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  • Title: Quilliam Foundation | Challenging Extremism, Promoting Pluralism, Inspiring Change
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Overview.. FAQs.. Staff.. UK Advisors.. Adjunct Fellows.. US Advisors.. In the Media.. Events.. Press Releases.. Outreach.. Publications.. Printed Publications.. Free Publications.. Contact Us.. Donate.. Newsletter.. News.. Noman Benotman: al-Qaeda hurts the cause of the Syrian revolution.. read more.. Quilliam Launches New Concept Paper ‘No Compulsion in Religion: an Islamic Case against Blasphemy Laws’.. Usama Hasan Hosts Assembly at Alleyns School.. Radical – My Journey from Islamist Extremism to A Democratic Awakening.. Recent Tweets.. Quilliam Foundation 2012.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: About Us | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Quilliam is the world’s first counter-extremism think tank set up to address the unique challenges of citizenship, identity, and belonging in a globalised world.. Quilliam stands for religious freedom, equality, human rights and democracy.. Challenging extremism is the duty of all responsible members of society.. Not least because cultural insularity and extremism are products of the failures of wider society to foster a shared sense of belonging and to advance liberal democratic values..  ...   Westophobic ideological influences and social insularity needs to be challenged within Muslim communities by Muslims themselves whilst simultaneously, an active drive towards creating an inclusive civic identity must be pursued by all members of society.. Quilliam seeks to challenge what we think, and the way we think.. It aims to generate creative, informed and inclusive discussions to counter the ideological underpinnings of terrorism, whilst simultaneously providing evidence-based recommendations to governments for related policy measures..

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  • Title: FAQs | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. What do you stand for?.. Quilliam, as a think tank, aims to challenge extremist narratives while advocating pluralistic, democratic alternatives that are consistent with universal human rights standards.. In seeking to achieve this, Quilliam targets numerous audiences: Muslim and non-Muslim, social and governmental, domestic and international.. We believe that representation should not be through self-styled ‘community representative’ organisations but as citizens through Parliament.. We hope to promote these values and concepts by challenging extremism, promoting pluralism and inspiring change.. What kind of organisation are you?.. We are a think tank; we are not a ‘representative’ body, we are not a mass movement actively seek mass support nor are we a religious organisation seeking to preach.. Our aspiration is to inspire new thought-trends for existing grassroots bodies.. We cooperate with Muslims and non-Muslims at grassroots level in order to achieve this.. Are you aligned with any political or religious group?.. As an organisation, Quilliam is independent; it is not aligned to any particular political or religious group.. Individuals within Quilliam have a range of political, religious and other beliefs, for example Quilliam’s founders, Ed Husain and Maajid Nawaz, are, respectively, members of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties and our advisory board includes members of all three main parties.. Who is your target audience?.. Quilliam targets numerous audiences: Muslim and non-Muslim, social and governmental, domestic and international.. Quilliam works consistently with these audiences to address each of the four key contributors we have identified as responsible for an individual’s radicalisation: a range of perceived grievances, a crisis of identity, the existence of a legitimising ideology, and the exposure to those who advocate such an ideology.. Firstly, we direct our work towards governments in the UK and globally with the aim of devising policy and influencing existing policy related to extremism, integration, and terrorism.. Quilliam publishes research, constantly monitors Islamist trends, and consults to anyone wishing to understand the phenomenon of extremism and how to respond.. Secondly, we seek to guide and work with the media to better inform the debate around extremism and terrorism.. Thirdly, we aim to empower and educate non-Islamist civil society – Muslim and non-Muslim alike – by emphasising the difference between Islamism and Islam.. Finally, we target those who adhere to Islamist narratives and far-right extremist narratives themselves by seeking to undermine their networks, communication strategies and their political ideologies without compromising their civil liberties, and by leveraging the differences that exist between the various factions of Islamism.. How can you measure Quilliam’s effectiveness?.. Quilliam’s success is measured by whether our recommendations that deal with the causes of radicalisation are adopted by the various target audiences listed above: government, media, civil society networks, and extremist groups.. By addressing all four of the factors that can lead to radicalisation, Quilliam shows that there is far more to measuring our success than simply pointing to a decline in political violence.. 1) Concerning grievances - Quilliam has taken a firm stand on a number of emotive issues such as thewar in Gaza, attacks on mosques in the UK, the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, and the profiling of plane passengers, which have the potential to alienate or to stigmatize ordinary Muslims with the possible result of making them vulnerable to the exploitation of such issues by extremist propaganda.. Moreover, we have publicly challenged representatives of the government on these issues with the aim of affecting government policy.. Our success here is not only seen in our influence in effecting government policy, but also in showing the public that it is possible to express legitimate grievances with social and political issues without having to result in adopting simplistic narratives of there being a ‘war on Islam’.. Furthermore, our Radicalization Awareness Programme sees Quilliam trainers regularly address the grievances felt every day by young Muslims as part of our outreach work.. Our success here lies in enabling a large number of students to directly express their grievances, and in allowing teachers and concerned citizens to appreciate how such grievances can be exploited by extremists to slot into a simplistic and divisive narrative.. 2) Concerning identity crises - For policy-makers, Quilliam’s research on mosques in the UK has furthered understanding of how an inter-generational disconnect between religions leaders and Muslim youths can create an anxiety over identity, which itself may render and individual vulnerable to extremist influences.. On a party-political level, Quilliam’s research on ethnic and religious minority involvement in UK politicscarries a number of major policy recommendations for all three political parties on how to avoid institutional racism, by introducing greater transparency in the selection process for candidates for example.. Likewise for the media and the general public, Quilliam’s work has demonstrated how divisive language that contrasts ‘Islam’ to ‘the West’ can alienate ordinary Muslims.. We therefore, have consistently argued against language that divides ‘us vs.. them’ by referring to ‘the Islamic world’, ‘Muslim countries’, and ‘the Muslim community’, and has praised language that avoids stigmatising ordinary Muslims.. Quilliam’s success in this area can be seen in a language-shift witnessed in the way that many public debates concerning Muslims and Islam now adopt a more inclusive tone that sensitively distinguishes Islam from the ideology of Islamism, and that avoids polarising and suggesting that Muslims are somehow not fully Western.. 3) Concerning extremist Ideology - For public sector workers and for society at large, Quilliam’s outreachtraining workshops and briefings have helped many people to understand better how Islamism differs from Islam and how far-right extremism can bolster Islamist narratives.. Likewise for policy-makers and academics, Quilliam’s research work has highlighted the role that internet discussion forums, television channels, prisons, and the leadership of university societies can play in promoting extremism, even if they do not break the law.. In each report we have made numerous policy recommendations that have lead to action.. For example, following the revelations detailed in our report on extremism on television OFCOMlaunched an investigation and later vindicated Quilliam’s work when it deemed the Islam Channel to have breached the broadcasting code.. In terms of civil society, Quilliam’s advocacy has contributed to the proliferation of a large number counter-Islamist blogs, demonstrations, and civil society organisations that have sprung up  ...   a Muslim-centric approach.. What is jihadism?.. Jihadism is the use of violence to bring about Islamism; it is a framework for interpreting and justifying political violence around the world.. Instead of understanding any given conflict as a product of local and regional contexts (social, political, economic etc.. ), jihadism interprets all conflicts involving Muslims through the lens of a narrative which perceives Islam as a religion to be under attack, and therefore in need of a violent defence.. Jihadism has been used both to justify acts of violence targeting combatants and acts of terrorism targeting civilians.. Jihadists rarely concede that targeting civilians is terrorism though, often disputing either the victims’ civilian status or the idea that civilians were deliberately targeted.. Are all Islamists terrorists?.. No, and not all terrorists are Islamists either.. One can be a radical without being violent, or advocating violence.. However, some who follow an Islamist agenda do use their political/religious beliefs in order to justify acts of violence, including violence that deliberately targets civilians.. As such, Islamists often provide a narrative in which Islam as a faith is portrayed as being under attack.. Such an interpretation can play into the hands of those who argue that Islam is in need of self-defence, even if it includes attacking civilians, including Muslims.. Non-violent Islamists can champion this narrative, providing the mood music to which suicide bombers dance.. What is the theology that lies behind terrorism?.. In recent years, terrorists from both Islam’s Sunni and its Shi’i denominations have used Islamic references in order to justify attacking civilians.. That said, certain types of theology are more conducive than others in creating a mindset in which carrying out attacks against ‘unbelievers’, ‘heretics’ or ‘enemies of Islam’ is considered appropriate.. Wahhabism, for example, with its historical intolerance of Shi’ite Muslims, and condemnation of ‘popular’ Islamic practices, is one such theology.. Are all Wahhabis problematic?.. Not necessarily.. However, Wahhabi intolerance has provided the theological framework and justification for extremism that has led to acts of social and political violence in the past.. There is an overlap between Islamists and Wahhabis, but not all Islamists are Wahhabis and not all Wahhabis are Islamists.. The origins of Wahhabism are in the Arabian Peninsula in the 18th century, whereas the majority of British Muslims are of South Asian origin, and are neither Wahhabis nor particularly influenced by Wahhabism.. One potential problem within the British Muslim community therefore, would be to present Wahhabi or Wahhabi-influenced figures as representative of British Muslims and their concerns more generally.. Are all conservative Muslims extremists?.. Despite raising a host of other social questions, most conservative Muslims oppose Islamism.. Indeed, in spite of numerous references to Islamic scripture, pre-modern authors, and classical Islamic history, Islamism is largely a product of urban politics in the 20th century.. Conservative Muslims’ opposition to aspects of modernity often includes an opposition to Islamism.. Is there any proof that extremism leads to terrorist violence?.. Certain factors, whether they lead to terrorism or not, are highly problematic in themselves in terms of social and national cohesion.. It is our contention that ultimately, seeking or demanding empirical proof for complex human behaviour patterns is unhelpful.. Just as there is no direct proof that the spread of neo-Nazi or fascist ideas in society leads directly to violence against Jews or other minorities, we would nevertheless find it extremely problematic if such views were to spread, and would be concerned from a common sense approach about the danger of this rhetoric provoking violence.. It goes without saying that all violent neo-Nazis were at some stage non-violent neo-Nazis before they commenced to attack their victims.. The same is true of Islamism.. To our ears, it is somewhat strange that people readily accept this premise for ideologies indigenous to Europe, yet not for ideologies whose origins lie elsewhere.. Homosexuals are treated poorly in many Muslim-majority societies, what does Quilliam have to say about this?.. Our stance is to clearly separate the civic debate from the religious debate.. This does not mean that we encourage Muslims to shirk any pressing matters of theological reform.. Rather, we see ourselves more as an organisation disseminating inter-disciplinary views that enhance human rights and mutual respect, not as a religious organisation devising reform theology.. Consequently, we believe that Islam should not be judged by the condemnable actions of Islamist regimes.. As human beings and equal citizens, Quilliam believes that homosexuals should to be treated equally in all respects and in all countries.. Consequently, we will continue to campaign for civil liberties for all human beings, and don’t think we need to dabble in theology to do this.. We at Quilliam address theology only to dismantle the ideology of Islamism itself.. Hence, we will speak out openly against anyone who calls for, or believes, that homosexuals should be punished by law in any way, in any country.. However, we cannot provide religious edicts in order to change any religion from the outside in order to make homosexuality considered permissible (or Halal).. Theological reform is something that must come from within the faith and we trust that theologians of Islam and Christianity will take up this religious debate and solve it in a matter fitted to contemporary times.. Who provides Quilliam’s funding?.. Quilliam is funded by both private and public funds.. Our ideas, projects, and output are all made possible by the support of private individual donations, private philanthropic foundations and trust grants, as well as public sector grants.. All funding is accounted for responsibly, and we are externally audited annually.. Specific details of Quilliam’s finances are published in our Annual Report.. Does that affect your independence?.. Quilliam sets its own agenda.. Indeed, it has turned down funding offers from potential donors a number of times in the past precisely because of concerns that the donors would try to influence Quilliam’s agenda.. Quilliam is not affiliated to any political party, and its staff and board members are politically diverse.. Quilliam is concerned with issues beyond the level of party politics.. Likewise, although Quilliam advises the government and advised the previous government, it remains objective, and often critical.. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at.. information@quilliamfoundation.. org..

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  • Title: Staff | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Quilliam employs people of all faiths and no faith background.. Terrorism impacts us all – Quilliam believes all sections of society need to pull together to win the battle of ideas against extremism.. Maajid Nawaz.. Co-Founder Chairman.. Noman Benotman.. President.. Ghaffar Hussain.. Director of Training and Consultancy.. Fatima Mullick.. Head of Pro-Democracy Activism.. Usama Hasan.. Senior Researcher in Islamic Studies.. Imran Khan.. Pakistan Country Co-ordinator.. Chandni Radia.. Fundraising Manager.. Harriet Phillips.. Head of Operations..

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  • Title: UK Advisors | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Terrorism impacts us all Quilliam believes all sections of society need to pull together to win the battle of ideas against extremism.. Currently, our UK advisory board is being re-structured.. Co-founder Chairman.. Iqbal Wahhab OBE.. UK Advisor..

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  • Title: Adjunct Fellows | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Lucy James.. Mustafa Abuhimal.. Mohamed Taraf..

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  • Title: US Advisors | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Ed Jagger.. Chad Sweet.. Michael P.. Davidson.. Darren Henderson..

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  • Title: » In the Media Archive | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Posted in:.. 2012.. ,.. |.. September 25, 2012 at 09:57.. No comments.. Quilliam, a British counter-extremism foundation, recently released a concept paper on jihadist groups in Syria titled The Jihadist Network in the Syrian Revolution.. The paper spotlights the jihadist network s inception, objectives, ideology, leadership, structure and strategies.. Al-Shorfa met with Quilliam s Noman Benotman, a former Libyan jihadist and the foundation s current.. Read more.. Prophet film protests: where are the moderate voices?.. September 21, 2012 at 08:38.. As protests continue over a film which mocks the prophet Mohammed, Channel 4 News asks why there have been few if any moderate voices speaking out against the demonstrations.. So far the demonstrations have stretched around the world from London to Sudan, from Cairo to Pakistan.. Protesters in Libya  ...   would invade and conquer infidel nations, forcibly veil women, and stone apostates and adulterers.. Usama Hasan Appears on BBC Radio 5 Live with Richard Bacon.. September 19, 2012 at 11:08.. Dr Usama Hasan appears on BBC Radio 5 Live with Richard Bacon to discuss the growing unrest in the Arab World.. To listen click here.. Extremists showing up on front lines in Syria.. September 19, 2012 at 08:39.. TEL RIFAAT, Syria (AP) — The bearded gunmen who surrounded the car full of foreign journalists in a northern Syrian village were clearly not Syrians.. A heavyset man in a brown gown stepped forward, announced he was Iraqi and fingered through the American passport he had confiscated.. We know all.. Older Entries.. Archive.. (61).. 2011.. (27).. 2010.. (4).. 2009.. 2008.. (7)..

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  • Title: » Events Archive | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Usama Hasan Hosts Assembly at Alleyn s School.. September 26, 2012 at 09:53.. Quilliam s Senior Researcher in Islamic Studies, Usama Hasan, addressed the 200 sixth-form pupils and senior staff during morning assembly at Alleyn s School in Dulwich, SE London.. Usama summarised Islamic teachings about dignity, tolerance and forgiveness in the face of provocation, with reference to the current international controversy around an anti-Islamic.. Maajid Nawaz Debates How we can Better understand Extremism and Violent Radicalisation at the George C Marshall Center, Germany.. September 10, 2012 at 13:53.. On 5th September 2012, Maajid Nawaz, Quilliam Co-Founder and Chairman, took part in a panel discussion, debating the question How can we Better understand Extremsim and Violent Radicalisation? He was partnered with Jean-Louis Bruguière, France s top counter terrorism judge, and the lecture was attended by students from around the world.. Dr Usama Hasan Speaks at Ramadan Retreat of the  ...   of Maqasid, with its roots in the Prophetic.. Dr Usama Hasan attends Memorial of Cassandra Balchin.. July 24, 2012 at 12:01.. Dr.. Usama Hasan attended the funeral service in London of Cassandra Marlin Balchin (1962-2012), a tireless campaigner for Muslim women’s rights who worked with Women Living Under Muslim Laws (www.. wluml.. org ), served as Chair of the Muslim Women’s Network UK (http://www.. mwnuk.. co.. uk/ ) and co-founded Musawah (http://www.. musawah.. org/ ), the global movement.. Dr Usama Hasan Addresses OneVoice Europe’s 3-day Youth Leadership Summer Programme.. July 17, 2012 at 11:58.. Usama Hasan, along with Rabbi Natan Levy (Board of Deputies of British Jews) and Canon Robert Reiss (Westminster Abbey), addressed 25 UK university student leaders during OneVoice Europe’s 3-day Youth Leadership Summer Programme, on “Religious Narratives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.. ” Usama’s presentation covered the importance of the Holy Land.. (14).. (49).. (74).. (70).. (42)..

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  • Title: » Press Releases Archive | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: Quilliam Launches New Concept Paper No Compulsion in Religion: an Islamic Case against Blasphemy Laws.. September 26, 2012 at 15:09.. Following the international furore in recent weeks over the amateurish, inflammatory and offensive film, Innocence of Muslims, there have been calls around the world to introduce or strengthen rules that would become akin to global blasphemy laws.. Dozens of people, including US Ambassador Stevens in Libya who was killed by.. The Attack on the US Consulate Was A Planned Terrorist Assault Against US and Libyan Interests.. September 12, 2012 at 14:37.. The military assault against the US Consulate in Benghazi should not be seen as part of a protest against a low budget film which was insulting Islam – there were just a few peaceful protesters present at the event.. Indeed, there have been no other demonstrations regarding this film in.. Quilliam Releases Concept Paper The Jihadist Network in  ...   revolution is a crucial component of.. Islamic Reform Study/Discussion Sessions.. September 3, 2012 at 10:40.. Quilliam invites you to a series of study/discussion sessions on cutting-edge ideas around Islamic Reform with Dr.. Usama Hasan, our Senior Researcher in Islamic Studies.. These will be held in Central London.. Full details will be provided upon receipt of registration and payment.. There will be two sessions on each.. Quilliam calls for urgent action by the international community to end violence and discrimination against the Rohingya and other ethnic and religious minorities in Burma.. July 24, 2012 at 14:53.. The current communal violence and ongoing state-sponsored systematic discrimination against the Rohingya minority in Burma requires a strong response by the international community and by democracy and human rights activists worldwide.. For decades, the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority primarily based in Arakan State in Burma, have faced systematic discrimination.. (19).. (46).. (29).. (34).. (1)..

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  • Title: Outreach | Quilliam Foundation
    Descriptive info: We strongly believe in engaging with a cross-section of society with a view to both listening and sharing views and experiences.. With this in mind we proactively seek opportunities to meet and discuss with students, religious figures, researchers and the general public.. We already have a track record of speaking at universities, community centres and other public spaces.. We welcome speaking and debating requests from a wide  ...   institutions:.. London School of Economics.. Kings College London.. Training Business Group, Brick Lane.. Suffolk College.. Muslim Community in Burnley, Pendle.. Queen Mary University of London.. Cambridge University.. Westminster School.. Oxford University.. Westminster University.. Dauntsey School (Wiltshire).. Durham University.. King Edward’s School (Birmingham).. University of Leeds.. University of Oxford.. School of Oriental and African Studies (London).. University of York.. UK Defence Academy.. For general enquiries regarding outreach, please contact..

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