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  • Title: Welcome! | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: .. Jump to Navigation.. FORESTINFO.. ORG.. Search form.. Search.. Welcome!.. Welcome teachers, students, forestry professionals, and those with a general interest in protecting, managing, and enhancing the natural environment!.. Forestinfo.. org.. is your source for environmental information which is understandable, unbiased, accurate, and available in a wide variety of formats.. We strive to facilitate informed decisions regarding forestry-related issues.. The pathway to living sustainably is integrating our social, economic, and environmental needs.. This requires scientifically credible information and a clear understanding of our issues and options.. Searching for F.. R.. E.. Network Materials?.. is Dovetail Partner's new one-stop site for environmental education resources.. Materials from the F.. Network, including.. Teachers' Tools.. ,.. Teaching Units.. , and.. Research References.. have  ...   UPDATE.. NEW Eco-Link: Geology 101.. 2012 Teacher/Outdoor Educator Workshops.. 2012 Teachers Tours.. Food From the Neighborhood Report - Student Edition.. Home.. Donate.. Site Map.. Privacy Policy.. Contact.. Copyright © 2012 Dovetail Partners, Inc.. All Rights Reserved.. Discover.. Kid s Corner.. Forestry Careers.. Arborist.. Aquatic Biologist.. Botanist.. Chemist.. Ecologist.. Entomologist.. Environmental Engineer.. Forester.. GIS Specialist.. Logger.. Microbiologist.. Science Teacher.. Wildlife Biologist.. Teachers.. Teachers Tools.. Complete List of Resources.. K-6th Grade Resources.. 7th-9th Grade Resources.. 10th-12th Grade Resources.. College Adult Resources.. Activity-Based Resources.. Environmental Quiz.. Materials and the Env.. Forest Succession.. Tropical Deforestation.. Forestry Tours.. Lesson Plans.. K-2nd Grade.. 3rd-5th Grade.. 6th-8th Grade.. 9th-12th Grade.. Adult.. Products.. Eco-Links.. Videos.. Posters.. Sponsors.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Dovetail Partners, Inc.. 612-333-0430.. info@forestinfo.. www.. dovetailinc..

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  • Title: Teachers' Tools | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: While a great many educational products focus on forests and environmental issues related to forests, there is relatively little information today about forests and the products that flow from them that:.. is scientifically sound,.. links consumption and production of key raw materials used by society, and that.. accurately portrays consumption of wood resources and other raw materials, management of forest resources, and environmental impacts associated with production of the principal raw materials and associated products  ...   use of educational materials that meet these criteria.. Resource Listings.. collects and evaluates existing educational materials related to forests, forest management, and forest products.. We determine if they are scientifically accurate and if the following concepts are addressed:.. Everything is made from natural resources and natural resources must come from somewhere.. The gathering and processing of all natural resources have environmental impacts.. Responsible production and use of wood - a renewable resource - is environmentally sound..

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  • Title: Teaching Units | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: consist of presentation materials that cover a variety of forest-related topics.. Teaching Units: Presentation Materials.. Materials and the Environment..

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  • Title: Research References | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: In addition to the references listed below, check out the complete listing of.. Dovetail Partners'.. environmental reports.. These are short, concise reports dealing with a broad array of topics related to forest management and land use.. http://dovetailinc.. org/reports.. Alvarez, M.. 2007.. The State of America's Forests.. (1.. 84MB.. pdf) MD: Society of American Foresters.. Bonnicksen, T.. 2000.. America's Ancient Forests - From the Ice Age to the Age of Discovery.. New York: John Wiley Sons.. Bowyer, J.. 2001.. Environmental implications of wood production in intensively managed plantations.. (191KB.. pdf) Wood and Fiber Science 33(3): 318-333.. Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.. ) as a Paper-making Raw Material in Minnesota: Technical, Economic, and Environmental Considerations.. Department of Wood and Paper Science Report Series - 2001, 50pp.. , J.. Howe, K.. Fernholz, and P.. Guillery.. 2004.. Tree-Free Paper: When is it Good for the Environment?.. , Responsible Materials Series, Sept.. 2.. FAO.. State of the World's Forests, 2007.. Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.. Fernholz, K.. Howe, J.. Bowyer, and P.. 2005.. How Do the FSC and SFI Standards Address the Forest Service's Four Threats?.. , September 15.. Howe, and J.. Bowyer.. 2006.. Conservation Easements to Protect Working Forests.. Dovetail Partners, February 23.. Floyd, D.. W.. 2002.. Forest Sustainability: The History, the Challenge, the  ...   B.. Wilson, J.. Perez-Garcia, J.. Bowyer, and J.. Meil.. CORRIM: Life-Cycle Environmental Performance of Building Materials.. Forest Products Journal 54(6): 8-19.. MacCleery, D.. 1994.. American Forests: A History of Resiliency and Recovery.. Minnesota Forest Resources Council, 2005.. Sustaining Minnesota Forest Resources: Voluntary Site-Level Forest Management Guidelines.. Moore, Patrick.. 2010.. Trees are the Answer.. Beatty Street Publishing Inc.. Vancouver, BC.. Perlin, J.. 1991.. A Forest Journey - the Role of Wood in the Development of Civilization.. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.. Putz, Zuidema, Synott, Pena-Claros, Pinard, Shel, Vanclay, Sist, Gourlet-Fleury, Giscom, Palmer, and Zagt.. 2012.. Sustaining Conservation Values in Selectively Logged Tropical Forests: the Attained and the Attainable.. Wiley Periodicals, Inc.. Pyne, S.. 1997.. America's Fires: Management on Wildlands and Forests.. Shifley, S.. and N.. Sullivan.. The Status of Timber Resources in the North Central United States.. USDA-Forest Service, North Central Research Station, Gen.. Tech.. Rep.. NC-228.. Sustainable Forestry in the Balance.. Journal of Forestry 105(4): 187-195.. Smith, W.. , P.. Miles, J.. Vissage, and S.. Pugh.. Forest Resources of the United States, 2002.. NC-241.. UNECE.. Forest Products Annual Market Review, Geneva Timber and Forest Study Paper 22.. Geneva, Switzerland: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe/Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.. USDA Forest Service, February 2004.. National Report on Sustainable Forests - 2003..

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  • Title: Trees of Minnesota App & Poster | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: Discover the Minnesota Forest Industries' newest environmental education resource:.. "Trees of Minnesota".. The Trees of Minnesota website can be viewed on a computer, or used as an app on any Smart board.. This image rich site contains information regarding Minnesota's various tree species and each species' location, fun facts, uses, full size and age  ...   products, a Forest Facts page, and some of the Minnesota's forest industries.. A Trees of Minnesota poster also exists for those who want something more tangible or who don't have easy access to a computer or Smart board.. Click here to view the Trees of Minnesota website.. Click here to learn more about the poster..

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  • Title: Forest Fact Breaks: Animated Videos | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: Forest Fact Breaks simplify complex forest-related topics, such as forest management, into fun, educational, engaging short films for students.. The films utilize bold graphics, sound effects and narration to teach students about a broad range of environmental issues.. Ten Forest Fact Breaks videos are available.. Click here for additional information and to view the videos online..

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  • Title: Lorax Activity Packet & Every Inkling Makes a Difference | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: Just in time for the release of "The Lorax" in theaters this March, Project Learning Tree has released the Lorax Activity Packet.. The Activity Packet is a supplemental piece to PLT's PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide that provides students with an introduction to forests and forest management utilizing Dr.. Suess' classic characters.. Topics of discussion include forest management, wood products, wildlife habitat, and climate change.. This hands-on activity guide is a great resource for environmental education teachers seeking to  ...   download the packet here.. Scholastic Inc.. has also released six lesson plans that teach young students about living sustainably with help from Dr.. Suess' The Lorax.. The lesson plans are entitled Every Inkling Makes a Difference and can be downloaded online for free through the Scholastic website.. Topics of discussion include sustainability, renewable and unrenewable resources, ecosystems, wildlife, environmental advocacy, forests, forest management, global warming, greenhouse gases, and carbon footprints.. View additional information and download the lesson plans here..

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  • Title: Environmental Quiz 2012 UPDATE | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: As of March 2012 our Environmental Quiz has been updated with new statistical information from the U.. Census Bureau, the U.. Geological Survey, the U.. Department of Energy, and the USDA Forest Service.. The environmental quiz is a great tool to use as the first part of a teaching unit to help students maintain interest in the discussion, for stimulating questions, or for providing a basis for more in-depth investigation of issues raised.. Click here to take the updated test online.. Click here to download the updated test, answers, and related PowerPoint presentation for educators..

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  • Title: NEW Eco-Link: Geology 101 | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: Download Forestinfo.. org's newest Eco-Link -.. Geology 101: What is it and how does it affect our daily lives?.. "The processes that create physical geology determine the Earth’s landscape, the distribution of metals, mineral and energy resources, and the types of plant and animal life within a given area.. Geology determines the places that are prone to volcanoes, floods, and other natural disasters.. The  ...   to understand the present and predict future events.. It also provides us with pertinent information and resources regarding fossil fuels, water, food, and the climate.. This Eco-Link explores the basics of geology and how it impacts communities and the lives of individuals.. Linkages of geology to energy availability, climate, natural disasters, water resources, soils, natural resource availability, and even space exploration are considered.. "..

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  • Title: 2012 Teacher/Outdoor Educator Workshops | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: View and register.. for upcoming 2012 Teacher/Outdoor Educator Workshops being sponsored by the Boulder Lake Environmental Learning Center in Duluth, MN.. Workshops include:.. Project Wild Project Wild Aquatic Workshop.. Rainy Rivers Headwaters Workshop.. Dynamic Forests Workshop.. How to Teach Sustainability Workshop..

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  • Title: 2012 Teachers' Tours | www.forestinfo.org
    Descriptive info: Interested in learning more about forests and how you can incorporate the information you learn into the classroom? Attend an upcoming Teacher Forestry Tour in 2012!.. Teachers' Tours.. provide an opportunity to become immersed in the social, economic, and ecological aspects of sustainable forestry.. View a list of upcoming tours here..

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