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  • Title: FairVote - Home.
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Issue Menu.. Absentee Ballots.. Choice Voting.. Congressional Elections.. Election Administration.. Electoral College.. Felons Voting.. Gerrymandering.. Instant Runoff.. National Popular Vote.. Overseas Voters.. Plurality Elections.. Presidential Primaries.. Proportional Voting.. Provisional Ballots.. Racial and Ethnic Minorities.. Redistricting.. Runoff Elections.. Spoiler Effect.. State and Local Reforms.. Student Voting.. Superdistricts.. Tabulation Software.. Voter Fraud.. Voter ID Requirements.. Voter Turnout.. Voter Verified Ballots.. Voting Equipment.. Voting Rights Act.. Winner-Take-All.. Women's Representation.. State Menu.. Alabama.. Alaska.. Arizona.. Arkansas.. California.. Colorado.. Connecticut.. Delaware.. District of Columbia.. Florida.. Georgia.. Hawaii.. Idaho.. Illinois.. Indiana.. Iowa.. Kansas.. Kentucky.. Louisiana.. Maine.. Maryland.. Massachusetts.. Michigan.. Minnesota.. Mississippi.. Missouri.. Montana.. Nebraska.. Nevada.. New Hampshire.. New Jersey.. New Mexico.. New York.. North Carolina.. North Dakota.. Ohio.. Oklahoma.. Oregon.. Pennsylvania.. Rhode Island.. South Carolina.. South Dakota.. Tennessee.. Texas.. Utah.. Vermont.. Virginia.. Washington.. West Virginia.. Wisconsin.. Wyoming.. FairVote Campaigns.. IncludeEveryVoter.. org.. InstantRunoff.. com.. FixThePrimaries.. Resources.. Brochures.. Videos.. Get FairVote News.. FairVote Top News.. IRV Soars in Twin Cities, FairVote Corrects the Pundits on Meaning of Election Night '09.. Election Day '09 was a roller-coaster for election reformers.. Instant runoff voting had a great night in Minnesota, where St.. Paul voters chose to implement IRV for its city elections, and Minneapolis voters used IRV for the first time with local media touting it as a big success.. As the.. Star-Tribune.. noted in endorsing IRV for St.. Paul, Tuesday s elections give the Twin Cities a chance to show the whole state of Minnesota the benefits of adopting IRV.. There were disappointments in Lowell and Pierce County too, but high-profile multi-candidate races in New Jersey and New York keep policymakers focused on ways to reform elections; the.. Baltimore Sun.. and.. Miami Herald.. were among many newspapers publishing commentary from FairVote board member and former presidential candidate John Anderson  ...   County (WA) has placed a charter amendment on the ballot repeal it.. Civic groups like local arms of the League of Women Voters are boosting the IRV side, and leading newspapers are coming out for IRV, including the Seattle Times and Tacoma News Tribune endorsing IRV in Pierce County and the Minneapolis Star Tribune backing IRV in St.. Lowell (MA) is voting on adoption of the choice voting method of proportional voting.. Cambridge (MA) will be holding choice voting elections, and IRV and choice voting will be used for the first time in elections in Minneapolis (MN).. Links:.. Rob Richie's blog on why.. FairVote supports IRV.. Fair Vote Lowell.. Paul Better Ballot Campaign.. Pierce County:.. ProtectVoterChoice.. Minneapolis Star Tribune.. supports IRV in St.. Seattle Times.. supports IRV in Pierce County.. [.. Next.. ].. Featured Media:.. August 10th 2009.. Commentary: A cure for the political nomination process.. Cleveland Plain Dealer.. FairVote's Rob Richie and Paul Fidalgo offer a way to give everyone a say in presidential nominations while retaining the valuable state-by-state evaluation process.. This piece also ran in McClatchy's newswire.. October 29th 2009.. Plurality voting rule is the real election spoiler.. In the midst of 3-way races in NJ and NY, FairVote board member and 1980 presidential candidate John Anderson makes the case for IRV over our flawed plurality system.. October 19th 2009.. A better election system.. Lowell Sun.. Election expert Doug Amy explains how choice voting can "inject new blood" into the elections of Lowell (MA), and give voters a greater incentive to participate.. Mandatory Voting? Automatic Registration? How Un-American!.. Huffington Post.. President of Air America Media, Mark Green, explains why Instant Runoff Voting, Automatic Registration and Mandatory Voting are not only important but could lead to a more democratic society..

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  • Title: FairVote - Home.
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  • Title: FairVote - Home.
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  • Title: FairVote - Right to Vote
    Descriptive info: Right to Vote.. Reforms We Need.. Legislation.. Right to Vote Resources.. The News.. Everyone should have the right to vote in free and fair elections regardless of who they are or where they live.. To that end, FairVote advocates for enshrining an affirmative right to vote in the U.. S.. Constitution.. In pursuit of that ideal, FairVote works to enact policies at the federal, state, and local levels that are consistent with our conviction that voting is not a privilege, but a right.. Big Win for Voter Pre-registration in CA.. Advances in MA and RI.. On October 11, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a voter pre-registration measure spearheaded this year by the New America Foundation and backed by FairVote, Common Cause, Californians for Electoral Reform and many others.. It establishes that all Californians turning 17 can register to vote.. Voter pre-registration measures allowing 16-year-olds to pre-register have also become law in recent years in North Carolina and Florida.. A member of the Massachusetts statehouse leadership announced last week that a similar measure is her top priority in coming weeks, and the Washington, D.. C.. City Council last week unanimously backed pre-registration legislation.. FairVote's work pushing pre-registration since 2005 is also making a big difference in Rhode Island, where a major canvassing effort (the Make it Happen campaign) is underway in support of pre-registration.. A Pew Charitable Trusts research team currently is examining the impact of pre-registration on FairVote's goal of universal registration of all soon-to-be-eligible voters, ideally twinned with civic programs explaining voting mechanics and the history of suffrage.. Massachusetts news story detailing Rep.. Ellen Story's support for pre-registration.. Rhode Island video by young activists backing pre-registraiton.. New America Foundation.. factsheet.. on preregistration in California and.. news story.. FairVote resources on pre-registration.. The bad news--see what good election and transparency bills the governor vetoed.. here.. DC  ...   report on the election reform bill.. North Carolina Adopts Youth Preregistration.. New law includes high school civics standards.. North Carolina governor Bev Perdue signed H.. B.. 908, an election reform bill that includes the FairVote-endorsed policy of youth preregistration and improved opportunities for voter registration in high schools.. Following Hawaii and Florida, North Carolina becomes the third state to set a uniform voter registration age of 16-years-old.. The bill passed the House and the Senate by votes of 107-6 and 32-3, respectively.. The new law takes effect January 1, 2010 and allows 16 and 17-year-olds to preregister to vote, including a provision requiring schools to provide voter registration opportunities to students in public schools every year.. The bill also encourages schools to expand voter registration in schools by working with local boards of election.. Youth preregistration bills have been introduced in several other states this year, including Arizona (HB 2384), California (AB 30), Kansas (HB 2256), Maryland (SB 671), Michigan (SB 61), Rhode Island (SB 5005), Washington (HB 1193) and the District of Columbia (Bill 18-345).. [Bill Information: HB 908].. [FairVote North Carolina Registration and Education Project].. [Youth Preregistration Fact Sheet].. [FairVote Ally Democracy NC].. Recent Articles.. September 30th 2009.. Can a 17-year-old register to vote? It depends.. Ventura County Star.. "Most Californians register to vote not because a political cause has touched their heart, but rather because they checked a box on a form at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they received or renewed their driver s license.. ".. September 27th 2009.. Giving teens a civic voice.. The Fayetteville Observer.. In January, North Carolina will become the third state to implement FairVote-endorsed youth preregistration.. September 8th 2009.. Give voters final say on vacancies.. Politico.. The two legislators proposing a constitutional amendment mandating elections to fill Senate vacancies make their case in the pages of Politico..

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  • Title: FairVote - IRV America
    Descriptive info: IRV America.. Tell me about.. How IRV works.. IRV vs Runoffs.. Who uses IRV?.. Who supports IRV?.. Legislation and litigation.. Student elections.. How I can get involved.. IRV in the News.. All Articles.. Commentary.. Op-Eds.. Editorials.. Letters to the Editor.. Select Your State.. I'm looking for.. Articles about IRV.. Places using IRV.. Fact sheets and brochures.. Demonstration elections.. Voting equipment info.. Sample ballots.. State specific resources.. International resources.. Ways to get involved.. Uses for IRV.. Runoffs and Voter Turnout.. Fix Plurality Elections.. Fix Runoff Elections.. Help Military Voters.. More Benefits.. About IRV.. How IRV Works.. Where IRV is Used.. IRV Endorsements.. FAQ.. IRV In the News.. Educational Materials.. Reports.. Demonstration Elections and Counting Software.. Legislative & Legal Resources.. Sample Ballots.. Vermont Resources.. San Francisco s Experience with Instant Runoff Voting.. Get Involved.. Action Kits.. Get Connected Locally.. IRV in Your State.. Advocacy & Campaigns.. Sample Party Resolutions.. Majority rule and genuine voter choice are marks of a functioning democracy.. To support voter choice in high turnout elections, we act to encourage understanding, adoption and effective implementation of instant runoff voting, a ranked choice voting system used in a growing number of American elections.. Front page, New York Times: IRV over Low-Turnout Runoffs.. Instant runoff voting is increasingly recognized as a practical and cost-efficient way to replace low-turnout runoff  ...   for the first time, and twin city St.. Paul decides on IRV on its own November ballot.. Internationally, British prime minister Gordon Brown is pledging a national referendum on IRV.. :.. front pager.. Rob Richie.. quoted in the.. :.. Time to Consider Instant Runoff Voting.. Haven't Detroit voters spoken enough?.. Press Telegram.. Instant Runoff Voting could streamline Long Beach balloting process.. Daily News.. (Los Angeles):.. Voter Turnaround.. Voter Choice Massachusetts.. Paul Legal Ledger:.. Horny Toad the choice in IRV election.. October 30th 2009.. Don Fraser and George Latimer: The case for instant-runoff voting is clear.. Star Tribune.. Two former politicians tell St.. Paul voters that IRV is "vitally important to us as citizens and as members of our communities.. October 25th 2009.. CHARTER AMENDMENT 3: County voters would lose power.. The News Tribune.. Amendment 3 to the Pierce county charter is an attempt by incumbent politicians to rig the system and prevent any serious challengers from competing.. IRV is simply too fair and too democratic to not keep using in our electoral system.. October 22nd 2009.. Paul should join IRV bandwagon.. Star Tribune stands behind IRV voting.. They believe that if this system is used in St.. Paul, it will show the state of Missouri that IRV can work and can better represent the voters in the state..

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  • Title: FairVote - Democracy SoS
    Descriptive info: Democracy SoS.. Democracy SoS Research.. Election Day: Vote and Volunteer.. Fair Elections.. Claim Democracy.. Democracy SOS Factsheet.. Democracy SoS Project.. Enormous problems with our voting process have been exposed in recent presidential elections.. From long lines to butterfly ballots, voter purging to voting equipment failures, decisions election officials make impact the way our democracy functions, yet these decisions are usually made outside the public eye.. The Democracy SoS (Secretary of State) Project aims to shine a spotlight on the role of election officials and their decisions.. Through research, candidate surveys and public awareness campaigns, we seek to hold election officials accountable for poor decisions and promote best practices for ensuring fair elections.. Project.. Research: In 2008, FairVote surveyed over 400 local election officials in 10 swing states.. We issued a series of five reports detailing election preparedness and uniformity.. State reports cover Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado and Virginia.. The national report includes counties with a population of over 500,000 in six additional states.. Voter Guides: Voters are inundated with information about presidential and gubernatorial candidates, but are often ill informed about offices like Secretary of State.. We will publish candidate biographies focusing on their positions on a range of election reform issues and campaign promises related to elections.. Candidate Surveys: Voters should know where Secretary of State candidates stand before they take office.. Each candidate will be asked to complete a survey covering a range of issues, including voter education, election planning and election integrity.. Download sample candidate survey (PDF).. Coalition Partners: FairVote works with a range of local, state  ...   ballot will look like before they walk into their polling place.. College Polling Locations: College students often have a difficult time voting because they have to travel a far distance to their polling location.. We will publish state-by-state information about which campuses have polling place locations and which do not (but should).. Provisional Ballot Rules: Congress passed the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) to ensure every vote was counted, by allowing voters to cast provisional ballots if their name does not appear on the voter rolls or if they vote in the wrong precinct.. However, HAVA leaves counting provisional ballots up to the discretion states.. In working toward the goal of national uniformity in provisional ballot counting, we will publish state guidelines for counting provisional ballots before Election Day.. October 10th 2009.. Independent Voters Have Little Voice In Congress; Isn't It Time to Change That?.. U.. Politics Today.. The voiceless population and what we can do to give independents and 3rd parties a chance to speak.. October 30th 2008.. Lawyers eye Missouri on Tuesday.. Kansas City Star.. This Kansas City Star article cites FairVote's Democracy SoS report on Missouri election administration and preparedness.. October 7th 2008.. Voting rolls grow 217,160.. The Denver Post.. This article in The Denver Post highlights FairVote's Democracy SoS research that shows a lack of uniformity in Colorado's election administration.. September 18th 2008.. High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess.. The Washington Post.. Front page article in the Washington Post quotes FairVote program director David Moon about readiness for the November election..

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  • Title: FairVote - Democracy Innovation Brochures
    Descriptive info: Whats New.. Democracy Innovation Brochures.. Democracy Innovation Brochure Series.. FairVote's new Democracy Innovation Brochure Series highlights novel and effective ways of advancing bold reforms.. Download and read the brochures in Adobe.. pdf format, below..

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  • Title: FairVote - Videos
    Descriptive info: FairVote Videos.. FairVote has a collection of videos related to electoral reform and voting systems.. IRV Videos.. FairVote IRV animation.. about problems with plurality and runoff elections, and the advantages of IRV.. FairVote IRV animation for students.. explaining the spoiler problem and what IRV can do to fix it for a student audience.. Commissioner Mulroy's Elevator Explanation of IRV.. : Shelby County (TN) Commissioner, Steve Mulroy, explains the benefits of Instant Runoff Voting in 15 seconds.. Elect-A-Date animation.. from FairVote MN: a spoof dating show comparing plurality elections and IRV.. Voting reform animation.. created in support of the 2006 ballot initiative for IRV in Pierce County, WA.. Howard Dean.. explains why he supports  ...   how the votes are counted.. Proportional Voting Videos.. John Cleese explains proportional representation using examples from the United Kingdom.. [Short Version].. [Long Version].. British Columbia Citizens' Assembly animation.. explaining how choice voting (called BC-STV in the video) works.. Cumulative Voting.. in Illinois documentary.. Steve Hill.. interviewed on Proportional Representation and the Electoral College.. Video from FairVote NC.. advocating the National Popular Vote plan.. Election Reform.. A montage.. of videos from entrants and winners of FairVote's Upgrade Democracy competition.. Entrants were asked to produce a video to answer the question If you could change anything about elections, what would our democracy look like?.. Tribute.. to former FairVote Board President and Presidential Candidate John Anderson..

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  • Title: FairVote - A New Era of Electoral Reform - Video
    Descriptive info: About Us.. A New Era of Electoral Reform - Video.. Staff.. Leadership.. Our Programs.. What We Do.. Achievements.. Testimonials.. State Groups.. Contact FairVote.. Election Services Group.. 2009 Midterm Report.. 2008 Yearly Report.. Office Space for Rent.. A New Era of Electoral Reform.. The 2010s and the 50-Year Cycle..

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  • Title: FairVote - Innovative Analysis
    Descriptive info: Innovative Analysis.. FairVote's.. Looking at an old system, with a fresh eye.. Attempts to abolish the Electoral College:.. Over 600.. Percentage of incumbents re-elected to the U.. House, 1998-2004:.. 98.. 5%.. News releases that break down the numbers that make up our democracy in a concise and entertaining way:.. 1.. (hint: you're looking at it).. series crunches the numbers, giving a fresh perspective to the news of the day through the lens of electoral reform.. Using a combination of raw data and FairVote's own unique insight,.. Innovative Analysis.. sheds new light on the way our democracy works today and then highlights ways in which it can be improved to realize the goals of equal voice, equal access, and equal representation in American elections.. To get FairVote's.. in your e-mail inbox, write to.. communications@fairvote.. with subscribe innovative analysis in the subject heading.. Recent.. Releases.. 2009.. November 12 -.. Suffragium Ex Machina.. September 15 -.. Special Edition: The Many Faces of Reform.. August 27 -.. If You Proportionally Allocate, They Will Come.. July 17 -.. Primary Power to the People.. June 25 -.. The Swing States of America.. June 11 -.. New Jersey, Virginia  ...   03 -.. Delegating Democracy.. February 04 -.. Understanding Super Tuesday.. 2007.. December 11 -.. Grand Old Primaries.. November 30 -.. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about the Iowa Democratic Caucus.. November 15 -.. Is There Accountability Without Candidates?.. November 08 -.. Instant Runoffs are a Runaway Hit.. October 25 -.. Nomination by Attrition.. October 11 -.. The Senate Loses its Cool.. October 04 -.. Of Campaigns and Crosswords.. September 27 -.. The Primaries' Premature Nomination Problem.. September 20 -.. Barry Bonds, Blast-offs and Ballots.. September 13 -.. The President of Everyone?.. September 06 -.. The First Shall Be Last.. August 30 -.. To the Spoilers Belong the Victors.. August 23 -.. Growing Polarization.. August 16 -.. History of Congressional District Method for Presidential Elections Fraught with Partisan Intrigue.. August 09 -.. Fuzzy Math.. August 02 -.. The Myth of the Recount Menace.. July 26 -.. '08ers to Big States:.. We Only Love You for Your Money.. July 19 -.. The People's House?.. July 12 -.. Electoral College is #1 All-Time Constitutional Target.. July 05 -.. Why is My D Voting Like an R?.. June 28 -.. Electoral College Won't Keep Bloomberg Down..

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  • Title: FairVote - Press Room
    Descriptive info: Press Room.. Press Resources.. Headshots.. THE WAY DEMOCRACY WILL BE.. For Immediate Release.. / November 4th 2009.. FairVote on Election 2009: Pundits Rush to Errant Judgment.. Hard Numbers Show Gubernatorial and Federal Elections Have Almost No Connection.. Plus: Instant Runoff Voting has Big Day in Minnesota.. For Immediate Release:.. November 4, 2009.. Contact:.. 301-270-4616.. Paul Fidalgo, communications director - paul(at)fairvote.. Rob Richie, executive director - rr(at)fairvote.. Rob Richie, elections expert and executive director of the nonpartisan elections think tank FairVote, warned pundits and prognosticators to think twice about their analysis of Tuesday's elections and their relevance to the national mood.. "Just as Democratic successes in gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia in 2001 in no way predicted the GOP-dominated electoral outcomes in federal elections in 2002 and 2004, we should be skeptical that last night's Republican victories in those states will have any meaning beyond themselves," said Richie.. According to FairVote research, the most highly partisan states in terms of presidential elections (the deepest red and the darkest blue) have been more likely to elect governors of the.. minority party.. , not the majority party.. For example, five of the ten most Democratic states in the 2008 presidential elections today have Republican governors even though they voted comfortably for Democratic candidates for president in 2000, 2004 and 2008.. Among these 10 strongly Democratic states in presidential races, only Delaware has had a Democratic governor throughout the decade, while two of these states (Rhode Island and Connecticut) have only elected.. Republican.. governors since the mid-1990s.. Similarly, the 13 most heavily Republican states in the 2008 presidential election were all won by Republican  ...   telling.. Conservative grassroots anger did not translate into a Republican victory in a historically Republican district, and now New York and all of New England have a grand total of two House seats held by Republicans, down from 20 in 1994.. That fact does not bode well for the Republicans' version of a 50-state strategy in 2010 and 2012.. * * *.. In other 2009 electoral news, instant runoff voting (IRV) had a big night in Minnesota's twin cities.. Paul voted to improve their elections by adopting IRV (also known as ranked choice voting).. Said Richie, "The voters of St.. Paul have made a sensible choice in opting to bring their electoral system to the next level with instant runoff voting.. Once put into action, the new system will save taxpayer dollars, offer more meaningful choices to voters, eliminate low turnout preliminary voting and remove fears of having votes 'wasted.. '" Minneapolis used IRV for the first time in its city elections on Tuesday, and media reports indicated that voters handled their new system well.. Established in 1992, FairVote is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that educates and enlivens discourse on how best to achieve a democracy that respects every voice and every vote.. We pursue innovative research, strategic outreach and civic education in order to promote fair access to political participation, fair elections, and fair representation.. For more information, contact communications director Paul Fidalgo at paul(at)fairvote.. org or (301) 270-4616.. Rob Richie is available for comment at (301) 270-4616, rr(at)fairvote.. For additional background on today's release:.. FairVote Minnesota on Minneapolis and St.. Paul:.. www.. fairvotemn.. June 2009.. on gubernatorial elections and presidential elections..

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