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  • Title: Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: .. Login.. Register.. propose a story.. photographers.. yanchong.. A non-profit collective of dedicated photojournalists and writers coming together to explore America and to build a forum to chart its future.. Home.. Stories.. Map.. Blog.. About Us.. Friends.. Contact.. donate.. Support FDCA.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Tumbler.. Share.. Nov 21, 2012.. view full story.. US Housing Crisis West 2012.. Photographer Anthony Suau.. GROUND ZERO for the housing crisis in the western United States is in central California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.. These three places, more than anywhere else in the country, have felt the backlash of the past decade’s ext.. views (430) comments (1).. Tweet.. Recent Blog Entries.. Macy s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012.. New York, New York November 22, 2012 In the shadows of Hurricane Sandy New Yorkers turn their attention to an uplifting moment and celebrated the Macy s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan.. What began as a.. Interactive map.. Geographic location of story and photographer.. RSS Feed Link.. Recent Stories.. Tracing Sandy s Path 2012.. Last week, FCDA photographer Anthony Suau ventured along the northeast coastline in the midst of the nor easter, tracing the path of Hurricane Sandy, one of the most destructive storms to ever hit an American coast.. From the Rockaways to Staten Island to Long Beach Island, New Jersey, Suau drove and walked across  ...   of hurricane Sandy, one of the most devastating storms ever to strike the eastern seaboard, three FCDA photographers Alan Chin, Andrew Lichtenstein and Anthony Suau fanned out across the New York City area to capture scenes of the city in crisis.. Chin was on hand as firefighters battled blazes [.. views(931).. Brownout in the Electric City.. Scranton, Pennsylvania almost went bankrupt this summer when the city had less than $5000 left in its accounts.. Hundreds of municipal employees, including the mayor and the police and fire departments, went on minimum wage.. views(436).. An American Place.. Andrew Lichtenstein returns to Nebraska in drought, photographing an American Place.. views(1099).. comments(17).. Subscribe to FCDA.. Stay In touch!.. Popular Categories.. Stories Archive.. Anthony Suau.. Carlos Javier Ortiz.. Wisconsin Recall 2012.. Chicago s NATO Protest 2012.. Alan Chin.. Lucian Perkins.. The Political Theater Of The Absurd.. Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform 2012.. License Images.. Most Viewed Stories.. A Detroit Requiem 2010.. Cleveland: Fighting Foreclosure Blight.. Tracing Sandy's Path 2012.. Crossing the Battleground: Ohio.. Bookmark.. Email Us.. many thanks to our friends.. stories.. map.. blog.. about us.. license images.. propose a story.. friends.. contact.. Developed by -.. Orion eSolutions.. Login.. Enter your username and password below to log in.. Not a member?.. Join now!.. Email Username:.. Enter Password:.. Remember me.. Forgot your username or password?..

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    Descriptive info: Facing Change Documenting America.. Username.. Password.. Remember Me.. Lost your password?.. Back to Facing Change Documenting America..

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  • Title: Propose Story « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: PROPOSE A STORY.. America’s most important stories come from you.. Please submit your ideas.. We will respond.. YOUR CONTACT INFO.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Your Idea..

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  • Title: Photographers « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: PHOTOGRAPHERS.. David Burnett.. David Burnett has covered many momentous events of the last four decades.. He co-founded Contact Press Images in 1976, and has worked for all the major news magazines in the United States and Europe.. He has been awarded the Magazine Photographer of the Year award from the National Press.. Alan Chin was born and raised in New York City's Chinatown.. Since 1996, he has covered conflicts in Iraq, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Middle East.. In America, Chin followed the historic trail of the civil rights movement, documented the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and covered the 2008 presidential.. Danny Wilcox Frazier.. Danny Wilcox Frazier has documented people struggling to survive the economic shift that has devastated rural communities across his home state of Iowa for the past six years.. His recent book, Driftless: Photographs from Iowa, was awarded the Center for Documentary Studies/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography.. Photographer Robert Frank, author of The Americans, selected Frazier's work for the prize.. His foreign.. Stanley Greene.. Stanley Greene was awarded the W.. Eugene Smith Award in 2004, the year after Trolley Books published his acclaimed Open Wound: Chechnya 1994-2003.. He studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and  ...   Iraq.. His work, exhibited around the world, has been published in many magazines and newspapers, including Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report and The New York Times.. Carlos Javier Ortiz was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and raised in Chicago.. He served as a staff photographer for Chicago In The Year 2000, a year-long project documenting the city and its inhabitants.. He went on to serve as a photojournalist for newspapers in Philadelphia and New Jersey.. Currently, he is working on a cross-cultural youth violence project.. Lucian Perkins is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner (1995 and 2000) who worked as a staff photographer for The Washington Post for 27 years.. In 1996, his photograph of a boy in war-torn Chechnya was awarded World Press Photo of the Year, and in 1994 he was named Newspaper Photographer of the Year by.. Anthony Suau was awarded the World Press Photo of 2009 for his photographs on the US economic crisis.. In 1984, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and for the past twenty years has been a Time magazine contract photographer.. For Time, he has traveled the world covering conflict, political and social issues.. He has authored four books, including Beyond the Fall: The Former Soviet..

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  • Title: Stories Archive « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: PUBLIC SPHERE.. ARCHIVE.. photographer.. Anthony Suau.. These three places, more than anywhere else in the country, have felt the backlash of the past decade’s extensive predatory lending and mortgage fraud.. Today the housing crisis in the Western states has become [.. ].. Stanley Greene.. Alan Chin, Andrew Lichtenstein, Anthony Suau.. Alan Chin, Andrew Lichtenstein and Anthony Suau.. Alan Chin.. Andrew Lichtenstein.. Lucian Perkins.. Lucian Perkins photographs the political theater of the absurd at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this year.. Skid-Row, LA, America s Shameful Bottom.. Anthony Suau photographs Skid Row, a 6-block radius of congested human life living on the streets in the center of downtown Los Angeles.. According to the LA Times, the population on skid row has increased markedly since the great US recession.. It is not just the bottom of America s economy, it is without a question, the third world in America.. Outside the Republican National Convention.. Billed as an enormous demonstration of 5,000 to 15,000 protesters, the much-anticipated “March on the RNC” began the week of August 27 with less than 500 people.. Although most of the “Romneyville” residents were dedicated to non-violence, the camp’s anarchists often held impromptu marches into the city to antagonize the police.. But the police were cautious, making only three arrests throughout the entire event and avoiding confrontations, despite their overwhelming presence.. June 28, 2012 On the last day of the Supreme Court s term for this year, everybody in Washington DC knew that its ruling would be announced on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), as the national health care reform law is officially known.. So an hour before the Supreme Court [.. Andrew Lichtenstein, Carlos Javier Ortiz.. On Tuesday, June 5, Republican Governor Scott Walker held onto his seat in Wisconsin’s special recall election, beating his Democratic challenger Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee.. With 53% of the vote, it was a comfortable victory.. Facing Change photographers Andrew Lichtenstein and Carlos Javier Ortiz share their images and observations: Protesters crowding the Capitol grounds [.. Memorial Day 2012.. David Burnett.. More than one spectator, fond of this old industrial city which has had its trials the past three decades, said this is the best parade we ve had here in 20 years.. The turnout was solid, from high school marching bands to fire departments, police, civic and religious organizations; all of it led by a band [.. Carlos Javier Ortiz and Alan Chin.. Chicago police and protesters clashed at demonstrations against the NATO war in Afghanistan, marring otherwise peaceful gatherings.. FIGHTING BACK Cleveland s Inner City Boxing.. In the heart of inner city Cleveland, Coach Fred Wilson has dedicated himself to turning drug dealers and users into boxers, hoping to give them a positive outlook on life.. Occupy May Day 2012.. Facing Change.. Facing Change documents May Day Occupy rallies and marches in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Oakland as tens of thousands of people took to the streets.. Heavy Metal: America s Tank Factory.. Lima, Ohio, is home to the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (Lima Army Tank Plant) which is the only heavy armored tank factory in the United States.. They build and refurbish Abrams tanks, Stryker armored personnel carriers, and other weapons systems.. A Mother’s Fight Against Childhood Obesity.. Sonya Branch-Johnson remembers a visit to her doctor and watched as he wrote “obese” on her chart.. It was a wake-up call.. One third of Americans are obese, a dramatic increase over the last twenty years.. Occupy DC Eviction 2012.. Early Saturday morning in Washington DC, the police raided the OccupyDC encampment in McPherson Square, two blocks from the White House.. Flat Liners: Life on Oakland Streets 2012.. Stanley Greene walked the streets of Oakland, California for nearly two weeks photographing the realities, the dramas, the desolation, and finding a sense of separateness.. Saving Cleveland 2012.. Once trapped in a predatory loan, activist Barbara Anderson teams up with Cleveland-based community action group, Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People (ESOP), to save thousands of homes and reinvent Cleveland s fractured communities.. A decade before the “Occupy” movement, they used controversial tactics to bring bank CEOs to the table and stop the predatory lending that decimated communities throughout the inner city.. The Caucuses and the Circus 2012.. Danny Wilcox Frazier.. It’s long hours and stress, but I enjoy the theater and the quirky aspects in addition to the importance of covering the presidential election.. I do want to demystify the political process with my photographs, to show what the process is like.. It s not all polish, and I like to travel around the edges.. Facing Change: Documenting America 2011.. This week we present our final update for 2011, a suite of diverse images taken along our journeys this year on the American road.. We feel that these photographs speak to the heart of this moment in our country.. Migrant Workers in Illinois and North Carolina.. Carlos Javier Ortiz.. Carlos Javier Ortiz documents Mexican migrant workers in the fields of Illinois and North Carolina.. He says: I remember being a kid and watching old black-and-white footage of migrant workers picking fruits and vegetables and working the fields.. A Future for Homeless Children 2011.. Homeless families are increasing at an alarming rate in the United States, with profound effects on millions of American children.. One in fifty children experiences homelessness in America each year, according to a recent study by the National Center on Family Homelessness.. Nearly half of those children are under the age of six – the most vulnerable group of all.. Occupy Wall Street disrupts Wall Street 2011.. The New York Police Department and the Occupy wall Street protesters came face to face on Thursday morning engulfed in anger and frustrations as each represented a warring party entrenched in a long fought battle.. Occupy Wall Street Eviction 2011.. Alan Chin, Anthony Suau.. Over the last two months, Occupy Wall Street spread across the nation as each new economic statistic grimly confirms the disparity between rich and poor continuing to grow while unemployment remains high and stagnant.. The protesters were initially mocked and denigrated, but public outcry galvanized by pepper spray and mass arrest police tactics added to the persistence and popularity of the movement.. The response from local governments has varied from city to city.. In New York it was marked by heavy-handedness tempered with reluctant tolerance.. Long Term Unemployed, 99ers 2011.. The unemployment crisis has left so many people out of work for so long that perhaps most jobless Americans are no longer receiving benefits.. Not since the Great Depression have so many Americans been unemployed for so  ...   reindeer; for others, it s a wreath, a Peace on Earth sign, or fireworks; for others still, it s angels or a crèche.. All of this offers a hint to [.. Many American neighborhoods have foreclosed homes on their streets that are eyesores which either do not sell or are not kept up.. In Cleveland, one judge is testing radical judicial tactics that could help change this.. Florida Foreclosure Fraud Crisis 2010.. From the banks, to the lawyers, auction courts, and foreclosure forums Facing Change photographer Anthony Suau takes to the streets of Florida where homeowners are beginning to fight back in a system full of confusion that is rigged and riddled with fraud.. Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear 2010.. Anthony Suau and Alan Chin.. Comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert entertained a huge crowd at the Rally to Restore Sanity and Keep Fear Alive to poking fun at the nation s ill-tempered politics, fear-mongers and doomsayers.. Moving America Forward 2010.. People attend a rally Moving America Forward for Democratic candidates as the November elections come to a close.. President Barack Obama.. BP Gulf Oil Spill 2010.. Alan Chin / Facing Change for Empreinte Digitale and French TV.. My heart sank when BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well burned and sank, unleashing the biggest oil spill in our country’s history.. A trip through the Rust Belt 2010.. In the summer of 2010 I made a three week trip through the rust belt starting from New York City to Albany, Amsterdam, Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Love Canal.. Detroit Food Bank 2010.. Anthony Suau / Facing Change for Empreinte Digitale and French TV.. Once known as the world s automotive center, Detroit was the home of 1.. 85 million people in the 1950s.. Its population is now 951,000 and there are an estimated 80,000 abandoned buildings within the city.. Obesity, Washington DC 2010.. Lucian Perkins / Facing Change for Empreinte Digitale and French TV.. My long-term project on obesity begins here in Washington DC, partly because a manipulation in the country’s original laws and institutions has contributed to the epidemic.. September 11 and 12, 2010.. Alan Chin and Anthony Suau.. The ninth anniversary of the Sept.. 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, in Lower Manhattan.. American History Project 2010.. I’m working on a series of landscape photographs that deal with American history.. With a camera, I’m interested in exploring Americans’ relationship with their own history.. Katrina Then And Now 2010.. Revisiting the same places in New Orleans, five years after the storm.. So much remains to be rebuilt, yet that may never happen.. Katrina Five Years 2010.. Stanley Greene returns to New Orleans for the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.. Arizona Immigration Bill 2010.. Controversy over the Arizona Immigration Bill, which would require police to determine the status of people they stopped and suspected were in the country illegally.. US World of Finance 2010.. The US financial world is the market s global hub.. What happens on these streets effects not only the US economy, but nearly everyone on the planet.. Largely responsible for the recent global financial crisis the US markets continue to swing widely, often at 100+ points a day, as uncertainty about a US or world recovery [.. Changing Landscapes.. American Landscapes.. Remote Area Medical Serves a Rural Virginia Community 2010.. Stan Brock, founder of Remote Area Medical, piloted his DC-3 into Wise, Virginia, to lead a free medical clinic supported by hundreds of volunteer doctors, dentist, nurses, students and other health professionals.. Nearly 3,000 people showed up for medical needs at the three-day clinic.. “I just look at these people and I hurt, said volunteer [.. Combating Violence 2010.. Pastor Phil Jackson walks the streets with his young church members who volunteer to talk to teens and young men on the west side of Chicago.. Workers Day March Turns Anti-Arizona Immigration Event 2010.. An annual Workers Day march in Chicago turned into an anti-Arizona event as participants railed against that state s new immigration law.. Detroit Auto Show 2010.. Following a disastrous year that saw GM and Chrysler LLC forced into government-led bankruptcy.. U.. auto sales plunged to 39 percent below a peak in 2005 during the recent ill-founded economic boom.. The big, unanswered question here, however, is what the U.. economy will do following its longest, deepest downturn since the 1930 s.. Remote Area Medical Virginia 2009.. Remote Area Medical (RAM) clinic serves thousands of patients in Virginia.. Machine Gun Shoot 2009.. Twice a year nearly 16,000 people attend the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and military gun show in Kentucky.. It is the largest gathering of Civilian owned machine guns in the world.. Chicago Housing Projects 2009.. In 2009 President Barack Obama allocated $13.. 6 billion to the U.. Department of Housing and Urban Development for affordable housing and community development.. Robeson High 50-50 2008.. Students at Robeson High live in one of Chicago s most dangerous neighborhoods, Englewood.. It is also one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city with a median income of $18,955.. Las Vegas Boom and Bust.. Las Vegas, Nevada April 2008 Tourists decide where to go next on the Las Vegas Strip, famed for its hotels, casinos, and resorts.. The Deep South.. Change comes slowly, or seemingly not at all in these overlooked communities.. In much of the Deep South, history hangs heavy.. Too Young to Die.. Philadelphia , Pennsylvania Nearly seven years to the day that Fakhur Uddin came to America from Bangladesh, he was slain and found bound with duct tape and string, shot in the head, and left in the back room of the East Germantown gift and sundry store that he was minding for his ailing father.. Here, [.. The Gulf Coast.. New Orleans, Louisiana September 2005 Hurricane Katrina an Unnatural Disaster, Ninth Ward under water.. Crystal s Struggle.. Washington, DC USA 1992 Born with a disease that destroyed her intestines, one-year-old Crystal needed a liver and intestine transplant in order to survive.. But the operation would cost at least $500,000 and her insurance would not pay for it.. As her mother, Bridgette, and doctors tried to find ways to pay for the operation, [.. Driftless.. South Dakota John Neumann spends the afternoon working on his pickup truck.. Neumann, a horse and cattle rancher, endured eight-straight years of draught in southwestern South Dakota, only to be challenged by high fuel costs once the rainfall improved in 2008.. Never Coming Home.. Hughson, California March 22, 2006 A Marine honor guard practices carrying the casket before the military funeral of Bunny Long, who was killed in Anbar Province, Iraq, on March 10th, 2006..

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  • Title: US Housing Crisis West 2012 « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: November 21, 2012.. Photographer Anthony Suau.. hide story.. views (431) comments (1).. stumble upon.. redd.. email to friend.. Today the housing crisis in the Western states has become critical for reason other then out right fraud.. Currently many inner-city neighborhoods are lined with vacant homes, not only because of foreclosu.. Currently many inner-city neighborhoods are lined with vacant homes, not only because of foreclosures but because their prices have sunk to rock bottom so the banks and investors have snapped them up, only to hold onto them for future profit.. Many of them operate from offices around the world, sending proxies to participate in live auctions and bid for the real estate on their behalf such as in auction.. com.. The artificially inflated market, due to investors keeping a vast number of homes off the market, is especially booming in central California, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.. Between May and August of this year, housing prices rose as much as 20% in Phoenix.. Therefore, despite the thousands of vacant houses that sit in these areas, most people who need a home to live in are forced to build new homes in outlying areas.. Riverside, California July 16, 2012.. A foreclosure auction held by Auction.. Investors from around the world snap up homes in cities hit hard by the foreclosure and mortgage crisis as they believe prices have bottomed out and now is the time to purchase.. In central California, cities like Fresno have also dealing with the issue of “dual tracking,” where lenders initiate foreclosure sale proceedings, usually without the homeowner’s knowledge, even as the homeowner is still pursuing a loan modification.. According to John Shore, the Executive Director at Community Housing Council of Fresno, this often occurs because of a miscommunication: one bank employee pursues the loan while another pursues the sale, unaware of one another’s efforts.. On October 2, the servicing standards included in the National Mortgage Settlement went into effect, including a provision to restrict dual tracking.. Companies in the settlement were given 180 days to reform their dual tracking procedures, a period during which complaints about dual tracking actually increased.. Another problematic, if unanticipated, consequence of the housing crisis has appeared in central California in the form of mosquito-infested swimming pools.. Many of the area’s foreclosed homes have swimming pools that, when neglected, fill up with rainwater and offer mosquitoes a ripe breading ground.. As a result, entire neighborhoods have been infested — this year, 45 mosquito samples from Fresno County tested positive for West Nile virus.. Fresno County s Mosquito and Vector Control District, which has come across thousands of filthy backyard pools, has tried to remedy the problem by dropping hundreds of small fish into the water.. The fish eat the mosquito eggs, thereby cutting the mosquito population.. The tactic has proven effective, but the Control District has still reported 26 cases of West Nile infection in California this year, in addition to two deaths.. In Phoenix, the housing crisis is evident by an abundance of vacant neighborhoods, which extend  ...   3,649 filings in September.. The new law was largely crafted in response to the robo-signing scandal that surfaced last year.. Now, servicers of mortgage loans will be fined $5,000 if robo-signing fraud is detected.. The new law protects homeowners from improper foreclosures, said Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto, and protects the integrity of the homeownership system.. The legislation does, however, have a down side: many homeowners have simply stopped paying their mortgages, because they no longer fear foreclosures.. Some have skipped payments for months.. Still, the law has forced banks and lenders in Nevada to reconsider their loan modification practices.. According to Margarita Rebollal, the Executive Director at Community Services of Nevada, some banks and lenders are cutting the principle of homes in half to save the mortgage.. Rebollal said that she recently saw a home, originally mortgaged with a principle of $324k, refinanced at a principle of $158k by the same lender.. Because of the new law, lenders have little choice other than renegotiation.. Modesto, California July 9, 2012.. According to RealtyTrac, an online service that markets foreclosed properties, Modesto had the nation s third-highest home foreclosure rate during the third quarter of 2010, just behind Las Vegas, Nevada, and Cape Coral/Fort Meyers, Florida.. The law has also cut the number of available homes on the market, which means that contractors are working hard to meet any and all new demands for housing.. But the markup price on a newly constructed home is extremely low, and many sellers will break even or just barely make a profit.. “Halting foreclosures for legal reasons doesn t fix the underlying problem — underwater houses and people losing their jobs or other life events that require a sale or walk-away, states broker Frank Nason of Residential Resources.. Foreclosure filings in Las Vegas’s Clark County topped 6,000 in July, August and September of 2011, but retreated into the 4,000-5,000 range this year, according to ForeclosureRadar.. Still, the U.. west struggles with its housing market.. Unemployment has fallen, but families are generally relying on less income.. Even today, many cannot cover their monthly mortgage payment.. Lake Eisinore, California July 16, 2012.. New homes under construction and homes for sale.. As investors and banks hold on to homes, many of those homes sitting vacant.. IF YOU ARE IN FORECLOSURE ASSISTANCE IN YOUR AREA: please locate a HUD organization in your area that can help.. http://www.. hud.. gov/offices/hsg/sfh/hcc/hcs.. cfm?weblistaction=summary.. Photographs and Text by: Anthony Suau.. Photo Editing: Mark Rykoff.. hide full story.. Related Links.. IF YOU ARE IN FORECLOSURE AND NEED HELP.. New Nevada law slows banks from foreclosures.. California Monitor Examines Servicers for Dual-Tracking Reform.. Where are Foreclosures in the US.. Foreclosure Auctions.. Original Kickstarter Campaign.. Comments on this story.. Sort by.. Newest First.. Old First.. News Wire | US Housing Crisis West 2012 � Facing Change Documenting America.. November 21, 2012 at 8:57 pm.. [.. ] This article [.. Reply.. Recomendation (0).. Click here to cancel reply.. Name (required).. Mail (will not be published) (required).. Website.. hide comments (1)..

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  • Title: Tracing Sandy’s Path 2012 « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: November 15, 2012.. views (1240) comments (1).. From the Rockaways to Staten Island to Long Beach Island, New Jersey, Suau drove and walked across some of the most intensely damaged coastline, as a second storm moved in.. He relates what he saw during his four-day trip.. Queens, New York Nove.. Queens, New York November 6, 2012: Residents assess the damaged homes in the Breezy Point.. Breezy Point.. – It was a sunny day just before the nor easter came in.. Residents were outside, trying to salvage the few belongings that had survived the flood, hurricane and fire.. One man found a box of old pictures that had managed to travel a ways down the road, ending up in the ruins of a neighbor.. Crouched on his knees, he looked through the box, overjoyed by its very existence.. It was his family’s past, somehow saved for the future.. Firefighters who fought the blaze while Hurricane Sandy was bearing down now walked about in a daze, reflecting on what they had seen in their struggle against nature.. They claimed that the fires began at about 7:30 pm on October 29, and raged until early the next morning.. During the first four hours, high winds spread the flames across the neighborhood, ultimately destroying more than 80 homes.. Yet the firefighters had worked through the night, battling a seemingly unwinnable war.. Rockaway.. – It was Election Day, and homeowners were digging out what ever they could save.. As lively as it was, the scene was severe.. Mountains of sand covered the sidewalks as bulldozers pushed and scooped up the beach, which the hurricane had dumped more than a block inland.. Homeowners worked around the massive machines, pulling moldy sheetrock and soggy furniture out of their houses and creating piles of debris.. Queens, New York November 9, 2012: The remains of a boardwalk cafe in Rockaway.. When night fell, everything went pitch black.. Street after street sat were silently and without the faintest light.. Occasional one street would fill with the loud grinding of a generator, and a single light would be visible.. But then it was all black again, block after block.. The lighting was odd and random.. And yet, somehow, the people who lived here showed amazing resilience.. I returned a few days later to watch FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) set up several base camps in parking lots and help those who now stood in a long line, waiting to fill out paper work.. Staten Island.. – Debris was everywhere as residents worked, trying to bring a semblance of normalcy back to their lives.. Dumpsters quickly filled up, ridding the streets of wet furniture and crumpled drywall.. Staten Island, New York November 7, 2012: Boats from a near by yacht yard rests in a housing complex.. Wherever I went, homeowners welcomed me, telling me their stories and bringing me to see their homes.. The destruction was so widespread that I could only provide a brief moment of support before moving  ...   devastation and ruins, everything idle except the sound of crashing waves on the shore.. It was unlike anything I had seen on the coast.. Homes sat on top of homes, detached from their massive stilts, which now resembled snapped toothpicks.. Entire walls had blown away, revealing a family’s life to the world, exposing family pictures, curtains and wine bars to the cool ocean air.. There was nobody in sight for miles, as if I were walking amongst modern-day ruins.. The end of the world, and I was the only survivor.. I walked the entire length of the island.. Once I hit Seaside Heights, the devastation was complete.. There was little left to see.. A hotel that I’d once stayed at was almost completely gone, and the surroundings were unrecognizable: the street was torn, debris littered everything, and all was blanketed by sand and show.. I was alone once again, except for the bulldozer drivers and a few pedestrian foot patrols.. They checked me out, and then graciously gave me two small bottles of much-needed drinking water.. My final stop was South Seaside Park, where that famous rollercoaster now sits in the sea.. The void of human life created an emptiness that was almost maddening — it was the set for a sci-fi film, but with no crew, no actors, no film.. I hitched north on the empty road back to Point Pleasant with Con-Ed workers and truck drivers, only to witness even more destruction on the island’s back side.. Homes were sitting in water, roads and trees had vanished, and once again, debris covered everything.. It was unending chaos.. One driver told me that the authorities were still finding cars with dead bodies inside — people who had thought they could get away at the last minute, but couldn’t.. This statement alone was more tragic and hard to stomach than the loss of a single home.. - Anthony Suau.. TEXT and PHOTOGRAPHS by Anthony Suau.. Photo editor: Daria Bonera.. First Look at Long Beach Island - CBS.. 60 Minutes - Devastation and determination in Belle Harbor.. FEMA - apply for assistance.. Red Cross - Hurricane Sandy Relief.. Red Cross Donations for Sandy Relief.. Hurricane Sandy Relief – Donate Food.. The Jersey Shore Devastation That Made Chris Christie Get So Emotional.. Dramatic 1st photographs of 12 mi.. of decimated NJ shoreline | Sandy Report.. November 17, 2012 at 12:38 am.. ] Click to view: Tracing Sandy s Path Esteemed photojournalist Anthony Suau gets unprecedented access and walks alone along 12 miles of decimated NJ shore towns and beaches to document the violent effects of the storm and the recovery efforts in those communities for Facing Change and France s Le Monde.. NJ towns include Long Beach Island, Mantoloking, Bay Head, Lavallette.. There are also photographs from Staten Island and the Rockaways.. Share this:FacebookTwitter This entry was posted in Bay Head, Lavallette, Long Beach Island, Mantoloking, New Jersey and tagged beach, clean up, recovery.. Bookmark the permalink.. Hoboken roundup [..

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  • Title: Crossing the Battleground: Ohio « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: November 6, 2012.. Photographer Stanley Greene.. views (726) comments (2).. October 29, 2012.. : Cock-N-Bull bar, Toledo, Ohio.. What are you looking at?.. “FOUR DEAD IN O-HI-O,” sang Neil Young in 1971, when the memory of Kent State was still fresh.. “Four Dead in Ben-gha-zi,” chanted the Tea Partiers who stalked the President across the state as the 2012 campaign sputtered to a long overdue end.. Ohio.. Even in an off-election year, the state stands apart.. But when it comes to picking presidents, Ohio holds the record.. Since 1.. Since 1900, the state has predicted the winner in twenty-seven of twenty-nine presidential elections.. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio, and few Democrats have either Jimmy Carter carried it by one-third of one percent in 1976.. Since then much has changed, above all, the population has shrunk, and its political muscle slackened, down to 18 electoral votes from a high of 26.. But in the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the longest and most expensive in the history of the republic, the state with only 7.. 7 million registered voters, came to be seen as the linchpin.. To David Axelrod, Ohio was “the firewall,” and to Paul Ryan, “the battleground of all battlegrounds.. ”.. There are, as the strategists and demographers say, five Ohio’s.. The northeast is the Democratic stronghold—a war-torn assemblage of unions and minority enclaves in post-industrial Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown—that includes Cuyahoga County, the state’s most populous.. (Last time around, Cuyahoga gave Obama one of every six votes that he won in Ohio.. ) The southeast, running from the unglaciated edge of Appalachia to the West Virginia border, is coal country—rural, white and treacherous for silver-tongued outsiders.. (Clinton managed to win here twice, as did Bush.. père.. in 2000.. ) In the southwest, the suburban counties that hug Cincinnati are the Republicans’ answer to Cuyahoga: unfailing conservatives.. The northwest is the farm belt, where fields of soybean and corn still cover the distance between rural half-towns and small cities, and the traditions remain defiantly Midwestern.. In central Ohio, Columbus is the political fulcrum.. The capital has weathered the Great Recession better than many of Ohio’s six big cities.. It boasts an undaunted, and popular, African American Mayor, a surfeit of state jobs, and the safety net of Ohio State—at 64,077 students, one of the fattest universities in the country.. Both candidates began the final sprint here.. Obama made his eighteenth visit, as Romney held the largest rally of his campaign in the southwest, in West Chester Township, John Boehner’s hometown.. The Speaker of the House was there, among the GOP all-stars: Texas Governor Rick Perry, ex-Senator Rick Santorum, Rudy Giuliani, and Senators Marco Rubio and John McCain.. The candidate followed Kid Rock to the stage, where he stood, hands clasped before him, to preach the coming of “.. real.. change.. ” He promised to revisit coal legislation, crack the whip on China, and raise Ohio from its knees.. Others that night spoke of the dead in Libya.. Not Romney.. He offered a humble plea.. “Walk with me,” he said.. October 29, 2012: Early voting polling station in Northeast Toledo.. TENT CITY is an annual event, a gathering of the homeless for three days at the end of October to stir the conscience of Toledo.. This year, it was bigger than ever.. Under steel-gray skies that unleashed more water than they threatened to, nearly a thousand souls women, men, and children—filled the plastic tents on the Civic Center Mall in the center of Toledo, just across from the fire and police stations.. Tent City had none of the mandatory gaiety of the political carousel, the extravaganzas in airport hangars and supersized gymnasiums.. There was a rope line—to keep the “guests” in order as they waited for food—but none of the glad-handing, shoulder-clenching, or baby-smooching.. Life has brightened a bit in Toledo, since 2008, when the last Census revealed it the eighth-poorest city in the nation, with nearly one of four residents surviving below the poverty line.. The city, though, once a blue-collar bastion of autoworkers, remains numbed.. Ken Leslie runs Tent City, and has each year since its founding in 1990.. He is, he says, a “uniter,” a Toledo son who strayed—“drugs and alcohol, what else?”—and ended up on the streets.. Leslie was not  ...   the darkness of 1932, Roosevelt had to go negative.. “I regret that necessity,” the governor from New York said in his first road address, “for destructive criticism is never justified for its own sake.. And yet, to build we must first clear the ground.. We must find out why the Republican leadership….. built so unwisely.. We must determine the causes that made the whole structure collapse.. ” In Columbus, Roosevelt spoke in the modern vernacular of Occupy:.. We find two-thirds of American industry concentrated in a few hundred corporations, and actually managed by not more than five human individuals.. We find more than half of the savings of the country invested in corporate stocks and bonds, and made the sport of the American stock market.. We find fewer than three dozen private banking houses, and stock-selling adjuncts of commercial banks, directing the flow of American capital.. We find a great part of our working population with no chance of earning a living except by grace of this concentrated industrial machine; and we find that millions and millions of Americans are out of work, throwing upon the already burdened Government the necessity of relief.. “It is no wonder,” Roosevelt concluded, “that stagnation has resulted a stagnation born of fear.. But this is a distrust not of ourselves, not in our fundamental soundness, not in our innate ability to work out our future.. It is a distrust in our leaders, in the things they say and the things they do.. Lela Schnorf remembers the 1932 campaign well.. She was Lela O’Callaghan then, “an Irish girl,” and now a widow who can claim one of the deepest memory-pools in the state.. Lela will soon be 107 years old.. Born and raised in Toledo, she is a registered Republican, but she voted for FDR—“all four times.. ” At twenty, and unwed, she went to work as a secretary for the top man at a brokerage firm downtown.. She worked until she was married, raised two sons, both lawyers—the elder, now eighty-one—and she still lives in the family home in Old Orchard, the opposite end of Toledo, in every register, to the North End.. The house is a big old Tudor, built in 1929, with a surrounding acre of green.. “It’s still a lovely neighborhood, all Caucasian,” she said.. “We’ve got doctors, and doctors’ widows.. Engineers, bankers.. Started off that way, and still remains that way.. Nothing disturbs Lela much these days—except the phone calls.. “Every half hour,” she said, “they call.. ” Across Ohio, it is a common complaint.. The robocalls, billboards, television and radio ads—the carpet bombing has been unceasing.. And both men, in the campaign’s final hours, returned to haunt the beleaguered.. The last time around, Lela voted for Obama.. But not again.. It’s not the auto bailout, the Chinese, or Benghazi.. It is the campaign, she said, that made her angriest.. “The worst I’ve ever seen,” she said.. “Such bitterness and bickering.. ” All the same, on Election Day she will get a ride over to the library her son took the car away when she turned 100 and add her vote to the box.. She will do so with an abiding hope in the promise of Ohio, a recognition that so much once taken for granted is gone, and a prayer that “one of these fellows will sort it out.. Andrew Meier.. PHOTOGRAPHS by Stanley Greene.. TEXT by Andrew Meier.. With support from Leica Camera.. Using the Law to Fight Poverty in Ohio.. Federal Poverty Guidelines.. Cheery Street Mission.. Campaign to aid homeless grows up around Tent City.. POLLING Station locator.. Les grandes rencontres du salon de la photo | Dans ma bulle culturelle.. November 14, 2012 at 1:23 pm.. ] tendue, Stanley Greene a passé cet état au crible dans sa série de photographies intitulée crossing the battleground: Ohio.. Comme il le ferait sur une zone de conflit Stanley Greene a mené une vrai enquête de terrain.. Martin.. November 6, 2012 at 6:54 pm.. Great story, very interesting and as well something to learn inside.. Never heard so much about Ohio as a European.. It s the old people that have seen so many things during their lifes and they ve got so many stories to tell.. Thank you for this article and vote intelligent America! Great Photography!.. Martin.. hide comments (2)..

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  • Title: In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy 2012 « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: November 4, 2012.. Photographer Alan Chin, Andrew Lichtenstein, Anthony Suau.. views (591) comments (0).. New York City, November 1, 2012 Lower Manhattan minutes before the electricity came on.. Anthony Suau in Brooklyn and Manhattan When the Lights Came On Rush hour though out New York City this.. in Brooklyn and Manhattan.. When the Lights Came On Rush hour though out New York City this week was an endurance test for most commuters heading in and out of Brooklyn where trains and all stations remained closed.. The scene on Friday evening at 42nd and Lexington Avenue saw hundreds waiting, possibly thousands standing, often for hours, to simply board a bus that crawled south to Brooklyn.. The lines stretched many blocks and in many directions so the size of the crowd was impossible to determine.. New York City police professionally kept it all moving and everyone calm and informed but the frustration is mounting.. This was the second such day and a policeman told me that the day before was seriously chaotic.. If this situation continues into next Monday people could become extremely angry.. As the buses moved south down Lexington Avenue at 40th street everything simply went black as if nothing existed beyond that point.. All streetlights and buildings remained in the dark as it had been for the past few days.. Police were burning red flares at intersections.. 23rd street was lined with the glowing flares.. The Empire State building tower was lit and shone above the darkness giving pedestrians a sense of place.. I could see clearly into the crowded buses that lined the avenue.. They moved extremely slow and were lit from within.. At 34th the scene became surreal as against a blackened build I could only slightly make out the silhouettes of hundreds of people, if not thousands, waiting in line for buses in total darkness.. Only the passing vehicles illuminated the crowd as they drove by.. Then the crowd would disappear again into the blackness but I knew they were there – hundreds of people waiting.. As I headed south on bicycle along side the buses at around 20th street I heard shouting and screaming when I pulled my eye away from my camera a couple of young men came by  ...   paralysis of public transit has left millions without the transportation necessary to get back to work quickly.. Instead, local residents spontaneously organized to provide emergency food, clothing, and supplies.. Their efforts are admirable.. But they are no substitute for efficient, rapid action on the ground to implement well-meaning directives.. And that s meant that many people feel abandoned and forgotten.. Some discomfort is inevitable, and if the long-term recovery proceeds effectively, Sandy will become a historical footnote rather than a disaster of the first order like Katrina.. The real test is in the weeks and months ahead, as winter descends.. Queens, New York October 30, 2012, The day after super storm Sandy, the coastal community of Breezy Point, in Far Rockaway, Queens remains devastated by fire and flooding.. Andrew Lichtestein.. in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.. All week it has been disconcerting to be living two lives in the same city.. My neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn was relatively untouched by the storm.. Some very large, old trees came crashing down in the park and on various blocks, but we never lost power.. The only minor hassle has been trying to keep my children busy since school has been closed while at the same time rushing out the door to photograph or staying up all night to file the pictures.. Red Hook is just around the corner, Coney Island a twenty minute drive south, the Rockaways just beyond that.. These coastal communities have been devastated.. No heat, no power, no food or water, everywhere I looked, heartbreaking stories of destruction and loss.. Often it has felt like the efforts to reach people has been completely community driven-neighbor helping neighbor.. Unlike other disasters I ve photographed, most of the week I ve been surprised by the lack of official response.. And then, in the evening, back to my neighborhood, in all of its untouched security, the lights blazing, the kids running around in their Halloween costumes like any other year.. Photographs and Text by: Alan Chin, Andrew Lichtenstein and Anthony Suau.. Editor: Daria Bonera.. Fall Out of the Storm NYTs.. Manhattan Mends Post-Sandy as Others Seek Gas, Face Cold.. Bloomberg Post-Sandy Backing Gives Obama Unexpected Boost.. How to Help.. Latest story on Gas situation.. hide comments (0)..

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  • Title: Hurricane Sandy by FCDA Photographers « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: November 1, 2012.. Photographer Alan Chin, Andrew Lichtenstein and Anthony Suau.. views (933) comments (2).. Chin was on hand as firefighters battled blazes in Breezy Point; Lichtenstein photographed devastation in the Rockaways and the beachside communities of Brooklyn; while Suau shot in lower Manhattan, where e.. Chin was on hand as firefighters battled blazes in Breezy Point; Lichtenstein photographed devastation in the Rockaways and the beachside communities of Brooklyn; while Suau shot in lower Manhattan, where electricity was lost and severe flooding forced the closure of almost all businesses and the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.. New York City, October 30, 2012 Liberty Statue station in Battery Park.. Queens, October 30, 2012 Residents survey the damage from Hurricane Sandy on Rockaway Beach  ...   Daria Bonera.. FEMA link - need help?.. MTA subway running - map.. Weather Channel - 5 latest developments.. Hurricane Sandy - time lapse NYT.. Check NYC School Closings.. Wikipedia - Hurricane Sandy.. Rafael Gonzalez Mosquera.. November 6, 2012 at 11:04 pm.. Son fermosas as fotografias tes gusto para escoller o sitio ideal.. So mequeda felicitar polo bo traballo.. Saudos.. Guy Sorgi.. November 6, 2012 at 11:49 am.. It s worse than you-all think the MSM is not Statist they are State Capitalist.. They serve the owners of the federal government.. You know, the guys who pay 15% federal tax on their 30-millionth dollar, while a self-employed person like me pays over 30% federal tax on my First taxable dollar!..

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  • Title: Brownout in the Electric City « Facing Change Documenting America
    Descriptive info: October 24, 2012.. Photographer Alan Chin.. views (438) comments (1).. Adams Avenue, downtown, at night.. Vice President Joe Biden, famously a Scranton native, was parodied on Saturday Night Live by actor Jason Sudeikis calling it “the single worst place on Earth.. ” Real stores sell T-shirts and bumper stickers for Dunder-Mifflin, the fictional paper company featured in.. The Office.. TV show.. Over a hundred years ago, though, the first successful streetcar trolley in the United States started running in Scranton, giving this Penns.. Over a hundred years ago, though, the first successful streetcar trolley in the United States started running in Scranton, giving this Pennsylvania industrial town the nickname of “The Electric City.. ” Growing to over 140,000 people by the Second World War, coal mining, steam railroads, and the manufacturing of lace and plastics created a booming destination for immigrants and businesses.. Decline came with “progress”.. Interstate highways killed the railroads.. Coal ran out and silk and textiles were outsourced to other countries.. The Capitol Records factory that pressed Beatles records became a warehouse for architectural salvage – wood and metal craftsmanship ripped out of condemned buildings – the irony is that nothing of equal quality is made anymore in places like Scranton.. The population is half of what it used to be; many downtown buildings stand vacant and shuttered.. Punch lace pattern cards for the looms, abandoned in 2002.. The Scranton Lace Company employed over 1400 workers in its prime.. It’s a sprawling industrial complex that had its own power plant, bowling alley, theater, and landmark clock tower.. The huge looms were imported from Nottingham, England at the beginning of the twentieth century.. But the factory closed ten  ...   the 1930s, was shut down after lack of funding made it one of the worst zoos in the country for animal cruelty.. The factory floor at the Avanti Parodi Cigar Company.. Residents individually fight to maintain the working and middle class livelihoods they once took for granted.. A lot of employment is low-paid and part-time, without benefits.. Service jobs are a poor replacement for skilled manufacturing, and young people do their best to leave for better opportunities elsewhere.. But some come back after finding those hopes illusory, and the cost of living too high in New York and Philadelphia.. By July, there was less than $5000 in the city’s treasury.. Mayor Chris Doherty took the draconian step of putting hundreds of municipal employees, including the police and fire services – and himself – on $7.. 25 an hour, minimum wage, for two weeks.. A desperate deal was brokered which asks for “voluntary” contributions from the region’s largest employers: non-profit hospitals and universities that pay no taxes.. While not technically bankrupt, Scranton’s financial crisis is only the most recent and visible indicator of its persistent struggle.. The local unemployment rate remains above 9% even as it’s dipped nationwide.. PHOTOGRAPHS + TEXT by Alan Chin / facingchange.. org.. Photo Editor: Mark Rykoff.. Scranton Times-Tribune.. City In Crisis (comprehensive resource about the financial crisis, at the Times-Tribune).. Scranton government (official).. Scranton Cultural Center.. At The Walrus Magazine.. Susan Hall.. November 2, 2012 at 1:12 am.. Allen,.. We met at the Photo 360 workshop in New Orleans.. My son lives above the Bog on Adams Ave in Scranton.. I m acquainted with the young man in image 13.. It s a small world.. Susan Hall..

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