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  • Title: DASNI: Dementia Advocacy and Support Network International
    Descriptive info: .. Contact Us.. DASNInternational Email.. Principles, Beliefs and Values.. DASNI's History.. DASNI Organization Info.. DASNI History Booklet.. How To Join DASNI and Our Chat Room.. Member's Websites and Blogs.. DASNI Contact Info.. DASNI People in the News.. Articles and books written by DASNI People.. Presentations by DASNI People.. Documentaries.. Resources.. Living with Dementia: Resources for Living Well.. Finding Information.. Research Studies Done by DASNI Supporters.. Newsfeeds: Dementia, Alzheimer's, Pick's.. Past Conferences.. A Changing Melody Toolkit: How to plan a forum for people with dementia and their partners in care.. visitors to this website have a better understanding of dementia and how to live positively with it!.. DASNI website translated in Belarus.. DASN International is an internet based support network established to:.. Promote respect and dignity for persons with dementia.. Provide a forum for the exchange of information,.. Encourage support mechanisms such as local groups, counseling groups and Internet linkages, and.. Advocate for services for people with dementia.. Assist people to connect with their local Alzheimer s Association.. Since its founding in 2000, DASNI has evolved as an international group of people with dementia.. Approximately one-third of members have dementia themselves.. DASNI activities currently include an Internet-based support group for people with various dementias and those involved with our well-being.. DASNI has an email community.. Twice-daily Internet chats in a chat room help ease the isolation of dementia and educates participants about living with their diseases.. The stigma of dementia is very real, very cruel and widespread.. There is also  ...   States and Brazil.. DASNI members have published books, given TV and radio interviews and written many articles on the subject of diagnosis and living with dementia.. Please our website for further information.. For local referrals to support groups and health care providers, and for more detailed information about the diseases that cause dementia, please contact your local Alzheimer s Association.. EMAIL COMMUNITY:.. health.. groups.. yahoo.. com/group/DASN/.. DAILY CHATS:.. www.. alzinfo.. org/alztalk/flashchat.. php.. Click here for a print version of the above information.. DISCLAIMER:.. DASN International/DASN International.. org.. contains views, opinions, statements, and recommendations of third party individuals, writers, advertisers and organizations.. does not represent or endorse the views, accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, product or service displayed or distributed on this web site.. You acknowledge that any reliance upon such opinion, advice, statement or information shall be at your sole risk.. The information provided by.. is for educational purposes only and should not be treated as medical advice.. Nothing contained on the.. site is intended to be for medical diagnosis or treatment or a substitute for consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.. In no event will.. , its affiliates, partners, agents, or contractors be liable to you for any damages or losses resulting from or caused by.. and its services, including use of the community chat room, content (including articles, stories, news) or any errors or omissions in its content, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.. This website designed and maintained by.. BLNdesign..

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  • Title: DASN International: Principles, Beliefs and Values
    Descriptive info: Our Principles, Beliefs and Values.. We are autonomous and competent people diagnosed with dementia, and our loyal allies;.. We believe that shared knowledge is empowerment;.. We believe our strengths provide a supportive network;.. We are a voice and a helping hand;.. Our purpose is to promote  ...   for the exchange of information, encourage support mechanisms such as local groups, counselling, and internet linkages, and to advocate for services.. [Home].. [Principles].. [History].. [Organization].. [Join/Chat].. [Contact Us].. [People in the News].. [Articles and Books].. [Presentations].. [Resources].. [Finding Information].. [Research Studies].. [Newsfeeds].. [Past Conferences].. [Upcoming Conferences]..

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  • Title: DASN International: History
    Descriptive info: DASN's History.. The DASN group was formally opened on the Yahoo website 8/11/2000.. This was originally done by Laura Smith as she was the only member at that time with the Internet knowledge to do so.. The DASN group was an off shoot of the Coping With Personal Memory Loss (CWPML) group, an active advocacy group for people with early stage dementia and their care partners.. In the first month the group totaled 19 people and by the first annual meeting, the number had increased to 21.. The first official organizational meeting of DASN was held October6, 2000, during the Heartland Memory Walk in Kansas City, Kansas.. Those who attended included Shannon Ocsody, Laura Smith, Phil Hardt, Lynn Jackson, and Morris Friedell.. The general DASN support network was polled prior to the meeting as to whether they would like to participate as directors -- many declined for various reasons, however, those who showed interest were appointed positions by the group at hand as to where they believed they might be of most benefit to the group (even though they were not in attendance at the meeting).. This was the beginning.. We were a small network of like-minded individuals all working to make our dream idea into a reality.. We were not so much concerned with quorums or policy as we were with our commonality of views and our concern of making our idea a reality.. We felt like getting DASN off the ground and moving forward was of utmost importance.. Again, not because anyone nominated her to do it, but rather because she offered, Laura Smith chose to take on the task of making DASN a nonprofit organization to comply with the state law of Montana, where Laura resided.. DASN had already grown into a global community, where the location or status of registration was of little importance, only that it was done.. By the end of the year 2000 the DASN network had grown from 21 to 40.. Because Alice Young was going to Montana for a visit, it was discussed in chat that we would all like to meet our cyber friends in person and from there, after the most gracious invitation from Laura Smith, it snowballed into our second Annual General Meeting, only nine short months later.. This was discussed in chat and on the message boards, everyone who could make it was urged to do so, those that could not were prompted to let it be known if they cared to be part of the directors.. By now the network had doubled to 82 and was still not formalized because of the size.. This was to be the foundation of the official DASN International where we agreed to form a new DASN International community and website.. The original by-laws were reviewed, amended and adopted.. The DASN(now DASN International) ADI proposal was reviewed and approved.. Directors present agreed that there would be an executive committee comprised of (and elected at the meeting):.. President - Phil Hardt;.. Vice-president - Lynn Jackson;.. Treasurer - Morris Friedell;.. Co-Secretary's - Carole Mulliken and Jan Phillips.. It was agreed that the executive should serve from the date of election until the next annual meeting, when all positions fall vacant.. The following Directors were appointed to be responsible for DASN International committees:.. Website (www.. DASNInternational.. org), Phil Hardt;.. Chatroom , Mary Lockhart, Alice Young, and Laura Smith;.. E-mail (Yahoo, Mary Lockhart; Carole Mulliken;.. Publications and Media Relations, Jan Phillips;.. Policy and Strategy, Morris Friedell and Christine Bryden;.. Next AGM, Jeanne Lee;.. Funding, Candy Harrison;.. Correspondence, Carole Mulliken and Jan Phillips.. Although not everyone belonging to the network group was able to attend, a total of 13 people volunteered and were elected as directors.. It was further agreed that:.. A quorum at meeting shall be 7 directors, with a majority being 4 of the 7 present;.. Business can be conducted by email with confirmation of the e-mail being opened being requested.. Voting responses required within 7 days.. In the event of no response, that person's vote will be counted as in favor of the measure being voted upon;.. Directors may assign their proxy to another Director;.. A 2/3 majority of Directors would be required to suspend a Director from their position due to incapacity;.. There would be no censorship in chat or e-mail.. However, any inappropriate behavior will be dealt with by the board on a case by case basis, dealing directly with the individual concerned.. As of this writing, November 20, 2001, our network group now totals 143 people with dementia and our loyal allies, an increase of 61 people just in the past 4 months.. Our concerns are global, our intentions noble.. We are a group of people who are not concerned about titles  ...   more inclusive of people with dementia.. The October 2001 ADI conference in Christchurch, New Zealand, was an extraordinary event because of the input of people with dementia.. This was the first time people with dementia attended the international conference as full participants.. Twelve people came, some from as far away as Canada, United States and Australia.. The contribution of these twelve turned the conference into an amazingly challenging and inspirational event - for conference delegates and the wider public.. Here were people with dementia showing in such an irrefutable way that not only does life continue after diagnosis but that people with dementia have much to offer within the Alzheimer's organisation.. People with dementia participated throughout the conference, from the delivery of a standing-ovation opening address to oral presentations, running workshops and media interviews.. The DASN stand was a drawcard in the exhibitors' hall.. The brochures that had been produced by DASN members were in high demand and quickly became collectors' items for the delegates.. A group of people with dementia (all members of DASN International) and Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) executive and staff was formed at this conference to work through strategies for Alzheimer's associations around the world to be more inclusive of people with dementia.. The tasks tackled by the group were a review of the wording of the ADI Charter of Principles for the Care of People with Dementia and their Carers and the production of a factsheet on how Alzheimer's groups can better include people with dementia in their activities.. The outcomes from the working group can be viewed on the ADI website - www.. alz.. co.. uk/publications.. In addition to the factsheet, there is a section on the ADI intranet that provides suggestions for member organisations on how to work more closely with people with dementia.. The ADI conference in Barcelona in October 2002 was the second milestone of change for people with dementia.. At their meeting held beforehand, the Council decided to seek ways to increase the participation of people with dementia in ADI itself.. A new working group was convened to give guidance back to Council on this when its members next met in October 2003.. This group, again consisting of people with dementia and ADI executive and staff, communicated together by email during the subsequent months.. A major focus of the working group was looking at how people with dementia could become involved in ADI decision-making.. There were a number of hurdles to be overcome with this, such as making provision for people with dementia to be appropriately supported in any tasks they took on.. At that stage, Peter Ashley was the only person with dementia on the executive or board of a national Alzheimer's member association.. Peter drew on his personal experience to give invaluable assistance to the working group on factors that could affect a governance role.. The final recommendation from the group was that up to two people with dementia be elected on to the executive (now known as the board) of ADI.. The terms and conditions of office should be the same as for other members of the Alzheimer's board.. However, special consideration is needed for financial help or other assistance that board members with dementia require to attend and participate fully in meetings.. The specifics of any help will be individually worked out with incoming board members.. The working group's recommendations were included in the wider governance and membership review which was being carried out by ADI at the same time.. These were approved in principle by the ADI Council at the Dominican Republic conference.. Formal constitutional changes will be adopted in the ADI bylaws next year.. During the early part of this year it seemed that a person with dementia could not be elected into a governance position in 2003 because of the length of time taken for bylaw changes.. This situation changed in recent months with the unexpected occurrence of two vacancies on the executive committee.. Christine was nominated by her member country, Australia, and it was a great thrill to hear her name announced after the votes were counted.. Part of Christine's new role will be liaising with people with dementia through their Alzheimer's associations (and through DASN International) so that she is able to represent their views on the board.. The appointment of the first person with dementia within ADI is a gigantic step forward - a step that was thought impossible only a short time ago.. The credit for this turnaround goes to members of DASN International and to the other active campaigners with dementia who have worked hard to be recognised within the Alzheimer's movement.. The election on October 15 is truly an occasion for everyone to celebrate.. Verna Schofield.. 2 December 2003..

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  • Title: DASN International: Organization
    Descriptive info: 2006:.. 2006 AGM Minutes.. 2005 Director's Reports.. 2005:.. 2005 AGM Minutes.. 2004 Director's Reports.. 2005 Directors.. 2004:.. 2004 AGM Minutes.. 2003 Director's Reports.. 2003:.. 2003 AGM Minutes.. 2003 Directors.. 2002 Director's Reports.. 2002:.. DASN International Bylaws 2002.. 2001:.. DASN Doings in Montana..

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  • Title: DASN International: Join Our Chat
    Descriptive info: Join our email community at.. Yahoo Groups.. It is open to persons with dementia and others willing to work toward DASN goals.. Visit with us in our chat room.. You can enter the room by going to:.. Enter your Username and Password and then click Login.. Or check Guest and enter your name to Login.. Chats are at 3pm, 9pm and 11pm EST.. Thanks to the The Alzheimer's Information Site for Our Chat Room..

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  • Title: DASN International: Pages of Members
    Descriptive info: Personal Web pages of DASN Members.. Alice.. angelfire.. com/journal2/allieyoung1/journal2001.. html.. Currently Inactive.. Bill.. 360.. com/browcarey2001.. Chamundi.. chamundiblog.. blogspot.. com/.. Chip.. zarcrom.. com/users/alzheimers/chip.. Christine.. christinebryden.. com.. David.. knittingdoc.. wordpress.. Diane.. knitmentia.. Duchess.. duchessnotes.. Jan/Mina.. com/journal2/janmina/index.. Currently Inactive.. Jeanne.. com/hi4/jleehawaii/index.. Jenny Knauss.. alzsh.. net/.. Joe's Journey.. caregiversarmy.. org/joesquest.. shtml.. Marcel.. survivre-alzheimer.. Mary.. mari5113.. com/ok4/mari5113/index.. Morris.. morrisfriedell.. Peter.. com/users/alzheimers/peter1.. geocities.. com/pjsashley/.. Shirl Garnett.. simplesite.. com/Shirls_Corner.. Tracy.. younghopesworld.. freewebs.. com/younghope2002/myblog.. htm..

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  • Title: DASN International: Contact Info
    Descriptive info: Personal Pages of DASN People..

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  • Title: DASN International: People in the News
    Descriptive info: DASN People in the News.. Lisa Genova: 'Still Alice' explores love and loss of Alzheimer s.. Jim Mann: Nearly 15 per cent of people with dementia under 65.. Diane Thornton: Too Young for Dementia?.. James McKillop: We're Not Stupid.. Richard Bozanich: A View of Early-Stage Alzheimer s Disease: From Diagnosis to Treatment and Activism.. Donna Beveridge: Staring down Alzheimer's.. Claude Couturier/France and Marcel Brasey/Switzerland: "Le Monde 2" 10 0ct.. 2007: "Alzheimer, récits d'un exile intérieur"(3.. 5MB).. Richard Bozanich: Man with Alzheimer's stresses cherishing life.. James Smith: Alzheimer's Cure.. Chuck Jackson: Living With Alzheimer s Before a Window Closes.. Richard Taylor: Reluctant Expert.. Carole Mulliken, Charley Schneider, Jaye Lander: That's What You Call a Screen Saver.. Gerry Michalak, Tracy Mobley, Charley Schneider: Alzheimer's Today.. Chuck Jackson: Changing Face of Alzheimer's.. Charles Schneider: People with Alzheimer's can be productive.. Mary McKinley: Picton Gazette: Feb 3, 2006.. Christine Bryde: 'I live in a little cloud'.. Lynn Jackson:  ...   Society's Annual Meeting.. Chip Gerber: The Long Goodbye.. Elaine Wright: New peaks for Alzheimer's mom.. Norma Selbie: Exercising the brain may keep memory alive.. Chip Gerber and Mary Lockhart: Early Onset Alzheimer's Brings Special Challenges(Article begins on page 1 and continues on page 11).. Brian McNaughton: Into the Unknown.. Ruth Harris: 'The stigma is incredible': Woman adjusts to living with Alzheimer s.. Ben Stevens: For Alzheimer's patients, an opportunity to connect.. Mary Lockhart: New Scanning Methods Help Detect Alzheimer's Early Signs.. Mary Lockhart and Alice Young Blog to Cope With Alzheimer's Fog.. Lynn Jackson: Interview with the Regina Leader-Post.. Inventions by People with Dementia.. NUMERO.. - This is an incredible learning game and has taken off like wildfire around the world.. All proceeds from the sale of this game go to the Australian Alzheimer's Society.. Song by James McKillop.. Poem by Tracy Mobley.. See also 'Articles and Books' and 'Presentations' in the Links below..

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  • Title: DASN International: Articles and Books by Members
    Descriptive info: Articles and Books by DASNI Members.. Articles.. Norma's Story.. My Experiences Learning the Computer by Brian McNaughton.. Books by Author.. Christine Bryden.. Visit Christine's website.. Christine Bryden was a top civil servant and single mother of three children when she was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 46.. Since then she has gone on to challenge almost every stereotype of people with dementia by campaigning for self-advocacy, writing articles and speaking at national conferences.. Mike Donahue.. A little more than three years ago Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, (AD).. Mike explains his life changing experience of recovery in AA and how that helped him accept his affliction with AD and make the best of it.. He relates how this diagnosis brought him so much closer to understanding and appreciating his purpose in life.. From AA to AD, A Wistful Travelogue.. available at Amazon.. Lisa Genova.. Still Alice by Lisa Genova.. Available at.. Amazon.. or.. Barnes and Noble.. Jeanne Lee.. Just Love Me: A Life Turned Upside-down by Alzheimers by Jeanne Lee.. Just Love Me reveals  ...   stages of Alzheimer s enables readers to better understand people with dementia.. By getting inside the mind of the author and experiencing with her worries and frustrations that tormented her then and now, the symptoms of Alzheimer s become less enigmatic for the reader.. Intended not only for those who have, or think they have Alzheimer s, Just Love Me is also essential for those who may be interacting with such a person.. Alzheimer s requires a lot of understanding, from both sides of the disease.. Tracy Mobley.. I Remember When by Tracy Mobley.. Booktopia.. Young Hope by Tracy Mobley.. Available at.. Thaddeus M.. Raushi, Ph.. D.. A View From Within: Living With Early Onset Alzheimer's by Thaddeus M.. Available from Alzheimer's Association New York City Chapter.. Larry Rose.. Larry's Way: Another Look at Alzheimer's from the Inside (July 2003).. Available from.. Show Me the Way to Go Home.. (October 1995).. Charles Schneider.. Don't Bury Me, It Ain't Over Yet by Charles Schneider.. Available at:.. Author House.. Richard Taylor.. Alzheimer's from the Inside Out by Richard Taylor..

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  • Title: DASN International: Presentations by Members
    Descriptive info: Presentations by DASNI Members.. Note: some of these presentations are in PDF format.. Get Adobe PDF Format Reader here.. 2011.. Online radio interview with one of DASNI's members.. Listen to.. internet radio.. with.. Alzheimers Speaks Radio Show.. on Blog Talk Radio.. 2009.. Presentation by Marcel Brasey (Geneva/Switzerland) at Congress "The Alzheimerâ s disease: a social challenge" on June 5, 2009 in Paris/France.. in French.. in English.. Photos.. Presentations by Richard Taylor at Alzheimer's Disease International Singapore Conference:.. Update from a former young-onset early-stage person living with the diagnosis of Dementia, Probably of the Alzheimer's Type.. What's it Like to Live with Alzheimer's Disease?.. 2006.. Tracy Mobley: Changing the Outlook on Alzheimer's.. with Hope, Humor & Help - 2006.. 2005.. Presentations from the 2005 Alzheimerâ s Disease International (ADI)  ...   Public Forum in Albany, Western Australia - 2003.. 2002.. Presentations and Photos from the 2002 Alzheimer Disease International (ADI) Conference in Barcelona, Spain.. Thad Raushi at Denver and Albany - 2002.. Jeanne Lee at the University of Hawaii - 2002.. Ben Stevens at the University of Texas, Dallas - 2002.. Christine Jonas-Simpson - Listening to Persons with Dementia - 2002.. Presentations at Alzheimer's Association 14th Annual Public Policy Forum April 27-30, 2002.. Morris Friedell.. Jan/Mina Phillips.. Lynn Jackson at Saskatchewan Alzheimer Society Awareness Luncheons, January 2002.. 2001.. Thaddeus Raushi at NYC Early Alzheimer's Conference 2001.. Proposal to Alzheimers's Disease International (ADI).. and.. Response1.. Response2.. Presentations and Photos from the 2001 Alzheimer's Disease International Conference in New Zealand.. Christine Bryden.. Pointing the Bone: Christine Bryden and Morris Friedell, March 2001..

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  • Title: DASN International: Presentations by Members
    Descriptive info: Beyond Memory: A Documentary About Dementia..

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