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  • Title: OPLIN | Ohio Public Library Information Network
    Descriptive info: .. try another color:.. try another fontsize:.. 60%.. 70%.. 80%.. 90%.. Ohio Public Library Information Network.. Internet.. Databases.. Email.. Other Services.. About OPLIN.. Contact.. Search.. OPLIN.. org.. OPLIN 4Cast.. OPLIN on Twitter.. What Does This Mean to Me, Laura?.. See our other sites:.. NewsBank (America\'s Newspapers).. What is it?.. Full-text articles from 15 Ohio and 10 other national newspapers (excluding paid advertising) - searchable individually or in groups.. Why use it?.. Search for articles from newspapers around the state and the country.. Print or e-mail articles for future use.. Read in-depth reports on current events.. OPLIN Board meeting Dec.. 14.. The 134th regular meeting of the Board of the Ohio Public Library Information Network will be held at the State Library of Ohio in Columbus on Friday, December 14, 2012 from 10:00 am to noon..  ...   annually, regardless of whether or not the library itself participates in the E-Rate program.. Oxford Reference Updates in Ohio Web Library.. Oxford Reference recently launched a completely redesigned site on September 19.. This new site, unlike the old one, lists resources that subscribers can access as well as those that are locked and cannot be accessed through our paid subscription.. These are designated with a lock icon and the following subscribe message:.. Fall 2012 OPLIN Circuit available online.. Check out the Fall (October) edition of.. The OPLIN Circuit.. New copyright notice tool for libraries.. Notice of Website Kit upgrade hiatus.. Upcoming E-Rate workshop schedule.. 2012 Stakeholders Meeting materials.. Oxford Reference database changes.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. ….. next ›.. last ».. 2008-2012 Ohio Public Library Information Network.. Disclaimer.. |.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: Internet | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: Home.. (Ohio Public Library Information Network) provides Internet services to the public library systems of Ohio.. For the most part, we provide one broadband connection to the main library of each system, and access to the commodity Internet for any public library which routes Internet-bound traffic through our network core in Columbus, Ohio.. While OPLIN also provides some other services to libraries, none of them are possible without our dependable, robust, broadband network connections.. One of the unusual characteristics of OPLIN is the fact that it provides and manages this physical network connecting libraries to the Internet; most other library information networks primarily deliver content and services over a physical network provided by some other organization.. When OPLIN was established in 1995-96, the network was built from copper-wire T1 circuits.. In 2006, fiber-optic Ethernet circuits began replacing the older T1 circuits.. How does OPLIN decide how much bandwidth my library will get?.. We try to buy circuits big enough so every OPLIN participant has an Internet connection that is large enough to insure that the participant's average circuit utilization does not exceed 70% during peak hours.. Does our library have to go through  ...   for their circuit rates.. We also offer the option to go through our.. state contracts.. (at discounted rates) for library branch connection circuits.. Each library must decide the best compromise of quality, price, and performance to meet their needs.. The.. OPLIN Support Center.. will be happy to review any plans provided by local vendors and give advice.. Does OPLIN provide any help with network planning?.. To help you keep up with the network demands of your libraries, OPLIN staff can prepare bandwidth usage reports and a review of options available through the State of Ohio.. Contact the.. for more information.. How far in advance do I need to contact the OPLIN Support Center if my library needs to get a new circuit or move an existing circuit?.. We recommend that you contact the.. for information and costs prior to placing any circuit request, and we also recommend that you place your circuit request at least sixty (60) days before your library needs to have the circuit installed or removed.. Connections and Network Infrastructure.. DNS Services.. Internet filtering.. Internet Policies for Ohio Public Libraries.. Connections and Network Infrastructure ›.. Printer-friendly version.. Add new comment..

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  • Title: Databases | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: Providing answers to questions is a basic service of public libraries; currently this service may be delivered in-library, using print and electronic resources, or remotely, generally using electronic resources.. Because of the importance of electronic resources, one of OPLIN s main functions has always been to provide access to high-quality electronic information databases.. Since 2003, OPLIN has been a partner in.. Libraries Connect Ohio.. , which supports a core collection of database resources for the statewide.. Ohio Web Library.. collection.. These resources are provided to all Ohio citizens, regardless of where they go to school or live, so they will have a core set of the information resources necessary to compete in the global economy and improve their quality of life.. Federated search tool for all of the research databases available to Ohioans.. A list of all the different searchable databases is available here as an.. Excel spreadsheet.. What is the Ohio Web Library?.. The term Ohio Web Library refers to two related things.. Initially, Ohio Web Library was the name of the collection of databases purchased by Libraries Connect  ...   other selected online resources (.. http://ohioweblibrary.. ).. What technology does my browser need in order to use the Ohio Web Library search page?.. It needs to be able to run JavaScript.. page uses a lot of it in order to display search results.. What is Libraries Connect Ohio?.. is a strategic partnership of OPLIN,.. OhioLINK.. ,.. INFOhio.. , and the.. State Library of Ohio.. While the three library networks provide many different services to different types of libraries, all three provide access to electronic databases.. The Libraries Connect Ohio partnership allows the three networks to combine their resources, adding them to Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding distributed by the State Library, in order to get the best possible terms from database vendors.. Can t connect to one of the Ohio Web Library research databases? Something isn t working properly?.. Please contact the.. for assistance.. Attachment.. Size.. Complete Database List (xls).. 28.. 5 KB.. Statistics.. Ohio Web Library Shortcuts.. Marketing Materials.. Tips Training.. Linking Databases and Your Website.. MARC Records.. OPLIN Database Authentication.. Ohio Web Library Mashup.. Statistics ›..

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  • Title: Email | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: OPLIN offers free email service for Ohio public library staff employees.. Accounts for staff are set up or changed at the request of an authorized member of the library administration.. Usually, OPLIN email account addresses consist of the individual s user ID (assigned by OPLIN) followed by the @oplin.. org domain name.. For example, if your OPLIN user ID is doeja , then your email address would be: doeja@oplin.. When communicating with patrons, vendors, or others in the community, it is often better to have an email address that identifies the library, like.. doeja@libraryname.. or.. doeja@library.. lib.. oh.. us.. For that reason, many libraries previously decided to maintain their own mail servers rather than using the oplin.. org mail server.. However, OPLIN has begun to allow libraries to use their library s own domain name in  ...   email account.. However, a library director s approval is required before an account can be opened.. Please contact the OPLIN Support Center to get a new account.. What is the URL for OPLIN webmail?.. Please go to.. http://mail.. oplin.. to access your webmail.. What email client does OPLIN recommend for libraries?.. Any email client will work, but we recommend free or open source software Mozilla Thunderbird (.. http://www.. mozilla.. org/en-US/thunderbird/.. ) or Windows Live Mail (For Windows 7 or Vista:.. http://explore.. live.. com/windows-live-mail.. ; for Windows XP:.. com/windows-live-mail-xp.. How do I set up a POP3 email client?.. For detailed instructions, see.. Using Your OPLIN Email Account.. (link also provided below).. Things to Know About OPLIN Email.. OPLIN Mail Practices.. Mail Settings Outside OPLIN Network.. OPLIN Mail Servers.. OPLIN listservs.. Things to Know About OPLIN Email ›..

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  • Title: Other Services | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: OPLIN provides a wide variety of additional, Internet-related services to Ohio public libraries.. Dynamic Website Kits.. Technology Information.. Sending Notifications to Cell Phones.. Public Library Data Center.. E-Rate Information and Training.. Find-A-Library.. Presentations and Handouts.. Dynamic Website Kits ›..

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  • Title: About OPLIN | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: The Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) provides broadband Internet connections and related information services to Ohio public libraries.. Our primary mission is to ensure that all Ohio residents have fast, free public Internet access through the 251 independent local public library systems in Ohio, as well as the use of high-quality research databases not freely available on the World Wide Web.. Though the eventual consumers of our services are often members of the general public, our actual.. customers.. are in fact limited to the public library systems of Ohio.. OPLIN is headed by Director Stephen Hedges and the OPLIN Board of Trustees.. The OPLIN staff other than Director Hedges consists of four people: Karl Jendretzky, the Library Technology Project Manager; Laura Solomon, Library Services Manager; Amie McReynolds, Customer Support; and Vince Riley, Network Support.. Vince and Amie work together to staff the OPLIN Support Center.. OPLIN receives extensive fiscal and logistical support service from the State Library of Ohio and contracts with the Ohio Office of Information Technology for assistance with network management.. As a result, only about 10% of the OPLIN budget is used for administrative costs such as personnel, rent, equipment, and supplies.. The remainder of the budget is  ...   by the State Library Board, and receives all fiscal and employee services from the State Library (.. library.. ohio.. gov.. This allows OPLIN to spend only about 10% of its state budget on employees and other administrative costs.. Is OPLIN part of the Ohio Library Council (OLC)?.. While the Ohio Library Council (.. olc.. ) was instrumental in the creation of OPLIN in the mid-1990s, OPLIN is not part of OLC.. Rather, OPLIN and OLC are two separate organizations that both provide services to public libraries.. As such, the two organizations often partner with each other to improve those services.. (OLC is the professional association for public librarians in Ohio, not a government agency.. ).. I have a question or comment regarding a particular area of the OPLIN website, OR I would like to suggest a link (or found a broken link) for the website.. What should I do?.. General questions, comments, or suggestions can always be sent to.. OPLIN Support.. Thank you!.. What is OPLIN?.. Board of Trustees.. Contact Us.. Directions Map.. Policies Governing OPLIN.. Reports.. Strategic Plan, FY 2013-2014.. E-Rate Technology Plan.. OPLIN Staff.. Genesis of OPLIN.. OPLIN Website Through the Years.. Logos.. Photo Album.. OPLIN Disclaimer.. What is OPLIN? ›..

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  • Title: Contact Us | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: We welcome any contact regarding problems with this website, questions you have about OPLIN services, or anything else you would like to bring to our attention.. Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN).. 2323 W.. 5th Avenue, Suite 130.. Columbus, Ohio 43204.. map directions.. PHONE: (614) 728-5252.. FAX: (614) 728-5256.. E-MAIL:.. support@oplin.. SUPPORT CENTER HOURS:.. Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm.. Weekends: Closed.. 888-966-7546.. Log in to Support Center Live Chat:.. (enter your  ...   OPLIN is.. a public library, and does not maintain a reference staff.. Therefore, we cannot help you with specific reference questions (such as, What is the population of Ohio? ).. If you have questions about specific topics, please contact your local library or.. KnowItNow 24x7 live online reference.. for help.. Contact the OPLIN Support Center.. Map to the OPLIN office.. ‹ February 9, 2007 Minutes.. up.. Contact the OPLIN Support Center ›..

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  • Title: What Does This Mean to Me, Laura?
    Descriptive info: meanlaura.. com.. Thu, 29 Nov 2012 18:27:53 +0000.. en-US.. hourly.. http://wordpress.. org/?v=3.. 4.. 2.. Why your website layout matters.. com/archives/1628?utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign=why-your-website-layout-matters.. com/archives/1628#comments.. Thu, 29 Nov 2012 18:19:02 +0000.. Laura.. com/?p=1628.. From a usability perspective, layout has always been important.. If the tasks people come to do the most often are hidden, people leave your site, frustrated.. Recently, with the advent of mobile devices of all kinds, layout has also taken on a different facet: it now has to.. put up barriers to those using such gadgets and, ideally, present them with something better suited for them, entirely.. However, there s an ongoing design trend that many libraries have embraced: that of adding all kinds of widgets, icons, logos and graphics to the sides of their sites.. Many of these come from library vendors and services, and often they represent a more professional level of graphics than may occur in the rest of the website s design.. However, aside from the fact that this usually makes for cluttered interface, there s some very real reasons to reconsider this practice.. Banner blindness.. Banner blindness means that users never look at any item that looks anything like an advertisement, due to either its shape or position on the page.. This applies to logos and icons positioned on the sides of websitesâ which is typical placement for many banner ads on the Web.. Guess what many of those logos and widgets look like, to your libraryâ s end users? This concept has actually been around for some time.. Jakob Nielsen studied it in 2007.. In the image below, a series of eye tracking results taken from his findings, the areas in green are completely ignored (so are areas with no overlaying color except grey).. Notice that placement is only part of the problem; if something just.. looks.. like an ad, it gets ignored.. â Selective attention is very powerful, and Web users have learned to stop paying attention to any ads that get in the way of their goal-driven navigation.. â â Usability expert Jakob Nielsen.. Google penalizes you.. Google actually has a ranking system (algorithm) that will lower your Google ranking in search results if your site is too ad-heavy.. The algorithm, called the.. Google Page Layout.. algorithm, was introduced (albeit somewhat quietly I just found out about this myself) in January of this year.. From the official announcement: Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away.. So sites that donâ t have much content â above-the-foldâ can be affected by this change.. If you click on a website and the part of the website you see first either doesnâ t have a lot of visible content above-the-fold or dedicates a large fraction of the siteâ s initial screen real estate to ads, thatâ s not a very good user experience.. Such sites may not rank as highly going forward.. What does this mean to me, Laura?.. Check your analytics.. (You have them, right?) Chances are very good that those side widgets are not getting used.. In many cases, they don t get.. any.. , or get a number so low you might feel like you ve been duped into using them.. Rethink the ROI on those icons and widgets.. Rethink above the fold.. I, myself, have built a fair number of sites with larger header graphics after all, that s a current design trend.. However, knowing what I know now, I will be more aggressive in terms of convincing libraries to avoid these.. What do you think about this? Will you be taking a closer look at your library s site layout?.. More.. ]]>.. com/archives/1628/feed.. Subjects go social: Welcome to Sulia.. com/archives/1619?utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign=subjects-go-social-welcome-to-sulia.. com/archives/1619#comments.. Mon, 19 Nov 2012 19:02:58 +0000.. com/?p=1619.. Yes,.. Sulia.. is yet another social network..  However, unlike many of its brethren, Sulia makes no attempt to promote itself as the next Facebook or a Twitter-killer..  Which is a positive, since its chances of becoming either are just about nil..  Sulia is actually attempting to do something that no other service really has: to organize social content by broad topics..  Sulia considers itself to be a subject-based social network..  It s definitely a niche that has not been filled; the question, of course, is how popular an idea will it be, really?.. In many ways, Sulia is more of a publishing/aggregation platform than a social network..  It s supposed to feature experts in thousands of topics, without spam and trolls..  From Sulia s.. About.. page:.. We use a combination of network managers and sophisticated algorithms to identify the best-regarded sources across thousands of topics.. We then dynamically filter content from those sources, regardless of where it s created (a blog, a social network, a media site, through Sulia s publishing system, etc.. ), into high-quality, realtime social channels.. The result is streams of timely content from trusted sources that is always on-topic, readable, and relevant.. Here s a screenshot from the channel Israel-Palestine Crisis, which is a major news topic today:.. I think that, for librarians, this site might actually have two roles.. First, for librarians as information consumers: if you are looking for up-to-the-minute topic information, aggregated in one place, this might be a good jumping off point..  You can also follow specific channels and content creators.. Secondly, for librarians as creators: If you have time to add to these channels, you might be able to do some interesting things..  Your library could become a recognized contributor by adding relevant links to existing topics..  After all, that s one of the main things libraries do provide information.. Another interesting feature is that you can post directly to Twitter and/or Facebook when you create content on Sulia.. Do you think this is something you and/or your library would use? Can you tell us why in the comments?.. com/archives/1619/feed.. 0.. There are no facts inside the building.. com/archives/1611?utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign=there-are-no-facts-inside-the-building.. com/archives/1611#comments.. Tue, 06 Nov 2012 15:06:41 +0000.. com/?p=1611.. This is one of the rare occasions where I would like to simply take all of the text from someone else s blog post and simply plunk it here..  Since I can t really do that, I do want to share a relevant portion in a bit.. Gerry McGovern.. is an author and website consultant..  His focus is on rethinking on how people actually use websites, and helping organizations to get the most out of their online existence..  In this particular post, he s talking about how web designers need to develop a deep sense of empathy in order to be effective..  However, as I was reading, I realized that this applies to much more than just people who design websites..  Anyone who designs or develops.. anything.. for someone else needs this skill..   In libraries, almost everything we do is done for the benefit of someone else..  And, oftentimes, librarians are found using assumptions and anecdotes, rather than data, to make design decisions.. Think about how this practice impacts our patrons.. It s based on the assumption that our patrons are, in essence,.. us.. Â.. Yet, we know this isn t true..  How many times have we all complained about how OPACs, online tools and websites are designed for librarians (and even WE have problems using many of them?)..  Even the ways books in our libraries are arranged (e.. g.. , Dewey, LC) are not particularly patron-friendly..  Believe me, if those methods organized items effectively for the layperson, Barnes Noble would have stolen them long ago..  Anyways, I digress, somewhat.. Here s the relevant bit from.. McGovern s post.. :.. â Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and a Stanford university professor, says there are no facts inside the building,â Tomer says.. â Development teams cannot make decisions without developing customers first.. Not products, not technologies: Customers.. He coined the mantra, Get Out of the Building.. What he means by that is that developers of products should get up from their comfortable chairs and proactively seek opportunities to learn from their customers about their needs to be able to understand what the company s business model should be.. â.. Tomer cites â intuitionâ as one of the primary reasons people donâ t get out of the building.. In a modern, complex, constantly changing world, intuition is a dangerous thing.. Intuition is essentially learned behavior patterns.. It speaks to the past.. If the same basic event keeps recurring then intuition is great.. But if the world is changing rapidly, intuition can be disastrous.. â Some people are just scared of what they ll hear,â Tomer states.. â They are afraid of failing and of invalidating their assumptions.. Actually, they don t consider their assumptions as such.. They think they are facts.. It is our jobs (UX [user experience] practitioners) to help people recognize their assumptions.. Are there members of your library s staff, making assumptions but calling them facts? Does your library make a concentrated effort to get out of the building? Â.. Post your stories to the comments!.. com/archives/1611/feed.. What would YOU tell them? [Need help].. com/archives/1597?utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign=what-would-you-tell-them-need-help.. com/archives/1597#comments.. Thu, 18 Oct 2012 12:46:07 +0000.. com/?p=1597.. I need some help from all of you, this time round.. If you are an IT professional in a library, or a staff member who has to deal with technology all day, you have probably had a moment or two when you ve dreamed of being able to magically insert some nugget of understanding into a colleague s or co-worker s head..  (I know I could count those moments by the dozens, myself.. ) Maybe you ve wished that they would just remember that rebooting solves many quirky PC issues..  Perhaps you have wished that you d been consulted before some decision was made because it would have saved some headaches or money, down the road.. I m guessing that all of us have been there a place where we ve gotten frustrated because, what is known or obvious to us, is not to someone who isn t immersed in the guts of the library s IT infrastructure..    In most cases, our colleagues don t intend to annoy, but don t have the knowledge or context to solve their own problem or to understand  ...   Media Marketing.. After several quarters of experimenting, advertisers are left scratching their heads and wondering about return on investment (ROI) and business impact.. Some big advertisers are realizing that the banner ads simply don t work General Motors, for example, publicly stated that it is.. cutting.. its $10 million of Facebook ad spend and the associated $30 million of agency, content, and creative costs.. The soft metric called branding is just not good enough anymore, especially in light of click-through rates being a rounding error to zero.. Awareness alone is no longer enough to get modern consumers to take action.. Then, to top things off, a new study has found that, when it comes to mobile advertising,.. four out of ten mobile ad clicks are worthless.. So, what do you think? Is online advertising worth it for libraries? Even the libraries I ve spoken with have mostly ambivalent views about whether or not online ads have concretely produced any results.. Please post your comments and experiences I and many others are curious.. com/archives/1553/feed.. Have you given much thought to browsers?.. com/archives/1528?utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign=have-you-given-much-thought-to-browsers.. com/archives/1528#comments.. Wed, 11 Jul 2012 15:46:25 +0000.. com/?p=1528.. Lately, it seems that all I, as a web developer, hear, is about mobile web usage.. There s been a lot of posts on the Web about the forthcoming mobile apocalypse (Mobipocalypse?), where people will browse the Web with nothing but tablets, smartphones and whatever the next generation of mobile devices will bring..   The desktop is doomed! Is your website ready for the mobile masses?  The variations are many, but the message is the same: nobody wants desktops (or, by extension, laptops) anymore and we d better get our developer rears in gear before the mobile revolution runs us over.. I may yet be run over, but it seems that mobile isn t going to be primary real soon:Â.. 90% of internet activity worldwide occurs on the desktop..   No, you are not allowed to use this as an excuse to not to deal with your mobile users..  That s not even the point of this post.. Rather, what you should consider, after that bit of data, is.. this chart.. Knowing that the majority of your library s patrons are.. still.. viewing your library s online stuff via a desktop browser should give you a reason to stop and consider.. how.. they re doing it.. For many, I think the fact that Chrome has surpassed every other browser may be a surprise..  I know that some libraries have already provided Firefox as an alternative browser for their patrons, inside library buildings..  Some librarians have even told me that they ve hidden the Internet Explorer icon or removed it completely, in an attempt to get people to use a better browser..  It seems that not many offer the choice of Chrome to their patrons..  Why?.. If your library only offers Internet Explorer to patrons, it s time to reconsider that..  The usage statistics don t support that decision.. I still get libraries asking me about backwards compatibility for their websites for Internet Explorer 6 and 7..  To put it bluntly, it s not worth the time..  You can t please everyone, and the development costs aren t worth it for any library..  You have to draw the line somewhere..   Many libraries no longer buy and/or circulate VHS tapes these libraries drew a line..  They realized that it wasn t a format people use (much) any more..  Why keep buying them when there s not a demand? The same thing goes for browsers and web development..  Yes, there are a few folks who still have working VCRs..  But not many..  The library can t be all things to all people..  Libraries are coming to realize that s not a recipe for success.. Want to know more about why you shouldn t be using Internet Explorer? Read.. Dear Web User: Please Upgrade Your Browser.. If your library uses (or has consciously decided not to use) Google Chrome, please post the reason(s) in the comments.. com/archives/1528/feed.. 5 reasons why your library shouldn t be cross-posting.. com/archives/1508?utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign=5-reasons-why-your-library-shouldnt-be-cross-posting.. com/archives/1508#comments.. Thu, 28 Jun 2012 12:51:54 +0000.. com/?p=1508.. I know, it s convenient to use the exact same, exact content for your library s Twitter and Facebook accounts..  And, yes, I know social media takes a lot of time!.. But, if it s worth doing, it s worth doing.. right..  And that means that your library needs to stop cross-posting the exact same content..  Here s why:.. The audiences are different..  If they weren t different, why would you bother having accounts on both? There may be some cross-over, but people tend to gravitate to one or the other..  They choose one over the other.. because.. they are different..  They have preferences about the type of communication they like to engage in..  Short and quick? Twitter..  More in-depth, with threaded comments? Facebook..  Respect your patrons choices and gear your content to the medium.. The cultures are different..  What communities expect in communication differs between Twitter and Facebook..  As an example: If you re promoting a book around a current event, you can bet there s a Twitter hashtag to go with that event..  Users often don t like when these hashtags appear on their Facebook Walls..  And, Twitter users are likely to miss your current-event-related tweet in a search, without the hashtag.. Cross-posting on Facebook can actually hamper sharing..  On Twitter, you need to keep those URLs short to save characters..  On Facebook,.. people are far less likely to click a shortened link..  When you ve got the space to show a full URL on Facebook, people are leery of clicking something when they can t readily identify the source..  (UPDATE: This one may no longer apply to most Facebook users, since Facebook now includes titles and thumbnails for most URLs..  Thanks to.. Carleen Huxley.. for the heads-up!).. There s no value added..  For the few you might have who follow the library on both Twitter and Facebook, what do they get out of being a loyal fan in two places? If you re cross-posting, nothing..  Then, what s the reward for them? There s no incentive for anyone to follow your library on more than one network.. It s clear to social media regulars that you re lazy.. Blogger and stand-up comedian.. Amy Donohue.. writes of cross-posting: It makes me stabby and drives those of us who actually know what weâ re doing BONKERS.. By bonkers I mean that I picture myself as one of those super balls that you bounce on the floor and it hits the ceiling and everything else in the room.. Thatâ s how cross-posting makes me feel.. It s time for libraries to stop taking the easy way out and to.. do social media like it matters..  If someone follows your library in multiple places, that person should be rewarded for that, not punished with redundant or irrelevant content..   This isn t an easy commitment to make, granted..  It might be time to think really, really hard about why your library is in the social media sphere at all..  Is it to simply broadcast programs constantly, or to actually use it as it is intended, to engage patrons?.. com/archives/1508/feed.. Some lines about logos.. com/archives/1497?utm_source=rss utm_medium=rss utm_campaign=lions-and-bears-and-library-logos-oh-my.. com/archives/1497#comments.. Thu, 24 May 2012 14:37:58 +0000.. com/?p=1497.. In my job, I work with a lot of library logos.. Especially because, when possible , I design.. around.. the logo..  I don t like to just create a template and stick a logo in it..  I like the rest of a design to reflect the aesthetics of the logo..  Which, I have found, creates a host of problems..  Often, the logo is poorly done or doesn t act as a good representation of the library..  Sometimes these issues are simply because the logo is very old, but more often than not it s because their was never much thought (or professional work) put into the logos in the first place..  I always encourage libraries to get a good logo before we even start the design process..  There s no point in putting an old, awful logo on a spiffy new website.. I ve seen all of these problems (and more)..  While there are always exceptions to these, I bet you have seen them, too:.. The logo is a literal representation of the library s building (these are often hand-drawn, also).. The logo is too complex and has too many components trying to represent too many things.. The logo actually belongs to the local school district.. The logo is dated and/or uses icons of technology that dates quickly, such as CDs, etc.. The logo might not be bad, but no clear electronic copy exists in high quality anywhere.. There is no logo at all (although honestly, it s easier to work with no logo than a bad one).. Hilde Torbjornsen.. , of the company.. FreelanceLogo.. , gives some clear advice on what makes a good logo..  Libraries should think carefully about whether or not their libraries logos have these characteristics..  (You can read the.. full article here.. It should fit your image and be relevant.. Something to remember, catches the eye.. Unique.. Simple yet smart.. Timeless.. Versatile.. A clear message.. Well-drawn.. Goes well with different backgrounds.. It scales to different sizes well.. Works in color and black white.. Something I should mention also: designing logos is a graphic design specialty..  Many graphic artists claim to actually be able to do these (and I m not one of them) but may actually not do very well at creating logos..  When you hire someone to do a logo, be sure to look at his/her portfolio and see if they ve done logos and if the logos they have created meet the criteria, above.. In my experience, there is no real substitute for a well-done, professional logo..  Your logo identifies your library EVERYWHERE in print, on signage, and online..  Don t skimp..  This is one area where your library can truly benefit with some money well-spent.. com/archives/1497/feed..

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  • Title: OPLIN Board meeting Dec. 14 | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: Proposed AGENDA.. 135th REGULAR MEETING of the BOARD of the OHIO PUBLIC LIBRARY INFORMATION NETWORK (OPLIN).. State Library of Ohio, Boardroom.. December 14, 2012 10:00 am to noon.. WELCOME and CALL TO ORDER Jamie Mason.. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA Jamie Mason **.. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION Jamie Mason.. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES of October 12 meeting Jamie Mason  ...   Hedges.. Branch connection for CLEVNET.. NEW BUSINESS Stephen Hedges.. Discussion of support for library branch connections.. Discussion of outbound malware filtering.. OPLIN DIRECTOR'S REPORT Stephen Hedges.. Technology Projects Manager report Karl Jendretzky.. Library Services Manager report Laura Solomon.. Database usage Stephen Hedges.. CHAIR'S REPORT Jamie Mason.. Discussion of nominations for new board member.. ADJOURNMENT Jamie Mason..

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  • Title: Required OPLIN E-Rate forms from ALL libraries | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: As before, we have made the process of submitting these forms as simple as possible.. Just go to.. http://oplin.. org/erate.. and follow the instructions there.. This online site will ask you for contact information and whether or not the library complies with the Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA), then will automatically generate the forms we need from you.. Sign the forms and fax or email to 614-728-5256 or.. erate@oplin.. It's that simple.. We urge all libraries to complete these forms ASAP, but no later than December 14, 2012, so OPLIN can begin work on our E-Rate applications..

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  • Title: Oxford Reference Updates in Ohio Web Library | OPLIN
    Descriptive info: Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of titles within the service.. Public users can however freely search the site and view restricted versions of this content, plus any full text content that is freely available.. Please, subscribe or login to access full text content.. Users have the choice to see just the full content provided to your library: activate the Show Full Content Available: Provided by Library check box above the Account Name area [in search results on left side]..

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