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  • Title: Help us fight for the world's poorest - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: .. ACT.. News.. Publications.. Contact.. In Danish.. Projects.. Where we work.. Africa.. Asia.. Latin America.. Central Asia.. Middle East.. List of projects.. Where we work.. Guatemala.. Our work here focuses on agricultural development, disaster prevention and relief aid, human rights and strengthening the legal system.. Read more.. Sudan.. Among other things, our work here includes mine clearance, protecting the civilian population and relief aid in Darfur.. India.. Here we work with fighting hunger and poverty, disaster preparedness, democracy, rights and the caste system.. Angola.. Our work here focuses on clearing areas of landmines and unexploded ammunition as well as mine risk education.. Congo (DCR).. Our work here focuses on demining, fighting hunger and helping women who are victims of violence.. Ethiopia.. Our work here focuses on disaster risk reduction, equal rights for men and women, strengthening civil society and fighting hunger, HIV and AIDS.. Malawi.. Our work here focuses on the prevention of HIV and AIDS, food security and women’s rights.. Uganda.. Our work here focuses on agriculture, disaster preparedness, combating HIV and AIDS and supporting a democratic development.. Zambia.. Our work here focuses on women’s right to participate, fighting poverty, HIV and AIDS, climate change adaption and democracy.. Bangladesh.. Our work here focuses on disaster preparedness, climate changes, democracy, women’s rights and protecting migrants.. Burma/Myanmar.. Our work here focuses on empowering civil society, development and education, emergency relief aid and supporting refugees.. Cambodia.. Our work here includes, among other things, fighting hunger, HIV/AIDS, supporting women’s rights and climate change adaption.. Nepal.. Our work here focuses on democracy and rights, disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction and safe migration.. Pakistan.. Our work here focuses on relief aid, health care, medicine and reconstruction following the floods.. Haiti.. Here our work focuses on rebuilding schools and helping the rural poor with income generating activities after the violent earthquake in 2010.. Honduras.. Our work here focuses on agricultural development, disaster preparedness, climate change adaption, human rights and democracy.. West Bank/Gaza.. Our work here focuses on relief aid, women’s rights and improving the Palestinian population’s living conditions.. Kazakhstan.. Our work here focuses on supporting the poor that travel from town to  ...   Bjørnskov Gram.. We say no to Corruption.. See what we do.. Read our policy.. One year later.. Progress dispite drought and famine on the Horn of Africa.. Joan Nørgaard Madsen.. Water in the desert.. Water to the marginalised.. DCA focus: The right to food.. Folkekirkens Nødhjælp.. Cleanup time.. Support our Humanitarian Mine Action in Libya.. Donate now.. Read more about HMA in Libya.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. KORT.. About DanChurchAid.. DanChurchAid assists the world’s poorest to lead a life in dignity.. Aid is given regardless of race, creed, political or religious affiliation.. Certified by.. Humanitarian Accountability Partnership.. and member of.. ACT Alliance.. and.. Reuters AlertNet.. DCA Mine Action.. Area cleared since 1999: 69,300,000 sqm.. When disaster strikes.. Read more about Pakistan.. Development.. Read stories.. Our approach.. Bishop Paride Taban, Sudan.. “The church in Sudan now has a very strong network with churches all over the world - even to universities and schools”.. Canon Joyce Nima, Uganda.. “We want to educate people to use dialogue as the first choice.. Esther Ajego, Uganda.. “When I grow up I want to be a nurse.. I want to treat people.. Idalia Orellana, Honduras.. “We have been able to give the neighbours cuttings from our banana trees”.. Latest news.. 21 Million DKK to Clear Explosive Remnants of War in Libya.. DanChurchAid’s (DCA) programme to work to clear explosive remnants of war (ERW) in Liby.. DanChurchAid takes the lead in Uganda.. DCA has been chosen as the Uganda Country Lead for the Regional Learning and Advocacy P.. Home for Syrian refugees.. DanChurchAid helps Syrian refugees in Jordan and internally displaced persons in Syria.. More Danchurchaid news.. Subscribe to our newsletter.. Current Procurement Notices.. Africa.. Asia.. Latin America.. Central Asia.. Middle East.. List of projects.. We put funding into action.. International Donors.. International Networks.. Our Results.. Our Approach.. Mine Action.. Hiv and Aids.. Humanitarian Assistance.. The Right to Food.. Political Space.. Organisation and Strategy.. DCA in the ACT Alliance.. Accounts.. Quality Assurance.. Contact us.. Jobs.. Donate.. Volunteer.. We believe in life before death.. DanChurchAid • Nørregade 15 • 1165 Copenhagen K • Denmark • +45 33 15 28 00 •.. mail@dca.. dk..

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  • Title: News - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Newsletter.. DCA.. 08.. 08.. 2012.. India: Ethnic clashes in Assam.. Hundreds of thousands of people sheltering in overcrowded camps in Assam in northeast India desperately need humanitarian assistance after fleeing ethnic violence, DanChurchAid’s staff in New Delhi reports.. An assessment of the situation has been carried out by DanChurchAid’s local partners to identify key humanitarian needs of the displaced people.. 17.. DanChurchAid turns 90 years.. General Secretary Henrik Stubkjær sums up the first 90 years of DanChurchAid, from a regional charity focused on post WW1-Europe to a global actor as a member of ACT Alliance.. 03/12/2012.. TV used in the struggle for women’s right to inherit.. DanChurchAid and three local partners are working to ensure Palestinian women their legal right to inherit property.. There are many obstacles in their way.. Casteless women fights back.. If you are a woman and a casteless in Nepal, you are doubly oppressed and doubly at risk of assault.. Thirty-year-old Mamshara Bhul is a casteless woman, but she knows her own worth and fights back with her bare fists whenever she meets discrimination.. DanChurchAid has been fighting caste discrimination in western Nepal since 2006.. 28/11/2012.. India: Humanitarian assistance to 1.. 500 conflict survivors.. Nearly 1500 dalits in Dharmapuri district of Tamilnadu state, India, require immediate humanitarian assistance who have fled their  ...   the backyard.. 08/11/2012.. US Department of State Supports DanChurchAid’s (DCA) Mine Action Activities in Burma/Myanmar.. DCA has the opportunity to further investigate the possibility for mine action activities in Burma/Myanmar through a USD 500,000 donation from the US Department of State’s Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement.. US Grant for Angola Mine Action Programme.. US Department of State donates USD 200,000 to DanChurchAid’s (DCA) mine action activities in Angola.. 30/10/2012.. 21 Million DKK to Clear Explosive Remnants of War in Libya.. DanChurchAid’s (DCA) programme to work to clear explosive remnants of war (ERW) in Libya has just received 21 million DKK from EuropeAid.. “There is a great need for clearing ERW in Libya as quickly as possible,” says Richard MacCormac, Head of DCA Mine Action.. 10/10/2012.. Thousands flee homes in Assam in India.. Nearly 1.. 5 million people have been forced to leave their homes due to a third wawe of floods since June in the north-eastern state of Assam in Inda.. DanChurchAid is supporting flood affected families in Barpetta district in Assam.. 19/09/2012.. Clearance of Deadly Unexploded Ordnance Continues in South Lebanon.. Through the International Trust Fund (ITF), the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) donates USD 439,373 to keep clearance of explosive remnants of war (ERW) going in South Lebanon.. Next.. 6.. 7.. 57..

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  • Title: Publications - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Programme Policies.. Cross-cutting Policies.. Annual Reports.. Annual Global Reports.. Books.. Booklets.. DanChurchAid publishes a wide range of leaflets, reports, books, videos and other resources.. General publications about our work, books and booklets can be found on your left, while specific reports, analyses, guidelines, policies and more can be found under the issue or country they relate  ...   anti-corruption reports.. Studies on climate change.. Procurement manual.. Many of our publications are also available in Danish on our.. Danish website.. as well as in printed form.. ACT Resources.. In order to increase the efficiency and impact of our work, ACT members share publications, videos, images and more.. To access ACT’s online resources please click here..

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  • Title: Contact us - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Values and mission.. Organisational structure.. History.. Anti-Corruption.. Complaints.. HAP.. Monitoring and evaluation.. Procurement and Logistics.. Procurement policy.. The DCA Procurement Manual.. Contract Awards.. Sphere standards.. Worldwide offices.. Denmark.. Council.. Board.. Sonja Iskov.. Contact Information.. DanChurchAid has offices in Denmark and worldwide.. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at one of the locations listed below.. In case you are looking for a particular employee you can also find an overview of all our employees.. We want to improve the quality of our work.. Therefore, we are open  ...   Middle East.. Copenhagen Headquarters.. Other offices in Denmark.. Employees.. Worldwide.. DanChurchAid.. Nørregade 15.. DK-1165 Copenhagen K.. Email:.. Phone: +45 3315 2800.. Fax: +45 3318 7816.. CVR SE-no.. : 36 98 02 14.. Office hours:.. Monday to Thursday: 8:30 am-4:00 pm.. Friday: 8:30 am-3:30 pm.. DanChurchAid in Århus.. Klostertorvet 6, 3.. th.. DK-8000 Århus C.. Phone: +45 8739 1660.. Fax: +45 8739 1666.. DanChurchAid in Odense.. Vestergade 90, 1.. sal.. 5000 Odense C.. Phone nr: + 45 25 50 21 16.. DanChurchAid in Aalborg.. Østerågade 4, 3.. tv.. DK-9000 Aalborg.. Phone: +45 29699119..

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  • Title: Where we work - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Congo (DRC).. Economic empowerment of women in Malawi.. Pakistan 2010.. Palestine.. Partners.. We work in the poor parts of the world.. DanChurchAid’s work focuses on.. In addition, we have programmes in the.. ,.. We have regional offices in Africa, Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.. Globally and locally.. DanChurchAid is a member of the global network.. (Action by Churches Together), an alliance that consists of more than 100 humanitarian and church organisations.. ACT  ...   Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Zambia DanChurchAid and ACT Alliance partners have strengthened their working relationship via shared offices and programme development as well as closer coordination.. DanChurchAid works via:.. Local partners and local development organisations.. Human rights groups.. Health organisations.. Agricultural organisations.. This generates local ownership and commitment, and the partnership ensures that the help is locally rooted and reaches the poorest.. Our results.. Former focus countries.. El Salvador.. Macedonia.. Pakistan 2005.. Russia.. Sri Lanka.. Tanzania..

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  • Title: Hunger and poverty in Africa - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Read about Angola.. Read about Congo.. Mikkel Østergaard.. Read about Ethiopia.. Paul Jeffrey.. Read about Malawi.. Read about Sudan.. Sissel Lee Winthrop.. Read about Uganda.. Rune Hansen.. Read about Zambia.. Hunger and poverty in Africa.. Despite its natural resources, Africa is the world’s poorest continent, and every third African does not have enough food.. Many African countries are affected by a precipitation change with alternating floods and recurring draughts; especially in northern and southern Africa the rain does not fall in the way it used to, and the crops do not grow the way they used to.. Climate changes continually make it more and more difficult to feed the continent’s 900 million inhabitants.. Throughout the 1990s AIDS became Africa’s most severe hindrance to development.. In some countries, nearly half of the citizens of working age were infected, and it threatened all positive social development.. After a 30 year long fight against the disease, in many countries the number of people who become infected is now dropping; nevertheless, information about  ...   new laws that forbid NGOs to inform people about their rights.. On the entire continent, corruption is a significant problem, the system of justice is not impartial, and oppression and assaults on women are widespread.. The majority of the world’s civil wars take place on the African continent.. But when the wars are over, landmines and unexploded ammunition are left behind and make it extremely dangerous to move about, and the consequent fear of cultivating the land prevents tens of thousands from taking the first steps to creating a sustainable future for themselves and their children.. What we do in Africa.. DanChurchAid has been working in Africa since the 1960s.. Today, DanChurchAid is active in.. the Democratic Republic of Congo.. Uganda.. Zambia.. – in close collaboration with African churches and organisations focusing on development work, human rights and women, respectively.. In several countries, we also focus on humanitarian mine action.. Our work in Africa focuses on:.. Fighting.. hunger.. and poverty.. HIV and AIDS.. Democratisation.. Women’s rights.. Humanitarian mine action..

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  • Title: Growing wealth - extreme poverty - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Jakob Carlsen.. Read about Bangladesh.. Read about Burma/Myanmar.. David Høgsholt.. Read about Cambodia.. Read about India.. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro.. Read about Pakistan.. Read about Nepal.. Growing wealth - extreme poverty.. Even though some of Asia’s economies are storming forwards, the region remains the poorest region in the world.. The gulf between the rich and the poor is increasing, and at least 600 million people live in extreme poverty (that is, for less than 1 dollar a day).. In India, several hundred million people now have Western spending power and lifestyles, while more than 300 million people still live in extreme poverty.. More than half of the world’s starving people live in Asia.. Because of the caste system in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka the more than 260 million casteless (still) do not have the most basic human rights.. The  ...   the world – causing great human and material losses.. Poor and oppressed sections of the population are often forced to live in the most exposed and remote areas of land, and it is those without land, migrants and urban slum dwellers who are most vulnerable when it comes to natural disasters when floods and cyclones rage.. What we do in Asia.. DanChurchAid has worked with humanitarian assistance and long-term development in Asia for 30 years.. Today DanChurchAid’s work in Asia focuses on India and Cambodia where our regional offices are.. Furthermore, DanChurchAid supports projects in Burma/Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh.. Our work in Asia focuses on:.. Fighting hunger and poverty.. Emergency prevention.. Rights and democracy.. Ensuring better conditions for migrants in poverty trap.. Downloads.. DCA South Asia Report 2010 (2.. 99 MB).. DCA South Asia Report 2009 (52.. 86 MB)..

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  • Title: Focus in Central America and Haiti - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Focus in Central America and Haiti.. DanChurchAid’s work in Latin America takes place in a concentrated region of countries in Central America where we have been present since the beginning of the 1990s.. In the Caribbean, we support the rebuilding and development work in Haiti after the massive earthquake in the poor Caribbean island state in 2010.. The work in Haiti is managed by our partners in the.. The work in Central America is focused on providing food security and promoting human rights and democracy.. In addition, we take measures related to disaster risk reduction in Honduras and Guatemala and also to a limited degree in Nicaragua.. Sister agencies in El Salvador are members of the ACT Alliance.. We support women, the poorest and indigenous population groups in their organization and advocacy work, and we work to promote equality before the law  ...   economic and social inequality is great.. These problems are especially significant for the indigenous Maya Indian population groups in Guatemala that make up more than half of the population, and also smaller groups of indigenous people in Honduras and Nicaragua.. Politically and historically, Central America has been marked by authoritarian governments, bloody conflicts (Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua) and social and political riots or coups d’etat like in Honduras in June 2009.. But even though peace has been made and free trade agreements have been signed in the region, social inequality and poverty is still widespread, especially among the indigenous population groups.. Armed conflicts and riots have been replaced, to a great extent, by conflicts about the right to land and natural resources, as well as rampant crime and violence that flourishes in an often corrupt police force and legal system.. Countries..

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  • Title: DanChurchAid in Central Asia - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Helle B.. Bavnhøj.. Poverty, unemployment and a ticking HIV bomb.. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the new Central Asian republics experienced a similar financial and social downswing.. The transition from Soviet command economy to open competition on the world market caused massive inflation, unemployment and a near total collapse of the welfare system and public institutions.. Challenges.. Ethnic tensions.. In a region where people were used to being able to go wherever they wanted to, the new borders and the introduction of border control caused ethnic tensions.. Rising unemployment and declining social benefits made the ‘foreign’ seem like a threat.. In June 2010 violent fights between Kyrgyzstani and Uzbekistani neighbours, who have lived side by side for decades under Soviet control, broke out in Kyrgyzstan.. Young people are leaving.. Unemployment has resulted in a mass migration from the country to the cities (and to foreign countries, especially Russia).. In many of the small and medium-sized depopulated towns, old people and children are now alone and extremely reliant on the money that migrant workers send home.. Propiska.. Surrounding the large Central Asian cities, huge slums have emerged, and here newcomers live in poor conditions with no access to medical services, education or financial assistance.. The miserable conditions result in the ruin of many families.. The HIV epidemic.. In Russia, a migrant worker that is not picky can make money by accepting dangerous and unattractive jobs.. Money enough to  ...   Central Asia.. DanChurchAid has worked in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan since the mid-1990s when the countries were close to breaking up as a consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union.. The work, which was initially a form of relief aid, now focuses on:.. Poor migrant workers that travel from the country to the cities.. Vulnerable children and young people.. The elderly.. The fight against HIV/AIDS.. DanChurchAid works in.. in close cooperation with sister organisations from Great Britain, the Netherlands and Norway under the name.. in Central Asia.. A common inheritance from the Soviet age is the civil registration called propiska.. Propiska is deciding as regards all citizens’ access to social benefits, rights to vote, rights to a place to live, etc.. Propiska is only given to people with a fixed address; in fact, propiska is connected to the fixed address more than it is to the person in question.. This means that people who travel from the country to the city almost automatically lose their propiska.. Without propiska – no work permit, medical care, education, right to vote, retirement and other social benefits that all citizens in principle has a right to.. Without propiska people are caught in a downward spiral which makes it almost impossible to escape poverty and become reintegrated into society.. It makes a person non-existent, with no rights vis-à-vis the police and authorities, locked in a position that is very similar to the casteless in India..

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  • Title: Relief aid, development work - and back again - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: Relief aid, development work - and back again.. In the early 1950s the churches in the Middle East contacted the recently established Lutheran World Federation, asking for their help to come to the rescue of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees.. The many Palestinians had fled or had been driven out of their homes during the war that followed the establishment of the Israeli state.. Imperial interests that came to nothing and a new state.. At the turn of the last century, imperial interests made Britain enter into three conflicting agreements regarding Palestine – which, at the time, was controlled by the Turks.. In 1915 the British promised the Arabs a nation state in exchange for active military help against the Turks (the Hussein–McMahon correspondence).. In 1916 the British and the French came to an agreement with the Russian about how to divide the area of land between them once the Turks had been thrown out.. According to this agreement, Palestine were to be internationalised (the Sykes-Picot Agreement).. In 1917 the British promised to help the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine (the Balfour Declaration).. None of these agreements were fulfilled in the years leading up to the Second World War.. Jewish immigration.. In the 1930s and 40s hundreds  ...   a partition plan according to which the Jews were to have 52 % and the Palestinians 48 % of Palestine while Jerusalem was to remain under international governance.. Subsequently, the British soon withdrew from the country.. The Arabs rejected the partition plan.. The result was a war between the new Israeli state and the neighbouring Arab countries.. After the war the state of Israel was proclaimed in 77 % of what was originally Palestine, and half of the Palestinian population who lived within the borders of the new state fled or was driven out.. Since then the region has been the setting of several wars (1956, 1967, 1973) that have neither solved the fundamental question about the partition of the country nor fulfilled the Jewish or Palestinian national hopes and dreams.. What remains is a series of complicated questions about:.. The demarcation.. The illegal Israeli settlements.. The Palestinian refugees’ UN secured right to return home.. The status of Jerusalem.. What we do in the middle east.. DanChurchAid has worked among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank since the early 1950s.. Today, DanChurchAid is primarily present in Gaza and the West Bank.. Our work focuses on:.. Relief aid.. Improving the living standards of the Palestinian population.. Advocacy.. Our Results..

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  • Title: List of projects - DanChurchAid
    Descriptive info: The projects listed here only include projects funded by international donors.. Many of our programmes and projects are funded by.. Danida.. as well as.. HMA specific donors.. Please note that the list of projects below is incomplete.. We are in the process of generating a full overview of projects funded by international donors.. DanChurchAid funds and operates approximately 600 projects every year.. International donors co-fund a significant part of the projects (27,5 % of annual turnover), but the majority of projects are still funded by private contributions (32 % in 2010) and Danish government funding (41 % in 2010 from Danida).. Click her to see our financial statements.. Pierre Jaccard.. Strengthening democratic development in Northwest Russia.. The Nordic Council of Ministers has provided DCA with DKK 1,450,000 in order to address the problem of large numbers of people finding themselves socially marginalized by Russia’s existing passport and registration system.. Poul Kjar.. Building Disaster Resilient Communities in Cambodia.. ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 1,050,000 to reduce local communities’ vulnerability to natural disasters by strengthening governance and local capacity.. Recovering livelihoods of flood-affected communities in Cambodia.. ECHO has provided DCA and implementing partners with EUR 775,000 in order to alleviate the food gap and restore livelihoods of flood-affected poor and vulnerable households in Cambodia.. Improving water sanitation and hygiene for internally displaced people in Sudan.. ECHO has provided EUR 600,000 for DanChurchAid to improve the availability and accessibility of safe water and sanitation, and promote awareness on health and personal hygiene practices for conflict affected persons in Sudan.. Improving food security by helping farmers in South and South East Asia.. DanChurchAid's new project improves food security in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Nepal by strengthening the capacities of small, marginal farmer organisations.. Disaster preparedness in Honduras.. ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 440,000 to reduce the risk and increase the resilience of vulnerable populations in rural and urban areas in Honduras.. A project which will benefit 31,606 people.. C&D.. Disaster risk reduction in Uganda and Kenya.. ECHO has provided DanChurchAid and partners with EUR 1,049,483 to reinforce vulnerable communities' and local governments' drought management capacities in Kenya and Uganda.. Søren Tuxen Faber.. Natural resource management to support food security in South Sudan.. EuropeAid has provided EUR 1,017,000 for DanChurchAid in order to support food security through natural resource management.. A project, which will benefit 150,937 people in South Sudan.. Summer Camp in Northern Gaza - Integrating children with disabilities in the community.. Caritas Germany and War Child Holland have provided EUR 20,000 for DanChurchAid in order to create a positive environment for children, with and without disabilities, who suffer from war trauma.. Food relief for drought-affected communities in Ethiopia.. ECHO has provided EUR 1,000,000 for DanChurchAid and partners with the aim of protecting drought-affected communities' lives and livelihoods through the provision of food aid and livestock vet services.. Signe Fischer Smidt.. Human rights for East Jerusalemites living under  ...   vulnerable families in Orissa and Assam.. Emergency flood response in Cambodia.. ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 950,000.. 50 to meet immediate food, WASH and livelihood restoration needs of extremely poor and vulnerable households in nine flood-affected provinces in Cambodia.. YEC.. Providing psychosocial support for children in Northern Gaza.. Caritas Switzerland, Development and Peace, and Finn Church Aid, have provided DanChurchAid with EUR 343,000, EUR 38,000, and EUR 65,000 to help Gaza children recover psychologically and emotionally from war related traumas.. Matilde Sonali Holck.. Improving the living conditions of marginalised communities in Bethlehem.. ECHO has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 620,000 to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable communities in the marginalized areas of Bethlehem by increasing the access to safe drinking water and hygiene.. Klaus Holsting.. The empowerment of rural communities in Zambias Southern Province.. EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 950,000 to empower vulnerable and marginalized rural communities, both economically and socially, in Zambias Southern Province.. Thomas Lekfeldt.. Preventing diabetes and ameliorating its consequences in the Kyrgyz Republic.. Preventing diabetes and ameliorating its consequences in the Kyrgyz Republic, a project that benefits 1,700 people, their relatives and closest community.. Lisbeth Engbo.. The empowerment of the Cambodian female leaders.. EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 300,000 to empower the Cambodian female leaders to bring social services to Cambodia’s most vulnerable groups and to advocate for their rights.. Kristine Vadskær, DCA.. Reduction of climate related disasters in North West Bangladesh.. EuropeAid hasprovided DanChurchAid with EUR 1,350,000 to reduce the risk of climate related disasters of the rural poor communities and local authorities in order to reduce poverty in the North West of Bangladesh.. Peter Høvring.. The rights of Indian workers migrating to and in the Gulf.. EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 560.. 500 to protect the rights of 150,000 migrants from India going to the Gulf, and 3.. 2 million Indian migrants in the Gulf.. Nils Carstensen.. The civil society in Myanmar.. EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 399,750 to expand and strengthen the civil society in Myanmar.. The right to land in Cambodia.. EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 700,000 to alleviate rural poverty by securing access to land and by improving the quality of life of approximately 8,500 people in Cambodia.. Women´s inheritance and property rights in Palestine.. EuropeAid has provided EUR.. 750,000 for DanChurchAid to enhance the inheritance rights of Palestinian women in West Bank and Gaza Strip and to encourage them to know and fight for their property rights.. Human Rights in Honduras.. EuropeAid has provided DanChurchAid with EUR 270.. 000 to prevent and mitigate the violation of human rights of 1.. 2 million inhabitants in the northwestern of Honduras.. Bjarne Ussing.. Natural resource management in South Sudan.. EuropeAid has provided EUR 1,060,000 for DanChurchAid to combat poverty and hunger in South Sudan by improving the management of the natural resources and the environment, a project that will help 211,000 people..

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