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  • Title: Louisiana Urban Forestry Council - Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Louisiana Urban Forestry Council.. 1.. Main Site Navigation.. Home.. About LUFC.. Groups/Partners.. Articles.. News.. Calendar/Tree Tips.. How-To Movie.. Join LUFC.. Contact Us.. 2.. Content.. Hurricane Preparedness.. Learn how to protect your trees.. during hurricane season.. Hurricane Recovery.. Get immediate help.. and avoid post storm panic.. Benefits of trees.. Learn how trees take care of us.. and why Natives  ...   Cities.. workshop.. Hey Kids, check this out.. Have some fun and.. learn more about trees.. You can make a difference.. Join Louisiana Urban Forestry Council, it's easy.. Become a partner.. in promoting the value and benefits of Louisiana's urban forests through.. education, research, training and conservation.. 3.. Footer.. |.. Calendar/Tree tips.. Hey Kids.. Contact us.. 2012.. Produced by:.. JLJHello.. com..

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  • Title: About LUFC - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: LUFC.. About Louisiana Urban Forestry Council.. T.. he Louisiana Urban Forestry Council (LUFC) is a non-profit volunteer organization that promotes urban and community forestry principles that can be incorporated into the planning, development and implementation process at the local government level.. The LUFC encourages local governments and citizens to take proactive measures in planting and conserving trees to assure that future generations live in an established viable urban forest.. Founded in 1991, the Council is governed by a 12-member board of directors consisting of urban foresters, arborists, planners, landscape architects, and other individuals active in the urban forest field.. As a statewide organization, it collaborates with other green groups, all levels of governments, individual citizens and with corporations and businesses.. The mission of the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council is to recognize, promote, and improve the value and benefits of our urban forest resource through management, education, research, training and conservation.. Funding the LUFC and its various projects is derived mostly from the "Urban and Community Forestry" grant program, as well as memberships and donations.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council conducts workshops, conferences and tree-related programs and provides a number of services, most of which are free of charge.. It acts as a clearinghouse of information related to urban forestry issues.. Additionally, it assists municipal leaders who may have questions regarding their urban forests.. Also, the Council educates the public through workshops and conferences.. Finally, it promotes the elements of TREE CITY USA, a highly-coveted designation of communities around the country.. The following is a list of products and services that are provided by the LUFC:.. Organizational Capacity.. LDAF officials and volunteers conduct tree assessments and inventories in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina; April, 2006.. Working in concert with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the LUFC collaborates with numerous governmental, private, non-profit and educational organizations.. Additionally, its board, advisory board and membership are comprised of landscape architects, urban foresters, planners, local and state government officials, and interested individuals.. Also, the LUFC has similar organizations in other states and can access a network of professionals in national organizations.. Top.. Newsletter - "The Canopy".. With a mailing list of over 1500 people throughout Louisiana and the nation, "The Canopy" provides valuable urban forestry information and highlights Louisiana communities implementing urban forestry programs.. The Canopy is published quarterly.. CLICK HERE to download the most recent edition of "The Canopy" in PDF format.. CLICK HERE to download ARCHIVED EDITIONS of our newsletter.. Grants.. A volunteer waters freshly-potted trees at Parkway Partners Program site in New Orleans; March, 2006.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council assists the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry's "Urban and Community Grant" Program.. This program is geared toward establishing new and strengthening existing community forestry programs in Louisiana.. Additionally, this program strives to increase the number and diversity of individuals informed and involved in community forestry endeavors.. Since 2004, the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council has been the recipient of over $370,000 in grant funding from the "Urban and Community Forestry Grant" program, the Alliance for Community Trees and Chevron North America.. The Chevron Tree Farm.. The sign indicating the site of the Chevron Tree Farm in New Orleans' City Park.. Chevron donated $60,000 to the LUFC to renovate and restore the tree nursery in an attempt to reforest New Orleans and the area following Katrina;.. October, 2006.. Prior to the landfall of Hurricane Katrina in late August 2005, the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry maintained and operated a tree nursery in New Orleans' City Park.. LDAF personnel used the site to grow seedlings and to distribute trees to public agencies.. Flood waters decimated the tree nursery and destroyed all trees and tree-nursery equipment.. In the months after the storm, the LDAF no longer had the capacity to operate the site, and the LUFC took over the tree farm and its operations.. During this same time, Chevron North America officials based in New Orleans were looking for a way to "give back" to the community and decided to fund the renovations to the tree farm.. Chevron officials met with LUFC and LDAF representatives in the middle of 2006 to discuss a partnership.. Chevron donated $60,000 to the LUFC to renovate the tree farm.. The tree farm was then named the "Chevron Tree Farm" and is a partnership between the LUFC and Chevron emerged.. Over 400 volunteers helped to pot over 3,500 tree seedlings during a November 2006 event, which was one of the largest volunteer events held in post-Katrina New Orleans.. Additional Chevron volunteers assisted with other projects throughout 2007.. Volunteers from New York assist with maintenance of Chevron Tree Farm;.. April, 2007.. Also, the LUFC was awarded another "Urban and Community Forestry" grant in the amount of $25,000 in 2007 to fund the maintenance and operation of the Chevron tree farm in New Orleans City Park.. This funding enabled the LUFC to enter into a contract with an individual to maintain the Chevron Tree Farm on a weekly basis.. The work consists of grass cutting, tree maintenance, program preparations and other tasks consisted with the successful operation of the Tree Farm.. While no longer active in the operation of the Chevron Tree Farm, LDAF personnel continue to assist with technical assistance.. Brief synopsis of Chevron Tree Farm operations:.. There are approximately 4,000 potted tree seedlings presently in grow-out mode and can be divided into 20 species of street and  ...   Troopers.. ".. The Citizen Forester Program first started in Louisiana in 2003 by Friends of Jefferson the Beautiful in Metairie, LA, through the implementation of an "Urban and Community Forestry" grant.. Since then, a number of Citizen Forester Programs have been held again in Metairie, as well as in New Orleans, Covington, Pineville, the Bayou Region (Terrebonne/Lafourche/St.. Mary Parish); and, in Ville Platte.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council fully supports the program through partial funding and organizational techniques.. It is the goal of the LUFC to have three Citizen Forester Programs held in Louisiana each year.. Local municipalities are responsible for the preservation, protection and maintenance of all city trees.. Unfortunately, economic realities have limited the ability of some communities to provide enough attention to young trees.. Research has shown that the average street-tree lives less than ten years due to the harsh conditions of the urban environment.. Small and newly planted trees have the highest mortality rate and, therefore, need the most help.. The committed volunteers of the Citizen Forester Program are able to address these needs.. Since it does not take a college degree in forestry to make a difference, anyone can prune dead or broken branches, water during dry periods, mulch around trees and monitor urban forest health.. Addressing these basic needs during the early years in the life of a tree increases the odds that it will survive and thrive.. Tree Troopers receive training in environmental awareness and basic arboricultural principals.. Through nine hours of classroom and three hours of outdoor training, participants learn about tree identification, site suitability, proper planting techniques, after planting care and pruning.. Upon graduating from the program, Tree Troopers commit to 20 hours of volunteer work on municipal- or public-related projects in their home area.. Public Service Announcements.. Using media resources throughout the state, the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council issues informative press releases that educate the citizens of Louisiana about urban forestry programs, grants and issues that empower citizens on how to best manage their trees and become active in promoting urban forestry in their local communities.. Louisiana Municipal Association.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council considers all public officials partners in promoting urban forestry.. One way that the LUFC is able to disseminate information to local leaders is by having a strong relationship with the Louisiana Municipal Association, which is comprised of mayors and council members from all municipalities around the state.. Representatives of the LUFC attend the LMA's annual conference every August and man a booth that has the latest information on urban forestry.. LUFC representatives are able to meet directly with municipal leaders and discuss the benefits of an urban forestry program, why urban forestry should be a part of their infrastructure, and answer any tree-related questions that they may have.. Additionally, a representative on the LMA serves on the Advisory Board of the LUFC.. Tree City USA.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council fully supports the National Arbor Day Foundation's TREE CITY USA program by working with communities around the state to verify their fulfillment of the program's requirements.. Communities that meet certain standards are recognized as TREE CITY USA communities.. The TREE CITY USA program is designed to recognize those communities that effectively manage their public tree resources and to encourage the implementation of community tree management based on four TREE CITY USA Standards.. These four standards provide structure for a community forestry program, require that program to demonstrate success based on the judgment of the state forester's office, and provide for an awareness and appreciation of trees among the residents of the community.. The four standards of the TREE CITY USA program are as follow:.. A Tree Board or Department;.. A Community.. Tree Ordinance.. ;.. A Community Forestry Program with an annual budget of at least $2.. 00 per capita; and,.. An Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation.. The following Louisiana communities are current TREE CITY USA designees:.. Alexandria.. Download City Ordinences.. Amite City.. Barksdale AFB.. Baton Rouge.. Brusly.. Covington.. Crowley.. Denham Springs.. Gretna.. Hammond.. Harahan.. Jefferson Parish.. Lafayette.. Mandeville.. Morgan City.. Natchitoches.. New Orleans.. Pineville.. Ruston.. Shreveport.. Slidell.. Terrebonne Parish.. Thibodaux.. Awards.. LUFC-award winning submission from Vinton, LA;.. January, 2005.. The LUFC recognizes individuals and organizations who are improving urban forestry programs with their communities with an annual awards program.. Award-winning projects offer worthy examples for others to emulate.. LUFC Interaction with Other Organizations.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council has an excellent performance record in regard to interacting with other nonprofit organizations and with governmental units.. Through various training programs, the responses to calls for assistance, and generous tree give-away programs, LUFC has gained the confidence and admiration of innumerable persons, agencies, and organizations.. This would include the following:.. State legislators, mayors, and other public officials.. LSU AgCenter Horticultural Agents and their Master Gardener Programs.. Municipal horticultural/beautification units (e.. g.. , Shreveport Green, Baton Rouge Green, New Orleans Parkway Partners, Friends of Jefferson the Beautiful, etc).. Neighborhood associations, home owners associations, and the like.. The RC D program of Natural Resources Conservation Service/USDA.. Public school systems (e.. , Jefferson Parish Public School System).. Louisiana Federation of Garden Clubs and garden clubs at the local level throughout the state; and,.. Countless citizens throughout Louisiana, the United States and foreign countries.. Monthly Tree Tips.. See calendar, first day of the month.. About LUFC.. What is the Urban Forest?.. Newsletter.. "The Canopy".. Home-Ownership Month.. City Ordinances.. Board Members Contact Information..

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  • Title: Group Partners - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Groups, Local Goverments Utility Companies.. he Louisiana Urban Forestry Council encourages the planting of trees throughout Louisiana, and emphasizes local involvement, especially with the creation of local tree boards.. Also, the LUFC relies on citizens and organizations (private and public) to help with the establishment, renewal and conservation of the state's tree canopy since the LUFC lacks the adequate resources (personnel, equipment, technical and financial) to directly implement projects in various communities; therefore, the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council has identified three main groups that can assist with improving the tree canopy of Louisiana: "Green Groups;" Local Governments; and Utility Companies.. Green Groups.. Besides the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council, there are a number of other groups that work with trees or some other related "green" aspect of our environment.. The LUFC, to facilitate the continued "greening" of this state, lists these.. groups here.. Local Government.. Citizens and non-profit groups are naturally interested in trees in their communities or within their jurisdictions..  ...   their mission is to insure the uninterrupted transmission of electricity, water, gas, safe unobstructed roadways, sidewalks etc.. It is vitally important to work representatives of these utility companies when dealing with trees and utility lines.. The Council encourages people to contact their respective utility company (or city if utilities are municipally owned) to discuss any tree work needed.. Here is a link that will provide you information on whom to contact:.. Louisiana Public Service Commission.. Electric Coop.. PDF.. Electric Investor Owned Utilities.. PDF.. Groups/Partners Related Links.. Humantarian Giving.. Local Goverment.. General Information for Non-Profit Organizations.. Free Management Library.. A very comprehensive, highly integrated library for non-profits and for-profit organizations.. Highly recommended as a source to answer all your questions.. Grant / Reimbursement Information.. Independent Sector Values.. The INDEPENDENT SECTOR Statement of Values and Code of Ethics for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations is intended as a model for use by nonprofit organizations and foundations nationwide in determining the value of volunteer time..

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  • Title: News - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Louisiana Urban Forestry Council's News.. Building Green Cities Workshop.. -- MANDEVILLE 10/21/10.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council, in cooperation with the Mandeville Parks and Parkways Commission, is holding a Building Green Cities workshop at the Mandeville City Hall Courtroom, 3010 East Causeway Approach.. The day's schedule is as follows:.. 8:15 a.. m.. Registration.. 8:45 a.. Welcome.. 9:00 a.. The Visual Effects of Green Laws.. 9:50 a.. Urban Sprawl and Urban Ecosystems.. 10:50 a.. BREAK.. 11:00 a.. Storm Recovery Steps.. 11:50 a.. LUNCH.. 12:50 p.. Best Management Practices and Stormwater Issues.. 1:40 p.. Successful Urban Forestry Examples.. 2:30 p.. Community Gardens.. 3:00 p.. Closing Remarks.. TO REGISTER.. for this event, please contact Maggie Trenary by telephone (985-624-3103) or by email (.. mtrenary@cityofmandeville.. ).. Registration deadline is Monday, October 18, 2010 to afford program organizers an opportunity to plan for an adequate number of lunches.. The public is invited and there is no admission charge.. Click.. HERE.. to download the Mandeville BGC Flyer.. New Board of Directors - 2010-2012 Term.. Congratulations to the new Board of Directors of the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council! During its May 27, 2010 meeting, the board selected a new board and elected new officers.. The membership of the 2010-2012 Board of Directors comprise the following individuals and officers:.. Cindy Bouchie.. (Pineville, Louisiana).. Dana Nunez Brown.. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana).. D.. Scott Courtright.. (Gonzales, Louisiana).. Tim Cockerham.. (Prairieville, Louisiana).. Jean Fahr.. (New Orleans, Louisiana).. Carey Hammett.. (Metairie, Louisiana).. Lori Y.. Marinovich.. (Lake Charles, Louisiana).. Rebecca Becky Bechtel.. Frank Neelis.. (Robert, Louisiana).. Steve Shurtz.. *Keith Villere.. (Covington, Louisiana).. *Epney Brasher.. Note: * signifies.. Ex Officio.. Members.. 2010 Urban and Community Forestry Grant Announcement.. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) will be accepting applications for the 2010 Urban Community Forestry (UCF) Grant program beginning August 9, 2010.. There is $70,000 of federal matching funds available for the 2010 UCF program year.. These funds will be distributed through a competitive grants allocation process.. Due to limited funding, LDAF will award.. seven  ...   The Forest Service has also placed emphasis on the five national U CF programs goals: Minimize the impact on land use change and urbanization on forests, Minimize the risk and impact of catastrophic events, Protect and improve air and water quality, Mitigate climate change, Energy Conservation.. These national goals should be included (if applicable) in the four traditional categories.. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry must report these specific activities within the state to the USDA Forest Service each year, and future funding will be based upon how many communities in our state are participating in these activities.. Interested parties can download the application at the LDAF website by clicking.. here.. If unable to access the application on the website, please contact Whitney Wallace by telephone (225) 925-4500 or by e-mail (.. wwallace@ldaf.. state.. la.. us).. All applications have to be submitted by 4:30 p.. September 24, 2010.. i-Tree Street Training Workshop -- Hammond LA 9/23/10.. SAVE THE DATE!.. i-Tree Streets Training Workshop.. Hammond, LA.. September 23, 2010.. MORE INFO COMING SOON!!.. What is i-Tree Streets?.. i-Tree Streets is the environmental services benefit/cost software developed by the USDA Forest Service designed to quantify the structure, environmental benefits, and value of urban street trees.. The results from an i-Tree Streets project can be used by natural resource managers and municipal planners for making effective resource management decisions, develop policy and set urban forest priorities.. Who should attend?.. This workshop is designed for consulting arborists, urban foresters or urban natural resource managers, municipal planners, tree boards, and extension personnel who have the capacity to train others or will provide this service to their customers as a comprehensive forestry assessment.. What you will learn?.. This workshop will teach you 1.. how to set up an i-Tree Streets project step-by-step, 2.. the data collection methodology including what data to collect and how to collect them, 3.. data entry, 4.. generating reports, and 5.. how to interpret and use the reports that the application generates..

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  • Title: How-to Movie - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: How-To Movie.. Trees, Our Heritage, Our Lives.. Produced by The Friends of Jefferson The Beautiful.. A 30 minute DVD by Francis James,.. Perception Films.. francisjames.. Chapters.. Exploring the Benefits of Trees.. Tree Physiology.. Identifying Trees.. Key Factors.. Planting Techniques.. Soils.. Pruning Techniques.. Protecting the Benefits.. Hurricane Related Links.. Hurricane preparedness.. How-to planning.. How-to maintenance..

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  • Title: Join LUFC - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Join Louisiana Urban Forestry Council.. Thanks to the support of its members, the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council is extremely successful in implementing its projects and programs.. In fact, in 2007, the Council “captured” over 5,089 volunteer hours and over 780 volunteers (some repeat volunteers) on its projects.. As such is the case with all non-profits, the LUFC depends greatly on the support of its members to continue implementing its projects and programs and to promote the state’s urban forest.. Membership benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:.. A subscription to LUFC’s quarterly newsletter, “The Canopy;”..  ...   urban forestry-related projects;.. A LUFC membership decal;.. Information on available grants throughout the year;.. Use of Council Website’s calendar to list urban forestry-related project or event.. Student.. $25.. 00.. Supporter.. Contributor.. $50.. Sustainer.. $100.. Patron.. $250.. Municipal.. Corporate.. $150.. Join the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council and help us promote the care and preservation of our urban forests.. It is vital that we stop the continuing loss of tree canope in our cities and towns.. The Louisiana Urban Forestry Council is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization.. Gifts and contributions are tax deductible as allowed for income tax purposes..

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  • Title: Contact Us - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Contact Louisiana Urban Forestry Council.. P.. O.. Box 1628.. Baton Rouge, LA 70821-1628.. To contact the LUFC Executive director, please send an.. email.. or call.. 985-686-9391.. Mail can be sent to the following address:.. Michael C.. Knobloch.. LUFC.. Box 290.. Morgan City LA 70381-0290.. Board Members.. Click here.. for board members contact list.. Arborists & Urban Foresters.. A diverse field of professionals  ...   utility arborists to community ecologist and environmental professionals.. According to the Louisiana Arborist Association, the following steps should be taken in selecting a qualified arborist:.. http://www.. louisianaarborist.. org/howto/index.. html.. Also, professional urban foresters can be contacted for assistance.. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.. telephone: 225-952-8100.. website:.. ldaf.. us.. They can be contacted to locate professional urban foresters near your community..

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  • Title: Hurricane Recovery - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Hurricane Recovery.. he Louisiana Urban Forestry Council encourages citizens and units of local government to be prepare their trees for hurricane season (June 1 - November 30) each year.. Also, the LUFC has recommendations to follow after a tropical systems makes landfall.. The following links provide information to prepare.. In the immediate aftermath of a storm, it is very difficult to get a tree care professional to visit unless they are a storm chaser who may not have insurance much less be licensed and qualified to do safe tree work.. The best chance in getting immediate help is if a homeowner has a relationship with a local arborist.. Home owners tend to have a post-storm panic and decide to have all surviving trees near their home removed (This action is sometimes encouraged by “traveling tree experts” who are only interested in separating a homeowner from  ...   slowing the post storm clean up effort.. Be A Good Citizen And Neighbor:.. A good rule of thumb is to only address the severely damaged trees.. Trees that have been uprooted, trees that have broken trunks, trees hat have lost major branches with trunk damage are the first order of concern and should be addressed immediately.. Download University of Florida's booklet (PDF).. Assessing Damage and Restoring Trees After a Hurricane.. Additional Resources.. Arbor Day Foundation.. Contains information about how communities and individuals can save damaged trees after violent storms.. All articles and artwork are downloadable for reprint.. Tree Link.. Contains many weather-related resources.. The Right Tree at the Right Place.. Important information on replanting.. Urban Forestry South.. A collection of resources, tools and links related to disaster management and tree planting, maintenance, and removal which can be used during post-storm activities (i.. e.. recovery, clean-up, restoration)..

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  • Title: Hurricane Preparedness -Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Hurricane Preparedness.. Before Hurricane Season begins, the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council encourages preventive steps that will help to reduce any damage from trees should a tropical system make landfall near you.. Property owners get nervous and remove all large trees near their homes when there exists the threat of an approaching storm.. Such removals may very well result in higher utility bills, a barren landscape and sometimes heart felt regrets.. If a pre-storm assessment is preformed by a highly qualified ISA Certified arborist, it is possible that a tree can be pruned to become storm-ready.. Such a tree may serve as a wind buffer to your home, providing it is structurally sound and has an intact root system.. It may be worth your while to begin looking for a licensed arborist that could be of assistance before hurricane season or in the days after the landfall of a tropical system.. A list of licensed arborist can be found on the website of the.. Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.. How to Planning.. When a storm strikes trees can play an important role by buffering homes from strong winds.. In some cases well-maintained trees play a role in protecting our homes.. Planting "the right tree in the right place" will maximize the environmental benefits trees provided to a community.. While it may be arguable as to just what it means to plant the right tree in the right place, there are some basic guidelines that are important in deciding where  ...   oak.. When a homeowner addresses tree maintenance with a qualified arborist (and not from the "low-bid takedown artist"), the homeowner generally develops a relationship with a local arborist that can lead to a storm plan.. Some homeowners/property owners have relationships with out- of- town arborists in the event of a storm.. Generally the out of town arborist assists a local arborist with customers.. Utility companies, for example, have a highly organized storm response plan with out-of-town/state utility arborists to help out in the days following a tropical system's landfall.. Whether during regular tree maintenance or in a time following the landfall of a storm, if you decide to hire someone to do tree work, the State of Louisiana requires that work be performed by a licensed arborist only.. Hiring someone not licensed in Louisiana can have a negative, economic ramification on a homeowner or property owner if someone is injured or if property is damaged.. Make sure that the vendor is licensed and insured.. As to see documentation and make an effort to verify the authenticity of the documents.. Ask for an estimate in writing.. If the company is legitimate, this will not be an issue.. Do not hire anyone with a written contract that spells out the work plan, the clean-up plan and a final price.. Do not give a deposit before the work begins.. For information about hiring an arborist visit:.. If you would like to get more information, please visit:.. National Arbor Day Foundation for Trees..

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  • Title: Benefits of Trees - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Benefits of Trees.. rees contribute to many aspects of our lives and are part of the urban ecology; the blend of elements from biological ecology and human activity.. Trees provide shade which helps to cool the temperature of the earth, saving money on utility bills.. Trees clean the atmosphere by filtering out harmful carbon and replacing it with oxygen.. Trees buffer homes and property from high winds and pelting rain.. Trees help prevent erosion.. Trees provide homes for small animals and birds.. Trees add color, beauty and aesthetic interest to our environment.. Any piece of ground can be made more interesting and pleasant by adding a tree.. Investors and developers know that people are attracted to areas with trees.. Property values increase as numbers and sizes of trees increase.. Shopping centers with trees attract tenants and shoppers in greater numbers than shopping centers without trees.. “.. The wonder is that we can see these trees and not wonder more.. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.. Why are Native Trees a better choice?.. Native trees are storm resistant.. They thrive in our region.. Natives provide a sense of place and are an important part of the our Southern heritage.. Native trees have been designed by nature to survive  ...   that fit your planting needs.. Learn more about tree selection at the following links.. Make Wise Tree Removal Decisions before a Hurricane.. Assessing Damage and Restoring Trees After a Hurricane.. Hire an Arborist for Residential Tree Needs.. Tree Facts.. Trees keep our air supply fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.. In one year, an acre of trees can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driven up to 8,700 miles.. Trees provide shade and shelter, reducing yearly heating and cooling costs by 2.. 1 billion dollars.. Trees lower air temperature by evaporating water in their leaves.. A tree does not reach its most productive stage of carbon storage for about 10 years.. Trees cut down noise pollution by acting as sound barriers.. Trees provide protection from downward fall of rain sleet and hail as well as reduce storm run-off and he possibility of flooding.. Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife.. Trees located along streets act as a glare and reflection control.. Trees are the longest living organisms on earth.. The world’s tallest tree is a coast redwood in California, measuring more than 360 feet or 110 meters.. From the International Society of Arboriculture website.. treesaregood.. The Value of Trees..

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  • Title: Kids Area - Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
    Descriptive info: Hey, Kids.. Great to have you aboard with us, the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council.. We're so glad you are visiting with us and learning about trees so that you can help to promote trees for the future.. How to measure the height of a tree.. Hey Kids, here is a way to measure the height of a tree, a building, tower etc.. with a friend and a stick.. Have a friend whose height you know stand beside the tree, or object you want to measure.. Stand back far enough so that you can see your friend and the whole length of the tree from your point of view.. Hold your  ...   the top of it appears to touch the top of your friend's head.. Place your thumbnail on the stick where it seems to touch the base of the tree which should also line up at your friend's feet.. Now move the stick up to to the top of the tree counting off how many times this measurement will fit into the height of the tree.. Multiply that number by your friend's height and you will have a pretty close approximate height of the tree.. Games.. Word Find Puzzle.. (PDF).. State Trees Matching Game.. Links.. Carly's Kids Corner.. 4-H Centennial.. Science Made Simple.. Educational Video from Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program..

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