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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature Park - Bioblitz
    Descriptive info: 2006 Bioblitz at Quartz Mountain.. Recent Improvements.. 2006 Bioblitz.. BioBlitz.. Friday & Saturday September 15th & 16th.. BioBlitz 2006 Results.. Plants = 272.. Mammals = 16.. Fish = 27.. Herps = 18.. Fungi = 26.. Insects = 296.. Spiders = 38.. Centipedes = 4.. Millipedes = 2.. Scorpions = 1.. Gastropods = 4.. Lichens = 18.. Birds = 96.. Aquatic Invertebrates = 29.. Aquatic Invertebrates-Insects = 23.. Algae = 96.. Microbes = 196.. A Total of 1,192 species!..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature NotesPage
    Descriptive info: Notes.. Trails CLOSED due to hunting on adjacent PRIVATE property.. Reopen January 16th.. Trails CLOSED Sunday but opening Monday: Rock Creek Canyon, Sunrise, Sunset Loop and the far end of Black Jack Pass.. Eagle's Roost ATV Area closed Oct 31.. Trout Season Started Nov 1st.. Please be courteous and do NOT drive to eagle viewing sites.. at times/days when Eagle Watches are being given.. Eagle Watches are Free and open to the Public on.. January 21 & 22 and February 4 & 5.. Alternate Dates are by Advance Reservation Only.. Call (405) 319-8382 about alternate dates.. Eagle Watches 2012 Season.. 9:00 A.. Saturday January 7th.. Sunday January 8th.. Saturday January 21st.. Sunday January 22nd.. Saturday February 4th.. Sunday February 5th.. Join the park naturalist for an informative eagle presentation in the.. Group Camp Community Building.. (across from the Quartz Mountain Grocery Store).. Caravan to eagle viewing locations around Lake Altus-Lugert.. Reservations NOT necessary.. Adults must accompany youth.. Inclement weather will cancel event.. Large groups may call (580) 563-2238 (ask for Sue) for alternate dates.. Additional self-guided opportunities are available;.. stop by the Park Office or Nature Center for information.. Spotted at the Boat Ramps- Dec.. 9th.. @ Main Boat Ramp.. 22 White Pelicans and 2 Bald Eagles.. @ Hicks Mountain Boat Ramp:.. 1immature Bald Eagle in cottonwood tree.. 6 White pelicans bobbing in the water.. Spotted at the Feeding Stations.. by the Nature Center- Dec.. @ tube thistle feeders:.. 6 American Goldfinches and a variety of sparrows.. On the ground:.. 11 American  ...   is forecast that there will be 20 or so meteors per hour.. On saturday october 8th, Quartz Mountain received approximately 1.. 8 inches of rain.. In comparison, from Oct 1st 2010 until Sept.. 30th 2011.. Quartz Mountain had 8.. 32 inches of rain.. TOTAL.. Which comes out to about 32% of the amount of rain we normally get.. This is the least amount of rain in 1 year on record for SW OK according to mesonet.. org.. “What is that greenish yellow STUFF on the rocks?.. Those are lichens.. At Quartz Mountain, they come in greenish yellow, grayish green and yellowish orange.. Lichens are fascinating organisms.. Every lichen is actually composed of two distinct species.. One species is a kind of fungus.. Usually the other species is an alga, This association of fungi & algae is so complete that they behave and look like an entirely new being.. The fungus benefits from the algae because fungi, having no chlorophyll, can't photosynthesize their own food.. A lichen's fungal part is thus "fed" by its photosynthesizing algal part.. The algae benefit from the association because the fungus is better able to find, soak up, and retain water and nutrients than the algae.. Also, the fungus gives the resulting lichen shape.. Lichens will grow almost anywhere that is reasonably well-lit and stable.. They may grow on soil, rock, or even the sides of trees.. Now you know what that “greenish yellow STUFF” is on the rocks.. Its lichen- a cool association of fungus & algae!..

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  • Title: Quartz Mountain Nature Independence Day Fireworks Page
    Descriptive info: Fireworks.. Remember:.. Fireworks are PROHIBITED.. at.. Quartz Mountain Arts & Conference Center.. & Nature Park.. As it gets closer to the 4th of July, we'll start posting dates that the local communities will be hosting firework displays..

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