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  • Title: NQF:Home
    Descriptive info: LOG-IN.. Contact Us.. About NQF.. Calendar.. FAQs/HELP.. Setting Priorities.. NQF in the Quality Landscape.. National Priorities Partnership.. Measure Applications Partnership.. Resources for State and Local Leaders.. Measuring Performance.. ABCs of Measurement.. Consensus Development Process.. Consensus Development Projects.. Submitting Standards.. Measure Maintenance.. NQF-Endorsed® Standards.. Improving NQF's Processes.. Topics.. Health and Well-Being.. Prevention and Treatment of Leading Causes of Mortality.. Person- and Family-Centered Care.. Effective Communication and Care Coordination.. Patient Safety.. Affordable Care.. Palliative Care and End-of-Life Care.. Disparities.. Health IT.. News & Resources.. Press Releases & Announcements.. Endorsement Summaries.. Reports.. Report to Congress.. Media Contact.. Events.. Webinars.. Annual Conference.. Awards.. Membership.. Join NQF.. Member Activities.. Member Councils.. My Dashboard.. The report highlights the broad use of NQF’s endorsed measures and NQF’s growing impact on healthcare improvement across the nation.. Access the report, case studies and more.. National Priorities Partnership.. The.. National Priorities Partnership (NPP).. offers consultative support to the Department of Health and Human Services on setting national priorities and goals for the HHS National Quality Strategy.. Current Activity:.. The Partnership for Patients – NPP will meet in-person on November 30, 2012 in Washington, DC.. Click.. here.. for more information.. Measure Applications Partnership.. Measure Applications Partnership (MAP).. provides multi-stakeholder input to HHS on the selection of performance measures for public reporting and payment reform programs.. MAP submitted two reports to HHS on October 1, 2012.. Read the Reports.. Featured Projects.. Regionalized Emergency Medical Care Services (REMCS).. Project goal:.. To provide guidance for measure development to ASPR’s prioritized areas of emergency department (ED) crowding, emergency preparedness, and surge capacity.. COMMENT:.. Public and Member Comment.. is open through December 8 at 6:00pm ET.. Read the Report.. Pulmonary Endorsement Maintenance.. Project goal:.. To identify and endorse measures that specifically evaluate the quality of care for pulmonary conditions and the critical care setting.. COMMENT:.. for the Addendum Report is open through November 30.. Neurology Endorsement Maintenance.. To identify and endorse performance measures for accountability and quality improvement that specifically address neurological conditions.. for Phase II is open through November 29.. Measure Registry Needs Assessment.. To explore the degree of interest in and key considerations for a consistent approach to tracking measures and their related versions along the measure development, endorsement, and use pipeline.. COMMENT.. :.. The draft report is.. available for public comment.. through November 28.. Patient-Reported Outcomes.. To address the major methodological and data issues related to the use of patient-reported outcomes in performance measurement and identify the critical path to achieving NQF endorsement.. is open through November 22 at 6:00pm ET.. Infectious Disease Endorsement Maintenance 2012.. Project:.. To identify and endorse performance measures for accountability and quality improvement for infectious disease conditions.. for the Addendum Report is open through November 20 at 6:00pm ET.. Behavioral Health Phase 1 and 2.. To establish national priorities for improving the behavioral health of the U..  ...   the Meaningful Use regulation, HHS requested that NQF convert 113 NQF-endorsed measures from a paper-based format to an electronic "eMeasure" format.. eMeasure Learning Collaborative:.. Learn about NQF’s public initiative bringing together stakeholders to advance knowledge and promote best practices surrounding development and implementation of electronic quality performance measures.. Upcoming Events.. Date.. Event.. 20121107.. NOV 07, 2012.. CSAC In-Person Meeting.. 20121109.. NOV 09, 2012.. Infectious Disease Endorsement Maintenance 2012 : Committee Call to Review Comments.. 20121113.. NOV 13, 2012.. Consensus Task Force In-Person Meeting.. MAP Clinician Workgroup Web Meeting.. 20121115.. NOV 15, 2012.. Composite Evaluation Guidance Reassessment Project : Conference Call.. Tools.. Find Endorsed Measures with QPS.. Use the Quality Positioning System (QPS) to find measures easier and faster.. Get answers to some of the most common technical questions surrounding NQF's health IT initiatives.. Dashboard.. Use your dashboard to track what is happening and personalize your NQF experience.. Align Your Measures.. Use NQF's Alignment Tool to assist in aligning or expanding your measurement and reporting efforts.. NQF's Former Measure Search Tool.. Search the measures directory by keyword, measure developer, or care setting.. This directory will be taken down on November 13, as the final step in the transition to QPS Version 1.. 0.. There’s Value in NQF Membership.. Member organizations of NQF have the opportunity to take part in a national dialogue about how to measure healthcare quality and publicly report the findings.. Apply for NQF membership.. (PDF).. NQF Members.. |.. FAQs.. Resources.. Milestones.. Governance and Leadership.. 2012 Board of Directors Election - Vote CLOSED.. The Nominating Committee sent NQF members the 2012 Board of Directors' slate.. The voting ballot closed on 6:00pm on November 5, 2012.. Board Portfolio Report.. Who is using NQF-endorsed measures? How is the NQF portfolio evolving?.. A new report provides an overview of what kinds of stakeholders are using the NQF portfolio and for what purposes.. It also examines how the enhanced endorsement process results in a more targeted portfolio that focuses on best-in-class metrics.. Report.. Presentation Slides.. Read the EEP Report.. Enhancing Physician Performance Summit.. NQF has published the proceedings from its Enhancing Physician Performance Summit which it convened with the American Board of Medical Specialties.. The summit was held to initiate a multi-stakeholder dialogue around the role of Board Certification and Maintenance of Certification in the broader quality enterprise.. Copyright 2012 The National Quality Forum.. All Rights Reserved.. Privacy Policy.. Terms of Use.. National Quality Forum.. | 1030 15th St, NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005.. News Resources.. Press Releases Announcements.. Mission and Vision.. Funding.. NQF Staff.. HHS Performance Measurement.. Contracting Opportunities.. Careers at NQF.. Back to Dashboard.. NQF Office Status.. Helpful Info.. FAQs/Help.. Contact NQF.. Attention!!.. This site uses Javascript which your browser is not supporting.. You must enable Javascript or use a browser that supports Javascript to browse this site properly..

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  • Title: NQF: Contact NQF
    Descriptive info: Calendar Help.. Help us improve our.. web calendar.. Please take a moment to complete a brief survey.. •.. Complete the Survey.. +.. /.. -.. Text Size.. Print.. Email.. Share.. Contact NQF.. General inquiries about the National Quality Forum (NQF) can be sent to.. info@qualityforum.. org.. For more specific queries, see the email addresses below.. Phone/Fax.. Address.. Directions.. Media Inquiries.. Email Addresses.. Main phone number: 202-783-1300.. Fax number: 202-783-3434.. NQF’s address for visitors, mail, and deliveries is:.. 1030 15th Street, NW.. Suite 800.. Washington, D.. C.. 20005.. Map.. NQF is located in the Executive Building on 15th Street between K and L Streets, NW.. By Metro:.. For help planning a metro visit, try Metro’s.. Trip Planner..  ...   15th Street.. Also, it can be accessed from L Street.. Central Parking System operates the garage.. For more information about space availability or rates, or to purchase parking validation stamps, please contact Central Parking System at 202-496-4200.. The garage hours of operation are from 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Friday.. The garage is closed on Saturday, Sundays and holidays.. After-hours access is only available to monthly contract holders.. All tenants and/or visitors to THE EXECUTIVE BUILDING that do not have a monthly parking contract with Central Parking Systems and utilize Daily Parking must exit the garage by 7:00pm M-F, no exceptions.. 202-478-9326,.. press@qualityforum.. org.. Appeals:.. appeals@qualityforum.. Events:.. meetings@qualityforum.. Jobs:.. hr@qualityforum.. Membership:.. members@qualityforum.. Press:.. Other inquiries:..

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  • Title: NQF: About NQF
    Descriptive info: About NQF.. The National Quality Forum (NQF) is a nonprofit organization that operates under a.. three-part mission.. to improve the quality of American healthcare by:.. Building consensus on national priorities and goals for performance improvement and working in partnership to achieve them;.. Endorsing national consensus standards for measuring and publicly reporting on performance; and.. Promoting the attainment of national goals through education and outreach programs.. NQF's.. membership.. includes a wide variety of healthcare stakeholders, including consumer organizations,  ...   and quality improvement organizations.. The breadth and diversity of its membership allows NQF to be well positioned to maintain a constant drumbeat for healthcare quality.. NQF’s unique structure enables private- and public-sector stakeholders to work together to craft and implement cross-cutting solutions to drive continuous quality improvement in the American healthcare system.. NQF Members:.. List by A-Z.. List by Council.. 2012 Board of Directors Election.. Vote CLOSED.. The voting ballot closed on 6:00pm ET on November 5, 2012..

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  • Title: NQF: Calendar
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  • Title: NQF: FAQsHelp
    Descriptive info: FAQs/Help.. Frequently Asked Questions.. For assistance with any question, please contact.. Table of Contents.. What is NQF?.. Why measure healthcare?.. How and why was NQF formed?.. Why is NQF important?.. Where does NQF fit in the healthcare quality world?.. Does NQF develop standards?.. Does NQF implement quality standards?.. What is NQF’s role in the National Priorities Partnership?.. How does NQF build consensus?.. What is the CSAC?.. Health Information Technology.. How can HIT improve quality?.. Has NQF endorsed HIT measures?.. What is HITEP?.. NQF Membership.. Who are NQF’s Members?.. Why join NQF?.. Navigating NQF’s website.. Why should I create a user account on the NQF website?.. How do I log in to the NQF site?.. How do I access my account if I forgot my password?.. What is My Dashboard?.. How do I use My Dashboard?.. How do I change my password?.. What is the National Quality Forum?.. (.. back to top.. ).. The National Quality Forum (NQF) is a unique, multi-stakeholder organization that has been instrumental in advancing efforts to improve quality through performance measurement and public reporting.. NQF is a private, not-for-profit membership organization with more than 375 members representing virtually every sector of the healthcare system.. NQF operates under a three-part mission to improve the quality of American healthcare by:.. Setting national priorities and goals for performance improvement.. Endorsing national consensus standards for measuring and publicly reporting on performance.. NQF is a voluntary consensus standards setting body as specified by the National Technology and Transfer Advancement Act of 1995 and OMB Circular A-119 (1998).. NQF endorsement, which involves rigorous, evidence-based review and a formal Consensus Development Process, has become the “gold standard” for healthcare performance measures.. Major healthcare purchasers, including CMS, rely on NQF-endorsed measures to ensure that the measures are scientifically sound and meaningful and to help standardize performance measures used across the industry.. To date, NQF has endorsed more than.. 500 measures.. Why measure healthcare?.. You can’t improve what you can’t measure.. In the same way an athlete tracks changes in batting average or the time it takes to run a mile, the healthcare system uses measures to gauge progress and improve results.. Measurement identifies where there are gaps in performance and allows us to gauge progress.. Publicly reporting the results of measurement provides valuable information to patients choosing high quality providers, purchasers and insurers shaping payment policies to reward quality and efficiency, and physicians making referral decisions.. Transparency is a catalyst for creating an environment that encourages and rewards excellence.. Having national standards for measurement –.. such as those endorsed by NQF.. - allow for apples to apples comparisons across regions so systems can learn from each other and create a culture of quality improvement.. How and why was NQF formed?.. In a report issued in 1998, the President's Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry proposed creation of NQF as part of an integrated national quality improvement agenda.. Leaders from consumer, purchaser, provider, health plan, and health service research organizations met as the Quality Forum Planning Committee throughout 1998 and early 1999 to define the mission, structure, and financing of the National Quality Forum.. The National Quality Forum officially launched on September 23, 1999.. Why is NQF important?.. The American healthcare system offers millions of patients access to healthcare provided by highly skilled, committed professionals and first-rate healthcare institutions.. At the same time, the system is marked by serious and pervasive deficiencies in quality.. Quality problems affect all patients, regardless of age, gender, financial resources, or race.. In addition, quality problems cut across the delivery system, and are not the result of any single financing or payment arrangement.. Quality deficiencies result in increased mortality and morbidity and in failure to alleviate conditions that cause pain and disability, leading to a lower quality of life, a less productive workforce, and billions of dollars in unnecessary costs.. To improve the quality of American healthcare, NQF convenes diverse stakeholders from across the healthcare system to set national priorities to improve healthcare quality and to endorse standards to gauge our progress in achieving those goals.. Where does NQF fit in the healthcare quality world?.. NQF is one of many organizations working to improve the quality of healthcare in the U.. NQF has several roles in the quality landscape, include setting national priorities and goals, endorsing measures, and sponsoring various education and outreach activities aimed at facilitating achievement of the national goals.. Each of these roles is vital to the quality improvement process and, ultimately, to the creation of a system of increased quality in healthcare.. Quality improvement is an ongoing process that involves many different individuals and organizations working in a variety of ways within many different levels in healthcare.. Within the process, these individuals and organizations identify goals and priorities, develop measures, evaluate and endorse measures, select measures for implementation, implement measures, evaluate performance, and use data from that evaluation to set new priorities.. NQF participates in a contract with the Department of Health and Human Services.. A small portion of that contract includes support for measure development.. Therefore, NQF occasionally acts as a subcontractor for measure development.. NQF does not develop measures directly, but facilitates measure development through a contractual process with measure development organizations.. There is a very clear and firm separation between development activities and the endorsement process.. Does NQF implement standards?.. No.. Organizations like the Quality Alliance Steering Committee and other quality alliances focus on implementation, including the selection of measures for public reporting and strategies for aggregating data to produce measures.. The role of NQF is to set national priorities and goals, endorse measures, and sponsor various education and outreach activities aimed at facilitating achievement of the national goals.. What is NQF’s role in the National Priorities Partnership?.. NQF convened the.. (NPP) in 2008 and is one of the group’s..  ...   a standardized Quality Data Model (formerly QDS) and enabling quality measurement through improved clinical workflows within and across care settings.. Who are NQF’s Members?.. NQF’s.. more than 375 members.. represent virtually every sector of the healthcare system: consumers, purchasers, health plans, providers, healthcare professionals, suppliers, community health organizations, and quality alliances.. These disparate groups come together to work toward quality improvements in the healthcare system.. Why join NQF?.. Improving healthcare is a matter of critical importance that will require action by a wide variety of healthcare stakeholders.. NQF brings together healthcare leaders from every sector of the industry as part of a national dialogue that sets national priorities, endorses national consensus standards for measuring and publicly reporting on performance, and promotes the attainment of national goals through education and outreach programs.. Take your seat at our table.. Make your voice heard.. For additional information on managing your membership, please visit our.. FAQ page.. Navigating NQF’s website.. Why should I create a user account on the NQF website?.. When you create a user account, you will be able to:.. update your personal information;.. “follow” specific projects NQF is working on;.. access to a personal dashboard that tracks all your followed projects.. Members of NQF will have access to upcoming member votes, member calls, and member activities (through their Dashboard).. NQF respects your privacy and will not sell, rent, or trade e-mail lists or personal information with other organizations for marketing purposes.. Read our full privacy policy.. How do I log into the NQF website?.. At the very top of each NQF webpage, you will see a link for "Log-In".. The link will take you to the NQF Login page.. Type your username and password and select "Sign In".. You may want to check “Remember Me”, so you won’t need to enter your username and password each time you visit the NQF site.. If you need a username and password, select Log-In at the top of any webpage.. Select "Enroll Now" from the Login page.. You will be sent your username and password via e-mail.. Once you’ve signed in, you will see several reminders tracking current projects, as well as voting and commenting periods.. Clicking on any of these links will route you to your personalized dashboard.. How do I log in if I forgot my password?.. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking “reset password” on the.. NQF login page.. This will allow you to reset and choose a new password.. Your dashboard allows you to edit, organize, and track information directly related to your engagement with NQF.. From the dashboard, you’ll be able to:.. update your contact information;.. view all open action items for NQF projects;.. and track specific projects in which you’re interested.. Once you’ve logged into the NQF website, you will be able to access your personalized dashboard.. You can select "Dashboard" from the Tools area on the right side of the homepage.. You may also select “My Dashboard” from the Membership tab.. How do I use My Dashboard?.. Editing your contact information.. On the left hand side of your dashboard, you will see your contact information.. Select "Edit My Info".. You’ll be redirected to another page where you can enter any changes.. Save your changes and select "Return to the Dashboard".. Your contact information will be updated in NQF’s database.. You will also see your organization’s information, including your membership status, the NQF member council to which your organization belongs, and the contact information for your organization’s primary member contact.. If you are the primary member contact, you will also see an edit link next to the “MY ORGANIZATION” header.. This will allow you to update your organization’s contact information.. However, if your organization’s name or primary contact person has changed, please contact NQF member services directly.. Following Projects.. In the middle of your dashboard, you will see a list of NQF projects that you’ve selected to “follow”.. You can add a project to your list by selecting the follow button located at the top of each NQF project’s webpage.. To stop following, or “unfollow,” a project, simply select "unfollow" that appears in the project's page or select the X next to the name project name in "My Projects" section of your deashboard.. If you’re following more than three projects, you’ll see a scroll bar within your projects list on your dashboard.. Tracking Action Items.. At the bottom of your dashboard is the Action Items box.. Through this feature, you can track all action items that are currently open, and plan ahead for your participation in upcoming actions.. The Action Items box lists open and upcoming calls for nominations, calls for candidate standards, comment periods, and voting periods.. Each action item contains three pieces of information: the date range for the action, the type of action, and the NQF project with which the action is associated.. You can go directly to the project page associated with a particular action item by clicking on the project’s name within the action item list.. If you are the primary member contact, you will be able to access an open ballot by clicking on the “Voting” link beneath the “Action” header.. If you are not the primary contact for your organization, you will be able to see if your organization has voted, if the voting ballot is in process, or if no vote has yet been submitted.. To change your password, you have to do the following:.. Go to your dashboard.. Select "Edit My Info" on the left hand side next to your contact information.. On the Update Information page, select "ID password" in the left navigation.. Enter your current password and your new password.. Select "Save".. Your password has now been changed.. For more information on changing your password, check out.. NQF Website - How to change your password..

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  • Title: NQF: NQF in the Quality Landscape
    Descriptive info: NQF in the Quality Landscape.. Quality is central to achieving affordable care that knows our needs and keeps us healthy.. But how do we know we’re getting quality? And what can we do to ensure all the players in healthcare are working toward high quality for every patient, every time care is received?.. It’s a three step process.. The first step toward achieving quality is convening expert members across the healthcare industry, including patients to define quality with uniform standards and measures that apply to the many facets of care patients receive.. Second, information gleaned from measuring performance is reported and analyzed to pinpoint  ...   Over the last 10 years, NQF has been privileged to continually assemble standout experts across the healthcare field to refine and endorse standards and measures.. To help guide the healthcare quality enterprise and continuous quality improvement, in 2010 NQF is assessing the use of performance measures – particularly the use of NQF-endorsed performance measures.. Evaluation of Performance Measure Use.. NQF is conducting an assessment of the use of performance measures in healthcare, particularly the uses of NQF-endorsed performance measures.. NQF will subcontract with an independent third party evaluator on the measure use evaluation.. An advisory panel will be convened to provide guidance on the evaluation..

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  • Title: NQF: National Priorities Partnership
    Descriptive info: The NPP is a partnership of 51 major national organizations with a shared vision to achieve better health, and a safe, equitable, and value-driven healthcare system.. By working together with a common purpose and coordinated plan, this vision is quickly becoming a reality.. NPP Quick Links.. NPP Quarterly Synthesis of Action in Support of the Partnership for Patients.. Progress Report on the National Quality Strategy.. Partnership for Patients – National Priorities Partnership Issue Brief.. Input on the National Quality Strategy.. Background.. Years in the making, the United States now has a national blueprint for achieving a high-value healthcare system—the.. National Quality Strategy.. (NQS).. The NQS sets clear goals to support efforts to improve the quality of health and healthcare.. Moving forward, working together on a focused set of activities will accelerate meaningful change.. The Secretary of Health and Human Services oversees the NQS, but it is shaped, owned, and implemented by the nation.. All.. 51 National Priorities Partners.. worked together to advocate for the creation of this blueprint, and continue to shape its direction by offering annual input to the Secretary.. Together, they:.. Identify national goals that correspond to the priorities put forth in the National Quality  ...   specific ways in which all Partners can work together to achieve the aims of better care, affordable care, and healthy people and communities.. A Call to Action.. Many organizations have mobilized to achieve the promise of the NQS to improve health and healthcare across the country.. And while the NQS goals are clear, for many the path and methods to achieve them are not always apparent.. That’s where the NPP has stepped in to help spread innovative, promising and scalable solutions; make connections across sectors and between organizations; and inspire people to take highly focused, coordinated action.. Learn more about NPP's:.. Collaboration with the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services on its.. Partnership for Patients.. safety initiative.. Specialized efforts.. to achieve the aims of the National Quality Strategy.. NPP’s Impact.. NQF subcontracted in 2011 with an independent third-party evaluator to assess the initial impact of NPP.. about the evaluation of NPP.. Contact Information.. For more information contact Wendy Vernon, Senior Director, at 202-783-1300 or.. priorities@qualityforum.. Related Information.. National Priorities Partnership and the National Quality Strategy.. NPP Action Teams.. NPP Partner Organizations.. NPP Case Studies.. Read more about the.. in the press release.. NQS Progress Report.. Read HHS’s April 2012..

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  • Title: NQF: Measure Applications Partnership
    Descriptive info: MAP is a public-private partnership that reviews performance measures for potential use in federal public reporting and performance-based payment programs, while working to align public programs with measures being used in the private sector.. MAP is the first group of its kind to provide upstream, pre-rulemaking input to the federal government on the selection of measures.. Recent MAP Reports (PDFs).. MAP Strategic Plan: 2012 - 2015.. MAP Families of Measures: Safety, Care Coordination, Cardiovascular Conditions, Diabetes.. (Report updated October 12, 2012 to correct a.. typographical error).. Annual Pre-Rulemaking Final Report.. The Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) is a public-private partnership convened by the National Quality Forum (NQF).. MAP was created to provide input to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on the selection of performance measures for public reporting and performance-based payment programs.. NQF was selected by HHS to fulfill a provision in the Affordable Care Act to convene multi-stakeholder groups to:.. Identify the best available performance measures for use in specific applications.. Provide input to HHS on measures for use in public reporting, performance-based payment, and other programs.. Encourage alignment of public and private sector efforts.. In convening MAP, NQF brings together stakeholder groups in a unique collaboration that balances the interests of consumers, businesses and purchasers, labor, health plans, clinicians and providers,  ...   eligible beneficiaries, care provided in cancer hospitals exempt from Medicare's prospective payment system, and hospice and palliative care, as well as for clinicians, post-acute and long-term care, and patient safety.. In addition to the performance measurement coordination reports, MAP issued a first annual pre-rulemaking analysis of measures under consideration by HHS for use in federal programs.. MAP has been guided in its deliberations by the.. MAP Measure Selection Criteria.. Learn more about MAP's work and access the reports.. MAP's Structure.. MAP operates through a two-tiered structure.. Guided by the priorities and goals of HHS's National Quality Strategy, the MAP Coordinating Committee provides direction and direct input to HHS.. MAP's workgroups advise the Coordinating Committee on measures needed for specific care settings, care providers, and patient populations.. Time-limited task forces charged with developing "families of measures"—related measures that cross settings and populations— provide further information to the MAP Coordinating Committee and workgroups.. Each multi-stakeholder group includes individuals with content expertise and organizations particularly affected by the work.. Questions about MAP?.. Learn more about MAP, its structure, and its significance from the.. MAP FAQs.. You may also contact Allison Ludwig, Project Manager, at 202-783-1300 or.. measureapplications@qualityforum.. Coordinating Committee.. Clinician Workgroup.. Dual Eligible Beneficiaries Workgroup.. Hospital Workgroup.. Post-Acute Care/Long-Term Care Workgroup.. MAP Task Forces (2012).. MAP Final Reports..

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  • Title: NQF: Resources for State and Local Leaders
    Descriptive info: Resources for State and Local Leaders.. Here is a handy list to help those who use NQF-endorsed measures easily access some of the key NQF tools and resources.. As the number of State and community leaders involved in measurement and public reporting grows, NQF is committed to helping streamline and support those important efforts.. Search and Compare NQF-Endorsed® Measures.. Identify Opportunities for Alignment.. Collaborate and Learn from Others.. Get More Value from Electronic Data Sources.. Communicate about Measurement and Public Reporting.. Take Your Seat at the Table.. Prepare for the Future.. Search and Compare NQF-Endorsed® Measures (.. Find measures fast using NQF’s.. Quality Positioning System (QPS).. Search by measure number, title, or keyword or browse by category, such as data source or care setting.. Determine which measures are best suited for your efforts using the.. Measure Selection Criteria.. and the related.. user guide.. developed by the.. for use in assessing measure sets used in federal payment and public reporting programs.. Compare the NQF-endorsed measures in use by Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) alliances in 16 regions by referencing the.. Community Tool to Align Measurement.. , which also lists when those measures are also part of certain federal programs.. Identify Opportunities for Alignment (.. See where to start or expand your measurement and public reporting in ways that align with other regions and with federal program requirements, using the.. Search and compare ‘portfolios’ or lists of measures created in the.. by groups at the local, state and national levels who use NQF-endorsed measures.. Learn what others are doing and identify ways to align with national requirements.. Track the measures likely to be used in federal reporting requirements and performance-based payment programs by following the work of the.. to provide input to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).. To determine which measures are best suited for your efforts, use the same.. (MAP) to assess measure sets used in federal payment and public reporting programs.. Assess similarities and differences in.. State reporting of adverse events.. to identify gaps and opportunities for improving safety in your region.. Consider ways to  ...   in.. HIT educational webinars.. Learn about the web-based.. for measure developers to create eMeasures.. Track.. NQF’s projects in Health Information Technology.. affecting measurement and data sources to stay up-to-date with the continuously changing HIT landscape.. Communicate about Measurement and Public Reporting (.. Use any of these materials in discussion at the local, state or national level.. NQF-endorsed.. Serious Reportable Events (SREs).. and related.. fact sheet.. Opportunities to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality: Compact Action Briefs.. ABC’s of Measurement.. webinar.. Search and Compare NQF-Endorsed Measures:.. A 2-page Overview of the Quality Positioning System.. and.. related Q A.. Align Your Measurement Efforts:.. A 2-page Overview of the Community Tool to Align Measurement.. Take Your Seat at the Table (.. Help shape the future of healthcare measurement and quality improvement by.. joining NQF.. Get involved by checking out the.. Calendar of NQF Activities.. and opportunities for engagement in measure endorsement projects.. Set reminders for when to get involved by tracking endorsement projects, nominations, comments or appeals, and upcoming NQF activities using.. Prepare for the Future (.. Track the work of the following NQF-related groups and projects that impact the future of health care quality improvement:.. which provides input to HHS on measures for federal reporting and performance-based payment.. which convenes organizations across the country to identify priorities and work together to improve health and health care.. Projects to assess and endorse measures and standards.. on a variety of topics including resource use, disparities, population health and much more.. Have questions or ideas?.. Please contact Diane Stollenwerk, NQF Vice President for Community Alliances, at 202-783-1300.. You may also email.. dstollenwerk@qualityforum.. or.. communities@qualityforum.. Webinar.. Introduction to the Community Tool to Align Measurement.. Watch the Recording.. View the Slides.. Get Involved.. Calendar of Events.. Education Programs.. Our Goal is to Serve You.. Measurement and reporting in States and communities is the key to improving health and health care.. Read what guides our work to serve these efforts.. Research with Community Leaders.. Executive Summary.. Research with State Leaders.. Map of State and Local Initiatives.. State and community programs.. across the country.. are using NQF-endorsed measures..

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  • Title: NQF: ABCs of Measurement
    Descriptive info: ABCs of Measurement.. Meas•ure.. n.. A standard: a basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated; “they set the measure for all subsequent work.. ” v.. To bring into comparison against a standard.. How do we know? We measure.. How do patients know if their healthcare is good care? How do providers pinpoint the steps that need to be improved for better patient outcomes? And how do insurers and employers determine whether they are paying for the best care that science, skill, and compassion can provide? Performance measures give us a way to assess healthcare against recognized standards.. While measures come from many  ...   the healthcare industry.. The science of measuring healthcare performance has made enormous progress over the last decade, and it continues to evolve.. The high stakes demand our collective perseverance.. Measures represent a critical component in the national endeavor to assure all patients of appropriate and high-quality care.. Learn.. the difference a good measure can make.. Download a.. printable version of.. The ABCs of Measurement.. The Difference a Good Measure Can Make.. Choosing What to Measure.. The Right Tools for the Job.. Patient-Centered Measures = Patient-Centered Results.. What NQF Endorsement Means.. How Endorsement Happens.. How Measures Can Work: Safety.. How Measures Will Serve Our Future.. What You Can Do..

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