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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Contact Us.. Search.. news.. OOPS.. Your Flash player is missing or outdated.. Click here.. to update your player so you can see this content.. Newsflash.. The PDF is available.. here.. Please feel free to download and distribute it!.. Main Menu.. About Us.. News.. Read the Guide.. Get the Guide.. Links.. Contacts.. Safer Sex Resources.. Needle Exchanges.. Login Form.. Username.. Password.. Remember me.. Lost Password?.. Who's Online.. Syndicate.. Latest News.. Primed at AIDS 2012!.. Fact sheet: What are transgender men's HIV prevention needs?.. New resource for trans men about Pap tests.. Getting Primed all over the world!.. Getting Primed - Informing HIV Prevention with Gay Bi Queer Trans Men in Ontario - Report.. Home.. Click here to download.. Welcome to QueerTransmen.. org.. This is a website created by the Gay/Bi/Queer Trans Men s Working Group (of the.. Ontario Gay Men s Sexual Health Alliance.. ).. Our group is made up of trans men and non-trans men (both community members and service providers) living and working in Ontario, Canada.. We are dedicated to raising awareness about the sexual health of trans men and sharing knowledge around our complex bodies, sexualities and sex lives.. In fall and winter of 2006/07 we conducted an Ontario-wide assessment of the sexual health needs of  ...   ways to improve.. Please have a look at the information and let us know what you think we.. welcome your comments and concerns.. , and hope you will help us make the next version of this resource even better.. There is a PDF available for you to download, distribute and use in the.. section of this website.. You will also find information there about how to order print copies of Primed.. Enjoy getting yourself.. Primed!.. Read more.. STROKE: A Party for Trans Guys and the Men Who Dig Them.. The first sexual health resource of its kind, Primed prioritizes the diverse bodies, desires, and sexualities of gay, bi, and queer transmen.. This resource will spark discussion about the many ways that transmen have sex and how we interact with our gay/queer men s communities.. On May 21st 2007 the resource launch party, STROKE: A Party for Trans Guys and the Men Who Dig Them, will mark this exciting shift in the way that transmen talk about their bodies, communities and sex.. Monday May 21st 2007.. Ballroom of The Gladstone Hotel.. 1214 Queen St.. (Just East of Dufferin St.. ).. 8pm: Launch start.. 9pm: Performances start.. FREE EVERYONE IS WELCOME!.. 2012 Queertransmen.. Joomla!.. is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Home
    Descriptive info: We have 1 guest online..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Contact
    Descriptive info: Contacts.. The Contact list for this Web site.. (1).. Contact Details for this website.. Trans support and service in Ontario.. (19)..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Getting Primed - Informing HIV Prevention with Gay Bi Queer Trans Men in Ontario - Report
    Descriptive info: news.. Getting Primed - Informing HIV Prevention with Gay Bi Queer Trans Men in Ontario - Report.. Prev.. Next..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Get the Guide
    Descriptive info: Get the Guide.. Please feel free to download and distribute the.. PDF.. version of.. PRIMED: The Back Pocket Guide to Transmen and the Men Who Dig Them.. Within Canada, you can order PRIMED through the.. CATIE Ordering Centre..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Home
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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - About Us
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen Working Group.. This resource and website was born from the sweat and tears of the Gay/Bi/Queer Trans men Working Group, a part of the Ontario Gay Men s HIV Prevention Strategy.. This group is comprised of trans and non-trans community members and service providers in Toronto and Ottawa working to educate and raise awareness around HIV prevention and sexual health issues facing gay/bi/queer trans men.. Thank you: Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen Working Group including Alex Adams, Broden Giambrone,  ...   ayden isaac meir scheim, Haran Vijayanathan, Syrus Marcus Ware, Brady Yu, The Prisoners HIV/ AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN), The 519 Church Street Community Centre, AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), the trans men who graciously shared their experiences with us and all the other community members who have given their support and encouragement for this project.. For more information or to get involved please This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - News
    Descriptive info: News.. The News.. Latest News.. ( 7 items )..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Read the Guide
    Descriptive info: Read the Guide.. Article Index.. Getting Started.. Myths About trans men.. Doing it Safer.. The Basics.. Getting Action.. Access to Medical Care.. Page 1 of 7.. PRIMED:.. The Back Pocket Guide For trans men.. and the Men Who Dig Us.. Making it.. This is a really exciting time for trans communities and this resource is one of the first of its kind.. There is limited information available for trans people around sexual health and many misconceptions in various communities, including trans, LGBTQ and mainstream.. This resource is an effort to combat this, to bring together important information and make it available to trans men so that we know what risks we are taking, what choices we have, what questions we should ask and to remind ourselves that our health and bodies matter.. This is by no means exhaustive; there are many other issues that we could have included.. We want this to be a work in progress, something that will grow and change as more research is done and more people get involved.. The Words.. The biggest challenge in writing this resource was, how can we make a sexual health resource dealing explicitly with fucking, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Hepatitis and HIV while at the same time, using language that is clear and respectful to the wide range of trans men who will read it ? This wasn t/isn t easy.. Most safer sex resources  ...   stuff, pieces and junk.. Because there is no consistent term used by everyone, we use the word front or frontal to describe what is medically referred to as a vagina.. In certain cases, we ve used terms like vaginal fluids because we were unsure of how to discuss these aspects of our experiences with words that are comprehensive and respectful.. Since this resource was developed from our community, we have chosen the word non-trans to describe gay men who are not trans identified.. There are other terms for this currently in use, including bio guy, biological male or cisgendered.. However, we felt that bio- or biological sort of implies that trans men are not biological, which isn t true.. Cisgendered has not yet been fully embraced and can be confusing to people who have never heard it before.. Besides, when else do we get to privilege trans identities and bodies?.. We have worked to be respectful and innovative, as well as clear and concise.. We know that language is not static.. If you are offended or don t see yourself in this resource, we apologize.. This is part of our process as well as a process that is happening in trans and gay communities across North America.. We hope you find this useful and engaging.. This resource exists for you, so please send us your suggestions so we can make the next one better.. Prev -..

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  • Title: Queertransmen.org - Web Links
    Descriptive info: Getting Primed Report.. Links.. Please let us know if any of the links are broken or if you have a suggestion for one that we have missed.. We are looking to expand this section so any feedback is welcome.. Intro to trans issues.. (11).. General HIV/AIDS information.. (45).. Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) information.. (14).. Hepatitis information.. (8).. Safer sex information.. Injecting drugs / vein care.. (5).. General transmen health.. Barriers to health care for trans people.. (6).. HIV/AIDS and sexual health care for trans people.. (3).. Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen.. Other links.. (4)..

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