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  • Title: Qandil -
    Descriptive info: .. About Qandil.. Board of directors.. Auditors.. Qandil-by-laws.. Annual Reports.. Organisational structure.. Staff.. Jobs.. Background.. Members organisations.. Programs.. Water and sanitation.. Construction and infrastructure activities.. Capacity Building.. Health.. Education.. Refugee initiatives.. Other programmes.. Project.. Diyala.. Salahadin.. Anbar.. Bagdhad.. Ninawa.. Sulaimaniya.. Duhok.. Erbil.. Kirkuk.. News.. Events.. Contact.. Archives.. info@qandil.. org.. Qandil Headquarters new address!.. 23 April, 2012.. Qandil.. by.. qandil.. Moved to new premises!.. We are still in Stockholm but have moved to the south side and are now in a building named; Solidaritetshuset.. In English; The house of Solidarity; an equally good as promising name.. Our neighbours at Solidaritetshuset are well known organizations working with many different thematic areas such as Human Rights, Women Rights, environmental questions.. Solidaritetshuset also hosts youth organizations, writers and artists.. These southern parts of the city of Stockholm with its old and beautiful architecture also displays the story of a small town that along with the Industrial Revolution developed into the booming modern city of today.. One  ...   story takes place actually is the Solidaritetshuset of today.. With historical Stockholm in the rear mirror I today see the city of for example Erbil.. Not many years ago, a small town dominated by the traditional bazars circling the foot of it’s well known Citadell.. History is a constant reminder of change; unavoidable and unpredictable.. When Qandil in the early 90 s arrived to the northern parts of Iraq the conditions was very different than today.. To continue to be a part of a positive development in the region Qandil has to change and adapt to reality of today.. The change of premises is part of a pragmatic perspective but a decision that also also paves the way for a longterm work and perspective; focusing on questions that need to be highlighted by every generation.. Welcome to Qandil.. Carina Hedenberg.. Secretary General.. Solidaritetshuset.. Tegelviksgatan 40.. Stockholm.. For further information log into.. www.. solidaritetshuset.. se.. © Qandil 2012.. Design by.. Cudazi.. Powered by.. WordPress..

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  • Title: About Qandil - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: Qandil is a Swedish NGO.. and a non-profit association founded in 1991, which aims to improve human rights for the Kurdish population in the Middle East.. The operation, which initially focussed on disseminating information and raising awareness in Sweden, has gradually included humanitarian aid in northern parts of Iraq as well.. One well known project conducted by Qandil was the construction of a hospital in Halabja, and support to the hospital, after the toxic gas attack that Saddam’s regime carried out in the area in 1988.. The humanitarian aid.. carried out by Qandil was mainly funded by Sida for many years and included projects in refugee camps and poor villages in the northerly provinces.. However, various UN bodies have been Qandil’s most important funders in recent years, today Qandil main donor is  ...   environments.. Qandil’s headquarter.. is located in Stockholm, where the board of directors is also based.. The administrative office has two employees, the Secretary General and the Controller of the organisation.. 2012 there are nine ordinary members of the board.. The annual assembly attended by members of the Association appoints the board and approves the Association’s annual reports.. Qandil’s operations in Iraq.. is managed by a Country Director stationed in Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government, KRG.. Approximately 130 staff were working in Iraq during the autumn of 2011, a third of whom are based at the Country Management Office in Erbil.. Around 90 staff are posted at seven local project offices in different parts of Iraq.. The budget for 2011 comprises approximately SEK 139 million.. DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE.. Comments are closed..

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  • Title: Board of directors - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: Chairman.. Eva Asplund.. Has worked on development cooperation since the early 1970 s.. For many years at Sida; Head of Department; humanitarian aid and support to civil society; Head of department with responsibility for long-term development cooperation with Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.. Project Coordinator in a village in Bangladesh, some years stationed in Sri Lanka and Cambodia.. Retired since the end of 2011.. Vice Chairman.. Anders Nordqvist.. Financial Director, STA Road Ferries (Swedish Traffic Administration).. CFO at Färjerederiet Transport Administration.. Previously employed as a Financial Controller and Registrar of the Qandil HQ in Stockholm.. Long experience from a number of positions in senior management positions, among others CEO of HifabGruppen AB..  ...   consultant at WHO, Sida and the World Bank.. Previously MD of InDevelop AB.. Currently Senior Physician at Stockholm County Council and researcher at IHCAR (Institute for Health Care Research), Karolinska Institute.. Hero Khola.. Lawyer, Project Manager.. Worked with Amnesty.. and the Kurdistan Women s Association in Sweden.. Born in Erbil, KRG, Iraq.. Arrived to Sweden as a child where she has her Education and work experience.. Samuel Bergwall.. Works with security policy with a focus on South Asia at Defence Research Agency.. He holds degrees in Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Development Studies and History.. Samuel has lived in several countries in the region and has previously worked at Qandils office in Stockholm..

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  • Title: Auditors - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: Approved public auditor.. Authorised public accountant at KPMG Bohlins AB.. Mattias Eklöf.. Qualified.. Public Accountant.. Auditor for the association.. Previously CFO at InDevelop AB.. Rolf Karlsson..

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  • Title: Qandil-by-laws - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: § 1 Registration.. The name of the organisation is Qandil.. § 2 Headquarter.. The organization’s board shall have the headquarter in Stockholm.. § 3 Purpose.. The organisation shall, without religious or political affiliations, run humanitarian and development co-operations.. § 4 Membership.. Any organisation without religious or political affiliations, whose activities are carried out on democratic grounds, which support the organisation’s aim, may be a member.. The membership fee is established at the annual board meeting.. § 5 Organisation.. The organisation’s agencies are (i) the annual board meeting, (ii) the board, and (iii) the auditors.. The responsibility of the organisation rests upon the board.. § 6 Annual board meeting.. a).. Each member that has completed his/her duties for the organisation has a vote at the annual board meeting.. b).. The ordinary annual board meeting shall be held at the latest by June 30 of each year in accordance with the time and place decided by the board.. c).. An extra annual meeting shall be held when the Board finds it necessary or when, for a particular reason, it is requested by an auditor or at least by half of the voting members.. A notice to attend the meeting shall be issued within 14 days from the time the request was received by the board.. d).. The chairman of the board or the person appointed by the meeting’s participants opens the annual board meeting.. The chairman and two.. additional members who have been chosen by the meeting’s participants shall set the minutes of the meeting.. e).. The decisions reached by the annual board meeting will be those that have received the majority of the votes, or in the event of a tie, the proposal, which the chairman supports.. f).. Matters that have not been included in the notice shall not be used to finalise decisions.. § 7 Notice to attend the annual board meeting.. a).. Notice to attend the annual meeting shall be issued at least at the earliest 8 weeks before the meeting.. Notice can be issued as late as 4 weeks before the ordinary annual meeting and one week before an extra annual meeting.. Notice to attend shall be in writing and take up matters that shall be presented at the annual meeting.. Notice to attend the ordinary annual meeting shall be accompanied by the board’s annual summary and administration reports as well as accountant’s comments.. § 8 The matters of the ordinary annual meeting;.. Election of chairman and secretary for the annual board meeting.. Establishment and approval of the  ...   board shall be prepared by the electoral committee.. 2.. At the board meeting minutes must be taken.. They must be checked and signed by the chairman and a present board member, appointed by the board.. 3.. The board may take decisions if more than half of the total number of board members is present.. The final decision is the one, which the majority of those board members that are present, vote for, or in case of a tie, that proposal supported by the chairman.. If the board is not complete, those who are voting for a decision must make up at least more than one third part of the total number of board members.. § 10 The duties of the board.. § 10.. 1 To be responsible for the organizations activities.. The concern of the board is:.. To be responsible for Qandil, the administration of its funds and other matters.. To direct the programme operations.. To execute decisions made at the annual board meeting.. To present at the annual meeting an annual report of the latest accounting period as well as propose an overall.. work plan for the next accounting period.. To execute decisions of donor agreements and contracts.. § 11 Signing for the organisation.. § 11.. The right to sign for the organisation will be given not only to the board but also to those appointed by the board.. § 12 Auditors; Approved or Authorized.. § 12.. The board’s administration report shall be audited annually by the auditors, selected at the annual board meeting.. At least one of these auditors shall be authorised.. At the annual meeting the auditors shall hand in an auditing report for ach accounting period.. § 13 The association s financial year is the calendar year.. The organisation’s accounting period shall come to close after each calendar year.. § 14 Termination.. Notice of termination shall be given in writing before the 1st of July and will come into effect the 1st of January.. § 15 Change of regulations and dissolution.. § 15.. Decisions for changing these regulations or dissolution of the organisation will be taken at the annual board meeting.. The decision will be valid if all entitled voters have agreed on it or if it was agreed upon it at two consecutive annual board meetings and the latest annual board meeting supported at least two thirds of the entitled voters.. The annual meeting, which finally dissolves the organisation, shall even decide upon disposal of the organisations remaining assets.. Stockholm 29 mars 2012.. Org.. nr.. 802401-6845..

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  • Title: Annual Reports - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: Qandil Financial Statement 2011.. (Swedish).. Qandil Financial Statement 2010.. Qandil Financial Statement 2009..

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  • Title: Organisational structure - Qandil -
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  • Title: Staff - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: Headquarters, Sweden.. Carina Hedenberg, +46 70 374 45 74.. carina.. hedenberg@qandil.. Controller.. Joakim Thorseaus, +46 70 315 77 82.. joakim.. thorseaus@qandil.. org.. Country Management office, Iraq.. Qandil Country Director.. Mr.. Edrees Salih, +964 750 445 27 72.. edrees.. salih@qandil.. Iraq Operation Director.. Ferman Omar Ismael, +964 750 448 4779.. finance@qandil.. Iraq Program Director.. Salar M.. Rasheed, +964 770 603 1813.. program@qandil..

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  • Title: Jobs - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: In 1984 Kurds from eastern Turkey fled to Atrush in Ninawa Gover- norate, Iraq.. In 1998, the Atrush camp was closed and the refugees were relocated to Makhmour Camp.. Since 2003 Makhmour Camp has been receiving support from Qandil in collaboration with UNCHR.. Makhmour Camp has 12 000 inhabitants and is also receiving support from the KRG, Kurdistan Regional Government, and the Baghdad  ...   IN CV ROSTER.. Qandil needs for its operations highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, and motivated staff with a varied mix of operational and technical skills.. We operate in Iraq and Sweden, and the organisation comprises different nationalities, creating a cross-cultural environment where the elements are nonetheless bound together toward common goals and objectives.. To register in our CV roster, please send your resume to..

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  • Title: Background - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: The Tigris and Euphrate.. s have for thousands of years brought prosperity and richness to the plains and valleys of Mesopotamia and witnessed the rise and fall of great cultures and civilizations.. Iraq is the cradle of our most influentialreligions and cultures, sprung from the very same source.. Today Iraq is entering a new and vibrant.. chapter of its long and equally dramatic history.. The tools and means for a prosperous and peaceful tomorrow is within reach, but Iraq is still in need of support to build up a stable infrastructure that, guided by peace and reconciliation, provides services to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.. Today Qandil is present in nine of the eighteen governorates in Iraq and works in close partnership with beneificiaires and donors.. Qandil aims to continue to be part of a positive and wide-reaching development program in Iraq.. Qandil was founded in 1991.. Funds from Sida were used to start a number of projects in the Kurdish-populated northern Iraq, where a line of demarcation was formed and permission granted for international assistance organisations  ...   funded a major development project in the water sector in Erbil, Kurdistan during the period 2008 to 2010.. In 1995, Qandil entered into cooperation partnerships with the UN, ECHO, DG1 and OFDA.. Increased funding led to expansion, particularly within water and sanitation and construction projects.. In February 2003, Qandil discontinued its humanitarian activities in the Kurdish region that had been funded by Sida.. Instead, efforts were concentrated outside the green line , primarily in Mosul and Kirkuk.. This was an agreement with Sida and local authorities.. Since it was set up, Qandil has invested more than USD 74 million, primarily in the northern parts of Iraq.. Qandil have constructed housing for more than 45,000 people, assisted around 900,000 people through our health work, and infrastructure has been built for water and sanitation for around two million people.. The driving force behind Qandil s operation is the eradication of poverty and assisting those in most need in disadvantaged areas.. Various development projects have been added to our activities in recent years, primarily within the area of water and the environment..

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  • Title: Members organisations - Qandil -
    Descriptive info: Qandil is a Swedish NGO and non-profit association that currently has six member organisations.. Federation of Iraqi Associations in Sweden – FIAS (Swedish: Irakiska Riksförbundet i Sverige – IRS).. FIAS is a non-profit organisation representing the Iraqi minority in Sweden.. It was formed in Stockholm in 1995 by 13 Iraqi associations from eight Swedish cities.. Individuell Människohjälp (IM).. IM is a Swedish aid organisation.. The association is open to and works with people regardless of their religious belief, origin or political conviction.. IM is helping to improve living conditions for people and strengthen their rights by supporting projects for education, health and income generation.. Humanity, cooperation and support to self-help represent integral components of the operation.. New activities start on a small scale and are developed with the aim of being taken over by local cooperating partners.. IM was founded in 1938 based on Christian values and is currently active in seventeen countries around the world.. Kurdiska Riksförbundet (National Kurdish Federation  ...   SKKMR has no party political affiliations, but is a organisation supported across party lines.. The purpose of its work is to ensure that the human rights of Kurds are respected, and also to disseminate information in Sweden about the situation of the Kurds in Kurdistan and in exile.. Uppsala Kommittén för Kurdernas Mänskliga Rättigheter (Uppsala Committee for the Human Rights of Kurds UKMR).. UKMR has no party political affiliations, but is an organisation supported across party lines.. The purpose of its work is to ensure that the human rights of Kurds are respected and also to disseminate information in Sweden about the situation of the Kurds in Kurdistan and in exile.. Kurdistans Kvinnoförbund i Sverige (Kurdistan Women s Federation in Sweden).. Kurdistans Kvinnoförbund i Sverige was founded in 1992 and is an umbrella organisation for Kurdish women in Sweden.. The aim of the organisation is to create a broad, strong and unified Kurdish women s movement for democracy and equality.. yjks.. se..

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