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  • Title: AIDEA Home
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. State of Alaska.. AIDEA.. AIDEA Home.. Programs.. Loan Participation.. Interest Rates.. Eligible Financial Institutions.. AIDEA Loan Portfolio: Diversity and Performance.. Success Stories.. Airport Park, LLC.. Aero Twin.. Alaska Commercial Company-Barrow.. Alaska Club.. Alaska Wildberry Products.. A W Wholesale Company, Inc.. Beans Cafe.. Bear Tooth Theatre Pub.. Builders Choice.. Cantwell Food Mart.. Chilkats' Portage Cove Development Company.. Dimond Center Hotel.. Galligaskins.. H2OASIS.. Harbor Holding, LLC.. Homesteaders Cache.. Ketchikan Dock Company.. Ketchikan Health Clinic.. Mt.. Roberts Tramway.. Noah Marine.. North Star Hospital.. PenAir.. Phillips Cruises Tours, LLC.. Polar Ice, LLC.. River's Edge, Inc.. Settler's Bay Development, Inc.. Spring Hill Suites.. Texaco Mini-Mart and RV Park.. Project Development.. 27 years of Mining Support.. AIDEA Projects.. Federal Express Aircraft Maintenance Facility.. Ketchikan Shipyard.. Skagway Ore Terminal.. Lik Deposit Transportation System.. Infrastructure Development.. Snettisham Hydroelectric Project.. DeLong Mountain Transportation System (DMTS).. Conduit Revenue Bonds.. Tax Exempt Bonds.. 501(c)(3) Revenue Bonds.. Industrial Development Bonds.. Taxable Bonds.. Conduit Revenue Bond Application Form (pdf).. Conduit Revenue Regulations (pdf).. Boys and Girls Home of Alaska, Fairbanks.. The Harry Sally Porter Heart Center.. Hope Community Resources.. The William-Lynxs Alaska CargoPort.. Association of Village Council Presidents (AVCP).. American Red Cross, South Central Alaska Chapter.. Fairbanks Sewer Water Inc.. Specialty Financing.. New Markets Tax Credits.. Business Export Assistance.. Loan Guarantee Program.. Export Assistance.. Success Stories.. Business Loans.. Rural Development Initiative Fund (RDIF).. Small Business Economic Development (SBED).. About.. Board.. Board Meeting Schedule.. Board Meeting Minutes.. Executive Team.. Statutes.. Regulations.. Bylaws.. Policies Procedures.. Investment Policy (pdf).. Procedures for Inspection of Public Records (pdf).. Contact.. Site.. Web.. SEARCH.. Alaska Wild Berry Products - Anchorage.. /Portals/_default/skins/minimalextropy/TinySlideshow/photos/awbbuilding.. jpg.. With operations dating back to 1946, when Hazel Heath  ...   Sally Potter Heart Center.. /aidea/Portals/_default/skins/minimalextropy/TinySlideshow/photos/img5548.. The Harry & Sally Porter Heart Center opened its doors in May 2010, bringing all cardiology services (cardiology clinic, heart catheterization lab and cardiac rehabilitation) under one roof.. The new facility has three cardiologists, a conference room where doctors can discuss cases with colleagues anywhere in the world, a rehab center and state-of-the-art technology.. CURRENT EVENTS.. A collection of news, events and other highlights.. Read More.. PUBLIC NOTICES.. Stay informed about current government, corporate and private activities related to AIDEA.. BOARD.. Information regarding the board, board meeting schedules and minutes.. AIDEA provides support for the Alaska Energy Authority whose mission is to reduce the cost of energy in Alaska.. With more than 700 commercial property listings and thousands of of available customized market research reports, AnchorageProspector.. com, will help attract and expand businesses and jobs.. AKSourceLink connects a network of more than 140 not-for-profit business support organizations across the state of Alaska to aspiring and existing business owners who need their services.. Welcome.. WELCOME to the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) website.. The purpose of this website is to help you obtain an overview of our programs, and to guide you through the process of obtaining any assistance we can provide.. AIDEA is a public corporation of the State of Alaska, created in 1967 by the Alaska Legislature to "promote, develop and advance the general prosperity and economic welfare.. READ MORE.. News & Publications.. PRESS RELEASES.. - Archives.. NEWS STORIES.. ANNUAL REPORT.. PUBLICATIONS.. SEE MORE.. QUICK LINKS.. RFP/RFQ.. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES.. FAQs.. RESOURCE LINKS.. myAlaska.. My Government.. Resident.. Business in Alaska.. Visiting Alaska.. State Employees.. 2011.. Webmaster.. |.. Login.. Webmail..

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  • Title: AIDEA Home
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  • Title: Programs
    Descriptive info: Home.. >.. A & W Wholesale Company, Inc.. Phillips Cruises & Tours, LLC.. The Harry & Sally Porter Heart Center.. Fairbanks Sewer & Water Inc.. Business & Export Assistance.. AIDEA provides a number of different programs aimed at financing business, non-profit, and community projects that have meaningful economic development impacts.. AIDEA s programs are  ...   used for new businesses, business expansion, upgrades, capital projects, machinery and equipment, and other business needs.. So whether your needs are great or small, AIDEA can provide you with the tools and assistance you need to succeed.. AIDEA provides financing in areas of Loan Participation, Bond Financing, Development Finance, Investment Financing and Loans Guarantee programs..

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  • Title: Loan Participation
    Descriptive info: AIDEA can purchase up to 90% of a participating credit to a maximum of $20 million.. This program provides permanent financing, both taxable and tax-exempt, to borrowers through a qualified originator for the purpose of developing, acquiring or enhancing Alaska business enterprises.. The project being financed must be in Alaska.. The loan request must be sponsored and originated by a financial institution eligible to participate in AIDEA's credit programs.. The Loan Participation Program provides the benefit of long-term fixed or variable rate financing on the portion of the loan purchased by AIDEA, which may reduce the business enterprise's debt service.. Loan Participation Program Highlights.. AIDEA provides fully amortizing, long term financing.. Terms can be up to 15 years for personal property or 25 years for real property; the maximum loan-to-value is 75%.. AIDEA offers either a.. fixed or variable interest rate.. The term of the AIDEA portion of  ...   must be in Alaska.. How to Apply.. The first step is to contact one of AIDEA's.. eligible financial institutions.. The financial institution, after its approval of the loan, applies to AIDEA for participation in the loan.. AIDEA loan officers underwrite the financial institution's loan package.. The loan is submitted for approval to the AIDEA Credit Committee.. If the AIDEA participation equals or exceeds $3 million, the loan must also be approved by the AIDEA Board of Directors.. Costs.. A $1,000 non-refundable application fee is due at the time the financial institution submits the loan package for AIDEA consideration.. The application fee is credited toward the one percent commitment fee if the borrower accepts a written commitment issued by AIDEA.. For more information concerning the Loan Participation Program, contact Chris Anderson at (907) 771-3030 or.. canderson@aidea.. org.. Media.. State authorities report increase in business loans.. Behind the Headlines with AIDEA..

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  • Title: Interest Rates
    Descriptive info: AIDEA's funding rates are indexed and set by 3 AAC 99.. 350 (e).. Fixed Rate:.. The Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle s Fixed-Rate Advances Index that most closely matches the term of the loan plus AIDEA s allocable cost of operations; OR the five year return on the investment funds of the authority plus AIDEA s allocable cost of operations; whichever is greater.. Variable Rate:.. The Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle s Fixed-Rate Advances Index that most closely matches the time period of adjustment plus 200 basis points plus AIDEA s allocable cost of operations; OR 475 basis points plus AIDEA s allocable cost of operations; whichever is greater..  ...   Rate.. 3 Month.. 5.. 07%.. 6 Month.. 1 Year.. 3 Years.. Notes:.. A.. Rates quoted are funding rates only for the week shown above.. B.. Funding rates for fixed interest rates are established at time of commitment by AIDEA and are good for up to 6 months on a buy/sell transaction and 1 year for new construction or rehab/remodel.. C.. Variable rates are adjusted quarterly (1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1), semi-annually (1/1, 7/1) and annually (1/1).. Payment is adjusted concurrent with rate change to maintain amortization.. D.. All funding rates shown above are taxable rates; tax exempt rates may be obtained by contacting AIDEA.. E.. Rates quoted are for internally funded loans..

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  • Title: Eligible Financial Institutions
    Descriptive info: Financial institutions that are currently eligible to participate in AIDEA's Credit programs are listed below.. Click on the link to take you to the referenced bank.. Alaska Pacific Bank.. KeyBank.. Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.. CFAB.. (Guarantees only).. Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union.. Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union.. McKinley Bank.. Denali State Bank.. Native American Bank, N.. A.. First Bank.. Northrim Bank.. First National Bank Alaska.. Sterling Savings Bank (Washington).. Wells Fargo.. NCB, FSB..

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  • Title: AIDEA Loan Portfolio: Diversity and Performance
    Descriptive info: AIDEA Loan Portfolio.. Loan programs play an important role in fulfilling AIDEA's mission, while also providing a long-term investment for AIDEA.. Through loan participations and loan guarantees with the banking community, AIDEA provides opportunities to finance the establishment, operation and development of industrial, manufacturing, export, small business and business enterprises.. As of June 30, 2012, the outstanding loan portfolio consisted of 296 loans that had an outstanding principal balance of $403.. 8 million and were allocated by loan program type as shown in the table below.. Outstanding Loan Portfolio Balance as of June 30, 2012.. (Unaudited figures.. Subject to change).. Loan Program Type.. #.. $ Amount (000's).. Appropriated.. 1.. 17.. Loan Participation:.. Bonds Outstanding.. 1.. 17,571.. Bonds Retired.. 717.. Internally Funded.. 257.. 411,633.. OREO Sale Financing.. 5.. 21,107.. Other.. 0.. 0.. Purchased Loans.. 31.. 20,668.. TOTAL.. 296.. $468,824.. Loan Portfolio Delinquency as of June 30, 2012.. Loan Status.. %.. Current.. 99.. 39.. 468,308.. Past Due.. 31-60 days.. 05*.. 214.. 61-90 days..  ...   June 30, 2012.. Financial Institutions Utilizing AIDEA's Loan Participation Program.. AIDEA purchases loan participations from a number of financial institutions both inside and outside of Alaska.. The following table shows a breakdown of the portfolio by originator.. In the table, the AIDEA portfolio includes the originator's portion of loan participations purchased from the FDIC or failed banks, loans originated from the sale of other real estate owned (OREO), a loan appropriated to AIDEA from the State of Alaska Power Project Fund loans purchased from AEA, and a loan participation to Valley Utilities, LLC.. Financial institution.. Number of Loans.. Principal Balance ($) (000's).. % of Total $.. 129.. 165,932.. 35.. Wells Fargo Bank Alaska N.. 42.. 38,391.. 13.. 135.. 37.. 56,316.. 12.. 01.. 34.. 57,141.. 19.. Alaska Pacific Bank (fka Alaska Federal Savings).. 19.. 30,344.. 47.. 8.. 25,298.. Key Bank N.. 17,087.. 3.. 64.. 7,114.. 52.. Sterling Savings Bank.. 4.. 19,865.. 17.. 2.. 2,294.. 49.. 2,136.. 46.. Matanuska Valley FCU.. 1,956.. 42..

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  • Title: Success Stories
    Descriptive info: AIDEA has purchased over $800 million in loan participations since its inception to fund projects all over the state.. Many entities have utilized AIDEA's loan participation program for new construction, expansion, refunding, and equipment purchases.. Below you will find some examples of how AIDEA loan participations have been used by businesses and non-profits to finance their business needs.. Spring Hills Suites..

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  • Title: Airport Park, LLC
    Descriptive info: In March 2009, AIDEA participated at 90% with Mt.. McKinley Bank in a $2,500,000 business loan to Airport Park, LLC to own and operate a newly developed class B+ professional office building located in Fairbanks.. Construction of the 9,169 SF, four unit office building was begun in 2006 and was recently completed with the addition of a 1,000 SF garage.. One business professional suggested that this may be the nicest single-floor office structure in Fairbanks.. It features a nice common area  ...   boiler and in addition, the garage is heated with an under floor heating system.. The air-to-air exchange system and large parking lot also separate this building from the competition.. A significant advantage of this facility is its location off Airport Way and its close proximity to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.. The building is fully occupied and tenants include the FBI, a sleep clinic, a dental practice and a commercial real estate business.. This project has created seven full-time and three part-time positions..

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  • Title: Aero Twin
    Descriptive info: Aero Twin, Inc.. , an aircraft parts manufacturing firm and aircraft alternations station, received a $378,000 loan participation from AIDEA.. The $472,500 loan, brought to AIDEA by Northrim Bank, provides long term financing for facility expansion and refinanced existing debt.. The company is located at Merrill Field in Anchorage.. It manufactures FAA approved aircraft parts, designs in-house aircraft maintenance and alternation projects, and conducts product research and development.. The building expansion adds three new positions to Aero Twin's current staff of 22 employees..

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  • Title: Alaska Commercial Company-Barrow
    Descriptive info: Ukpeagvik Inupiat Corporation, the Native village corporation in Barrow, received long-term financing for a new Alaska Commercial store in Barrow, through National Bank of Alaska (now Wells Fargo Bank Alaska) and AIDEA's Loan Participation Program.. AIDEA provided needed capital and helped bring new products and services to this remote community..

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