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  • Title: danah boyd
    Descriptive info: .. writing:.. danah's blog.. danah's Twitter feed.. papers, articles, talks, etc.. popular essays.. recent publications:.. Six Provocations for Big Data.. (with Kate Crawford).. The Drama! Teen Conflict in Networked Publics.. (with Alice Marwick).. Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens Attitudes, Practices, and Strategies.. recent blog posts:.. danah boyd.. My name is danah boyd and I'm a Senior Researcher at.. Microsoft Research.. , a Research Assistant Professor in.. Media, Culture, and Communication.. at New York University, a Visiting Researcher at.. Harvard Law School.. , a Fellow at.. Harvard's Berkman Center.. , and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the.. University of New South Wales.. I am an academic and a scholar and my research examines social media, youth practices, tensions between public and private, social network sites, and other intersections between technology and society.. My research focuses on how young people use social media aspart of their everyday practices.. In recent years, I have studied Twitter, blogging, social network sites (e.. g.. Friendster, MySpace, Facebook.. ), tagging, and other forms of social media.. I have written.. papers.. on a variety of different topics, from digital backchannels to social visualization design, privacy to teen drama.. I also.. blog.. and.. tweet.. frequently on a wide variety of topics.. Along with other members of the MacArthur Foundation-funded  ...   Master's Degree at the MIT Media Lab's.. Sociable Media Group.. with.. Judith Donath.. (supervised also by.. Henry Jenkins.. and Genevieve Bell).. master's thesis.. focused on how people manage their presentation of self in relation to social contextual information in online environments.. As an undergraduate, I studied computer science at Brown University, advised by.. Andy van Dam.. undergrad thesis.. focused on how prioritization of depth cues is dependent on levels of sex hormones in the body and how this affects engagement with virtual reality.. Outside of academia, I have worked at various non-profits and corporations.. For five years, I worked at.. V-Day.. , an organization working to end violence against women and girls worldwide.. I helped build an online community to support activists around the world and I continue to do volunteer work for them.. For a complete bio, click here.. On the web, I'm known for two things: maintaining an.. Ani DiFranco lyrics site.. blogging prolifically.. Personally, I love music, dancing, politics, reading, and all things fuzzy.. At my core, I'm both an activist and a scholar.. research:.. research papers.. essays.. digital youth.. cv.. random:.. bio and photo.. a story about me.. on a name.. Ani Difranco lyrics.. kubla khan.. elsewhere:.. twitter.. last.. fm.. del.. icio.. us.. about.. me.. [.. contact information.. ]..

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  • Title: danah boyd :: Publications
    Descriptive info: danah boyd's publications.. Essays and popular blog posts can be found at.. Best Of Apophenia.. Book-Length Pieces.. (Forthcoming).. It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens.. New Haven: Yale University Press.. (2008).. Taken Out of Context: American Teen Sociality in Networked Publics.. PhD Dissertation.. University of California-Berkeley, School of Information.. pdf.. ] [.. html.. Abstract in English.. French.. Italian.. Polish.. Spanish.. Ito, Mizuko, Sonja Baumer, Matteo Bittanti, danah boyd, Rachel Cody, Becky Herr, Heather A.. Horst, Patricia G.. Lange, Dilan Mahendran, Katynka Martinez, C.. J.. Pascoe, Dan Perkel, Laura Robinson, Christo Sims, and Lisa Tripp.. (with Judd Antin, Megan Finn, Arthur Law, Annie Manion, Sarai Mitnick and Dan Schlossberg and Sarita Yardi).. (2009).. Hanging Out, Messing Around, Geeking Out: Living and Learning with New Media.. Cambridge: MIT Press.. Scholarly Articles.. and Academic Contributions.. (Forthcoming).. Making Sense of Teen Life: Strategies for Capturing Ethnographic Data in a Networked Era.. In Hargittai, E.. Sandvig, C.. (Eds.. ).. Digital Research Confidential: The Secrets of Studying Behavior Online.. [tentative title] Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.. Baym, Nancy and danah boyd.. (2012).. Socially Mediated Publicness: An Introduction.. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media.. 56(3), pp.. 320-329.. Ellison, Nicole and danah boyd.. (In Press).. Sociality through Social Network Sites.. In.. The Oxford Handbook of Internet Studies.. (Ed.. William H.. Dutton).. Oxford: Oxford University Press.. Ybarra, Michele, danah boyd, Josephine Korchmaros, and Jay Koby Oppenheim.. (2012).. Defining and Measuring Cyberbullying Within the Larger Context of Bullying Victimization,.. Journal of Adolescent Health.. 51, pp.. 53-58.. journal version.. Lingel, Jessa and danah boyd.. Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe : Information Poverty, Information Norms, and Stigma.. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.. draft pdf.. boyd, danah.. The Politics of 'Real Names': Power, Context, and Control in Networked Publics.. Communications of the ACM.. 55(8), pp.. 29-31.. boyd, danah and Kate Crawford.. Critical Questions for Big Data: Provocations for a Cultural, Technological, and Scholarly Phenomenon.. Information, Communication, Society.. 15:5, p.. 662-679.. [Based on conference paper.. Monroy-Hernández, Andrés, Emre Kiciman, danah boyd, Scott Counts.. Tweeting the Drug War: Empowerment, Intimidation, and Regulation in Social Media.. HCIC 2012.. , June 25-29.. Narcotweets: Social Media in Wartime.. ICWSM 12.. poster paper, June 5-7.. danah boyd, Eszter Hargittai, Jason Schultz, and John Palfrey.. (2011).. Why Parents Help Their Children Lie to Facebook: Unintended Consequences of the Children s Online Privacy Protection Act.. First Monday.. 16(11), November.. White Flight in Networked Publics? How Race and Class Shaped American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook.. Race After the Internet.. Lisa Nakamura and Peter Chow-White).. Routledge, pp.. 203-222.. Anabel Quan-Haase and danah boyd.. (2011.. Teen Communities.. Encyclopedia of Social Networking.. (eds.. George Barnette).. London: Sage.. danah boyd and Kate Crawford.. Six Provocations for Big Data.. Paper presented at the.. Oxford Internet Institute Decade in Internet Time Symposium.. , September 22.. ssrn.. Alice Marwick and danah boyd.. The Drama! Teen Conflict in Networked Publics.. danah boyd and Alice Marwick.. Social Privacy in Networked Publics: Teens Attitudes, Practices, and Strategies.. Gilad Lotan, Erhardt Graeff, Mike Ananny, Devin Gaffney, Ian Pearce, and danah boyd (2011).. The Revolutions Were Tweeted: Information Flows during the 2011 Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions.. International Journal of Communications.. 5, Feature 1375 1405.. Dear Voyeur, Meet Flâneur Sincerely, Social Media.. Surveillance and Society.. 8(4), 505-507.. Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Benjamin Mako Hill, Jazmin Gonzalez-Rivero, danah boyd.. Computers can't give credit: How automatic attribution falls short in an online remixing community.. CHI 2011.. , Vancouver.. (Honorable Mention) [.. HTML.. Alice Marwick and danah boyd (2011).. To See and Be Seen: Celebrity Practice on Twitter.. Convergence.. , 17(2), 139 - 158.. danah boyd, Jenny Ryan, and Alex Leavitt.. Pro-Self-Harm and the Visibility of Youth-Generated Problematic Content.. I/S.. :.. A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society.. 7(1).. PDF.. I Tweet Honestly, I Tweet Passionately: Twitter Users, Context Collapse, and the Imagined Audience.. New Media and Society,.. 13, 96-113.. Draft PDF.. Schrock, Andrew and danah boyd (2011).. Problematic Youth Interaction Online: Solicitation, Harassment, and Cyberbullying.. Computer-Mediated Communication in Personal Relationships.. Kevin B.. Wright Lynn M.. Webb).. New York: Peter Lang.. Sarita Yardi and danah boyd (2010).. Dynamic Debates: An Analysis of Group Polarization over Time on Twitter.. Bulletin of Science, Technology Society.. 30(5), 316-327.. (2010).. Social Network Sites as Networked Publics: Affordances, Dynamics, and Implications.. Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture on Social Network Sites.. (ed.. Zizi Papacharissi), pp.. 39-58.. danah boyd and Eszter Hargittai (2010).. Facebook Privacy Settings: Who Cares?.. 15 (8).. Tweeting from the Town Square: Measuring Geographic Local Networks.. ICWSM-2010.. danah boyd, Scott Golder, and Gilad Lotan (2010).. Tweet Tweet Retweet: Conversational Aspects of Retweeting on Twitter.. Proceedings of HICSS-42,.. Persistent Conversation Track.. Kauai, HI: IEEE Computer Society.. January 5-8, 2010.. [.. Sarita Yardi, Daniel Romero, Grant Schoenebeck, and danah boyd (2010).. Detecting Spam in a Twitter network.. First Monday,.. 15 (1).. danah boyd and Alice Marwick (2009).. The Conundrum of Visibility.. Journal of Children and Media,.. 3 (4): 410-414.. Friendship.. In Ito, Mizuko, Sonja Baumer, Matteo Bittanti, danah boyd, Rachel Cody, Becky Herr, Heather A.. Cambridge: MIT Press, Forthcoming.. danah boyd (2008).. How Can Qualitative Internet Researchers Define the Boundaries of Their Projects: A Response to Christine Hine.. Internet Inquiry: Conversations About Method.. Annette Markham and Nancy Baym).. Los Angeles: Sage, pp.. 26-32.. Facebook's Privacy Trainwreck: Exposure, Invasion, and Social Convergence.. , 14 (1).. None of this is Real.. Structures of Participation in Digital Culture.. Joe Karaganis).. New York: Social Science Research Council, pp.. 132-157.. ].. danah boyd (2007).. Why Youth (Heart) Social Network Sites: The Role of Networked Publics in Teenage Social Life.. MacArthur Foundation Series on Digital Learning - Youth, Identity, and Digital Media Volume.. David Buckingham).. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, pp.. 119-142.. danah boyd and Nicole Ellison (2007, October).. Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship.. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication,.. 13 (1), article 11.. The  ...   by Studying Shape-from-shading and Motion Parallax.. Undergraduate computer science honors thesis at Brown University.. Advisors: Leslie Welch, Andries van Dam.. 2000.. Written Conference Talks/Papers.. The Power of Fear in Networked Publics.. SXSW.. Austin, Texas, March 10.. "Teen Sexting and Its Impact on the Tech Industry.. Read Write Web 2WAY Conference.. New York, NY, June 13.. "Networked Privacy.. Personal Democracy Forum.. New York, NY, June 6.. (2011, May 28).. Social Steganography: Privacy in Networked Publics.. International Communication Association.. Boston, MA.. (2010, October 29).. "The Future of Privacy: How Privacy Norms Can Inform Regulation.. International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.. Jerusalem, Israel.. (2010, October 23).. Living Life in Public: Why American Teens Choose Publicity Over Privacy.. Association of Internet Researchers.. Gothenburg, Sweden.. danah boyd (2010, May 27).. Transparency Is Not Enough.. Gov 2.. 0 Expo.. Washington, DC.. danah boyd (2010, April 29).. Privacy and Publicity in the Context of Big Data.. WWW.. Raleigh, NC.. danah boyd (2010, March 13).. Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity.. Austin, TX.. danah boyd (2010, March 4).. Privacy, Publicity, and Visibility.. Microsoft Research TechFest.. Redmond, WA.. danah boyd (2009, December 1).. Do you See What I See?: Visibility of Practices through Social Media.. Supernova.. San Francisco, CA.. danah boyd (2009, November 17).. Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The Flow of Information Through Sociality.. Web2.. New York, NY.. danah boyd (2009, June 30).. The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online.. danah boyd (2009, May 23).. MySpace Vs.. Facebook: A Digital Enactment of Class-Based Social Categories Amongst American Teenagers.. International Communications Association.. Chicago, IL.. danah boyd (2009, April 18).. Living and Learning with Social Media.. Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology.. State College, PA.. danah boyd (2009, February 26).. Social Media is Here to Stay.. Now What?.. Republished.. in Italian.. for.. Sociologia della Comunicazione.. as.. I social media sono qui per restare e ora?.. danah boyd (2008, September 22).. Understanding Socio-Technical Phenomena in a Web2.. 0 Era.. Talk given to MSR New England.. Cambridge, MA.. danah boyd (2008, April 23).. Teen Socialization Practices in Networked Publics.. Talk at MacArthur Forum.. Palo Alto, CA.. danah boyd (2007, November 2).. Information Access in a Networked World.. Talk given to Pearson Publishing.. danah boyd (2007, October 13).. Choose Your Own Ethnography: In Search of (Un)Mediated Life.. Paper presented at.. 4S.. Montreal, Canada.. danah boyd (2007, May 18).. Digital Handshakes on Virtual Receiving Lines.. Talk at.. New York, New York.. danah boyd (2007, May 16).. Film and the Audience of Tomorrow.. Cannes Film Festival.. Opening Forum: Cinema: The Audiences of Tomorrow.. Cannes, France.. danah boyd (2007, March 28).. Incantations for Muggles: The Role of Ubiquitous Web 2.. 0 Technologies in Everyday Life.. Emerging Tech 2007.. San Diego, California.. danah boyd (2006, October 2).. BlogTalk Reloaded.. Vienna, Austria.. danah boyd (2006, March 6).. G/localization: When Global Information and Local Interaction Collide.. Emerging Tech 2006.. danah boyd (2006, February 19).. Identity Production in a Networked Culture: Why Youth Heart MySpace.. American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS-2006).. St.. Louis, Missouri.. french pdf.. danah boyd (2005, October 1).. Blogging Outloud: Shifts in Public Voice.. Library and Information Technology Association.. San Jose, California.. danah boyd (2005, February 4).. Revenge of the Social Network: Lessons from Friendster.. Talk at Stanford's HCI Seminar.. Palo Alto, California.. danah boyd (2004, June 24).. Supernova2004.. Santa Clara, California.. danah boyd (2004, February 11).. Revenge of the User: Lessons from Creator/User Battles.. Emerging Tech 2004.. danah boyd, Jeff Potter (2003, July 30).. Sketch talk at.. San Diego, California: ACM.. ppt.. danah boyd, Jeff Potter, and Fernanda Viegas (2002, February 14).. Fragmentation of Identity through Structural Holes in Email.. Paper talk at.. International Sunbelt Social Network Conference XXII.. New Orleans, LA: February 13-17, 2002.. Panel and Workshop Proposals.. Joseph McCarthy, danah boyd, Elizabeth Churchill, William Griswold, Elizabeth Lawley, and Melora Zaner (2004).. Digital Backchannels in Shared Physical Spaces: Attention, Intention and Contention.. Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2004).. , Panel Proposal.. Chicago, IL, November 6-10, 2004.. danah boyd, Michele Chang, and Elizabeth Goodman (2004).. Representations of Digital Identity.. , Workshop Organizer's Proposal.. danah boyd, Carlos Jensen, Scott Lederer, and David Nguyen (2002).. Privacy in Digital Environments: Empowering Users.. Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW 2002).. New Orleans, LA, November 16 - 20, 2002.. Workshop Position Papers.. Dating on Friendster.. Application for: Scientists, designers seek same for good conversation : A Workshop on Online Dating.. danah boyd (2003).. Reflections on Friendster, Trust and Intimacy.. Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp 2003).. , Workshop application for the Intimate Ubiquitous Computing Workshop.. Seattle, WA, October 12-15, 2003.. Identity of space people in cyberspace.. Conference on Human Factors and Computing Systems (CHI 2001),.. Integrating Diverse Research and Development Approaches to the Construction of Social Cyberspaces Workshop.. Judith Donath, Hyun-Yeul Lee, danah boyd, and Jonathan Goler (2000).. Loom - Intuitively Visualizing Usenet.. Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW-2000),.. Dealing with Community Data Workshop.. Philadelphia, PA, December 2 - 6, 2000.. Unpublished Tech Reports.. Irina Shklovski and danah boyd (2006).. Music as Cultural Glue: Supporting Bands and Fans on MySpace.. Installations.. danah boyd, Jeff Potter (2002).. Part of.. Express Mail.. shown at the Infotecture exibit at the.. Artists Space Gallery.. , New York, May 30 - July 13 2002.. Judith Donath, Joseph Paradiso, Dana Spiegel, danah boyd, Jonathan Goler, Kai-yuh Hsiao, Chris Yang, Ari Adler, Jeff Hayashida, Josh Strickon, and Ari Benbasat (2000).. Laser Who.. Emerging Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2000, New Orleans, LA, August 2000.. Opera Totale 5, Venice Italy, November 1999.. Project Pages.. Vizster.. (with.. Jeff Heer.. ).. 2005.. Social Network Fragments.. Jeff Potter.. 2001-2002.. SecureId.. Loom2.. Hyun-Yeul Lee.. 2000-2001.. Visual Who.. Dana Spiegel.. 1999-2000.. This site is mainly intended for danah and for those interested in knowing what she is thinking.. If you want to reference or use information from unpublished papers, please contact danah first.. Thank you..

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  • Title: danah boyd
    Descriptive info: sex/vision research.. it all started with video games.. [a story, for hirstory's sake.. ].. scene 1: sitting around, with a group of fellow programmers, half women, playing various nintendo 64 video games.. the boys were outperforming the girls over and over again.. certainly, my intuition would say that it was socialization.. most of the.. writing.. on video games suggests that it is.. yet, there was something different about this situation.. the women knew how the program worked, they knew their required tasks, they knew what was happening and yet their performance did not indicate that.. they reacted.. miserably.. to certain tasks, particularly those requiring depth.. i found it peculiar and started thinking.. scene 2: amsterdam, working at the gender clinic.. transsexuals keep telling me anecdotal stories of how their vision changes as they start testosterone/estrogen treatments.. i hear comments of changes in color hue detection, night vision, bumping into objects  ...   welch.. , i have been analyzing how different depth cues work in relation to one another and to the individual.. as a result, i realized that i was still too far in over my head.. we ran two separate experiments and determined that much of the research that we were depending on to be accurate was not.. scene 4: although we didn't achieve all of our desired goals, i decided that it was time to graduate.. as such, i wrapped up the project,.. recorded everything.. that i learned and all that needed to be done to continue down this path of research.. there's a lot more to do in this area but i need to refocus.. if anyone is interested in this area of research and would like to talk about how to get started, what needs to be done, what i learned, etc.. , please.. email me.. !.. [.. home..

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  • Title: bio and photos for conferences/publications
    Descriptive info: bio and photos for conferences/publications.. High Res Photos:.. iSchool-1.. |.. iSchool-2.. iSchool-3.. iSchool-4.. (tx UC-Berkeley iSchool).. Boston-1.. Boston-2.. Boston-3.. (tx.. Gilad Lotan.. ).. At the Beach.. Talking with Hands.. Robert Scoble.. Giving a Lecture.. Kendall Whitehouse.. Laughing on Stage.. Scrunched Face.. Tom Coates.. Short bio:.. Dr.. danah boyd is a Senior Researcher at.. at New York University, a Fellow at Harvard's.. Berkman Center for Internet and Society.. , a Research Fellow of the.. Born This Way Foundation.. Her research examines the intersection of technology, society, and youth culture.. Currently, she's focused on privacy, youth meanness and cruelty, and human trafficking.. She co-authored.. She's working a new book called It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens.. Blog:.. http://www.. zephoria.. org/thoughts/.. Twitter:.. @zephoria.. Long bio:.. , a Visting Researcher at.. She received her Ph.. D in Information from the University of California, Berkeley in 2008 (under Peter Lyman and Mimi Ito).. boyd's research focuses on the intersection of technology, society, and policy.. Most of her work examines how American youth incorporate social media into their daily practices in light of different fears and anxieties that the public has about young people's engagement with technologies like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and texting.. She is interested in how mediated environments alter the structural conditions in which teens operate, forcing them to manage complex dynamics, interact before invisible audiences, navigate context collisions, and negotiate the convergence of public and private life.. She is currently examining how teenagers develop a sense of privacy in light of engagement in highly public online settings.. She is also exploring the role of technology in teens' risky behaviors by looking at a range of practices that include sexting, bullying, self-harm, and teen relationship violence.. Her work in this area forms the foundation of her upcoming book, It's Complicated: The  ...   help empower youth.. In 2011, Dr.. boyd was selected as a.. Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum.. ; she is on the Social Media Global Agenda Council for the World Economic Forum.. She is on the.. Electronic Privacy Information Center's.. board of advisors.. In 2010, Dr.. boyd won the CITASA Award for Public Sociology.. The Financial Times dubbed Dr.. boyd.. The High Priestess of Internet Friendship.. while Fortune Magazine identified her as.. the smartest academic in tech.. She was identified as one of Technology Review's 2010 Young Innovators under 35 (.. TR35.. Her work has been profiled by numerous publications, including the.. New York Times.. Fast Company.. , the.. Boston Globe.. Forbes Magazine.. Previously, she was an associate fellow at.. Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society.. and on the board of directors of the.. New Media Consortium.. In 2008-2009, she was a Commissioner on the.. Knight Commission on Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy.. boyd received a bachelor's degree in computer science from Brown University (under Andy van Dam) and a master's degree in sociable media from MIT Media Lab (under Judith Donath).. She has worked as an ethnographer and social media researcher for various corporations, including Intel, Tribe.. net, Google, and Yahoo! She also created and managed a large online community for V-Day, a non-profit organization working to end violence against women and girls worldwide.. She has advised numerous other companies, sits on corporate, education, conference, and non-profit advisory boards, and regularly speaks at a wide variety of conferences and events.. boyd has.. published dozens of articles.. in a wide range of scholarly venues, blogs at.. and tweets at.. @zephoria.. Additional information:.. For a complete CV,.. click here.. If for some strange reason, you need more in-depth info about me, check out my.. about me.. page..

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  • Title: ani difranco lyrics
    Descriptive info: get involved.. righteous babe.. danah's voice.. ani difranco lyrics.. My goal in creating this page is to maintain a record of all known Ani DiFranco lyrics.. Her words are very powerful and i want them to be accessible to those who find power in them.. I know that they have helped many people find solid grounding in difficult times.. I do not intend to expand this site beyond the lyrics.. The photos are to make this site a bit more aesthetically palatable but i do not intend to have a collection of photos, MP3s or other fan materials.. I am unable to share MP3s either on this site or via email - i'm sorry.. I strongly encourage you to support Ani by buying her albums.. disclaimer:.. Most of the lyrics on this site were, at one point, transcribed from a bootleg.. There are definitely inaccuracies, mispellings and the like.. While i don't really like that reality, it just isn't possible for me to check all of the lyrics against the released albums.. But! if you.. send me.. corrections, i will update the site.. apologies:.. My apologies for taking so long to upload lyrics.. I have to admit that it's tricky to keep up.. If you know of new songs that are out, please do let me know and I will do my best to get them up in a timely manner.. demo.. the first album.. not so soft.. imperfectly.. like i said.. puddle dive.. out of range.. not a pretty girl.. dilate.. living in clip.. little plastic castle.. up x6.. to the teeth.. revelling.. reckoning.. so much shouting, so much laughter.. evolve.. educated guess.. knuckle down.. reprieve.. red letter year.. which side are you on?.. unreleased.. Search Ani's Lyrics.. powered by.. FreeFind.. here are some songs without albums.. aids.. amendment.. (new!).. asked you first.. boys in blue.. how long can it last.. if you're not.. mariachi.. monopoly.. november 4.. one more night.. promiscuity.. splinter.. tired old face.. unworry.. demo- 1989 (unreleased).. submerged.. subway.. waiting for susan.. one times one times one.. to be free / please.. handsome musician.. fair weather.. north main street.. cold and mean / answering machine.. your house.. ani difranco - 1990.. (.. buy.. both hands.. talk to me now.. the slant.. work your way out.. dog coffee.. lost woman song.. pale purple.. rush hour.. fire door.. the story.. every angle.. out of habit..  ...   crime for crime.. dilate - 1996.. untouchable face.. outta me, onto you.. superhero.. amazing grace.. napoleon.. shameless.. done wrong.. going down.. adam and eve.. joyful girl.. living in clip - 1997.. whatever.. wherever.. gravel.. hide and seek.. /.. distracted.. travel tips.. wrong with me.. we're all gonna blow.. little plastic castle - 1998.. fuel.. as is.. two little girls.. deep dish.. loom.. pixie.. swandive.. glass house.. independence day.. pulse.. up up up up up up - 1999.. tis of thee.. virtue.. come away.. jukebox.. angel food.. angry anymore.. everest.. up up up up up up.. know now then.. trickle down.. hat shaped hat.. to the teeth - 2000.. soft shoulder.. wish i may.. freakshow.. going once.. hello birmingham.. back back back.. swing.. carry you around.. cloud blood.. the arrival's gate.. providence.. i know this bar.. revelling - 2001.. ain't that the way.. o.. k.. garden of simple.. tamburitza lingua.. marrow.. heart break even.. harvest.. kazoointoit.. whatall is nice.. what how when where (why who).. fierce flawless.. rock paper scissors.. beautiful night.. reckoning - 2001.. your next bold move.. this box contains.. so what?.. prison prism.. imagine that.. flood waters.. grey.. subdivision.. old old song.. sick of me.. don't nobody know.. school night.. that was my love.. in here.. so much shouting, so much laughter - 2002.. disc 1: stray cats.. letter to a john.. /.. shrug.. welcome to:.. disc 2: girls singing night.. comes a time.. self evident.. evolve - 2003.. promised land.. in the way.. icarus.. slide.. o my my.. phase.. here for now.. second intermission.. serpentine.. welcome to.. educated guess - 2004.. platforms.. swim.. origami.. clip clop clack.. (unread poem).. bliss like this.. the true story of what was.. bodily.. you each time.. animal.. literal.. grand canyon.. company.. untitled.. rain check.. akimbo.. bubble.. the interview.. knuckle down - 2005.. knuckle down.. studying stones.. manhole.. sunday morning.. modulation.. seeing eye dog.. lag time.. parameters.. callous.. paradigm.. minerva.. recoil.. reprieve - 2006.. hypnotized.. subconscious.. in the margins.. nicotine.. decree.. 78% H20.. millennium theater.. half-assed.. a spade.. unrequited.. shroud.. reprise.. red letter year - 2008.. alla this.. present/infant.. smiling underneath.. way tight.. emancipated minor.. good luck.. the atom.. round a pole.. landing gear.. star matter.. red letter year reprise.. which side are you on? - 2012.. life boat.. albacore.. j.. if yr not.. hearse.. zoo.. comments and reasons for this site.. other links.. Site Map.. What's New.. Search..

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  • Title: a bitty auto-biography / a smattering of facts
    Descriptive info: a bitty auto-biography / a smattering of facts.. (I decided to write a small biography of myself for those who are curious.. I figured it would be a bit more accurate this way.. These are the events that i can think to highlight.. ).. I was born on Thanksgiving Day (November 24) 1977 in Altoona, Pennsylvania.. My birth name was danah michele mattas (spelled all funky because my mother loved typographical balance).. Two years later, my brother Ryan was born.. My parents divorced when i was five and my mother, brother and i set off for York, Pennsylvania.. My mother re-married when i was in the third grade and we moved to Lancaster.. Shortly afterwards, all of us changed our name to Beard.. My mother and step-father divorced when i was in the 9th grade, but we stayed in Lancaster.. In college, i changed my last name to boyd to honor my grandfather.. When doing the legal paperwork, i switched back to a lower-cased style to reflect my mother's original balancing and to satisfy my own political irritation at the importance of capitalization.. I graduated Manheim Township High School as co-valedictorian with 2 other classmates.. In high school, i played drums in marching band, headed up the literary magazine, did theater, threw javelin and disc, edited the newspaper, did Model UN, and got involved in various other activities.. I volunteered at the March of Dimes and did AIDS education.. I was not particularly well-behaved and i missed far more than my fair share of school days (translation: i was bored out of my mind).. I won $1500 in Junior Miss - a talent competition (beauty contest) that my friend made me enter on a dare.. I worked at Subway because my mother wanted me to learn why i was getting an education (a decision that i still respect).. I attended all sorts of summer school programs, including Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences, Space Academy, and Phillips Exeter Academy.. I was at Clinton's first inauguration through a program for smart politically engaged students.. I broke my neck (C2/C3) when i was 16, forcing me to stop playing sports and ending my childhood dream of going to the Naval Academy to become an astronaut.. My brother introduced me to computers when i was younger and i thought they were lame.. When he got an EPIX account and started talking to people, i became curious.. My brother introduced me to IRC and Usenet and there are plenty of embarrassing messages there under pseudonyms.. Although my brother showed me this world when i was a freshman (1992), i did not really participate actively until my junior year.. Yet, once i got involved, i was utterly amazed at the connections that could be made and i started conversing with strangers about sexuality, identity and all sorts of teenage angst.. I created my first webpage in 1995 and it morphed into the Ani DiFranco lyrics page that still exists today.. I was obsessed with music starting in middle school when i was introduced to classic rock.. Throughout high school, i listened to ska, alternative and some punk rock.. My cousin (mother's best friend's son) was in a band and used to take me to various local shows.. Two very memorable shows at the Chameleon were Bad Religion and Gwar (where i was hoisted over the bar by the bartender because i was so little).. My classic rock interest morphed into an appreciation for bands from the 60s and 70s who were still jamming and this passion led me to see the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, amongst others.. Through Sarah McLachlan (and the various dykes i met online), i started developing an obsession for female singer/songwriters, leading me to a Tori Amos concert and an Ani DiFranco one.. My obsession with Ani was immediate and persistent.. I did not really get into electronic music until college, although i attended a few raves late in high school.. My years in high school were not all rosy and many of my peers did not make it through as unscathed as i did.. I attribute my survival to three things: 1) my mother (roots); 2) the Internet (wings); 3) a misogynistic classmate (a challenge).. My mother was unbelievably supportive, even when terrible things were happening all around.. While we would fight, she was always there to bail me out of trouble, give me necessary advice and keep me grounded.. She was amazing at parenting through support rather than through rules (because i always broke any that she set down anyway).. The Internet opened the door of possibilities to me.. I found other smart kids year round (not just when i went off to smart kids camp).. I found ideas, colleges.. Strangers taught me so much about the world and about myself.. And then there was my classmate.. In the 9th grade, he told me that girls can't do science and that they didn't let girls into governor's school.. We brawled on many occasions and i still smile when i think of the day that i punched him in the face.. Yet, his antagonism gave me goals.. I was determined to prove him wrong over and over again.. I went to Brown University because it seemed like the most liberal place that still had a science program.. I intended to study math, but i was randomly assigned an advisor - Andy van Dam.. Not understanding the social protocol, i marched right into his office and told him to advise me.. His response was something like who the hell are you? I did not know that people were terrified of him or that he was a pretty famous academic.. He told me to take CS15, his introductory computer science course.. I don't remember how we bonded, but i started working for him during my first semester (while also working as computer tech support).. I started TAing my second semester.. I hated my first math class, mostly due to my teacher's inflexibility after i lost the ability to write (or type) because of my carpal tunnel.. I quickly decided that math was not going to be my thing, but i was absolutely in love with computer science.. Besides, i figured that i  ...   my world began unraveling, in part connected to the unraveling of those around me.. One of the few things that kept me grounded was a fantastic class on social networks, taught by Keith Hampton and a legal class at Harvard taught by Jonathan Zittrain.. I began obsessing over social networks and privacy and what it meant to think about email networks.. I roped Jeff Potter, a dear friend from Brown, into helping me visualize social networks, thus beginning the Social Network Fragments project which was eventually shown in a Soho art gallery in New York.. My Master's thesis on faceted id/entity (advised by Judith, Henry and Genevieve) brought together all of my varied interests and graduate school explorations.. After i got my Master's in Media Arts and Sciences in the summer of 2002, i drove around the country with two friends, attending all sorts of psytrance festivals and Burning Man.. By this time, i was working 20 hours a week for V-Day.. Although i had been to Burning Man before (first: 1998), i did not technically have the time off.. Throughout our travels, i had been working on my laptop and jacking in whenever possible.. Thanks to WiFi at Center Camp (and a satellite phone), i launched the 2002 campaigns from the desert.. After the summer travels, i continued to wander around visiting people, working for V-Day by jacking in from wherever.. In November, Andy van Dam tracked me down and told me to go back to graduate school.. I told him i was moving to San Francisco and he told me he knew people there.. A few days later, i got a call from him telling me that he had contacted Peter Lyman and i was to meet with him the moment i got to San Francisco.. To make matters worse, my friend Alessandro Acquisti (a PhD at SIMS at the time) set up appointments for me, forcing me to go and check it out.. Peter and i got along immediately and i decided to apply.. Since the deadlines had passed, i had to run around quickly and i remember taking the GREs in Pennsylvania on New Year's Eve.. I landed in San Francisco for good in January, still working for V-Day.. I got involved in False Profit, a San Francisco urban tribe full of smart people who liked to dance.. While i was traveling, a friend of mine from AOL sent me an invitation to look at Friendster because he knew i was obsessed with social networks.. I did and was intrigued.. When i got to San Francisco, i contacted Jonathan Abrams and we met early in 2003 (when he told me that i was kinda smart for a chick).. Even though i was not too impressed by Abrams, i started blogging about what i was seeing on Friendster.. As it took off, i became the person that folks went to to understand the cultural dynamics.. In June, Tribe.. net hired me to run some focus groups and help them understand how to design the site to attract the kind of people that were obsessed with Friendster.. I spent the entire summer interviewing people, collecting data and writing about Friendster.. In the fall of 2003, i started my PhD at the School of Information (Management and Systems) at Berkeley and while i didn't intend to keep studying Friendster, i found myself doing so.. I also found myself getting connected to the social software community and advising on all sorts of social technologies.. My work on Friendster got me invited to numerous conferences and made me an expert for the press.. On Thanksgiving Day 2003, the New York Times ran a profile on me and my work.. Committed to work on something else, i started studying blogging and took an internship at Google to do an ethnographic study of blogging for Blogger.. I stayed there for a year before taking an internship at Yahoo! Research Berkeley to study social media more broadly (and with a more publishing-friendly research bent).. Although i met Mimi Ito briefly at a conference in the spring of 2003, i was terrified of her.. In fall of 2003, various technologists were trying to get me to meet Joi Ito.. Uninterested in venture capitalists, i balked.. until i learned that he was the brother of Mimi.. I wrote him a ridiculous note, stating that i didn't know who he was, but that his sister was a goddess.. We quickly became friends and Joi connected me to Mimi by having us both work on a project with Nokia.. Through some set of events, my advisor (Peter Lyman), Mimi, and Michael Carter started collaborating to get a Macarthur grant to study digital youth.. For the project, i wanted to study how teens were dealing with unknown audiences.. As we were applying for the grant, MySpace took off.. After having been accused of affecting my Friendster data, i decided to lay low while watching MySpace grow.. I didn't blog about it or talk to the press until News Corp bought it for an obscene amount.. At that point, i figured that i couldn't influence its growth curve and i started documenting some of my observations.. Unfortunately, i hadn't predicted the predator paranoia and have been swept right back into being a media pundit while still trying to do academic work.. And that's where we're at today (late 2006).. Oh.. one other thing.. about the fuzzy hat.. I started wearing strange clothes in high school.. First, i wore PJs and slippers and then it got a bit more eccentric.. In college, i became obsessed with fuzzy things and had all sorts of rave wear.. I shaved my head my freshman year, added all sorts of piercings and dyed my hair every color imaginable.. In San Francisco, i bought a bunch of clothing to attend Burning Man, including the white fuzzy hat.. In the summer of 2003, it was bloody cold and i started wearing the hat all the time.. It has kinda stuck, particularly since i'm always freezing.. When i spoke at Etech in 2004, i was very sick and so i wore the hat while on stage.. Since then, it has become a sort of trademark, for better or worse..

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  • Title: danah michele boyd
    Descriptive info: danah michele boyd.. what's in a name?.. Born: 'Danah Michele Mattas'.. My mother added the 'h' because she liked the balance of it - danah balances quite well.. My mother remarried when i was young, so i added the name 'Beard' to the end of my name, making my childhood- college name 'Danah Michele Mattas Beard'.. In high school, after my mother and stepfather divorced, i started the process of changing my name to my maternal grandfather's - 'Boyd'.. I wanted his name because it represented my family, my culture, my heritage; i wanted his name out of respect.. Did you know that if you want to change your name and you aren't getting married, the authorities are not so thrilled? Anyhow, it took me many years, but in the summer of 2000, i finally had legal paperwork acknowledging my name as i saw fit:.. No, i did not forget to capitalize that, but i've quickly learned that most people don't appreciate my decision to leave the capitalization out of my name.. There are a lot of reasons that i got rid of the capital letters in the final name change, some personal and some political.. First, there's my mother's original desire to have balance and my adult appreciation of that (as a child, i was just cranky that i could never find anything with my name on it).. danah.. balances;.. Danah.. does not.. In fact, my entire name balances quite conveniently, in all of its forms:.. danah michele mattas beard boyd.. There's something elegant about that.. There's also the political.. I was always bothered by the fact that the first person singular pronoun is capitalized in english - i always thought it was quite self-righteous.. Or, as Douglas Adams noted, Capital letters were always the best way of dealing with things you didn't have a good answer to.. Ever since i was a kid, i was told that the world does not revolve around me,  ...   of importance - it is referring to me, right? I thought an attempt at minimalizing the individualization could start at home.. But, this led me on a mental tangent - What's in a name? What's its worth? Why is it so valuable that it is to be capitalized? Down this path, i started thinking about names as descriptors versus separate entities.. Isn't a name simply another unique adjective for me? A label? I am not my name; my name is simply another descriptor of me.. Should i weight that descriptor as anything more valuable than the other adjectives used to describe me? Obviously, i care about my name - i've gone out of my way to change it too many times to suggest otherwise.. But do i believe that capitalization shows the appropriate value?.. But that's exactly it - it's.. my.. name and i should be able to frame it as i see fit, as my adjective, not someone else's.. Why must it follow some New York Times standard guide for naming? The words that i choose to describe myself should be framed in writing and in speech in a way that feels as though i own them, as though i can relate to them.. This is not to say that i wanted a unique symbol to stand for my name, simply that i wanted to write it in a fashion that showed the beauty of my mother's consideration.. Of course, as i get older, i end up having a deep engrained individualization of my name.. I really don't like when people remove the 'h' or capitalize my name - it's not how i've chosen to identify.. With all of these thoughts in mind, i signed my new name change papers simply as i wanted to label myself, with an aesthetic appreciation for the spelling of my name, and with a unique flair that allowed me to truly hold on to my name as my own:..

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  • Title: danah boyd
    Descriptive info: kubla khan.. by samuel coleridge.. In Xanadu did Kubla Khan.. A stately pleasure-dome decree:.. Where Alph, the sacred river, ran.. Through caverns measureless to man.. Down to a sunless sea.. So twice five miles of fertile ground.. With walls and towers were girdled round:.. And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,.. Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree;.. And here were forests ancient as the hills,.. Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.. But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted.. Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover!.. A savage place! as holy and enchanted.. As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted.. By woman wailing for her demon-lover!.. And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething,.. As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing,.. A mighty fountain momently was forced:.. Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst.. Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail,.. Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail:.. And  ...   far.. Ancestral voices prophesying war!.. The shadow of the dome of pleasure.. Floated midway on the waves;.. Where was heard the mingled measure.. From the fountain and the caves.. It was a miracle of rare device,.. A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice!.. A damsel with a dulcimer.. In vision once I saw:.. It was an Abyssinian maid,.. And on her dulcimer she played,.. Singing of Mount Abora.. Could I revive within me.. Her symphony and song,.. To such a deep delight 'twould win me,.. That with music loud and long,.. I would build that dome in air,.. That sunny dome! Those caves of ice!.. And all who heard should see them there,.. And all should cry, Beware! Beware!.. His flashing eyes! His floating hair!.. Weave a circle round him thrice,.. And close your eyes with holy dread,.. For he on honey-dew hath fed,.. And drunk the milk of Paradise.. home..

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  • Title: contact information
    Descriptive info: contact information.. I wish that I could regularly engage in conversations with everyone, but that's simply not possible for me these days.. So, first off, my apologies.. Press:.. Press-related questions should be sent to press [at] danah [dot] org.. You should include your deadline, your phone number, what hours you're available, a description of the article you're working on, and what questions you wish for me to address.. I do not schedule phone calls with print press but I'm happy to call you when I have spare cycles between meetings.. I will do my best wrt radio/TV scheduling.. I'm not always able to respond in a timely manner.. Consulting:.. I am unable to do any consulting or private advising because of my role at Microsoft Research, paid or unpaid.. I'm sorry.. Speaking:.. I am available for limited speaking engagements but my schedule is painfully limited.. Speaking inquiries should be sent to.. Leigh Bureau.. Students:.. Much to my chagrin, I don't have the spare cycles to help students with their research projects or term papers.. If you're looking for information on social network sites or Twitter, I keep a bibliography of others' work.. here.. You are also welcome to quote from my blog or my research whenever you'd like.. Just cite it properly so that  ...   alone handle more requests.. I feel extremely guilty about this, but it's important that I push folks away so that I can continue to produce research and do the work that I do.. As much as this message is meant to discourage people from contacting me, I should note that there are situations in which I always welcome contact.. I am an activist at heart and do my best to make room for actions that I think can change society for the better.. This is why I respond to press, engage on policy topics, and am generally more available when I think that engaging could make a different in people's lives.. I may not have time for a long conversation, but I love interesting data or stories that people send me.. I love receiving feedback on my work, especially if it's critical.. I love hearing from teens, teachers, and parents who are experiencing the things that I'm trying to document.. So if you think that you still want to talk to me, my email is: zephoria [at] zephoria [dot] org.. In general, feel free to write to me but please understand if I can't respond or if I have to say no to your request.. I do my best but time keeps slipping away..

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  • Title: "We Googled You: Should Fred hire Mimi despite her online history?"
    Descriptive info: We Googled You: Should Fred hire Mimi despite her online history?.. Case Commentary.. June 2007.. Citation:.. 2007.. We Googled You: Should Fred hire Mimi despite her online history? Case Commentary,.. , June.. This is my response to Diane Coutu's case student.. To read the complete case study with other respondents' commentary, you will need to order the June 2007 issue from.. Because this case is the first.. Interactive Case Study.. case.. is now online without the responses.. Background:.. What follows is my response to Diane Coutu's We Googled You case study where Fred is trying to decide whether or not to hire Mimi after one of Fred's co-workers googles Mimi and finds newspaper clippings about Mimi protesting Chinese policies.. Given the case study, we were then asked, should Fred hire Mimi despite her online history? To fully understand my response requires reading the.. original case.. (which I'd encourage) but I still felt that it was important to make my response available even if the complete context is missing.. I just celebrated my ten-year blogging anniversary.. I started blogging when I was 19, and before that, I regularly posted to public mailing lists, message boards, and Usenet.. I grew up with this technology, and I'm part of the generation that should be embarrassed by what we posted.. But I'm not those posts are part of my past, part of who I am.. I look back at the 15-year-old me, and I think, My, you were foolish.. Many of today's teens will also look back at the immaturity of their teen years and giggle uncomfortably.. Over time, foolish digital pasts will simply become part of the cultural.. fabric.. Young people today are doing what young people have always done: trying to figure out who they are.. By putting themselves in public for others to examine, teens are working through how others' impressions of them align with their self-perceptions.. They adjust their behavior and attitudes based on the reactions they get from those they respect.. Today's public  ...   has become both a place for friends and a space to seek attention.. So, what does all this imply for the company in this case? Many young people have a questionable online presence.. If Hathaway Jones doesn't want to hire these people, it'll miss out on the best minds of my generation.. Bright people push the edge, but what constitutes the edge is time dependent.. It's no longer about miniskirts or rock and roll; it's about having a complex digital presence.. Naturally, there'll always be a handful of young people who manage to go through adolescence and early adulthood without any blemishes on their record.. Employers need people who play by the rules, but they also need creatives.. Mimi is a creative, and for the job Fred is trying to fill, a traditionalist just won't do.. Fred should listen to his own instincts and hire Mimi.. I'd advise him to open a conversation with her immediately so that they can strategize together about how to handle potential challenges posed by employees' online practices.. I think Fred will learn a lot from that experience.. My generation isn't as afraid of public opinion as his was.. We face it head-on and know how to manage it.. We digitally document every love story and teen drama imaginable and then go on to put out content that creates a really nuanced public persona.. If you read just one entry, you're bound to get a distorted view.. That's why I would also advise Mimi to begin creating her own Google trails.. She should express her current thoughts on China, reflecting on how she has fine-tuned her perspective over the years.. Part of living in a networked society is learning how to accessorize our digital bodies, just as we learn to put on the appropriate clothes to go to the office.. danah m.. boyd (dmb@ischool.. berkeley.. edu) is a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, and an adviser to major media corporations.. She maintains a blog at www..

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