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  • Title: NASDA the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
    Descriptive info: .. Members' Only Login.. NASDA members can now log into the Members' Only section of the website from the 'front page.. ' Once logged on to the site, use the navigation bar on the top of the page to access the public sections of the site.. Regional Emergency  ...   Association of State Departments of Agriculture's (NASDA) website.. You can access the general site.. here.. or click on any of the links on this page.. STATE SPECIALTY CROP BLOCK GRANT INFORMATION.. NASDA WAREHOUSE TASK FORCE.. Core 4 is a common-sense approach to improving farm profitability while addressing environmental concerns..

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  • Title: State Specialty Crop Grant Information
    Descriptive info: State Specialty Crop Block Grant Information.. Preliminary Specialty Crop Report (April 10, 2002).. Letter to Congress (April 17, 2002).. Letter to the Secretary of Agriculture.. requesting further guidance and clarification on use of the state specialty crop grants (October 4, 2001).. Response from Secretary Veneman to the NASDA Letter (November 29, 2001).. 2001 Farm Assistance Bill: Grants by State.. Section 7 (b), of the farm assistance package passed by Congress on August 13, 2001 (Public Law 107-25)--.. Section 7 (b) provides Grants for Value of Production, by State, in the amount that represents the proportion of the value of specialty crop production in the State in relation to the national value of specialty crop production.. The bill then goes on to list the amounts to be granted to each State.. The dollars allocated to each State were based upon a percentage derived by adding together the total vegetables cash receipts and the total fruits nuts cash receipts for that State for 1999, and then dividing that sum by $28,139,112,000, which is the U.. S.. 1999 total cash receipts for vegetables plus fruits nuts.. The percentage, representing the State's share of the U.. total cash receipts for those items, was then applied to the $133,400,000 in available grant funds and rounded to come up with the dollar amounts listed in Section 7 (b) to be given to each State.. The two cash receipts tables can be found on ERS's website in the section that ranks States by commodity groups,  ...   of recipients of specialty crop grant funds.. Secretary announces grant funding availability.. Kansas.. Report on Allocation of State Specialty Crop Funds.. Maryland.. Specialty Crop Development Ideas Sought.. Massachusetts.. Request for Response.. Michigan.. Value-added agricultural development projects to boost Michigan food and agriculture industry.. Grant money available for Michigan specialty crops.. Minnesota.. MDA announces recipients of $1.. 7 million in USDA specialty crops grants.. Missouri.. State Agriculture Department Receives USDA Grants.. Nebraska.. Governor Johanns Announces New Grant Program To Boost State's Specialty Crop.. New Hampshire Agricultural Promotion Grant Program.. guidelines.. and.. application.. New Mexico.. Specialty Crop Funding Application.. New York.. Governor Announces $1.. 2 Million to Support NY's Specialty Crops.. Governor Announces $3.. 1 Million to Promote NY Agriculture.. Nevada.. State Specialty Crop Block Grant Programs.. North Dakota.. State Receives $1.. 9 Million for Speciality Crop, Value-Added Promotion.. Ohio.. Ohio Agriculture: Keep a good thing growing.. -Television Commercials Make it Memorable with Humor;.. Ohio Agriculture: Keep a good thing growing.. TV Spot Makes Cents;.. Drive-Through Commercial.. Helps Consumers Fill in the Blanks;.. Federal Funds Allocated for Specialty Crop Promotion.. Grant Applications for Specialty Crop Promotions Now Available.. Oregon.. Specialty Crop Program Grant Application.. Tennessee.. State Ag Department Makes Grant Money Available for Specialty Crops.. Texas.. TDA Receives Specialty Crop Block Grant.. Washington State.. WSDA calls for second-round grant proposals to benefit small-scale agriculture.. Grants to help market agricultural products and fight trade barriers.. Locke supports agriculture with allocation of federal agriculture grant.. Wisconsin.. Governor Announces Grants for Specialty Crop Industries..

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  • Title: Warehouse Task Force Webpage
    Descriptive info: Warehouse Task Force Webpage.. NASDA WAREHOUSE TASKFORCE.. CHAIR.. Ralph Peck, Director, Montana Dept.. of Agriculture.. MEMBERS.. Lowell Mohler, Director, Missouri Dept.. Joe Pearson, Assistant Commissioner, Indiana Dept.. Patrick A.. Takasugi, Secretary, Idaho Dept.. of Agric.. Jamie Clover Adams, Secretary, Kansas Dept of Agriculture.. Roger Johnson, Commissioner, North Dakota Dept.. Patty Judge, Secretary, Iowa Dept.. Valoria Loveland, Director, Washington Dept.. Billy Ray Smith, Commissioner, Kentucky Dept.. Dan Wyant, Director, Michigan Dept.. Gene Hugoson, Commissioner, Minnesota Dept.. Bob Odom, Commissioner, Louisiana Dept.. of Agriculture and Forestry.. NASDA STAFF.. Jennifer Yezak Molen.. RESOURCES.. NASDA WAREHOUSE TASK FORCE REPORT.. (Feb.. 5, 2003).. USDA Press Release:.. USDA Improves Producer Protection in Federally Licensed Grain Warehouses.. Survey of States (Chart 1 of 2).. - Grain and Commodity Related Laws and Programs (Dec.. 6, 2002).. Survey of States (Chart 2 of 2).. Issues Related to U.. Warehouse Act and Regulations.. (Dec.. National Grain and Feed Association Talking Points.. , NASDA Warehouse Task Force Meeting, November 13, 2002.. Federal Preemption of State Law A  ...   Demeter Inc.. v.. Werries (1988).. Heart of America Grain Inspection Service v.. Missouri Dept.. (1997).. Appley Brothers v.. USA (1993).. (1999).. Grain Insurance Fund Study.. , State of Origin (As of 5/20/02).. pdf.. Association of American Warehouse Control Officials.. 2002 Annual Report.. Implementation of the United States Warehouse Act;.. Proposed Rule (September 4, 2001).. Final Rule (August 5, 2002).. Grain Standards and Warehouse Improvement Act of 2000.. November 13.. Meeting Agenda.. (Kansas City, MO).. If you would like to send in comments, information about this issue, please email.. at.. NASDA NEWS STORIES.. Working Group of NASDA Warehouse Task Force Meet with USDA Officials.. NASDA Warehouse Task Force Holds First Meeting in Kansas City.. (Nov.. 26, 2002).. NASDA's Warehouse Task Force Gears up to Resolve Concerns over USDA's Warehouse Regulations.. 8, 2002).. Warehouse Task Force to Meet on November 13 in Kansas City, Missouri.. 1, 2002).. NASDA President Appoints Co-chairs to Grain Warehouse Task Force.. 25, 2002).. Task Force Created to Resolve Grain Warehouse Issues.. 14, 2002)..

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  • Title: Farmbill Briefing Book
    Descriptive info: 2002 Farm Bill Briefing Book.. NASDA's 21st Century Farm Policy Initiative Report.. Glossary of Terms.. NASDA CORRESPONDENCE CONCERNING THE FARM BILL.. USDA's Farm Bill Website.. Summaries of 2002 Farm Bill--.. Short summary (Six pages).. comprehensive summary (17 pages).. The Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002.. (Courtesy AgricultureLaw.. com).. FAPRI State by State Analysis of Farm Bill Benefits (.. pdf format).. Conference Reports:.. Statement of Managers.. Text of the Statutory Language.. Farm Bill Conference Summary (April 30, 2002).. FAPRI Policy Working Paper #01-02 (Mar 2002 - 1.. 25MB).. Additional Information and Data Regarding FAPRI's Analysis of the House and Senate Farm Bills.. FAPRI Policy Working Paper #02-02 (Mar 2002 - 56KB).. House Agriculture Committee Farm Bill Resource Page (text of legislation, report language, how HR 2646 would change the current farm bill.. (Sept.. 5, 2001).. House Agriculture Committee Draft Farm Bill Concept Paper (July 12, 2001).. H.. R.. 2646.. (July 26, 2001), passed in the House Agriculture Committee.. Section-by-Section Analysis.. (July 30, 2001).. Text of the House Ag Committee farm bill before markup.. (June 26, 2001).. Text and summary of the.. Boehlert-Kind-Gilchrest-Dingell Amendment.. to the House Farm Bill.. Provisions of the Kind Amendment compared to NASDA's Conservation Proposal.. Testimony in the House Concerning Draft Farm Bill Concept Paper and Farm Bill.. Thursday, July 19, 9:30 a.. m.. Formulation of the 2002 Farm Bill.. Mr.. Kendell W.. Keith.. , president, National Grain and Feed Association, Washington, DC.. Bruce Ritter.. , executive vice-president, Louis Dreyfus Corporation, on behalf of the Coalition for a Competitive Food and Agriculture System, Wilton, CT.. Greg McCormack.. , president, Bob s Candies, Inc.. , on behalf of the Coalition for Sugar Reform, Albany, GA.. Tony Anderson.. , president, American Soybean Association, Mount Sterling, OH.. Nolen Canon.. , chairman, U.. Rice Producers Association, Tunica, MS.. Leo Bindel.. , president, National Grain Sorghum Producers, Sabetha, KS.. Jack Roney.. ,director of economics and policy analysis, American Sugar Alliance, on behalf of the U.. Sugar Industry.. Doyle Fincher.. , president, Western Peanut Growers Association, Inc.. , Seminole, TX.. Robert R.. Sutter, vice chairman, National Peanut Growers Group, Spring Hope, NC [testimony unavailable].. Making Changes: Turning Local Visions Into National Solutions.. Ninety-five agriculture and rural development policy recommendations developed by the Wallace Center's five-year Agriculture Policy Project.. COMMODITY PROGRAMS.. Commission on 21st Century Production Agriculture..  ...   Peanut Commission accompanied by Evans J.. Plowden, Jr.. , General Counsel, American Peanut Shellers.. Wilbur Gamble.. , Producer and Chairman of the National Peanut Growers Group.. RESEARCH, EXTENSION, AND EDUCATION.. Testimony Before the House Agriculture Committee.. Wednesday, June 27, 10:00 a.. Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Rural Development and Research.. Formulation of the 2002 Farm Bill agricultural research.. Dr.. Colien Hefferan.. , Administrator, Cooperative State Research, Extension, Education Service, U.. Department of Agriculture.. Floyd Horn.. , Administrator, Agricultural Research Service, U.. Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC.. Victor L.. Lechtenberg, Chair, National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education and Economics Advisory Board.. Sam Curl.. , dean and director, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Oklahoma State University.. Bobby Phills.. , dean, School of Agriculture, Florida A M University.. John R.. Abernathy, dean, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Texas Tech University.. Terry Wolf.. , president, National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research.. Testimony Before the Senate Agriculture Committee.. March.. Tuesday, June 26, 1:00 p.. Formulation of the 2002 Farm Bill Rural Development.. Blaine Stockton.. , Acting Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, U.. John Hoeven.. , Governor, North Dakota, on behalf of the National Governors Association.. Charles W.. Fluharty.. , Director, Rural Policy Research Institute.. Gary Gorshing.. , executive director, South Western Oklahoma Development Authority, Burns Flat, OK on behalf of the National Association of Development Organizations and National Association of Counties.. Glenn English.. , CEO, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.. John Zippert.. , director of program operations, Federation of Southern Cooperatives.. Joe Dudick.. , executive director, Partners for Rural America.. David Graves.. , president and CEO, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Washington, DC.. Wednesday, June 20.. Formulation of the 2002 Farm Bill-Agricultural Credit.. Ms.. Carolyn B.. Cooksie.. , Deputy Administrator for Farm Loan Programs, Farm Service Agency, U.. F.. A.. Lowrey.. , president and chief executive officer, AgFirst Farm Credit Bank representing the Farm Credit Council.. Miles Robinson.. , College of Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences, Tuskegee University.. May 17, 2001.. Fred Stokes.. , president, Organization for Competitive Markets, testified on the need of having a competition title in the 2002 Farm Bill.. May 16, 2001.. John Evans Jr.. , vice chairman, Agriculture-Rural America Committee, Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) on the credit title of the 1996 Farm Bill and recommendations for the 2002 Farm Bill..

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