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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature Park ORV Page
    Descriptive info: Recreation at.. Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center.. and Nature Park.. ATV Area is CLOSED to ATVs---hiking, strolling, bird watching & photography are encouraged.. ATV Season is CLOSED.. But will REopen April 1st.. $7.. 00 use fee/vehicle/day.. Remember there are new State ATV Laws.. All operators and passengers 18 and under must wear a crash helmet of a type which complies with standards established by 49 C.. F.. R.. , Section 571.. 218.. It is unlawful for the operator of an ORV to carry a passenger unless that ORV has been specifically designed by the manufacturer to carry passengers in addition  ...   use fee per vehicle per day.. All ATVs must be equipped with a 10-foot whip & orange/red safety flag.. ATV use is restricted to the designated area.. Features/Facilities: 6,260 Lake Acres 4,284 Park Acres Resort Lodge (118 guest rooms and suites) 8 Cabins (with kitchenettes) Mountainview Bunkhouse (64-person dormitory) Performing Arts Complex 5 Performing Arts Pavilions Outdoor Amphitheatre (capacity of 200) 5 Camping Areas, 19 Full Hookups 100 Electric/Water Hookups (5 handicap accessible) 99 Primitive Sites Restrooms / Showers (4 handicap accessible) Sanitary Dump Stations Boat Ramps Group Camp (capacity 125) Nature Center Naturalist Hiking Trails Giftshop North Shore ATV Area (Apr..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature Park Metal Detectting Page
    Descriptive info: Metal Detecting at Quartz Mountain Nature Park.. REQUIRMENTS: Findings of historical or cultural significance from State or Federal Property will be returned to its original location.. State and Federal law prohibit damage to or removal of items of historical or cultural significance.. OS 53-361.. Sect K: ".. It shall be unlawful to willingly injure, disfigure, remove or destroy any archaeological resources,.. artifact without lawful authority as provided in this or related statutes.. ".. "Any person, or persons, making any investigations, explorations, or excavations of any prehistoric ruins, ancient burial grounds, pictographs, petroglyphs, prehistoric specimens, utensils, and trinkets, and all other archaeological features discoveries in the state on state  ...   following areas are the only areas available for metal detecting:.. ALL PLAYGROUNDS,.. MAIN PARK BEACHES,.. NORTHSHORE BEACHES AND.. RIVER ROAD TENT AREA.. Park Rangers have the right to request to see your Metal Detecting Permit at any time you are Metal Detecting.. Any disturbance of ground will be returned to original condition.. You will be given a copy of the Metal Detecting Permit to keep with you while Metal Detecting.. The permit is good for the amount of days paid for.. A charge of $3.. 00 per day is required for the permit.. Please respect other visitors to the park.. Do not infringe on the rights of others..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Baldy Point Page
    Descriptive info: Baldy Point Climbing Area.. Baldy Point is a "no charge" day use area.. ALLOWED USES:.. Rock climbing, hiking, natural observation and photography, and environmental education and interpretation.. PROHIBITED USES:.. Camping, mountain biking, hunting, firearms (including paintball guns), fires and metal detecting.. This is what the Texas Mountaineers Climbing Club says about climbing at Baldy Point:.. "Types of Climbing:.. Toproping, lead climbing, and rappelling.. With over 80 routes listed in the now out of print guide, the climbs at Quartz Mountain include low-angle faces, high-angle faces,  ...   but there are a few 5.. 5s for warming up and some serious 5.. 12s for those days when you're feeling extra hard-core.. (Beware, the routes at Quartz tend to be run-out, so all routes at all grades should be taken seriously and should only be attempted by leaders who are solid at that grade level.. ) ".. For more technical information check out this websites:.. Click here to go to the Texas Mountaineers Website.. Click here to go to the Wichita Mountains Climbing Coalition Website..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature Park MiniGolf Page
    Descriptive info: Quartz Mountain Miniature Golf and Paddleboats.. Paddle Boats, Canoes, Sandwiches, Miniature Golf.. Phone: (580) 563-2465.. Hours:.. 10:00 A.. - 8:00 P.. Sunday thru Thursday.. - Dusk Friday & Saturday.. (Summer Season Only)..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Grocery
    Descriptive info: Quartz Mountain Grocery Store.. Notes.. CLOSED for the Season Oct 31st.. will reOPEN March 1st.. Most of your fishing supplies:.. Bait, Ice, Minnow buckets and Lures.. NOT: Fishing Licenses (these must be purchased via the Internet or at large outlets (such as Wal*Mart SuperCenters).. Hot Deli, Large Variety of Grocery Items and Freindly Staff.. (580) 563-2270..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Golf Course
    Descriptive info: Quartz Mountain Golf Course.. Tee Times Required On Weekends and Holidays.. G.. C.. Daily Rates (effective April 1, 2011).. Monday $20.. 00.. Tues.. - Fri.. $24.. Weekends & Holidays $30.. 18 holes Only -- Not All Day Play..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Flyer Train Page
    Descriptive info: Quartz Mountain Flyer.. 2012 Quartz Mountain Flyer.. Season Suspended.. there will be no runs of the Quartz Mountain Flyer..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Stables Page
    Descriptive info: Quartz Mountain Stables.. Has CLOSED!!..

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  • Title: Amenities outside of Quartz Mountain Nature Park
    Descriptive info: Amenities Outside of the Park.. Burgers & More.. Brinkman's General Store (580) 563-2845.. 2 Family Camps.. Quartz Mountain Christain Camp (580) 846-3793.. Quartz Mountain Youth Camp (580) 477-1166.. Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, Go-carts and Tilt-a-Whirl.. Quartz Mountain Fun Park (580) 563-2511.. Fishng Licenses & Bait.. Motel.. Quartz Mountain Motel (580) 563-2562.. 2 Water Slides.. Quartz Mountain Water Slide (580) 563-2231.. Rainbow Water Chute (580) 563-2786..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature Park Hunting Page
    Descriptive info: Hunting and Fishing Opportunities near Quartz Mountain.. Quartz Mountain Arts & Conference Center and Nature Park.. PROHIBITS hunting on resort/park property.. Hunting is allowed on nearby PRIVATE property.. The following land owners and guide services may be contacted concerning hunting and fishing opportunities:.. Hunting:.. Lost Cabin Outfitters.. Robert Coffman.. (580) 301-4868 (CELL).. (405) 642-3707.. www.. lostcabinoutfitters.. com.. lostcabin21@aol.. com.. Deer & Turkey.. Hunting Guide Services.. Wes Webb.. (580) 782-5450.. (580) 471-7920 (CELL).. Turkey, Deer, Duck, Dove and Quail.. Lake Creek Hunting.. Bob Wetsel.. (580) 535-4349.. Mangum Elks Lodge.. Preston Cooley.. (580) 782-2666.. Dove Hunting.. Fishing:.. Steve Galmor.. (580) 225-4254.. 1-800-658-1493.. galmors@itlnet.. (Lake Altus-Lugert ONLY).. Jim Bevers.. (580) 846-5616.. (Lake Altus-Lugert AND Lake Texoma {Oklahoma side}).. Wildlife Management Areas.. Altus-Lugert WMA (Greer & Kiowa County).. Unless otherwise provided, firearms are restricted to.. 22 caliber rimfire and shotguns.. Deer Archery: Same as statewide season dates.. Youth Antlerless Deer Gun: Closed.. Deer Muzzleloader: Same as statewide season dates.. Deer Gun: Open the first nine (9) days only.. Closed to  ...   season dates.. One (1) tom limit.. Trapping: Open to water sets and live box traps only.. Turkey Spring, Youth Turkey Spring: Same as statewide season dates.. One (1) tom limit combined.. • For additional information, contact Ron Smith, (580) 683-4249.. Sandy Sanders WMA (Greer & Beckham County).. Closed for controlled hunts (Oct.. 28, 29; Nov.. 4, 5, 2006).. Youth Antlerless Deer Gun: Same as statewide season dates.. Deer Muzzleloader: Closed.. Deer Gun: Closed.. Dove, Crow: Same as statewide season dates.. Waterfowl, Crane, Rabbit, Squirrel, Pursuit with Hounds, Predator/Furbearer Calling:.. Same as statewide season dates, except closed during the first nine (9) days of deer gun season.. Quail: Same as statewide season dates, except closed during the first nine (9) days of deer gun season.. Shooting hours close at 4:30 p.. m, daily.. Trapping: Open to live box traps only.. • Additional deer and turkey hunts are offered through controlled hunts.. • Closed to all nonhunting activities, except fishing and hunter/angler camping, from Oct.. 1 - Feb.. 15..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature Park Bird feeding Tip Page
    Descriptive info: Bird Feeding Tips.. Recent Improvements.. Some birds will sample a variety of foods.. Others are quite particular and will only eat from one food group.. Providing a variety of food with a variety of feeders will attract a greater variety of birds.. SUET- secured in metal cages will atrract:.. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, brown creepers and wrens.. It will also attract raccoons.. FRUITS- such as: cranberries, raisins, apple slices strung on thick fishing line will attract:.. mockingbirds, orioles, robins, tanagers, grosbeaks and cardinals.. PEANUTS AND PEANUT BUTTER:.. Peanut hearts and chips in a bird beeder or peanut butter spread  ...   towhee, song sparrow, dark-eyed juncos, harris, white-throated and white-crowned sparrows.. BLACK-OIL SUNFLOWER SEEDS:.. will attract more birds than any other food type.. including mourning doves, chickadees, titmice, cardinals, towhees, goldfinches and pine siskins.. TUBE FEEDERS.. titmice, finches and chickadees are attracted to hanging feeders that sway in the breeze.. TABLETOP OR PLATFORM FEEDERS.. a flat tray slightly above the ground will attract cardinals, grosbeaks and jays.. GROUND FEEDERS.. sprinkle feed directly on ground or snow to attract doves and sparrows.. TREE TRUNK.. suet and peanut butter spread on or attached to tree trunks will attract nuthatches, creepers and woodpeckers..

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    Archived pages: 47