating Positi….. WOHA.. Vertical Cities….. International Digital….. IDMI.. RFPD.. Rotarian Action….. Österreichische Stift….. Austrian Founda….. White Ribbon Alliance.. White Ribbon Al….. Children Without Worms.. Improving the h….. United Nations Regiona….. The United Nati….. UK Department for Inte….. UK Department f….. ZILLION DIGITAL INSTIT….. Unleashing Digi….. UN Cares.. UN system-wide….. International Women’….. A Just and Heal….. ONE VO1CE PROJECT.. COMMUNITY DEVEL….. COMMUNIC.. IBA-JU Model UN….. UN ESCWA.. Economic and So….. Open Space Centre.. Inspiring Youth….. Eurasia Foundation of….. Building instit….. MARS.. Brahma Kumaris World S….. World transform….. Edison Youth Environme….. Edison Youth En….. MDG Pledges.. 8 Goals.. Your P….. Trust in Education.. Providing Educa….. Music 4 Peace.. Music for Peace….. Rutgers WPF.. Rutgers WPF joi….. World Health Organizat….. The World Healt….. Public Health Institut….. Public Health  ...   the….. LetsStopAIDS.. Inspiring youth….. CCLP Worldwide.. Education Chart….. UNESCO.. Building Peace….. Playwala.. Play Games.. Do….. Vittana.. What do you wan….. Peace Child Internatio….. Empowering youn….. International Year of….. Volunteers chan….. March of Dimes.. The March of Di….. Peace Foundation Pakis….. Palestinian cinema art….. Cinema can make….. International Council….. ICOMP - Excelle….. Orquesta Sinfónica Ju….. Música Orquest….. United Nations Foundat….. Connecting You….. Hopeful International.. and hope mak….. Feed My Starving Child….. Feeding God's S….. Guardian General Insur….. We embrace our….. NATIONAL YOUTH EMPOWER….. WE ARE THE CHAN….. Taleem Sab Kay Liye.. Educate, Enligh….. African Medical & Rese….. Better Health f….. The Chalice of Peace.. Europe without….. United Nations Institu….. Knowledge to Le….. Alexis Society.. Passion for Exc….. United Nations Decade….. United Nations….. Fundación 10.. Foundation for….. CENTER FOR PUBLIC HEAL….. WORKING FOR SUS….. Sisi ni Amani - Kenya.. Using Mobile Te….. SmokeFree Foundation.. Tobacco/Cancer….. Blog Talk Radio.. HOPE: Global.. Serve The Poor….. National Geographic.. AFRICAN YOUTH DEVELOPM….. "Unlocking the….. alianza hip hop para l….. el arte puede c….. Global Arts Exchange.. creating cultur….. Population Institute.. Empowering Wome….. sauhridam.. c….. Medical Aid Films.. Films for Life.. Ethiopian Education Fo….. Turning orphans….. Kibarouna- Elder's Car….. Kibarouna - Eld….. FoodClique Support.. Working to redu….. yuva vikas samiti.. Deaf Teaching Project….. Charity for dea….. NYF.. National Youth….. Initiative for Human D….. join hands with….. The Crow Legacy Compan….. Help Young Athl….. Swiss Foundation for S….. Idealist.. IDEALIST.. Ediale Television.. Campaign progra….. Zenaro Lighting.. Tomorrow's Ligh….. Foursquare.. Americans for UNFPA.. U.. Committee….. Cool the Earth.. Climate Change….. Population Connection.. Since 1968, Pop….. Amatsiko Organisation.. Orphans and Vul….. Fundación Cege@ AC.. Working to rais….. Green Youth Generation.. Coloring the Wo….. Sustainable World Init….. International centre "….. Everything is i….. Salvage International.. Salvage for 7bi….. Branditude.. Imaginations ar….. IABC | BRAC University.. be heard.. Institut international….. IPJ.. Ignite Association.. For a developin….. crowdSPRING.. UNFPA’s creat….. Global Population Spea….. Population 7 Bi….. FELCOS Umbria.. FELCOS Umbria i….. Youth And Sport Organi….. We are committe….. Spanish Federation of….. Fighting for th….. EPISENTRUM (Epidemiolo….. Public Health.. British Nordic Walking.. Building Nordic….. Youth Dividend.. Developing expr….. Pathfinder Internation….. A global leader….. MIS Technologist Corpo….. Sustainable ICT….. Ecofluss.. Ecofluss - Pens….. United Nations Millenn….. Isha Foundation Inc.. Raising Human C….. Children's Helpers Wor….. Children's Help….. EKTA WELFARE SOCIETY.. EKTA WELFARE SO….. WellShare Internationa….. Our mission is….. AMOBIKE.. ONG.. GrowthBusters.. Producers of th….. Huairou Commission.. Empowering Gras….. Aquaculture without Fr….. Teach a man to….. Cancer Council Nepal C….. Cancer.. Institute for Reproduc….. Expanding choic….. Wikimedia.. Marie Stopes Society.. Marie Stopes So….. DANIDA – Development….. DANIDA – Deve….. Youth Health Worker Ad….. Youth Health Wo….. Everyday Child.. Learn, Earn, Re….. Kalinganan TMI Incorpo….. "I Care" for th….. GENERAL AUTHORTY OF YO….. Creative youth.. Association of Youth O….. A national Netw….. DSW (Deutsche Stiftung….. Empowering Peop….. Alexis Foundation.. Quest for Knowl….. Coalition for Justice.. Every 11-th Per….. Alliance of Young Nurs….. The Global Netw….. Donald Danforth Plant….. Using plant sci….. Humanism without borde….. HSF.. Design Bangladesh.. We Design Dream….. ECDL Foundation.. ECDL Foundation….. Population and Sustain….. Lev LaLev.. Supporting Orph….. Better Place Volunteer….. Lasting Solutio….. Millennium Cities Init….. Where Extreme P….. International Benevole….. IBRF.. Johnson & Johnson.. Celebrating 125….. American Association o….. Advancing Women….. Development Alternativ….. BOUAKE UNIVERSITY ENGL….. BOUAKE UNIVERSI….. HAYATNA.. Let Your Mind M….. SASOD - Diverse Youth….. A Core of youth….. Trestle Group Foundati….. SAP.. United Nations Economi….. FutureChallenges.. FutureChallenge….. Ecoeducarte.. Ecoeducarte - G….. People to People Inter….. Peace through U….. Population Action Inte….. Healthy Familie….. FUNDOWN CARIBE.. Fundown Caribe.. PeopleCentric.. Inspiring Socia….. Agency for Intern….. Agency for….. Twitter For Thailand.. Feel Good to Do….. Hotel Mons - Monsadria….. Active today -….. Global Pulse.. HU-ONE.. "for a brighter….. Foot2Afrika-Tanzania.. Fulfilling the….. Fundación Voces.. Arte y Cultura….. ORANGE NETWORKS PRIVAT….. Internet Ka Eaz….. Associated Country Wom….. Empowering wome….. International Associat….. Global Citizens….. Go Ahead!.. Education for a….. Luso-Illyrian Institut….. Teaching Values….. 315.. Organizations Counted..

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  • Title: 7 Billion Actions | Population Data
    Descriptive info: Explore your world.. We live in a world of 7 billion people, living in seven continents and more than 200 countries.. Though family size (fertility) continues to decline in most places, our numbers are projected to rise for years to come.. This dashboard allows you to take a closer look at the world population in 2011 and beyond: Check out populations by region or country.. Look at the proportion of young and old.. See what various paths the future population growth may take.. Trends.. Take a closer look at the correlations between.. economic, social and demographic variables.. Snapshot.. Explore the distribution of the world population as it hits the.. 7 billion mark, as well as future projections and historical trends.. Snapshots.. Getting Started: The Stories Behind 7 Billion.. These short videos can show you how you can use the dashboards to learn more about our world of 7 billion.. A Younger World That Is Also Ageing.. Paradoxically, our growing world is both younger and older than ever before.. Play.. Seven Billion and Counting.. Projecting future population is a very uncertain business.. Insights for a World at 7  ...   for a particular purpose.. In particular, SAP will not be liable for any loss or damage without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits that arise out of, or in connection with, the use of this information and the Web site and SAP makes no representations or warranties of any kind on the correctness or completeness or suitability for a specific purpose with regards to the information on the Web site.. Data Source.. :.. Population Division.. of the.. Department of Economic and Social Affairs.. United Nations United Nations Secretariat.. ,.. World Population Prospects: The 2010 Revision.. http://esa.. un.. org/unpd/wpp/.. The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries.. The 7 Billion Actions initiative is convened by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund with support from partners from the private and public sector..

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  • Title: مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء
    Descriptive info: مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء.. مبادرة عالمية من أجل البشرية جمعاء.. سيبلغ عدد سكان العالم سبعة بلايين في تشرين الأول/أكتوبر 2011.. وهذه لحظة فريدة في تاريخ البشرية باعتبارها إنجازا وتحديا في آن واحد، وسيكون لها تأثير على كل شخص في هذا الكوكب.. فلعالم البلايين السبعة تداعيات على الاستدامة والتحضر وفرص الاستفادة من الخدمات الصحية وعلى تمكين الشباب - غير أنه يتيح أيضا فرصة نادرة للدعوة إلى العمل على تجديد الالتزام العالمي من أجل عالم صحي ومستدام.. ويقود صندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان، حملة عالمية مبتكرة تحت شعار "مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء".. قامت هذه المبادرة بدعوة من صندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان و بمشاركة العديد من الشركاء سواء كانوا وكالات شقيقة أخرى للأمم المتحدة أم الجمعيات و المنظمات ناهيك عن القطاع الخاص و الأكاديمي، كما أن بابها مفتوح لجميع المنظمات و الأفراد الملتزمين بتحسين عالم يضم سبعة بلايين نسمة.. ساعدنا في إطلاق و الإحتفال بهذه التواريخ:.. تاريخ و موعد إطلاق حملة السبعة بلايين إجراء:.. 14 أيلول سبتمبر 2011.. إنطلاق العد العكسي لبلوغ عدد العالم عدد 7 بلايين نسمة.. : 24 تشرين الأول أوكتوبر 2011.. إطلاق تقرير عن وضع سك ان العالم:.. 26 تشرين الأول أوكتوبر 2011.. يوم الإحتفال ببلوغ عدد سك ان العالم السبعة بلايين نسمة:.. 31 تشرين الأول أوكتوبر 2011.. ما بعد 31 تشرين الأول أوكتوبر 2011.. : ستمتد المبادرة الى ما بعد هذه التاريخ و تستمر عام 2012 فتشمل نشاطات و فعاليات في كافة أقطار العالم كمحاضرة لإعادة تقييم سير عملية تحقيق.. أهداف الأمم المتحدة الإنمائية للألفية.. MDG.. و برنامج عمل.. "المؤتمر الدولي للسكان و التنمية -.. ICPD.. ".. المقرر انعقاده عام 2015 و ".. مؤتمر الأمم المتحدة للتنمية المستدامة،- ريو +20".. هل أنت شغوف بأحد هذه القضايا؟.. ستقوم مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء بتجنيد و استلهام أو التحفيز على التحر ك في سبيل سبعة ميادين ذات علاقة بالتنمية:1) الفقر وعدم المساواة؛2) تمكين.. المرأة والفتاة؛3) الصحة والحقوق الإنجابية؛4) الشباب؛5) شيخوخة السكان؛6)البيئة؛7)التحضر.. سبل المساهمة في مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء.. إرو قصتك على موقع.. المجال مفتوح أمام الجميع لجعل من عالم السبعة بلايين نسمة، مكانا أفضل.. في هذا الإطار يقوم العديد من الأفراد و المنظمات من كافة أنحاء العالم بأعمال إيجابية و قي مة.. أساتذة، أطباء، قابلات قانونيات، فنانون، مدو نون، ، مسؤولون حكوميون، أهالي ،،، باختصار أناس من جميع الشرائح و الأعمال و في أي مكان في العالم، يساهمون بطرق فريدة و مبتكرة في تحر ك عالمي من أجل البشرية جمعاء.. إرو قصتك: كيف تساهم بدورك وتعمل لصالح البشرية؟.. تهدف مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء الى جمع قصص أفراد و منظمات تركوا أثرا و شك لوا علامة فارقة.. قصص قد تلهم الآخرين و تحفزهم على التحر ك بدورهم.. كما بوسعك سرد قصة شخص تعرفه و تعتقد أنه يؤثر في الجماعة التي تنتمي إليها سواء قام بعمل إنساني بسيط و حتى يبذل جهدا رئيسيا منظما ، كما باستطاعتك البحث عن و التواصل مع أشخاص تتشابه قصتهم مع التغيير وي ا تجربتك.. قم بزيارة موقع.. http://7billionactions.. org/stories.. و ارو قصتك.. أل ف نسختك الخاصة من الأغنية "متحدون United" لاستلهام المبادرات.. تقوم مبادرة  ...   السكان؛6)البيئة؛7)التحضر و التخطيط للنمو.. شروط الإشتراك في المسابقة:.. على الأفلام أن تقد م بطريقة رقمية.. على مدة الأفلام أل ا تتعد ى العشرة دقائق بما فيها الجنيرك.. على الأفلام أن تحتوي على ترجمة الى الإنكليزية في حال كانت لغة العرض الأصلية غير ذلك.. يتحم ل صاحب العمل مسؤولية أصالته.. على الأفلام أن ترك ز على واحدة أو أكثر من التحديات السبع المذكورة أعلاه.. بوسع كل فريق أو فرد مشترك، تقديم فيلمين قصيرين كحد أقصى.. على كل عمل أن يترافق و استمارة اشتراك إلكترونية.. سيختار القيمون على مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء و مؤسسة 10.. 48،أعضاء لجنة الحكم التي ستضم ممثلين للصناعة السينمائية إضافة الى منظمات تعنى بحقوق الإنسان و أفراد عاديين.. ستقوم هذه اللجنة باختيار 10 متسابقين ليدخلوا مرحلة التصفيات النهائية، بعدها سيتقرر أسامي الفائزين الثلاثة من خلال التصويت على الإنترنت الذي سيجري من 16 شباط فبراير لغاية 6 آذار مارس 2012.. الموعد الأخير للإشتراك و تسليم الأفلام في 15 شباط فبراير 2012، الساعة التاسعة مساء بحسب التوقيت العالمي المنس ق.. أما الفائزين، فسيعلن عن أسمائهم في 8 آذار مارس 2012 و الذي يصادف يوم المرأة العالمي.. أعرض فيلمك على.. و.. إضافة الى صفحة فيسبوك الخاصة بالمبادرة.. https://www.. com/7billionactions?sk=app_154219237995139.. (علما أن استمارة الإشتراك، ستصبح متوفرة على الإنترنت ابتداء من 31 تشرين الأول أوكتوبر 2011).. إرو قصة منظمتك و استلهم الآخرين للتحر ك.. تمثل مبادرة السبعة ملايين إجراء دعوة للمؤسسات و الجمعيات للتحر ك.. و قد لبت النداء منظمات من جميع أقطاب العالم إذ قامت بتجنيد موظفيها و شركائها و تحفيزهم للإنخراط في هذه المبادرة.. كما أن منظمات عديدة من جميع المجالات و في كافة أقطار العالمـ تعمل على إنشاء برامج خلاقة و مبتكرة تعالج قضايا مرتبطة بعالم السبع بلايين نسمة.. إرو قصة منظمتك: كيف تعمل و تنشط هذه المنظمة في سبيل الإنسانية ؟.. org/organizations.. تواصل عبر وسائل الإعلام الإجتماعي.. تابع @7billionactions على تويتر:.. twitter.. com/7billionactions.. عبر عن إعجابك بالمبادرة و انقر زر "لايك" على صفحتها على فيسبوك:.. مصادر.. مدونة مبادرة السبعة بلايين إجراء (للإطلاع على آخر الأخبار و المستجدات من قبل فريق العمل).. كتي ب.. صفحة المعلومات.. موجز موجه الى :.. الأفراد.. وكالات الأمم المتحدة.. الجمعيات.. المؤسسات.. الشركات.. نموذج لرسالة.. سبل الوسم أو البراندينغ.. إرشادات و نصائح فيما يتعل ق بالصياغة و العرض.. الشعار أو اللوغو.. ملصقات.. شرائط مصو رة أو فيديو.. صندوق الأمم المتحدة للسكان.. قناة ناشيونال جيوغرافيك.. بيانات صحفية.. للإتصال.. السيد ألفارو سير انو.. مدير حملة السبعة بلايين إجراء.. serrano@unpfa.. +1 212 297 5036.. السيدة ماريا ف.. رويز دي لار ينغا.. منس قة الحملة.. larrinaga@unfpa.. +1 212 297 4957.. السيدة نيكول كارتا.. شراكات القطاع الخاص و المؤسسات.. carta@unfpa.. 1 212 297 5242.. السيدة نوبوكو تاكاهاشي.. شراكات الجمعيات.. takahashi@unfpa.. +1 212 297 5386.. السيدة نويمي إسبينوزا.. nespinoza@unfpa.. +1 212 297 4939.. السيدة عز ة كرم.. شركات وكالات الأمم المتحدة.. karam@unfpa.. +1 212 297 5255.. السيدة كاتيا إيفرسن.. شراكات الأمم المتحدة.. iversen@unfpa.. +1 917 403 3063.. السيد عمر غرز الدين.. علاقات إعلامية.. +1 212 297-5028.. السيدة إيدا ينغ كريستنزن.. وسائل الإعلام الإجتماعي.. ichristensen@unfpa.. +1 212 297 5006..

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  • Title: ৭০০ কোটি কার্যক্রম
    Descriptive info: ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম.. সমগ র ম নবজ ত র জন য একট ব শ ব ক আন দ লন.. ২০১১ স ল র ৩১শ অক ট বর ব শ ব র জনস খ য ৭০০ ক ট ছ ড় ব । ম নব ইত হ স র এই ক র ন ত লগ ন একট সফলত এব একট চ য ল ঞ জ ছ ড় দ য় ছ ,এব আম দ র সব র উপরই ত প রভ ব ফ লছ । ৭০০ ক ট ল ক র ব শ ব আম দ র নগর য়ন,স ব স থ য স ব র সহজলভ যত ,য ব দ র ক ষমত য়ন এব ভ লভ ব ব চ থ ক র উপর সর সর ক র য় কর । অন যদ ক এট একট দ র ঘম য় দ এব স ব স থ যকর ব শ ব ন শ চ ত কর র প রত জ ঞ প লন আম দ রক ক জ করত উদ ব দ ধ কর ।.. জ ত স ঘ জনস খ য ফ ন ড (ইউএনএফপ এ) একট উদ ভ বন ম লক ব শ ব ক আন দ লন র জন ম দ য় ছ ,য র ন ম ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম। ইউএনএফপ এ এর উদ য ক ত হল ও এট ক ধ রন কর জ ত স ঘ র অন য ন য অঙ গস স থ , এনজ ও সম জ,ব ভ ন ন ব যক ত ম ল ক ন ধ ন ক ম প ন এব শ ক ষ ব দর । এই উদ য গ অন য ন য ব যক ত এব প রত ষ ঠ ন র জন য ও প রয জ য এব ৭০০ ক ট ল ক র ব শ বক উন নয়ন র পথ ন য় য ত প রত জ ঞ।.. অন গ রহ কর এই দ নগ ল স মরণ র খ ন.. ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম র উদ ব ধন দ বস: ১৪ই স প ট ম বর, ২০১১.. ব শ ব ৭০০ ক ট ল ক হব র প রত ক ষ : ২৪শ অক ট বর, ২০১১.. ব শ ব র জনস খ য র বর তম ন পর স থ ত স ক র ন ত র প র ট প রক শ: ২৬শ অক ট বর, ২০১১.. ব শ ব ৭০০ ক ট ল ক প র ত দ বস: ৩১শ অক ট বর, ২০১১.. ৩১শ অক ট বর,২০১১ এর পর : এই উদ য গট ২০১২ স ল অবধ স র ব শ বব য প ব ভ ন ন ক র যক রম র ম ধ যম চলত থ কব । এইসব ক র য বল র মধ য রয় ছ সহস র ব দ উন নয়ন লক ষ যম ত র র (এমড জ )অগ রগত পর য ল চন স ক র ন ত সম ম লন অন ষ ঠ ন,জনস খ য ও উন নয়ন ক র যক রম র প র গ র ম (আইস প ড ) স ক র ন ত আন তর জ ত ক সম ম লন,এব র ও +২০ ন ম পর ব শ ও উন নয়ন স ক র ন ত জ ত স ঘ সম ম লন।.. আপন ক ন চ র ক ন ক ষ ত র সম পর ক আগ রহ ?.. ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম স তট উন নয়নম লক ব ষয় ক জ করত অন প র রণ য গ ব আর উদ ব দ ধ করব : ১) দ র দ র য এব অসমত , ২) ন র ও ম য় শ শ র ক ষমত য়ন, ৩) প রজনন স ব স থ য ও অধ ক র, ৪) য বসম জ, ৫) বয় জ য ষ ঠ জনগ ষ ঠ , ৬) পর ব শ এব ৭) নগর য়ন।.. ক কর ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম য গ দ ব ন!.. আপন র গল প বল ন.. ওয় ব স ইট.. প রত য ক রই স য গ রয় ছ ৭০০ ক ট ম ন ষ র ব শ বক উন নততর বসত হ স ব গড় ত লত । এ লক ষ য ব শ বজ ড় ধন ত মক আর দরক র ক র যক রম হ ত ন চ ছ ব ভ ন ন ব যক ত আর প রত ষ ঠ ন। ত দ র মধ য রয় ছ শ ক ষক, চ ক ৎসক, ধ ত র , শ ল প , ব লগ র, সরক র চ ক র , প ত -ম ত.. সর বক ষ ত র ই ম ন ষ ত দ র ব য ক ত গত, ম ল ক ও উদ ভ বন ম লক উপ য় ক জ কর চল ছ য স র ম নবজ ত র জন য ব শ ব ক আন দ লন হ স ব গণ য কর য য়।.. আপন র গল প বল ন: আপন ম নবত র জন য ক পদক ষ প ন য় ছ ন?.. ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম র লক ষ য ব ভ ন ন ব যক ত ও প রত ষ ঠ ন,য র পর বর তন আনছ ,ত দ র গল প স গ রহ কর ন। স ইসব গল প য অন যক পর বর তন অ শ দ র হত উদ ব দ ধ কর । আপন র ও আপন দ র পর চ ত এমন ক রও গল প বল ন য ন আপন র সম জ পর বর তন আনছ ন। স ট হত  ...   দ র ঘ চলচ চ ত র উপর ক ত ৭ট ব ষয় র এক ব এক ধ ক ব ষয় অবলম বন রচ ত হব ।.. o প রত ট দল ব একক ন র ম ত দ ট পর যন ত ছব জম দ ত প র ।.. o চলচ চ ত রট একট অনল ইন ফর ম ব যবহ র কর জম দ ত হব ।.. ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম কর ত পক ষ এব ১০.. ৪৮ ফ উন ড শন জ র দ র ন র ব চন করব ,য দ র মধ য চলচ চ ত র সম জ,ম নব ধ ক র স গঠন থ ক প রত ন ধ এব ব ভ ন ন ব যক ত ত ব থ কব ন। জম দ নক ত চলচ চ ত রগ ল র মধ য জ র র ১০ জনক ব ছ ন ব ন। এরপর অনল ইন ভ ট এর ম ধ যম স ধ রণ প ঠক/ ইন ট রন ট ব যবহ রক র র ৩ট ব জয় ন র ব চন করব । ভ ট গ রহণ পর ব চলব আগ ম ১৬ই ফ ব র য় র থ ক ৬ই ম র চ,২০১২ ত র খ পর যন ত।.. স বল প দ র ঘ চলচ চ ত র জম দ ন র শ ষ সময় ১৫ই ফ ব র য় র ,২০১২ র ত ৯ট ইউট স /জ এমট । ব জয় দ র ন ম ঘ ষন হব ৮ই ম র চ ২০১২,য দ নট আন তর জ ত ক ন র দ বস।.. আপন র চলচ চ ত র ত ল ধর ন:.. এব.. স ইট (৩১শ অক ট বর ২০১১ ত র খ থ ক একট ফর ম প ওয় য ব ।).. আপন র প রত ষ ঠ ন র গল প বল ন এব ক র যক রম গ রহণ অন যক উদ ব দ ধ কর ন:.. ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম ব ভ ন ন কর প র শন ও এনজ ওক ক র যক রম অ শ ন ত আহ ব ন করছ । স র ব শ ব জ ড় ব ভ ন ন প রত ষ ঠ ন আম দ র ড ক স র দ চ ছ ত দ র কর ম দ র এব সঙ গ দ র উদ ব দ ধ কর অ শগ রহণ প রণ দন জ ন য় । ব শ ব র ব ভ ন ন অঞ চল ব ভ ন ন ধরণ র প রত ষ ঠ ন উদ ভ বন ম লক অন ষ ঠ ন হ ত ন চ ছ য ৭০০ ক ট র ব শ ব র সমস য ও সম ধ ন গ ল ক ধ রণ কর ।.. আপন র প রত ষ ঠ ন র গল প বল ন:আপন র প রত ষ ঠ ন ক কর ম নব কল য ণ র জন য ক জ করছ ? http://www.. স ম জ ক ম ড য় চ য ন লগ ল অন সরণ কর ন:.. ট ইট র আম দ র স থ য গ দ ন @7BillionActions (@৭০০ক ট ক র যক রম):.. ফ সব ক ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম আন দ লন য গদ ন র জন য 'ল ইক' ক ল ক কর ন:.. ব ভ ন ন তথ য র উৎস:.. ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম ব লগ (য ত ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম ট ম র ক ছ থ ক সর বশ ষ তথ য প ওয় য ব ।).. ব রশ উর.. ম দ র ত তথ য কন ক.. ন ম নল খ ত শ র ণ র জন য ব শ ষ তথ য:.. ব যক ত.. জ ত স ঘ র অঙ গস স থ.. এনজ ও.. ফ উন ড শন.. কর প র শন.. চ ঠ র নম ন.. ব র য ন ড.. অঙ গসজ জ স ক র ন ত ন য়ম বল.. ল গ.. প স ট র.. ভ ড ও.. ইউএনএফপ এ.. ন য শন ল জ ওগ র ফ ক.. প র স র ল জ.. য গ য গ কর ন.. জন ব আলভ র স র ন.. ৭০০ ক ট ক র যক রম অভ য ন ব যবস থ পক.. ইম ইল: serrano@unpfa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৫০৩৬.. জন ব ম র য় এফ র ইজ দ ল র ন গ.. ক য ম প ইন সমন বয় ক র.. ইম ইল: larrinaga@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৪৯৫৭.. জন ব ন ক ল ক র ট.. ব যক ত ম ল ক ন ধ ন স ক টর এব ফ উন ড শন.. ইম ইল: carta@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৫২৪২.. জন ব নব ক ত ক হ স.. এনজ ও অ শ দ র ত ব.. ইম ইল: takahashi@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৫৩৮৬.. জন ব ন ওম এসপ ন জ.. ইম ইল: nespinoza@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৪৯৩৯.. জন ব আজ জ আকর ম.. জ ত স ঘ অ শ দ র ত ব.. ইম ইল: karam@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৫২৫৫.. জন ব ক ট য় ইভ রস ন.. ইম ইল: iversen@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ৯১৭ ৪০৩ ৩০৬৩.. জন ব ওমর ঘ রজ দ দ ন.. ম ড য় সম পর ক.. ইম ইল: gharzeddine@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৫০২৮.. জন ব ইড জ খ র স ট নস ন.. স ম জ ক ম ড য়.. ইম ইল ichristensen@unfpa.. ট ল ফ ন: +১ ২১২ ২৯৭ ৫০০৬..

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  • Title: 7 milliards d'actions
    Descriptive info: 7 milliards d'actions.. Un mouvement mondial pour toute l'humanité.. La population mondiale dépassera sept milliards de personnes le 31 octobre 2011.. Ce moment unique dans l'histoire de l'humanité représente tout à la fois un accomplissement et un défi et aura un impact sur nous tous.. Un monde de sept milliards de personne a des implications pour la durabilité, l'urbanisation, l'accès aux services de santé et l'autonomisation des jeunes.. Cependant, il offre aussi une opportunité rare d'agir afin de renouveler l'engagement mondial pour un monde sain et durable.. Le.. Fonds des Nations unies pour la population.. (FNUAP) mène une campagne innovante dans le monde entier :.. 7 milliards d'actions.. L'initiative est lancée par le FNUAP et implique de nombreux partenaires au sein de l'ONU, de la communauté des ONG, du secteur privé et de la recherche.. L'initiative est ouverte à toutes les organisations ou personnes qui agissent pour améliorer un monde où vivent sept milliards de personnes.. Aidez-nous à marquer ces dates-clés.. Date de lancement de 7 milliards d'actions : 14 septembre 2011.. Compte à rebours de 7 milliards de personnes dans le monde : 24 octobre 2011.. Présentation du rapport l'Etat de la population mondiale : 26 octobre 2011.. Journée 7 milliards de personnes dans le monde : 31 octobre 2011.. Après le 31 octobre : l'initiative se poursuivra en 2012 lors de différents événements dans le monde, tels que la conférence d examen des processus liés aux.. OMD.. , le Programme d action de la 20ème.. Conférence internationale sur la population et le développement.. (CIPD), ainsi que la Conférence des Nations unies sur l'environnement et le développement de.. Êtes-vous passionné par l'un de ces thèmes?.. 7 milliards d'actions s emploie à mobiliser et à inspirer des actions dans sept domaines du développement : 1) la pauvreté et l'inégalité, 2) l'autonomisation des femmes et des jeunes filles, 3) le droit à la santé en matière de sexualité et de reproduction, 4) les jeunes, 5) le vieillissement de la population, 6) l'environnement et 7) l'urbanisation.. Tout pour participer au mouvement 7 milliards d'actions!.. Racontez votre histoire sur www.. Chacun a la possibilité de rendre meilleur un monde où vivent 7 milliards de personnes.. Dans le monde entier, des individus et des organisations prennent des initiatives positives et significatives : enseignants, médecins, sages-femmes, artistes, blogueurs, fonctionnaires du gouvernement, parents Partout, des personnes contribuent de façon personnelle, unique et innovante à un mouvement mondial pour l'humanité toute entière.. Racontez votre histoire : de quelle façon agissez-vous pour l'humanité ?.. 7 milliards d'actions veut collecter les histoires personnelles ou celles d organisations qui provoquent un changement.. Des histoires qui peuvent inspirer l envie d agir à d'autres personnes.. Vous pouvez aussi raconter l'histoire d une personne qui fait bouger les choses dans votre communauté, que ce soit par un simple acte de gentillesse ou par une initiative importante et structurée.. Et vous pouvez rechercher les personnes dont les histoires de changement ressemblent aux vôtres - et vous connecter à elles.. Allez sur http://7billionactions.. org/stories et racontez votre histoire..  ...   la jeunesse, 4) le droit à la santé en matière de sexualité et de reproduction, 5) un environnement sain et des personnes en bonne santé, 6) le vieillissement, 7) la planification de la croissance de l urbanisation.. Conditions d'inscription :.. o Les films doivent être sous forme numérique.. o La durée d un film doit être comprise entre 1 et 10 minutes, générique compris.. o Les films inscrits doivent être sous-titrés en anglais s'ils sont présentés dans une autre langue.. o L'auteur sera responsable du statut d'œuvre originale du film.. o Chaque œuvre doit traiter d'au moins une des 7 questions clés.. o Chaque équipe ou personne peut présenter deux films courts au maximum.. o Les films doivent être accompagnés d'un formulaire d'inscription en ligne.. Le jury sera sélectionné par 7 milliards d'actions et la Fondation 10.. 48 et comprendra des professionnels du monde du cinéma, des organisations de défense des droits humains et des particuliers.. Le jury sélectionnera dix finalistes parmi les films inscrits.. Un vote en ligne des internautes élira ensuite les trois lauréats.. Le vote se déroulera du 16 février au 6 mars 2012.. La date limite d'inscription est le 15 février 2012 à 21h00 GMT.. Les lauréats seront proclamés le 8 mars 2012 à l'occasion de la Journée internationale des femmes.. Téléchargez votre film sur.. et.. (le formulaire d'enregistrement sera disponible à partir du 31 octobre 2011).. Partagez l'histoire de votre organisation et inspirez d autres actions.. 7 milliards d'actions appelle les entreprises et les ONG à agir.. Tout autour du globe, des organisations ont répondu à cet appel et mobilisé leurs employés et leurs partenaires afin qu'ils s'impliquent.. Des organisations de toutes sortes, dans chaque partie du monde, créent des programmes innovants pour répondre aux questions soulevées par un monde où vivent 7 milliards de personnes.. Partagez l'histoire de votre organisation : de quelle façon agit-elle pour l'humanité ?.. Connectez-vous sur les réseaux sociaux.. Suivez @7billionactions sur Twitter :.. Cliquez sur "J aime" 7 milliards d'actions sur Facebook:.. Ressources.. Le blog de 7 milliards d'actions (messages publiés par l'équipe de 7 milliards d'actions).. Brochure.. Fiche d'informations.. Séances d informations sur :.. Particuliers.. Agences de l'ONU.. Fondations.. Entreprises.. Modèle de lettre.. Branding.. Charte graphique.. Logo.. Affiches.. Vidéos.. Communiqués de presse.. Contacts.. Directeur de la campagne 7 milliards d'actions.. E-mail : serrano@unpfa.. Téléphone : +1 212 297 5036.. Mme María F.. Coordinatrice de la campagne.. E-mail : larrinaga@unfpa.. Téléphone : +1 212 297 4957.. Mme Nicole Carta.. Secteur privé et fondations.. E-mail : carta@unfpa.. Téléphone : + 1 212 297 5242.. Mme Nobuko Takahashi.. Partenariats ONG.. E-mail : takahashi@unfpa.. Téléphone : +1 212 297 5386.. Mme Noemi Espinoza.. Partenariats ONG.. E-mail : nespinoza@unfpa.. Téléphone : +1 212 297 4939.. Mme Azza Karam.. Partenariats ONU.. E-mail : karam@unfpa.. Teléphone : +1 212 297 5255.. Mme Katja Iversen.. E-mail : iversen@unfpa.. Téléphone : +1 917 403 3063.. Relations avec les médias.. E-mail : gharzeddine@unfpa.. Téléphone : +1 212 297-5028.. Mme Ida Jeng Christensen.. Réseaux sociaux.. E-mail : ichristensen@unfpa.. Téléphone : +1 212 297 5006..

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