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    Archived pages: 162 . Archive date: 2012-11.

  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review
    Descriptive info: .. Wednesday, November 21, 2012.. EDYCJA POLSKA.. Home.. Our Mission.. Contents.. Current Volume.. Index of Volumes.. Index of Authors.. Editorial Board.. Consulting Editors.. Editorial Staff.. Journal Overview.. Indexing/Abstracting.. News            .. Journal News.. ESA RN20 News.. Job Opportunity.. Book Reviews.. For Publishers.. For Readers.. Call For Papers.. For Authors.. Copyrights.. Contact.. Search.. 'We must put ourselves in the position of the subject who tries to find his way in this world, and we must remember, first of all, that the environment by which he is influenced and to which he adapts himself is his world, not the objective world of science.. '.. W.. I.. Thomas.. and.. F.. Znaniecki.. News Mailing List available - register now!.. Welcome to a new sociological journal website!.. For a long time, we have observed an increased interest in qualitative sociology, and the use of an interpretive frame  ...   applicable to all fields and specializations within sociology.. Every submitted paper is blind reviewed and quality-controlled by two reviewers.. The Editorial Staff and Consulting Editors strive to operate at a high level of scientific quality.. Volume VIII Issue 2.. is already available!.. All sociologists who make use of an interpretative paradigm and a qualitative research methodology are welcome to submit their articles and support our initiative.. Editorial Board.. Frequency: 3 times a year.. Published: April, August, December.. Qualitative Sociology Review.. is the journal of Symbolic Interactionism, Grounded Theories, Social Worlds/Arenas Studies, Action Studies, Biographical Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Collaborative Social Research, Content Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Deconstructivism, Ethnography, Ethnoscience, Ethnomethodology, Evaluation Social Research, Hermeneutics, Holistic Ethnography, Institutional Ethnography, Phenomenology, Phenomenography, Narrative Studies, Naturalistic Studies, Social Anthropology, Qualitative Case Studies and other qualitative orientations within social sciences.. Legal statement.. Online Editor.. © Qualitative Sociology Review 2005 - 2009..

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  • Title: Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej
    Descriptive info: Środa, 21 listopada 2012.. ENGLISH VERSION.. Strona Główna.. Nasza Misja.. Pismo.. Bieżący Numer.. Indeks Numerów.. Monografie.. Redakcja.. Rada Naukowa.. Rada Recenzentów.. Zespół Redakcyjny.. Lista Recenzentów.. Informacje o piśmie.. Aktualności.. Biuletyn PSJ.. Sekcja SJiSI PTS.. Nowości wydawnicze.. Konferencje.. Konkurs.. Recenzje książek.. Info dla wydawnictw.. Info dla czytelników.. Info dla Autorów.. Prawa Autorskie.. Forum dyskusyjne.. Kontakt.. Szukaj.. "Powinniśmy postawić się na miejscu podmiotu, który próbuje odnaleźć drogę swojego życia na tym świecie , a przede wszystkim powinniśmy pamiętać, że to otoczenie pod którego jest wpływem i do którego się dostosowuje, stanowi jego Świat, a nie obiektywny Świat nauki.. ".. Thomas.. i.. Aktualności - Biletyn PSJ!.. Witamy na stronach Przeglądu Socjologii Jakościowej!.. Od dłuższego czasu obserwujemy wzrost zainteresowania socjologią jakościową.. Coraz częściej podejmowane są próby rozumienia ludzkich działań, rekonstruowania procesów społecznych, interpretatywnego opisu znaczeń i definicji powstających  ...   Każdy artykuł będzie anonimowo recenzowany przez dwóch recenzentów, a nad wysokim poziomem merytorycznym pisma czuwać będzie Zespół Redakcyjny i Rada Naukowa.. Tom VIII Numer 2 Lipiec 2012.. jest już dostępny!.. Zapraszamy do nadsyłania swoich artykułów wszystkich socjologów dla których paradygmat interpretatywny i metodologia badań jakościowych stanowią perspektywę poznawania i refleksji nad światem społecznym.. Zespół Redakcyjny.. Za publikację w.. Przeglądzie Socjologii Jakościowej.. oraz w angielskojęzycznej edycji pisma.. Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego przyznaje.. 8 punktów.. Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej.. , czasopismo Symbolicznego Interakcjonizmu, Teorii Ugruntowanych, Studiów Społecznych Światów, Analizy Dyskursu, Analiz Biograficznych, Analizy Treści, Antropologii Społecznej, Dekonstruktywizmu, Etnografii, Etnografii Komunikacji, Etnografii Holistycznej, Etnografii Instytucjonalnej, Etnonauki, Etnometodologii, Analizy Konwersacyjnej, Ewaluacyjnych Badań Społecznych, Fenomenologii, Fenomenografii, Hermeneutyki, Studiów Narracyjnych, Studiów Naturalistycznych, Studiów Przypadku i innych odmian jakościowego nurtu w naukach społecznych.. Oświadczenie.. © Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej 2005 - 2009..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Our Mission
    Descriptive info: News.. 'The self is essentially a social process.. '.. G.. H.. Mead.. Respecting a tradition in the social sciences of gaining an interpretive understanding (verstehen) of social phenomena, we are continuing to cultivate and develop the use of qualitative research as a tool of sociological inquiry.. Cooperation, integration and the development of a scientific community are our core aims.. As such, our journal exemplifies the following values:.. Individuality.. of every scientist, whose work is a way of developing knowledge about the world and improving himself/ herself as a penetrating observer  ...   every opinion and mode of information, as the best way to discover the truth.. Community.. of qualitative researchers who integrate through a common conception of science and through the discovery and explanation of social phenomena.. Science.. which takes advantage of pluralism and diversity to accumulate knowledge about society that is available universally and is used to influence the integration and development of various aspects of society.. Humankind.. integrating through a qualitative way of understanding social action, where humans are treated as subjects who create and change the social world around them..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Current Volume
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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Index of Volumes
    Descriptive info: August 2012.. Volume VIII Issue 1.. April 2012.. Volume VII Issue 3.. December 2011.. Volume VII Issue 2.. August 2011.. Volume VII Issue 1.. April 2011.. Volume VI Issue 3.. December 2010.. Volume VI Issue 2.. August 2010.. Volume VI Issue 1.. April 2010.. Volume V Issue 3.. December 2009.. Volume V Issue 2.. August 2009.. Volume V  ...   Issue 2.. August 2008.. Volume IV Issue 1.. April 2008.. Volume III Issue 3.. December 2007.. Volume III Issue 2.. August 2007.. Volume III Issue 1.. April 2007.. Volume II Issue 3.. December 2006.. Volume II Issue 2.. August 2006.. Volume II Issue 1.. April 2006.. Volume I Issue 2.. December 2005.. Volume I Issue 1.. August 2005..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Index of Authors
    Descriptive info: The list of all Authors and their articles published in Qualitative Sociology Review (in alphabetical order).. Adkins, Barbara & Eryn Grant.. 'Backpackers as a Community of Strangers: The Interaction Order of an Online Backpacker Notice Board' (.. volume III issue 2.. ).. Ahponen, Pirkkoliisa.. 'Precariousness of everyday heroism.. A biographical approach to life politics'.. (.. volume I issue 2.. Åkerström, Malin and Jacobsson, Katarina.. 'Expressing and Examining Morality in Everyday Life: Social Comparisons among Swedish Parents of Deaf Children'.. volume V issue 2.. Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn.. 'Intimate Intrusions Revisited: A Case of Intimate Partner Abuse and Violations of the Territories of the Self' (.. volume V issue 1.. Al-Saggaf, Yeslam and Kirsty Williamson.. 'Doing ethnography from within a constructivist paradigm to explore virtual communities in Saudi Arabia' (.. volume II issue 2.. Andersen, Niels Åkerstrøm.. 'Creating the Client Who Can Create Himself and His Own Fate – the Tragedy of the Citizens’ Contract' (.. Arnold, Bruce.. 'Anticipatory Dying: Reflections Upon End of Life Experiences in a Thai Buddhist Hospice' (.. ).. Asadi, Muhammed.. 'CONSTRUCTING GLOBAL ‘WARS WITHOUT END': Vocabularies of Motive and the Structure of Permanent War' (.. volume VII issue 3.. Arxer, Steven L.. 'The Life Course Metaphor: Implications for Biography and Interpretive Research' (.. volume VI issue 1.. Austin, Mark D.. 'Ritual and Boundary Distinction in a Recreational Community: A Case Study of Motorcycle Rallies and Riders' (.. Baccam, Tristine P.. and Kawecka Nenga, Sandy.. 'Stealing Peanuts and Coercing Energy Drinks: The Underground Economy of a Middle School Summer Camp' (.. volume VI issue 2.. Becker, Howard S.. and Marie Buscatto.. 'Editorial introduction: Special Issue – Ethnographies of Artistic Work'.. volume III issue 3.. Bell, Andrew J.. '"Oh yes, I remember it well!" Reflections on Using the Life-Grid in Qualitative Interviews with Couples' (.. volume I issue 1.. Belgrave, Linda L.. Ben-Shir, Deborah.. 'Born to Write: Discovery and Construction of Self in the Identity Stories of Poets and Writers' (.. volume IV issue 1.. Bense Ferreira Aloes, Celia.. 'Staging the Social Drama of Work: Ethnography of a Theater Company as a Means of Analyzing Theater Activity' (.. Berard, Tim J.. 'Evaluative Categories of Action and Identity in Non-Evaluative Human Studies Research: Examples from Ethnomethodology' (.. 'Extending hate crime legislation to include gender: Explicating an analogical method of advocacy' (.. Brandão, Ana Maria.. '"I’ve found more difficulties than I expected to": Raising questions from field experience' (.. volume V issue 3.. Bruckert, Chris and Munn, Melissa.. 'Beyond Conceptual Ambiguity: Exemplifying the "Resistance Pyramid" Through the Reflections of (Ex) Prisoners’ Agency' (.. Burk, Matthew and Prus, Robert.. 'Ethnographic Trailblazers: Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon'.. volume VI issue 3.. Buscatto, Marie.. 'Contributions of Ethnography to Gendered Sociology.. The French Jazz World' (.. 'Who Allowed You to Observe? A Reflexive Overt Organizational Ethnography' (.. volume IV issue 3.. Byczkowska, Dominika.. 'What do we study studying body? Researcher’s attempts to embodiment research' (.. Camara, Fatima and Prus, Robert.. 'Love, Friendship, and Disaffection in Plato and Aristotle: Toward a Pragmatist Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships'.. Carlin, Andrew.. '"Rose's Gloss": Considerations of Natural Sociology and Ethnography in Practice' (.. volume II issue 3.. Carr, Dawn C.. 'A New Paradigm for Qualitative Research in the United States: The Era of the Third Age' (.. Chalvon-Demersay, Sabine.. 'Des personnages de si près tenus, TV Fiction and Moral Consensus' (.. Chen, Elaina Y.. and Chen, Sheying and Sévigny, Robert.. 'Explanatory Models of Illness and Psychiatric Rehabilitation: A Clinical Sociology Approach' (.. Chen, Sheying and Chen, Elaina Y.. and Sévigny, Robert.. Chenr, Sheying.. 'Qualitative Research and Aging in Context: Implications to Social Policy Study in China ' (.. Coetzee, Jan K.. and Vice, Amy and Rau, Asta.. 'Narrating student life in a time of risk'.. 'Narrating Memory: Weighing up the Testimony'.. Cook, Ian G.. 'Comparative Aging and Qualitative Theorizing ' (.. Dhar, Rajib Lochan.. 'Cynicism in the Indian I.. T.. Organizations: An Exploration of the Employees' Perspectives' (.. Dupret, Baudouin.. 'Morality on Trial: Structure and Intelligibility System of a Court Sentence Concerning Homosexuality' (.. Etoroma, Efa E.. 'At Home in Blackness: How I Became Black ' (.. Felices-Luna, Maritza.. 'Anti-establishment Armed Groups as Total Institutions: Exploring Transformations of the Self' (.. volume VII issue 1.. Fong, Jack.. 'American Social "Reminders" of Citizenship after September 11, 2001: Nativisms and the Retractability of American Identity' (.. Follesø, Reidun and Hanssen, Jorid Krane.. 'Narrative Approaches as a Supplementary Source of Knowledge on Marginalized Groups' (.. Franklin, Adrian, Michael Emmison, Donna Haraway and Max Travers.. 'Investigating the therapeutic benefits of companion animals: Problems and challenges' (.. volume III issue 1.. Furst, Gennifer.. 'Without words to get in the way: Symbolic interaction in prison-based animal programs' (.. Gajdosova, Jaroslava.. 'Literary Field and the Question of Method – Revisited' (.. volume IV issue 2.. Garner, Mark W.. J.. 'Students’ Conceptions—and Misconceptions—of Social Research' (.. Gawley, Tim.. 'Revisiting Trust in Symbolic Interaction: Presentations of Trust Development in University Administration' (.. Gibert, Marie-Pierre.. 'The Intricacies of Being Israeli and Yemenite.. An Ethnographic Study of Yemenite 'Ethnic' Dance Companies in Israel' (.. Gibson, Barry, Jane Gregory and Peter G Robinson.. 'The intersection between systems theory and grounded theory: The emergence of the grounded systems observer' (.. Gillies, Val and Rosalind  ...   Dimitri and Verheyen, Wendy.. 'Dyadic View on the Post-separation Network of Single Mothers' (.. Nam, Sang-hui.. 'The Construction of Self-Identity in the Chronically Mentally Ill: A Focus On Autobiographic Narratives of Mentally Ill Patients in South Korea' (.. Namaste, Paul and Loftus, Jeni.. Nelson, Adie and Nelson, Veronica.. 'Reconceptualizing Dreamwork (with apologies to Lewis Carroll’s Alice) as a Facet of Motherwork' (.. '"Hey Mitch-elle, you need a shave!": The school days of hirsute adolescents' (.. Nelson, Veronica and Nelson, Adie.. Noy, Chaim.. 'Authenticating Tourists: The Politics of Authenticity in a National Heritage Site in Israel ' (.. Nugus, Peter.. 'The Interactionist Self and Grounded Research: Reflexivity in a Study of Emergency Department Clinicians' (.. Nutch, Frank.. 'The 35mm Solution: Photography, Scientists, and Whales' (.. 'On Cooling the Tourist Out.. Notes on the Management of Spoiled Expectations' (.. O’Connor, Erin.. 'The Centripetal Force of Expression: Drawing Embodied Histories into Glassblowing' (.. O'Neill, Maggie and Ramaswami Harindranath.. 'Theorising narratives of exile and belonging: the importance of Biography and Ethno-mimesis in "understanding" asylum' (.. Pearce, Caroline.. 'World Interrupted: An Autoethnographic Exploration into the Rupture of Self and Family Narratives Following the Onset of Chronic Illness and the Death of a Mother' (.. Phellas, Constantinos.. 'Cypriot gay men's accounts of negotiating cultural and sexual identity: A qualitative study' (.. Powell, Jason L.. 'Researching Aging and Comparative Reflections ' (.. Prus, Robert.. 'In Defense of Knowing, In Defense of Doubting: Cicero Engages Totalizing Skepticism, Sensate Materialism, and Pragmatist Realism in Academica'.. 'Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: Laying the Foundations for a Pragmatist Consideration of Human Knowing and Acting'.. 'On the Pragmatics and Problematics of Defining Beauty and Character: The Greek Poet Lucian (120-200) Engages Exacting Portraitures and Difficult Subjects'.. 'Aristotle’s Rhetoric: A Pragmatist Analysis of Persuasive Interchange'.. 'Poetic Expression and Human Enacted Realities: Plato and Aristotle Engage Pragmatist Motifs in Greek Fictional Representations '.. 'Creating, Sustaining, and Contesting Definitions of Reality: Marcus Tullius Cicero as a Pragmatist Theorist and Analytic Ethnographer'.. 'Defending Education and Scholarship in the Classical Greek Era: Pragmatist Motifs in the Works of Plato and Isocrates'.. 'Morality, Deviance, and Regulation: Pragmatist Motifs in Plato's.. Republic.. and.. Laws.. '.. 'Religion, Platonist Dialectics, and Pragmatist Analysis: Marcus Tullius Cicero’s Contributions to the Philosophy and Sociology of Divine and Human Knowing'.. Prus, Robert and Mitchell, Richard G.. 'Engaging Technology: A Missing Link in the Sociological Study of Human Knowing and Acting'.. Prus, Robert and Burk, Matthew.. Prus, Robert and Camara, Fatima.. Puddephatt, Antony J.. 'An Interview with Kathy Charmaz: On Constructing Grounded Theory'.. Rau, Asta and Coetzee, Jan K.. and Vice, Amy.. Rebstein, Bernd.. 'Videography in Migration Research – A Practical Example for the Use of an Innovative Approach'.. 'International Perspectives on the Future of Qualitative Research in Europe'.. 'Documentation of the 2010 Midterm Conference of the European Sociological Association Research Network 20 Qualitative Methods: International Perspectives on the Future of Qualitative Research in Europe'.. Roberts, Brian and Riitta Kyllönen.. 'Editorial Introduction: Special Issue - Biographical Sociology'.. Robinson, Erin E.. 'Mobilizing Voices: A Discussion of Leadership in an Environmentally Contaminated Community'.. Ryen, Anne.. 'Wading the Field with My Key Informant: Exploring Field Relations'.. '"Hi, Madam, I have a small question.. " Teaching QM online: Guide to a successful cross-cultural master-course'.. Saar, Ellu and Margarita Kazjulja.. 'Individual Planning or Adaptation: Personal Destinies of Non-Estonians in the Period of Socio-Economic Reforms of the 1990s in Estonia' (.. Sarpavaara, Harri.. 'Dionysian and Apollonian in Advertising.. The Representations of Pleasure and Discipline in Finnish Television Advertisements' (.. Sévigny, Robert and Chen, Sheying and Chen, Elaina Y.. Scheff, Thomas J.. 'Concepts and Concept Formation: Goffman and Beyond' (.. Schmid, Antonia.. 'Bridging the Gap: Image, Discourse, and Beyond – Towards a Critical Theory of Visual Representation' (.. Schnettler, Bernt.. 'Vision and Performance.. The Sociolinguistic Analysis of Genres and Its Application to Focussed Ethnographic Data' (.. 'International Perspectives on the Future of Qualitative Research in Europe' (.. 'Documentation of the 2010 Midterm Conference of the European Sociological Association Research Network 20 Qualitative Methods: International Perspectives on the Future of Qualitative Research in Europe' (.. Soeffner, Hans-Georg and Dariuš Zifonun.. 'Integration – An Outline from the Perspective of the Sociology of Knowledge' (.. Strelitz, Larry.. 'Biography, Media Consumption, And Identity Formation' (.. Sutton, James.. 'An Ethnographic Account of Doing Survey Research in Prison: Descriptions, Reflections, and Suggestions from the Field' (.. Taylor, Nicola.. '"Never an It": Intersubjectivity and the creation of animal personhood in animal shelters' (.. Taylor, Stephanie and Karen Littleton.. 'Biographies in talk: A narrative-discursive research approach' (.. Temple, Bogusia.. 'Representation across languages: biographical sociology meets translation and interpretation studies' (.. Tuma, René.. 'The (Re)Construction of Human Conduct: "Vernacular Video Analysis"' (.. Verheyen, Wendy and Mortelmans, Dimitri.. Vice, Amy and Coetzee, Jan K.. and Rau, Asta.. Wagner, Claire.. Wagner, Izabela.. 'Career Coupling: Career Making in the Elite World of Musicians and Scientists' (.. 'Coupling career fairy tale "Fascinating Sociology Class".. How to teach sociology? The sociology of sociology' (.. Wästerfors, David.. 'Analyzing Social Ties in Total Institutions' (.. Williams, J.. Patrick.. 'Community, Frame of Reference, and Boundary: Three Sociological Concepts and their Relevance for Virtual Worlds Research' (.. Zimmermann, Basile.. 'Tracing the Action of Technical Objects in an Ethnography: Vinyls in Beijing'..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Editorial Staff
    Descriptive info: Editor-in-chief:.. Krzysztof Tomasz Konecki, Lodz University.. Associate/Thematic Editors:.. Anna Kacperczyk, Lodz University.. Slawomir Magala, Erasmus University.. Executive Editors:.. Lukas T.. Marciniak, Lodz University.. Magdalena Wojciechowska, Lodz University.. Content-related/Linguistic Editors:.. Steven Kleinknecht, Brescia University College.. Geraldine Leydon, Southampton University.. Antony J.. Puddephatt, Lakehead University.. Book Reviews Editor:.. Dominika Byczkowska, Lodz University.. Online Content Editor:.. Edyta Mianowska, Zielona Gora University.. Newsletter Editor:.. Editorial Assistant:.. Anna Kubczak, Lodz University.. Mobile Version Editor:.. Łukasz Pyfel, Lodz University.. Linguistic Editor:.. Jonathan Lilly.. Statistical Editor :.. Piotr Chomczynski Lodz University..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Consulting Editors
    Descriptive info: Consulting Editors.. Board of reviewers, 2011.. (in alphabetical order).. Patricia A.. Adler.. University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.. Peter Adler.. University of Denver, USA.. Mahbub Ahmed.. University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.. Michael Atkinson.. McMaster University, Canada.. Kate Victoria Bacon.. University of Central Lancashire, UK.. Howard S.. Becker.. San Francisco, USA.. Laura Bisaillon.. McGill University, Canada.. Nicolette Bramley.. University of Canberra, Australia.. Marie Buscatto.. University of Paris 1 Sorbonne, France.. Stanisław Burdziej.. The University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland.. Tanya Cassidy.. National University of Ireland, Ireland.. Kathy Charmaz.. Sonoma State University, USA.. Catherine A.. Chesla.. University of California, San Francisco, USA.. Cesar A.. Cisneros Puebla.. Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico.. Adele E.. Clarke.. Jan K.. Coetzee.. University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.. Juliet Corbin.. University of Alberta, Canada.. Michael Dellwing.. Kassel University, Germany.. Norman K.. Denzin.. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.. Robert Dingwall.. University of Nottingham, UK.. Rosalind Edwards.. South Bank University, UK.. Peter Eglin.. Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.. Gary Alan Fine.. Northwestern University, USA.. Silvia Gherardi.. University of Trento, Italy.. Barney Glaser.. The Grounded Theory Institute, USA.. Giampietro Gobo.. University of Milan, Italy.. Jaber F.. Gubrium.. University of Missouri-Columbia, USA.. Tony Hak.. Erasmus University, The Netherlands.. Paul ten Have.. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.. Stephen Hester.. University of Wales, UK.. Judith  ...   Michael Lynch.. Cornell University, USA.. Christoph Maeder.. Pedagogical College of Higher Education, Switzerland.. Barbara Misztal.. University of Leicester, UK.. Setsuo Mizuno.. Hosei University, Japan.. Lorenza Mondada.. University of Lyon2, France.. Janusz Mucha.. AGH University of Science&Technology, Poland.. Sandi Michele de Oliveira.. University of Copenhagen, Denmark.. Elena Neiterman.. Peter Nugus.. University of New South Wales, Australia.. Slawomir Partycki.. Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.. Dorothy Pawluch.. Anssi Perakyla.. University of Helsinki,Finland.. Eleni Petraki.. Constantinos N Phellas.. London South Bank University, UK.. Susan Pickard.. University of Liverpool, UK.. Jason L.. Powell.. Andrea Press.. University of Virginia, USA.. Robert Prus.. University of Waterloo, Canada.. George Psathas.. Bentley College, USA.. Anne Warfield Rawls.. Johanna Rendle-Short.. Australian National University, Australia.. Brian Roberts.. Roberto Rodriguez-Gomez.. Universidad Nacional Autonoma, Mexico.. Masamichi Sasaki.. Hyogo Kyoiku University, Japan.. William Shaffir.. Phyllis N.. Stern.. Indiana University, USA.. Antonio Strati.. Jorg Strubing.. University of Tubingen, Germany.. Andrzej Szklarski.. Piotr Sztompka.. Jagiellonian University, Poland.. Massimiliano Tarozzi.. Roland Terborg.. Victor Thiessen.. Dalhousie University, Canada.. Jan Trost.. Uppsala University, Sweden.. Jonathan H.. Turner.. University of California, Riverside, USA.. Dennis D Waskul.. Minnesota State University, USA.. Shalva Weil.. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.. Fred Wester.. University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.. Ingrid Westlund.. Patrick Williams.. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.. Ruth Wodak.. Lancaster University, UK.. Kiyomitsu Yui.. Kobe University, Japan..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Journal Overview
    Descriptive info: General.. Name: Qualitative Sociology Review.. ISSN: 1733-8077.. Type: electronic, open-access academic journal.. Language: English.. Scope: social sciences.. Range: international.. Circulation.. Primary audience: academic.. Frequency: 3 issues per year.. Availability: online and through full-text databases (see:.. Indexing & Abstracting.. Review process.. Type of review: double blind.. Number of reviewers: 3 – 4 (including editorial verification).. Acceptance rate: 25 – 30 %.. Average review time: 12 weeks.. Invited articles: less than 10%.. Submission information.. See:..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - Indexing/Abstracting
    Descriptive info: Qualitative Sociology Review is indexed, abstracted and registered in:.. BOAI: Budapest Open Access Initiative.. CSA Sociological Abstracts.. DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals.. EpistemeLinks - Philosophy Resources.. IBSS: International Bibliography of the Social Sciences.. ICAAP: International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publications.. Intute: Social Sciences.. NSDL: The National Science Digital Library.. ProQuest.. PsyPlexus Directory.. SCOPUS.. SocINDEX with Full Text.. The SocioWeb Directory.. TD-Net: Network for Transdisciplinarity in Sciences and Humanities.. Ulrich's Periodicals Directory..

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  • Title: Qualitative Sociology Review - News
    Descriptive info: To get news about the Qualitative Sociology Review Journal and register to the mailng list, choose.. To get information about the European Sociological Association (ESA) Research Network (RN) 20 Qualitative Methods (QM) and download their newsletter and other materials, choose.. ESA RN 20 News.. Creating Knowledge—A Theory-Building Workshop in Case-Reconstructive Research in the Social Sciences, November 19 and 20, 2010 in Goettingen, Germany.. Call for Papers..

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  • Archived pages: 162