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  • Title: Report by SEFE on the Arrest and Detention of 4 of their Staff Opposed to the Herakles Project in Cameroon | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Report by SEFE on the Arrest and Detention of 4 of their Staff Opposed to the Herakles Project in Cameroon.. November 14, 2012.. Mundemba-Cameroon: 14/11/2012:.. ILLEGAL ARRESTS, MOLESTATION, LOOTING, AND DETENTION OF NASAKO BESINGI, MANAGING DIRECTOR OF SEFE AND FIVE VILLAGERS AT THE OFFICE OF SEFE BY THE GENDARMES IN MUNDEMBA.. The scene at the office of Struggle to Economize Future Environment (SEFE), in Mundemba was transformed into a battle ground as heavily armed gendarmes made their into the office and proceeded to arrest anyone they find inside and looting properties and carry away bags of T-shirts and purse and camera.. In the morning of Wednesday 14/11/2012, many people from the local villages and in Mundemba town cued up to collect T-shirts which portrayed their opinions concerning the HF palm plantation project which they do not accept and their views have not be articulated by the company and the corrupted local officials who has systematical deceived higher authorities and the world that all the people in the area accept the project.. The rationale for them to wear the T-shirts was to tell the world and the higher authorities that be that the reports circulated by the company and local administrative officials to the effect that everyone has accepted the project were false.. Since the occasion will bring to Mundemba the Regional Governor and many people to witness the installation of the new Prefect for Ndian, SEFE deems it as a very good opportunity for the silence majority to expressed views beyond the horizons of their villages.. It should be noted that opinions of the majority of people have been misled by Mr.. Bruce Wrobel, of HF and the local administrative officials who claimed the contrary.. Therefore, they were instructed to wear T-shirts and go to the field to welcome the new prefect so that everyone could see what they really stand for on the Herakles issue.. Fact check.. When Herakles Farms’s Community Relation Manager, Daniel Agoons, got information about it and that many people were queuing up to collect the T-shirts, he quickly mobilized his subordinates (Adeline Kamera and Bange Lovette), who after laying surveillance on the office and tried unsuccessfully to dissuade the many people not to wear T-shirts to no avail, then decided to phoned the outgoing Prefect Mr.. Peter Tieh Nde, who had been at the center of the false reports send to government that everyone in the area has accepted the project.. Besides, Peter Tieh Nde had had usurped the constitutional power of the Sub Prefects of the area as he has presided all of the so called Land consultative board meetings regarding HF affairs in exchange for huge money.. Conscious of the illegality he then asked the Sub Prefect to append their signature on it.. The law says the Chairman of the Land consultative Board is Sub Prefect and not the senior Prefect.. But the Sub Prefect of Mundemba, Yves Betrand Awoufac Alienou had signed Documents of ghost Land Consultative Board meetings as Chairman when in fact he has presided none with respect to the Herakles illegal land grabbing due to financial influence from the company.. Our arrest and detention was masterminded by Daniel Agoons, who stood just opposite the office of SEFE laughing and clapping his hands in appreciation as we had been driven out of the premises of the office.. In fact he used that opportunity and sent HF workers to the field for propaganda sake, lying to villagers opposed to the project that government has ordered and transfer to because I was opposing what President Biya has already signed.. This is the kind of deception has taken foothold in HF illegal land grabbing scheme.. We were arrested and taken to the Gendarmerie Brigade in Mundemba in a 4x4 WD pick-up, belonging to the local Department of the Ministry of Forest and Wildlife Protection, including the bag containing the T-shirts.. The gendarmes forcefully undressed people who had wore the T-shirts and a woman who was arrested was undressed naked as the gendarmes forcefully removed the T-shirt on her body living her with just her breast wear.. At the time of the arrest more 175 persons had collected the T-shirt  ...   Mr.. Charles Ntoko came to the Gendarmerie brigade and told me that they want to get my story concerning a complaint sent to their office by HF.. I asked them why they chose to come to the brigade at time I was detained for other matter.. I asked them to produce an official document showing the police need like a convocation.. They say they do not have one and that since they are the very people to issue it they have decided to come and so proceeded to give me a complaint written on the headed paper of Etah-Nan and signed by Mr.. Etah Ako as the Lawyer of HF as well as e-mails send to the lawyer by Fanon purported to have been written to me.. After reading they told me that they had two complaints in their office one by HF and the other by me.. But will start with the one that come first that of HF.. I told them that I reserve my statement for the court.. They tried to press on me to give them my statement but I refused.. On Friday the State counsel came to the gendarmerie Brigade and asked that they bring me out.. He told me that they will bring us to the legal department by one o’clock and that we should look for people to bail us.. I told the state counsel that they ceased my phone and that I have not being able to communicate with my lawyer, family and friends.. He ordered the commander to give back my phone.. When they took to his office he said we shall be given recognizance bail in which we declared that we shall not disturb public peace.. I told him that we shall not be will accept any conditioner bail because our activity that did not constitute breach of peace.. We did not want any condition attached to the bail, so, asked a staff of SEFE call and asked Lawyer Malle Adolf what was his take on the bail condition.. He advised that we should accept it as it it.. It was at this point that we started contacting people and they were many who came to legal department to bail us including women and anxious youths.. In fact there was a scramble for people to take us on bail.. We were release on bail and asked to report back to the legal department on December 4, 2012.. We have not been charged this far.. We finally set free at 5.. 30 pm local time Friday November 17, 2012.. Those arrested are Mrs Ekpoh Theresia Malingo (Fabe), Isele Gabriel Ngoe (Fabe), Ochoe Charles Tatana (Fabe), Mosongo Lawrence Namaso (Meangwe II), Nwete Jongele (Mundemba), and Nasako Besingi ( Managing Director, SEFE).. Conclusion:.. - We had no intention to disrupt the installation ceremony of the new Prefect whose appointment we warmly welcome as this was in replacement of the most corrupted Prefect Ndian has ever had.. We never block the road as insinuated by Sub Prefect in the Post Newspaper No.. 01391, of Monday November 19, 2012.. That declaration by the Sub Prefect constitutes wicked deceit, amorality, and darkness for a public official of his status.. - What happened in Mundemba on the 14/11/2012, is that group recognized Cameroonian citizens to be affected by the proposed HF plantation in their area, opted to use legitimated rights and means enshrined in the Cameroon’s Constitution to expressed their opinions to this project which they say is going to make their livelihoods disastrous.. - The objective of raising the concerns of the silence majority opposed to HF was attained eventhough in a negative way due to our arrest.. - On behalf of arrested and detained, I thank all of you for timeless effort that resulted to our release and to say that we have “burn the boat behind us on the Zero plantation in the buffer zone.. ”.. Mundemba 20/11/2012.. Nasako Besingi.. Contact.. the oakland institute.. P.. O.. Box 18978.. Oakland, CA 94619.. info@oaklandinstitute.. org.. Donate.. Your tax-deductible donation allows us to conduct independent research, analysis, and advocacy to facilitate democratic participation in critical policy decisions that affect our quality of life..

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  • Title: Palm Oil Producers Face Africa Challenges | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Palm Oil Producers Face Africa Challenges.. September 22, 2012.. Source:.. Financial Times.. View Original.. Excerpt:.. “If they give up their land for palm oil, the leases are for so long that they are basically giving it up forever.. Controversy has also dogged Cameroon’s palm oil sector.. Herakles Capital.. , a New York investment fund, plans to  ...   surrounded by national parks and protected zones.. Some environmental groups want the project scrapped, and the.. US-based Oakland Institute.. published a scathing report this month.. Herakles’s withdrawal from the RSPO in September, saying the body lacked the technical expertise and resources to evaluate its project, provided critics with more ammunition.. Read the full article.. FTsept2012.. pdf..

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  • Title: Report Assails Palm Oil Project in Cameroon | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Report Assails Palm Oil Project in Cameroon.. September 5, 2012.. New York Times.. On Tuesday, we.. told you about land grabs.. by timber companies in Liberia that are threatening that country’s tropical rain forest.. Today environmental groups and forestry experts are abuzz about a project in nearby Cameroon that is overseen by.. Herakles Farms.. , an affiliate of the New York-based company Herakles Capital that pursues agricultural initiatives in Africa.. The company.. has acquired.. a huge tract of land in southwestern Cameroon under long-term lease and plans to develop one of the world’s largest palm oil plantations there.. Palm oil has been increasingly cultivated in Africa and Asia because it can be sold at good prices for use in biofuels, which are in principle better for the environment than fossil fuels.. But many palm oil plantations in the developing world have proved environmentally controversial because the first step in their creation is cutting down rainforest or draining swamps – acts that cancel out any environmental benefit.. The plantations tend to be owned by multinational corporations that sell the fuel on global markets but do not necessarily heed the needs of local people or animal populations that depend on the  ...   oil project.. A.. new report.. released by.. Greenpeace.. and the.. Oakland Institute.. , an environmentally minded think tank, details numerous problems.. The area to be developed, which is about eight times the size of Manhattan, is a hot spot of biodiversity, and the 99-year land lease is of questionable legal status, the groups’ researchers say.. The report also asserts that the project was vehemently opposed by many of the people who live in the region.. Calls to the Herakles Corporation in New York were not returned this afternoon.. But Herakles Farms has previously denied allegations made in complaints to the Roundtable group.. And Reuters reported that it had obtained a copy of a letter in which Herakles affirmed its commitment to sustainable agriculture and to the standards set by the Roundtable organization.. The Roundtable group announced on Tuesday that.. Herakles had withdrawn.. from the sustainability program.. ”This is a very sad day for Cameroon,” Basile Yapo, the W.. director for Cameroon, said in a statement.. “Given the rapid pace and scale of palm oil development in West Africa, it is critically important that the governments in the region put in place vital safeguards to insure that these projects are sustainable..

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  • Title: Support Us | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Support Us.. Or mail your check payable to the Oakland Institute.. The Oakland Institute.. Box 18978.. Join our mailing list: The Reporter.. Join our Media Alert list.. The Oakland Institute is dedicated to creating a space for public participation and democratic debate on key social, economic, environmental, and foreign policy issues that affect our lives.. By becoming a member of The Oakland Institute, you are building the foundation for a democratic and peaceful future.. The Oakland Institute accepts no funding from corporations or governments.. Your tax-deductible donation allow  ...   foreign policy decisions that affect our quality of life.. When you join the Oakland Institute you have the satisfaction of underwriting open discussion of critical issues.. Free trade agreements, new technologies such as genetic engineering, and governmental funding priorities to challenge growing hunger and poverty, call for vigorous public discussion of the pros and cons.. The Oakland Institute is providing a progressive perspective on such critical issues that are currently greatly under-reported and largely neglected by the mainstream media.. Become A Member.. Employment Opportunities.. Intern Application.. Intern Scholar Program..

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  • Title: Contact Us | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. Mailing Address:.. Oakland Institute.. Box 18978 Oakland, CA 94619.. Office Location:.. 4173 MacArthur Blvd.. , Suite 225.. Email:.. Mission Statement.. Board.. Team.. Fellows.. Intern Scholars.. Donors.. Awards.. What We ve Achieved..

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  • Title: Privacy Policy | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Privacy Policy.. “Please check back for updates soon..

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  • Title: Board | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Board.. SHANNON BIGGS.. Shannon Biggs directs the Community Rights program at Global Exchange, an international human rights organization that addresses root causes of injustice.. She helps communities confronted by corporate harms adopt binding laws that place community rights and community nature above the legal rights of corporations.. Ms.. Biggs also teaches rights-based organizing frameworks at weekend-long Democracy Schools, held in 23 states around the country.. She is the author of the book, Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grassroots.. She is a regular contributor to Global Exchange media, and her articles and speeches are cited in a variety of alternative and mainstream media.. Prior to her involvement at Global Exchange, Ms.. Biggs was a senior staffer at the International Forum on Globalization (IFG), where she served as a staff contributor and editor.. She has also been a lecturer on international relations at San Francisco State University.. Biggs holds a Master’s in Empire and Post Colonialism Economics from the London School of Economics, and a BS in International Relations from San Francisco State University.. TONY CLARKE.. Tony Clarke is the founder and director of the Polaris Institute of Canada, which enables citizen movements to develop new tools for democratic social change in the age of economic globalization.. Dr.. Clarke also currently serves on the boards of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the International Forum on Globalization.. From 1987 to 1993, he was the National Chair of the Action Canada Network, a nation-wide coalition of social, labor, farm, and environmental organizations which mobilized public opposition to Canadian free trade deals (e.. g.. NAFTA).. He was also the National Director of social justice programs for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Chair of the Canadian Council of Churches’ Justice and Peace Commission.. In 2005, Dr.. Clarke received the prestigious Right Livelihood Award, known worldwide as the “alternative Nobel Prize.. ” His publications include The Emergence of Corporation Rule – and What We Can Do About It and Behind the Mitre: The Moral Leadership Crisis in the Canadian Catholic Church.. Clarke received his PhD in Social Ethics and Professional Ministry from the University of Chicago.. JEFF FURMAN.. Jeff Furman served as Ben Jerry’s in house legal counsel, fostered many of the company’s social initiatives, and has served on the company’s corporate board for more than 30 years.. Mr.. Furman is currently the Chair of the Ben Jerry’s corporate board and a trustee of the Ben Jerry’s Foundation.. He is also on the steering committee of the Funders Network on Transforming the Global Economy.. Furman resides in Ithaca, New York with  ...   world.. Named as the 2008 Most Valuable Progressive Thinker by the Nation magazine, Ms.. Mittal was awarded the 2007 Global Citizen Award by the UNA-USA East Bay and KPFA Peace Award in 2006.. She is on the board and advisory committees of several non profit organizations including the Polaris Institute and is a member of the corporate board of Ben Jerry's which focuses on providing leadership for Ben Jerry’s social mission and brand integrity.. Mittal lives in Oakland and can be reached at.. amittal@oaklandinstitute.. CAROLYN PURCELL.. Carolyn Purcell is a family nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience working in community clinics, including the United Farm Worker’s Delano clinic.. Purcell lives in Mountain View, California and is active in her local community as a contributor to a variety of education, peace, faith-based, and immigration rights projects.. CAROL JOHNSON.. Carol Johnson has been the director of St.. Mary’s Center in downtown Oakland since 1999.. Since becoming Director at St.. Mary’s Center, the organization has grown to serve more clients and provide comprehensive service delivery, which includes leadership for affordable housing, food security, and affordable health care.. Guided by principles of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, the center’s and Ms.. Johnson’s leadership has been recognized by the community.. St.. Mary’s Center has been honored with the UNA-East Bay Global Citizen Award and a Local Hero Award from Housing Rights Inc.. Mary’s Center advocates have also been honored by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, the Alameda County Mental Health Association, and others.. TANIA ROSE.. Tania Rose has been practicing law in San Francisco for over twenty years.. Her practice focuses on civil rights, employment discrimination, and international human rights law.. She is also a charter member of the non-profit United4Iran, where she served as Deputy International Coordinator for 2010-2011.. She is currently working on establishment of a small worker collective in Nayarit, Mexico with the goal of creating cradle to cradle surf apparel.. ATUL SHARAN.. Atul Sharan is a veteran of the high-technology industry with experience as an engineer, serial entrepreneur, CEO and angel investor.. He specializes in identifying early stage companies with breakthrough technologies and successfully commercializing their technologies and products.. Curently a resident at Artiman Ventures in Palo Alto, Sharan was previously the President CEO of AutoESL, a start-up with innovative technology licensed from UCLA.. Prior to that he has been instrumental in the success of various start-ups including Compass Design Automation, Ambit, Numerical Technologies, and ClearShape Technologies Inc.. Sharan brings his corporate experience with the hope of turning OI into a lasting organization that will transcend generational change..

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  • Title: Team | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: Team.. Anuradha Mittal, Executive Director.. Anuradha Mittal, founder and executive director of the Oakland Institute, is an internationally renowned expert on trade, development, human rights and agriculture issues.. Recipient of several awards, Anuradha Mittal was named as the Most Valuable Thinker in 2008 by the.. Nation.. magazine.. Mittal has authored and edited numerous books and reports including.. (Mis)Investment in Agriculture: The Role of the International Finance Corporation in the Global Land Grab.. ;.. The Great Land Grab: Rush for World’s Farmland Threatens Food Security for the Poor.. Voices from Africa: African Farmers and Environmentalists Speak out Against a New Green Revolution.. 2008 Food Price Crisis: Rethinking Food Security Policies.. ;.. Going Gray in the Golden State: The Reality of Poverty Among Seniors in Oakland, California.. Turning the Tide: Challenging the Right on Campus.. Sahel: A Prisoner of Starvation; America Needs Human Rights; and The Future in the Balance: Essays on Globalization and Resistance.. Her articles and opinion pieces have been published in widely circulated newspapers including the.. Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Bangkok Post, Houston Chronicle,.. and.. the Nation.. Anuradha has addressed the Congress, the United Nations, given several hundred keynote addresses including invitational events from governments and universities, and has been interviewed on CNN, BBC World, CBC, ABC, Al-Jazeera, National Public Radio and Voice of America.. Anuradha is on the board and advisory committees of several non profit organizations including the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize), International Forum on Globalization, and is a member of the independent board of Ben Jerry's which focuses on providing leadership for Ben Jerry’s social mission and brand integrity.. Frederic Mousseau, Policy Director.. Frederic Mousseau is the Policy Director at the Oakland Institute where he coordinates.. Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa.. project.. Trained as an economist, Mr.. Mousseau has worked as a staff member and consultant for international relief agencies for nearly two decades, including Action Against Hunger, Doctors Without Borders, and Oxfam International.. In addition to providing leadership to several relief efforts as the Country Representative, he has also designed and supervised food security programs in more than 30 countries across Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa.. He has also conducted numerous reviews and studies on food security policies, programs and institutions; and has authored many reports and articles in international media outlets.. These include.. Achieving Regional Integration, The Key to Success for the Fight Against Hunger in West Africa.. (ACF International Network and the Oakland Institute, 2011);.. Addressing Chronic Food Insecurity in the Horn of Africa: Good Practice Identified but Commitment Needed?.. (Regional Learning and Advocacy Programme for Vulnerable Dry Lands Communities (REGLAP), 2010);.. The High Food Price Challenge:.. A Review of Responses to Combat Hunger.. (The Oakland Institute, 2010);.. A Billion Hungry.. People, Governments and Aid Agencies Must Rise to the Challenge.. (Oxfam GB, 2009);.. The Time is Now: How World Leaders Should Respond to the Food Price Crisis.. (Oxfam GB, 2008);.. Sahel, Prisoner of Starvation? Case Study of the 2005 Food Crisis in Niger.. (The Oakland Institute, 2006);.. Zimbabwe: Insights into the Humanitarian Crisis and Food Politics.. (Action contre  ...   food security, and development projects in various international contexts, encompassing work with the Brazilian Landless Workers' Movement (MST) and cases that have been heard by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.. A native Spanish speaker, Melissa lived and studied in Brazil, and speaks Portuguese fluently.. She is the co-editor of.. , and created an accompanying website for the project to serve as an online clearinghouse for further discussion on the impacts of genetic engineering in Africa and the prospect of true solutions for food sovereignty.. Moore manages a wide variety of editing, writing, and digital communications outreach work for the Oakland Institute and has played a behind-the-scenes role in many of the Institute's publications and campaigns.. Granate Sosnoff, Publications Director.. Granate Sosnoff.. joined the Institute in 2010 as a strategic partner for editing, producing and communicating core messages about land investment deals in Africa.. Sosnoff's participation in producing and publicizing (with press releases and action alerts) key findings from seven country reports and numerous briefs has been a vital part of the success of the campaigns.. Sosnoff has played a leadership role in a variety of successful campaigns over the years, including environmental, health, social justice as well as a range of women's issues starting with her work at a senior account exec at Public Media Center and then as the director of.. Southpaw.. , a group of networked consultants offering communications and advertising assistance to nonprofit and advocacy efforts.. Amy Woloszyn, amymade graphic design.. Amy is a NYC transplant, now San Francisco based freelance graphic designer and founder of.. AmyMade Graphic Design.. , doing business independently for six years.. She has built a niche doing what really motivates her, working with community organizations and individuals striving for social change, non-profits and groups world wide, as well as artists and musicians.. After graduating with a graphic design degree from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and living on the east coast all her life, she has found new inspiration in the landscapes and personalities of the west coast.. She has been part of small web and print design firms and was a worker/owner of the Oakland based graphic design collective, Design Action.. With over ten years in the industry, she brings a wealth of experience, passion and freshness to her clients and their endeavors.. In addition to amymade, she is the art director of Aerobic International, a bay area independent dance music record label, and makes electronic music in her spare time.. Nickolas Johnson, Research Associate.. Nickolas Johnson is a Research Associate at the Oakland Institute and is currently focusing on land investment deals, food security, human rights, and the environment.. He has written or assisted in the following articles and publications:.. Rigging the Rules: Unfair Land Deals in South Sudan.. Your Land is My Land: Relocating 1.. 5 Million in Ethiopia.. ; and.. Lives on Hold: The Impact of AgriSol's Land Deal in Tanzania.. Nickolas has previously worked in Washington D.. C.. for Oxfam America where he worked on its food justice campaign, GROW.. He also lead over 2,000 Bay Area constituents for Oxfam's Action Corps, which focuses on grassroots advocacy..

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  • Title: FELLOWS | oaklandinstitute.org
    Descriptive info: FELLOWS.. Agazit Abate.. Agazit Abate, a Fellow at the Oakland Institute, writes on land rights issues, food sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa, and cultural production and storytelling in Africa and its diaspora.. She received her BA in International Development Studies and MA in African Studies from the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA.. She studied and wrote on African cinema, cultural production, alternative and community interpretations of development, and narratives of resistance.. Agazit's work at the Oakland Institute, which started first as an Intern Scholar before joining the Institute as a Fellow, has included research and writing on large-scale land investment deals in Sub-Saharan Africa.. At the end of 2011, Agazit co-founded HornLight, an online platform on alternative narratives of the Horn of Africa.. She plans to continue writing on land grab and food sovereignty and hopes to delve into fiction, to tell politics like a story.. Christine Ahn.. Christine Ahn, a Senior Fellow with the Oakland Institute, is the Executive Director of the Korea Policy Institute and co-founder of Korean Americans for Fair Trade.. She writes and speaks regularly on U.. S.. - Korea relations, including the nuclear crisis, human rights, free trade, and militarism.. Ahn has addressed the United Nations, U.. Congress, and the South Korean National Human Rights Commission and has worked with the Global Fund for Women, Women of Color Resource Center, Institute for Food and Development Policy, and Legal Aid of DC.. Ahn has appeared on.. CNN.. ,.. NBC.. ,.. Al-Jazeera.. NPR.. Voice of America.. , and elsewhere and has published numerous op-eds.. She is the editor of.. Shafted: Free Trade and Americas Working Poor.. , producer of Fashion Resistance to Militarism, and a contributing author to.. The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Nonprofit Industrial Complex.. Christine was inducted into the OMB Watch Public Interest Hall of Fame and recognized as Rising Peacemaker by the Agape Foundation.. She has a Masters in public policy from Georgetown University.. David Bacon.. David Bacon, a Senior Fellow at the Oakland Institute, is a writer and photojournalist based in Oakland and Berkeley, California.. He is an associate editor at Pacific News Service, and writes for.. TruthOut.. The Nation.. The American Prospect.. The Progressive.. , and the.. San Francisco Chronicle.. , among other publications.. He has been a reporter and documentary photographer for 18 years, shooting for many national publications.. He has exhibited his work nationally, and in Mexico, the UK and Germany.. Bacon covers issues of labor, immigration and international politics.. He travels frequently to Mexico, the Philippines, Europe and Iraq.. He hosts a half-hour weekly radio show on labor, immigration and the global economy on KPFA-FM, and is a frequent guest on KQED-TV’s.. This Week in Northern California.. For twenty years, Bacon was a labor organizer for unions in which immigrant workers made up a large percentage of the membership.. Those include the United Farm Workers, the United Electrical Workers, the International Ladies’ Garment Workers, the Molders Union and others.. Those experiences gave him a unique insight into changing conditions in the workforce, the impact of the global economy and migration, and how these factors influence the struggle for workers rights.. Bacon was chair of the board of the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and helped organize the Labor Immigrant Organizers Network and the Santa Clara Center for Occupational Safety and Health.. He served on the board of the Media Alliance and belongs to the Northern California Media Workers Guild.. His book,.. The Children of NAFTA.. , was published by the University of California Press in March, 2004, and a photodocumentary project sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation,.. Communities Without Borders.. , was published by the ILR/Cornell University Press in October 2006.. In his latest project,.. Living Under the Trees.. , sponsored by the California Council for the Humanities and California Rural Legal Assistance, Bacon is photographing and interviewing indigenous Mexican migrants working in California’s fields.. He is currently also documenting popular resistance to war and attacks on immigrant labor and civil rights.. He has received numerous awards for both his writing and photography.. Joan Baxter.. Joan Baxter is a Senior Fellow with the Oakland Institute.. An investigative journalist, anthropologist, and award-winning author, she has lived and worked in Africa for more than 25 years - in Niger, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mali and Sierra Leone.. In 2010 and 2011, under the direction of the Oakland Institute program staff, Ms.. Baxter researched and wrote the OI's country reports on large land deals in Mali and Sierra Leone, and contributed features on the issue of large-scale foreign investment in African land to.. Le Monde Diplomatique.. , the.. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.. BBC Focus on Africa.. Magazine, and.. Pambazuka News.. For many years, she reported from various African countries for the.. BBC World Service.. Associated Press.. , and many other international media outlets.. For four years, Ms.. Baxter was Senior Science Writer at the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), and traveled extensively on smallholder farms throughout Africa and as far away as Indonesia, writing about agricultural development and research.. Since that time, she has undertaken research on mining issues in Sierra Leone for Partnership Africa Canada and the Diamond Development Initiative, written about and edited reports on the work of Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) in Africa, and worked as a development consultant for German International Cooperation, or GIZ.. She has also served as Executive Director of  ...   Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD).. Before joining PANNA in 1996, Ishii-Eiteman worked in Asia and Africa in rural development projects for over 12 years, facilitating government-farmer-NGO collaborations on sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia, and developing a farmer-based pest management education project in Thailand.. Previously she worked on agricultural projects in Somali refugee camps and on women's health and literacy projects with Khmer refugees.. Her doctoral research focused on Thai farmers' rice cultivation practices and biological control of rice insect pests.. She speaks Thai and French.. Ashwin Parulkar.. Ashwin Parulkar, a Fellow at the Oakland Institute, writes on hunger and the right to food in India, where he is currently a research scholar at the New Delhi based think tank, the Centre for Equity Studies.. He works with fellow colleagues on projects that involve field-based research in the poorest communities in India on a range of issues pertaining to social and economic exclusion.. Currently, he and a colleague are looking into the plight of migrant Muslims in a slum located in the city of Jaipur.. Some of these people have had their citizenship and access to basic services, such as the public food distribution system, revoked by the state government after the May 2008 terrorist attack in that city.. Other work includes investigations into government responses to reported starvation deaths in rural communities throughout hunger-prone states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh.. He is a contributor to the.. Wall Street Journal.. and has written on foreign land acquisitions in Africa for the.. World Policy Journal.. In 2010-2011, he was the South Asia Analyst for Freedom House's.. Freedom in the World.. Report, where he wrote on the status of civil and political rights in Bhutan, India, Indian Kashmir, and Nepal.. He has served as a consultant and researcher for numerous international human rights and development organizations, including the International Food Policy Research Institute, UNICEF, ActionAid India, the International Service for Human Rights, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.. He completed an MA in international relations and an MFA in creative writing from Syracuse University as well as a BS from Case Western Reserve University.. Lukas Ross.. Lukas Ross, a Fellow at the Oakland Institute, is interested in biofuels, the global palm industry, and the role of finance in large scale land investment deals.. He received an MA in International Relations and Film Studies from the University of St.. Andrews and an MPhil in Politics from Cambridge University.. Prior to joining the Oakland Institute as an Intern Scholar, he researched worker-owned cooperatives and other alternative economic models at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.. At the Institute, he is investigating the nascent demand for aviation biofuel.. Building upon the Oakland Institute's previous work on land deals in Africa, he now hopes to explore how similar themes of commodification and dispossession are increasingly relevant to the politics of land in the US.. Eventually he plans to begin a PhD on the function of corporate social responsibility initiatives in the oil producing regions of South Sudan.. David Solnit.. David Solnit is a climate justice, global justice, anti-war, arts, and direct action organizer, an author, a puppeteer, and a trainer.. He was a key organizer in the shutdowns of the WTO in Seattle in 1999 and in San Francisco the day after Iraq was invaded in 2003.. He is an arts organizer, puppeteer and a co-founder of Art and Revolution, using culture, art, giant puppets and theater in mass mobilizations, for popular education and as an organizing tool.. He has co-created visuals for the campaigns of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, National Peoples Action and numerous mobilizations and actions.. David is a direct action, strategy and cultural resistance trainer who currently works with Courage to Resist, supporting GI resistance to war and empire.. Solnit edited.. Globalize Liberation: How to Uproot the System and Build a Better World.. With Army veteran Aimee Allison he co-wrote.. Army of None; How to Counter Military Recruitment, End War, and Build a Better World.. He co-wrote and co-edited with Rebecca Solnit (introduction by Anuradha Mittal).. The Battle of the Story of the Battle of Seattle.. (AK Press 2009).. David lives in San Francisco where he works as a carpenter.. Andre Vltchek.. Senior Fellow Andre Vltchek is a novelist, filmmaker, investigative journalist, poet, playwright, and photographer who has covered dozens of war zones and conflicts from Bosnia and Peru to Sri Lanka, DR Congo, and Timor Leste.. He is the author of.. Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear.. and.. Oceania,.. an attack against neo-colonialism in the Pacific.. He has collaborated with UNESCO in Vietnam, Africa, and Oceania on various publications and he writes and photographs for publications including.. CounterPunch.. Z.. Magazine,.. Newsweek.. Asia Times, People's Daily, China Daily, Irish Times, A2.. Asia-Pacific Journal.. (Japan Focus).. His films include.. Terlena - Breaking of The Nation,.. a feature-length documentary film about the Indonesian massacres in 1965;.. One Flew Over Dadaab,.. a film about the biggest refugee camp in the world; and.. Rwandan Gambit.. , which exposes the Rwandan and Ugandan plunder of DR Congo on behalf of Western imperialism.. He is working on several new documentaries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and he frequently speaks at major universities including Columbia, Cornell, Oxford, Cambridge, Sydney, Hong Kong, Auckland, and Melbourne.. The cofounder and coeditor of Mainstay Press and Liberation Lit, he presently lives in Asia and Africa.. Learn more at his.. website..

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    Descriptive info: Intern Scholars.. Learn more about the Intern Scholar Program.. 2012 Intern Scholars.. Tami Etziony.. Tami Etziony is an undergraduate Environmental Studies student at Mills College.. She will continue in the Masters in Public Policy program in 2012-13.. Her academic goal is defining and establishing sustainable economic methods, mainly for eliminating human exploitation and resource depletion.. She is involved with local and state political and environmental campaigns.. Her interests combine social and environmental issues with the objective of empowering local communities.. Tami’s life experience in gardening and business leads her to explore the use of native local plants as a tool for environmental revitalization, which encourages native fauna.. She led construction projects building living native structure in the Mills College botanical garden.. 2011 Intern Scholars.. Agazit received her BA in International Development Studies and MA in African Studies from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).. Her academic interests included African cinema, cultural production, and narratives of resistance.. She currently works at UCLA's Center for World Languages in the International Institute and is  ...   currently completing a Master’s in Cultural and Social Anthropology at CIIS in San Francisco.. Her academic work focuses on environmental injustice and biodiversity loss, especially in the context of land grabs from traditional/ indigenous farmers.. She has spent time in the field, building alliances and conducting research in both the West Bank and Ecuador.. Areas of interest: globalization, land rights and displacement, small-scale agriculture, indigenous rights, climate change, and biodiversity.. Grace Phillips.. Grace Phillips is a Morehead Cain Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Environmental Geography with focus on theories of value, knowledge, existence, as well as spatial distribution patterns of biota.. She hopes to unite these disciplines in her interest in conceptions of land use and ownership and it's translation into resource management policy.. Grace has spent time working with indigenous and impoverished populations in Guatemala, Madagascar, Mongolia and North Carolina.. These experiences inform her interests in globalization, autonomy, food sovereignty, climate change, sustainable food systems, and international trade..

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    Descriptive info: What We ve Achieved.. Read the.. November update.. on our special investigation,.. As a leading policy think tank, the Oakland Institute is bringing fresh ideas and bold action to the most pressing social, economic, and environmental issues of our time.. Our international network of fellows and researchers allows us to respond quickly to issues as they arise and bring local expertise to popular understanding.. Backed by in-depth research and analysis, we’re reframing the debate, shifting public opinion, and inspiring action.. We’re taking critical global and local issues from the ivory tower to the kitchen table, and empowering everyday citizens to influence policy trends.. The effectiveness of our work  ...   We’ve played a lead role in convincing the public that emergency food aid should be bought locally or regionally.. On more and more issues, policymakers, pundits, and media are turning to us for opinions and analysis.. We have had a reputation for meticulous research and analysis since our inception.. Our reports have been used by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, as well as the Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four – the only formal developing country group within the IMF and World Bank.. According to The Nation, the Oakland Institute’s leadership has “defined what an enlightened American discourse about this country’s place in the world should sound like..

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