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  • Title: Philanthropist - Realise your dreams: college grants, scholarships and fellowships
    Descriptive info: .. Famous.. Philanthropist.. s.. We present you the 10 most famous philanthropists of the past and present, their brief biographies.. All of them are.. different people, but they give enormous amounts of money for building a just society.. We hope that our information will.. help you to achieve your aim quicker and make your own fortune.. Our main aim is to give real help in receiving grants from.. private foundations to every individual, irrespective of sex, racial and ethnic belonging, who has found himself in a difficult.. situation and needs a financial support.. philanthropy.. All our services are free of charge.. Henry Ford.. Mass Production Automobiles.. Home State:.. New York ( USA ).. Fortune:.. founder Ford Motor Company.. Legacy:.. Ford.. Foundation.. Foundation Assets.. : $15,082,053,000.. American industrialist.. and philanthropist.. American pharmaceutical.. chemist, industrialist and.. philanthropist.. Major Funding Areas:.. culture.. ,.. health, education, libraries,.. business.. ,.. human services, environment.. For more information about.. the Ford Foundation.. please visit:.. http://www.. fordfoundation.. org.. religion, scholarships; community de.. velopment.. arts,.. culture,.. education grants.. human service:.. ( women grants, minority grants ), programs for.. individuals, personal grants, small business.. grants.. American financier and.. American business magnate.. arts and.. education; scholarship fellowship.. program, small business, public health.. According to the statistics your chances to receive a grant from a grantmaking organization.. don't exceed 5%.. The overwhelming majority of the proposals ( 95% ) are rejected for the reason that either.. your inquiries don't conform to the Guiding Principles of the charitable foundation or the.. grant request isn't  ...   the support of individuals.. :.. housing grants, scholarships,.. personal grants, small business grants, minority grants, college grants.. The Foundation provides a number of financial assistance programs for small businesses.. To date, the Foundation has given 84,591 grants totaling over $800 million to individuals in 60 countries.. Ford Foundation makes a limited number of personal grants, but the foundation provides a.. number of.. scholarship.. fellowship programs,.. supports programs related to health, education,.. human services and environment.. Bill Gates foundation does not make grants to individuals.. Soros, Eli Lilly, Nobel and W.. K.. Kellogg Foundation makes global donations focused on.. peace.. personal account contact us at any time:.. Webmaster.. famous philanthropists.. org.. Inquire.. If you have any questions regarding this website, please contact our webmistress, Claudia.. Communism.. and Socialism or Democracy.. The Second.. Great Depression.. Money.. as the supreme value.. Philanthropy Service.. Registered Users.. Women grants:.. grants for women starting a business.. grants for women in business.. grants for single mothers.. Minority grants:.. grants for african americans.. minority business grants.. minority scholarships.. minority grants.. College grants.. Scholarships:.. Scholarships for native americans.. Scholarships for chemistry majors.. Scholarships for pa residents.. Financial Aid.. enter.. Personal grants:.. Grants for Individuals.. Individuals in Need.. Personal grants.. Housing grants:.. grants to buy a home.. housing grants.. Business grants:.. Grants book publishing.. Small Business grants.. Terms and Conditions.. All Rights Reserved.. Join the FP and help us build a socialist future.. Help center:.. free money.. or how to.. make money online.. This web site Copyright © 2007-2010 Famous Philanthropists.. org..

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  • Title: Depressed economy
    Descriptive info: Depressed Economy.. The greatest risk we have is the depressed economy.. Many people have lived their lives with uncertainty about how men define distinction.. among themselves.. Some would wonder why men see each other differently and.. equality has become more of a goal than a fact; only a few would dare to raise their.. hand and seek an answer to their question.. All men are created equal, yet we are.. branded and criticized for our differences.. It is only fitting for each individual to.. receive fair social respect regardless of gender, education, achievement, or race.. Venturing into business is always a risky thing.. The chances of success are not.. always high and the fact is that there could be serious pitfalls along the way.. It has.. become conventional wisdom though, that business involves taking chances.. The.. realization of one's goals is therefore made sweeter by the challenges that need to.. be met and surpassed.. Business is a recognized establishment or organizational.. entity that provides goods and services to consumers.. Starting up a business could.. be a profitable venture; nonetheless, it requires a great deal of preparation, decision.. making, and most importantly, responsibility.. An entrepreneur should know how to.. take responsibilities, most especially when the business is undergoing difficulties.. Starting up or expanding a business does not necessarily mean it would  ...   office space, purchase of telephones and.. computers, and for advertisement costs.. To strengthen the promotional and marketing strategy of the.. business, I plan to place advertisement in the newspaper, distribute flyers, and posters, and also advertise.. through the Internet.. My business would provide information and accept purchase orders through direct.. sales, online sales, or telephone calls.. I would make sure that my customers would be satisfied not only with.. the new products, but most especially with my services.. Establishing a business would not only allow me to.. supplement my monthly income, but also give me the opportunity to further enhance and develop myself.. professionally and morally.. The success of the business would also give me the opportunity to help.. unprivileged children by sharing my blessings through charitable giving.. Armed with promising potentials.. and strong determination to succeed, I am eager to pursue my plans.. With the increasing cost of living and.. the rising price of commodities, I have to find ways on how to support my family and myself.. I am willing.. to face all the challenges and difficulties because I believe that they would make me strong.. ".. small business grants.. sponsorship.. grants for women.. grants for teachers.. grants for single parents.. grants for home buyers.. Copyright Notice:.. This web site Copyright © 2007-2011 Famous Philanthropists.. org / depressed economy..

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  • Title: Grants for Education
    Descriptive info: Grants for Education.. from.. private foundations.. Registered Users:.. Please enter your account.. username and password to.. enter, below.. Client Access - Education Grants.. My desire to be a teacher comes from my love of working with children.. They constantly amaze me with their sincere outlook on the world around.. them.. I want to show them how wonderful the world is and show them why learning about it is important.. I want to be a hands-on teacher that.. uses many demonstrations to keep learning alive in the classroom.. I feel that keeping the students motivated by using lesson plans that help.. expand their minds and creativity will contribute to their success.. I feel that although school is a formal setting which needs to be taken seriously,.. adding an element of fun to enhance learning is not a bad concept.. I clearly understand when to insert a fun element in order to whet the learning.. appetite.. Classroom management and expectations are areas that I plan to emphasize.. I feel that students demand structure and routine in order to feel.. safe and confident.. This includes having daily routines as well as clearly stating lesson objectives.. Ambiguity has no place in my classroom.. I.. want my students to know what is expected of them at all times.. When students know expectations they are able to learn with less disruptions.. and uncertainties.. I will be sure that my students understand that if they do not understand something that I am more than willing to discuss it.. with them.. Stealing a phrase from big corporation management styles, I plan to have an "open door" policy.. I want to foster an environment.. where the students are secure in coming to me with  ...   I strongly believe that a successful teacher is constantly assessing herself, her.. class, and her lessons and then making modifications as required.. I feel that by informally assessing every day, I can only offer a better.. education.. Proper informal assessment will lead to stronger scores on more formal assessments and allow students to achieve success.. This will.. also be a challenge, but I feel this is something with utmost importance and I will devote due diligence in order to be successful.. I think a mistake.. in formal assessment is to not let the student find and correct errors.. I plan to implement a strategy that will allow students to make corrections.. and then be retested.. It is important to me to know that the student has an understanding of the material and exhibits growth by being able to.. retain knowledge after corrections are made.. Assessments are important on many levels in a student's academic career but the most important is.. that the student comprehends the material.. As a teacher I hope to touch the minds of many students.. I know that as an elementary teacher, I may not be remembered by students once.. they reach adulthood, but if the foundation I helped to build stays strong, then I have done my job successfully.. Being a teacher means I have.. the ability to shape not only my student's futures, but my own as well.. I want to be a supporter of at least one stepping stone to their great.. future.. Thanks,.. Claudia.. grants for education.. personal grants.. financial aid.. Terms and Conditions:.. Grants.. for Education a.. nd financial aid from private.. foundations for.. individuals.. This web site Copyright © 1997-1998-1999-2007.. Famous Philanthropists.. org / education grants..

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  • Title: Communist - Socialism & Communism
    Descriptive info: Communism Socialism.. A personal appeal from Famous-Philanthropists.. org founder, Derek Muller.. Dear comrades:.. I witnessed the birth of a new era in modern history - although, naturally, I realized this only.. as I grew older.. Today, in the year of the 90th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, as I look back.. over the years that have passed, I see with utmost clarity that the victory of that revolution.. determined the whole course of my life.. It was only power that enabled me, the son of a.. worker, who began life as an ordinary worker, to rise to the leadership of history's first.. socialist website.. Through all my life I worked hard.. I  ...   country.. Perhaps I was lucky.. Life usually brought me into contact with good,.. strong, and interesting people.. I gained experience, and my world outlook widened.. I grew.. together with my people, country, and party and shared with them the joys and sorrows,.. successes and anxieties, achievements and hopes.. In our country, the Famous-Philanthropists.. org is not only the website but also the recognized.. leader, inspirer, and organizer of all of the people's major affairs.. Long live the Famous-Philanthropists.. org!.. Long live our great party!.. Onward, to the victory of communism!.. Terms and Conditions :.. Derek Muller is the website founder and communist party member.. This web site Copyright © 2012.. org / Socialism Communism..

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  • Title: Depression
    Descriptive info: Depression?.. grants for students.. depressed economy.. Depression and economy.. This web site Copyright © 1997-2009..

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  • Title: Money and professionalism
    Descriptive info: Money and Professionalism..

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  • Title: Grants for women starting a business
    Descriptive info: Welcome to.. Grants for women starting a business.. username and password.. to enter, below.. "I am writing to you today to inquire about a grant.. I am starting my own business.. I have applied for five grants here in the states and have been turned down for all five.. They.. range from my local  ...   the same ".. I am sorry but we are unable to help you at this time".. So up to now I have received no grant help.. for.. women.. starting a.. (.. business grants.. loans ) from private foundations.. This web site Copyright © 1999-2010.. org / g.. rants for women starting a business.. htm..

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  • Title: Grants for women
    Descriptive info: Grants for Women.. women grants.. Client Access - Grants for Women.. Grants for women in business (.. for small.. and grants for women ) from private foundations.. This web site Copyright © 2007-2011.. Famous-Philanthropists.. org / grants for women in business..

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  • Title: Grants for single mothers
    Descriptive info: Grants for single mothers.. Client Access - Grants for Single Mothers.. I have been researching Philanthropic organisations, seeking those that offer grants to single mothers.. I would like to facilitate the increasing demand for affordable housing in this country, and to also help.. low-income people save money.. My business would provide affordable housing to individuals that are experiencing a hardship, and those.. who have recently been involved in a home foreclosure.. My target group would also be single mothers and.. the elderly since  ...   mothers.. Once poverty positions a single mother into a homeless situation, her.. children are often placed in foster care and the family relationships are frequently put at risk.. My goal will.. be achieved every time I can help someone move into a safe and secure home.. I thank you in advance for.. all your help.. high school scholarships.. grants for school.. Grants for single.. mothers from p.. rivate foundations : grants, loans cash.. This web site Copyright © 2010.. rants for single mothers..

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  • Title: Grants for African Americans
    Descriptive info: Grants for African Americans.. Client Access - Grants for African Americans.. ''For countless years, I have dreamed of owning and operating my own business.. I made that dream into a.. reality approximately seven years ago now, and have since then built a successfully run operation.. I am the.. sole operator and owner of my trucking company.. I deliver fresh produce and dry goods to numerous.. establishments across eleven western states.. I have developed a true sense of commitment and dedication to.. this establishment as it is my own proposal and source of livelihood.. My ultimate goal is to expand my.. company and sustain longevity.. I feel that I have already laid the groundwork in the healthy development of.. this plan.. My business is already a solidly run company with support from countless suppliers.. I provide an.. honest, reliable service at a very affordable price.. Because of this, I have developed an excellent support.. network and great customer relations.. I take pride in what I do and feel confident that this plan of expansion.. will succeed.. I enjoy my job thoroughly and feel that I have developed an excellent plan.. My plan includes.. purchasing additional trucks and trailers.. Regrettably, I often have to turn away customers because I am..  ...   more employment.. opportunities to members of my community.. I would like to hire six more drivers, two maintenance.. workers, and a bookkeeper.. With more employees, business operations will continue to run smoothly and in.. a timelier manner.. I am requesting for a personal or grants for african americans.. The major obstacle that I.. have faced in this business venture is the financial backing needed to expand this already successfully.. established business.. I have built great customer relationships and provide a quality, honest, and reliable.. service.. I am confident that this company will sustain longevity.. With hard work and dedication I know that.. this goal of expansion will be a success.. I believe in this plan to the fullest extent.. However, I lack the.. financial backing and support needed to make this dream a reality.. I recently came across your website while.. searching for private grants for african americans.. With your assistance I feel that this goal is attainable and.. I have full confidence that I will build upon my previous success and that this company will flourish.. ''.. book publishing grants.. scholarships for african americans.. Grants for african americans from private foundations ( personal grants,.. housing grants, small business grants ) for.. and families.. rants for african americans..

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  • Title: Minority Business Grants
    Descriptive info: Minority Business Grants.. Minority.. business grants from private.. foundations.. ( grants and financial.. assistance.. for small businesses and individuals ).. Copyright Notice:.. This web site Copyright © 1998-1999-2009..

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