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  • Title: Southern States Energy Board
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Overview.. History.. Energy Compact.. Staff.. Programs.. Members.. Board Members.. Associate Members.. Videos and Events.. Upcoming Events.. Past Events.. Live Stream Events.. Reference.. Publications.. Resolutions and Policies.. Legislation.. Travel Information.. Links.. Glossary.. Contact Us.. About SSEB.. The Southern States Energy Board is an interstate compact, comprised of governors and state legislators from sixteen southern states, Puerto Rico and the U.. S.. Virgin Islands, as well as a presidential appointee.. The Board's mission is to promote economic development and enhance the quality of life.. Read More.. SSEB 50 Years of Leadership:.. Mr.. Kenneth J.. Nemeth and Dr.. Canter Brown published, A Golden Anniversary History of Service to the Southern Region , and introduced it during our 50th Anniversary Celebration.. The book details over 50 years of leadership throughout the southern region.. To request a copy, please click.. here.. Welcome the new SSEB Chairman!.. The Southern States Energy Board selected Gov.. Phil.. Bryant as its chairman, drawing on Mississippi’s position as an energy leader in the region.. Bryant will serve a one-year term following outgoing chair Oklahoma Gov.. Mary Fallin.. Read more.. Special welcome to another SSEB 52nd Annual Meeting Platinum Sponsor!.. Thanks to.. America's Natural Gas Alliance.. for becoming the fifth Platinum sponsor of the SSEB 52nd Annual Meeting.. Welcome the latest SSEB 52nd Annual Meeting Platinum Sponsor!.. A special thanks to.. Chesapeake Energy.. for becoming a Platinum sponsor of the SSEB 52nd Annual Meeting.. Congratulations to.. Marathon Oil.. for becoming a Gold sponsor of the SSEB 52nd Annual Meeting.. Sponsorship.. opportunities are still available!.. Phillips 66.. and.. Canada.. just joined SSEB 52nd Annual Meeting sponsorship program as Silver Sponsors.. Please join.. them.. !.. Special thanks to.. Center Point Energy.. Pelco Structural, L.. L.. C.. for becoming a Bronze sponsor of the SSEB 52nd Annual Meeting.. Chevron.. Please join them.. today.. ATLANTA.. - The city of Atlanta was listed as 1 of 25  ...   budget for fiscal 2013.. Synposis of President Obama's.. budget.. for DOE and EPA.. Join Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, SSEB Chair, and Congressman Jeff Duncan, South Carolina, at the SSEB Associate Members 2012 Winter Meeting on February 27, 2012, in Washington D.. Register.. today!.. Mississippi 64th Governor: January 10, 2012, Phil Bryant was sworn in as Mississippi's 64th governor.. Governor Bryant replaced former Governor Haley Barbour as the Mississippi Southern States Energy Board member.. View the.. article.. or Governor Bryant's official webpage.. On January 4, 2012, Governor Mary Fallin, SSEB Chair, appointed Representative Weldon Watson, Oklahoma, to the Southern States Energy Board Executive Committee.. Representative Watson's official Oklahoma State Legislature webpage can be found by clicking.. October 15, 2011, Governor Mary Fallin became the 2011-2012, Chair of the Southern States Energy Board.. Governor Fallin was elected November 2, 2010, during a historic election in which she became the first-ever female governor of Oklahoma.. She was inaugurated on the steps of the Oklahoma Capitol as the state's 27th governor on January 10, 2011.. Read more about Governor Fallin.. View SSEB's Upcoming Events.. The Southern States Energy Board held its 52nd Annual Meeting on September 23-25, 2012, at the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.. This years annual meeting was hosted by Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma.. for.. presentations.. photos.. from the meeting.. Sponsorship Opportunities.. are available at the Platinum ($10k), Gold ($7.. 5k), Silver ($5k), and Bronze ($2.. 5k) level.. Complete the Sponsorship Agreement Form online by clicking the tab above.. SSEB 2011 Annual Meeting.. was a huge success.. to view the featured speakers and panelists!.. 6325 Amherst Court, Norcross, Georgia, 30092 | Tel: (770) 242-7712 | Fax: (770) 242-9956.. ALABAMA.. ,.. ARKANSAS.. FLORIDA.. GEORGIA.. KENTUCKY.. LOUISIANA.. MARYLAND.. MISSISSIPPI.. MISSOURI.. NORTH CAROLINA.. ,.. OKLAHOMA.. PUERTO RICO.. SOUTH CAROLINA.. TENNESSEE.. TEXAS.. U.. VIRGIN ISLANDS.. VIRGINIA.. WEST VIRGINIA.. Report a problem with our website by clicking..

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  • Title: About Southern States Energy Board
    Descriptive info: Mission Statement.. Through innovations in energy and environmental policies, programs and technologies, the Southern States Energy Board enhances economic development and the quality of life in the South.. Who We Are.. The Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) is a non-profit interstate compact organization created in 1960 and established under Public Laws 87-563 and 92-440.. The Board's mission is to enhance economic development and the quality of life in the South through innovations in energy and environmental policies, programs and technologies.. Sixteen southern states and two territories comprise the.. membership.. of SSEB: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, U.. Virgin Islands, Virginia and West Virginia.. Each jurisdiction is represented by the governor and a legislator from the House and Senate.. A governor serves as the chair and legislators serve as vice-chair and treasurer.. Ex-officio non-voting Board members include a federal representative appointed by the President of the United States, the Southern Legislative Conference Energy and Environment Committee Chair and SSEB's executive director, who serves as secretary.. SSEB was created by state law and consented to by Congress with a broad mandate to contribute to the economic and community well-being of the southern region.. The Board exercises this mandate through the creation of programs in the fields of energy and environmental policy research, development and implementation, science and technology exploration and related areas of concern.. SSEB serves its members directly by providing timely assistance designed to develop effective energy and environmental policies and programs and represents its members before governmental agencies at all levels.. Long-term Goals.. perform essential services that provide direct scientific and technical assistance to state governments;.. develop, promote and recommend policies and programs on energy, environment and economic development that encourage sustainable development;.. provide technical assistance to executive and legislative policy-makers and the private sector in order to achieve synthesis of energy, environment and economic issues that ensure energy security and supply;.. facilitate the implementation of energy and environmental policies between federal, state and local governments and the private sector;.. sustain business development throughout the region by eliminating barriers to the use of efficient energy and environmental technologies; and.. support improved energy  ...   training, technology development, regulatory reform and other key issue areas.. SSEB funds the direct participation of state officials in projects and activities in order to enable states to remain current on new programs, trends and technologies while decreasing the impact of travel on member state budgets.. SSEB works directly with businesses and industries on specific economic development projects that create and sustain jobs and expand the economy.. SSEB provides regional forums, summits, conferences and workshops in member states that stimulate and promote economic development while facilitating peer and professional development.. SSEB conducts training and professional development activities that address energy and environmental programs and technologies.. SSEB conducts research and recommends solutions to specific issues on request of member state officials and businesses.. SSEB supports improved energy efficient technologies that pollute less and contribute to a clean global environment while protecting indigenous natural resources for future generations.. Sources of Support.. Core funding for the Board comes from the appropriations of its.. 18 member jurisdictions.. Each member's share of support is determined by a formula written into the original Compact.. The formula uses relative state population, per capita income and equal shares as factors.. The Board has not requested an increase in state appropriations since 1987.. The Board also is authorized to accept funds from any state, federal agency, interstate agency, institution, person, firm or corporation provided those funds are used for the Board's purposes and functions.. This year, additional support was received for special projects from research grants, cooperative agreements and contracts from the U.. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command's Alion Science and Technology Corporation, U.. Department of Agriculture, U.. Department of Energy, U.. Department of Transportation, U.. Environmental Protection Agency and various other funding sources.. In addition, SSEB maintains an.. Associate Members program.. comprised of industry partners who provide an annual contribution to the Board.. Membership includes organizations from the non-governmental sector, such as corporations, trade associations and public advocacy groups.. The Associate Members program provides an opportunity for public officials and industry representatives to exchange ideas, define objectives and advance energy and environmental planning to improve and enhance the South's well-being.. More About Us.. Contact Book.. Our all-in-one resource kit.. Download.. Bylaws.. How we work..

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  • Title: History of Southern States Energy Board
    Descriptive info: History of Southern States Energy Board.. Today's SSEB traces its origins to the birth of the nuclear age in World War Two's final days.. While kept closely within military control initially, nuclear power soon came to represent in the eyes of a number of southern governors of the mid-1950s the promise of boundless and cheap power for regional development.. Their insights prompted the Southern Governors Conference to facilitate creation of the Southern Regional Advisory Council on Nuclear Energy in 1957, an act that led ultimately to the drafting and submission to the Congress of a charter for the Southern Interstate Nuclear Board (SINB).. When President John F.. Kennedy offered his approval to the SINB charter in July 1962, seven southern states already had agreed to serve as a core group for organizing its programs and activities.. Charged with coordination as well as policy and programmatic innovations, rather than operation of nuclear facilities, the organization endeavored to make its mark despite critical funding shortfalls in a region where many states were blessed with energy resources and others were energy poor.. Struggles in the nature of its own governance in the late 1960s thereafter coincided with the rise of the Environmental Movement and concerns about nuclear power safety.. By the early 1970s, the leadership  ...   SINB as the Southern States Energy Board.. Quickly, policy leadership passed to governors and legislators attuned both to the needs of their states and of the financial realities faced within the region.. SSEB acted in the process to provide institutional mechanisms to preserve and bring to the fore all the potential of academic input that the Southern Interstate Nuclear Board previously had enjoyed.. The establishment of SSEB marked also the era in which the United States Government began to involve itself in large-scale policy decisions, regulatory initiatives, and research programs aimed at intertwined energy and environmental issues.. To an extent thereafter, the organization had to learn to adapt to the dramatically altered patterns of successive presidential administrations and changed congressional control.. SSEB pursued its reliable but flexible representation of southern interests, while integrating those efforts with other regional and national organizations and government agencies.. Today, SSEB monitors everything from national security to carbon dioxide, baseload resource allocation to renewables technology.. In doing the organization calls upon more than half a century of relationships and expertise across lines of industry, academic, government, and civic involvement to further critical thinking and practical application, always with the broad national picture in mind.. Southern States Energy Compact.. What we live by.. The people that make things happen..

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  • Title: Southern States Energy Compact
    Descriptive info: Article I.. Policy and Purpose.. The party states recognize that the proper employment and conservation of energy and employment of energy-related facilities, materials, and products, within the context of a responsible regard for the environment, can assist substantially in the industrialization of the South and the development of a balanced economy for the region.. They also recognize that optimum benefit from and acquisition of energy resources and facilities require systematic encouragements, guidance, and assistance from the party states on a cooperative basis.. It is the policy of the party states to undertake such cooperation on a continuing basis; it is the purpose of this compact to provide the instruments and framework for such a cooperative effort to improve the economy of the South and contribute to the individual and community well-being of the region's people.. Article II.. The Board.. There is hereby created an agency of the party states to be known as the 'Southern States Energy Board' (hereinafter called the Board).. The Board shall be composed of three representatives from each party state, one of whom shall be appointed or designated in each state to represent the Governor, the State Senate, and the State House of Representatives, respectively.. Each representative shall be designated or appointed in accordance with the law of the state which he represents and serving and subject to removal in accordance with such law.. Any member of the Board may provide for the discharge of his duties and the performance of his functions thereon (either for the duration of his membership or for any lesser period of time) by a deputy or assistant, if the laws of his state make specific provision therefor.. The federal government may be represented without vote if provision is made by federal law for such representation.. Each party state shall be entitled to one vote on the Board, to be determined by majority vote of each representative or representative's representative from the party state present and voting on any question.. No action of the Board shall be binding unless taken at a meeting at which a majority of all party states are represented and unless a majority of the total number of votes on the Board are cast in favor thereof.. The Board shall have a seal.. The Board shall elect annually, from among its members, a chairman, a vice chairman, and a treasurer.. The Board shall appoint an Executive Director who shall serve at its pleasure and who shall also act as Secretary, and who, together with the Treasurer, shall be bonded in such amounts as the Board may require.. The Executive Director, with the approval of the Board, shall appoint and remove or discharge such personnel as may be necessary for the performance of the Board's functions irrespective of the civil service, personnel or other merit system laws of any of the party states.. The Board may establish and maintain, independently or in conjunction with any one or more of the party states, a suitable retirement system for its fulltime employees.. Employees of the Board shall be eligible for social security coverage in respect of old age and survivors insurance provided that the Board takes such steps as may be necessary pursuant to federal law to participate in such program of insurance as a governmental agency or unit.. The Board may establish and maintain or participate in such additional programs of employee benefits as may be appropriate.. The Board may borrow, accept, or contract for the services of personnel from any state or the United States or any subdivision or agency thereof, from any interstate agency, or from any institution, person, firm or corporation.. The Board may accept for any purposes and functions under this compact any and all donations, and grants of money, equipment, supplies, materials, and services (conditional or otherwise) from any state or the United States or any subdivision or agency thereof, or interstate agency, or from any institution, person, firm, or corporation, and may receive, utilize and dispose of the same.. The Board may establish and maintain such facilities as may be necessary for the transacting of its business.. The Board may acquire, hold, and convey real and personal property and any interest therein.. The Board shall adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations for the conduct of its business, and shall have the power to amend and rescind these bylaws, rules, and regulations.. The Board shall publish its bylaws, rules, and regulations in convenient form and shall file a copy thereof, and shall also file a copy of any amendment thereto, with the appropriate agency or officer in each of the party states.. The Board annually shall make to the governor of each party state, a report covering the activities of the Board for the preceding year, and embodying such recommendations as may have been adopted by the Board, which report shall be transmitted to the legislature of said state.. The Board may issue such additional reports as it may deem desirable.. Article III.. Finances.. The Board shall submit to the executive head or designated officer or officers of each party state a budget of its estimated expenditures for such period as may be required by the laws of that jurisdiction for presentation to the legislature thereof.. Each of the Board's budgets of estimated expenditures shall contain specific recommendations of the amount or amounts to be appropriated by each of the party states.. One half of the total amount of each budget of estimated expenditures shall be apportioned among the party states in equal shares; one quarter of each such budget shall be apportioned among the party states in accordance with the ratio of their populations to the total population of the entire group of party states based on the last decennial federal census; and one quarter of each such budget shall be apportioned among the party states on the basis of the relative average per capita income of the inhabitants in each of the party states based on the latest computations published by the federal census-taking agency.. Subject to appropriation by their respective legislatures, the Board shall be provided with such funds by each of the party states as are necessary to provide the means of establishing and maintaining facilities, a staff of personnel, and such activities as may be necessary to fulfill the powers and duties imposed upon and entrusted to the Board.. The Board may meet any of its obligations in whole or in part with funds available to it under Article II(h) of this compact, provided that the Board takes specific action setting aside such  ...   any cost or costs thereof shall be borne separately by the states party thereto.. However, the Board may administer or otherwise assist in the operation of any supplementary agreement.. No party to a supplementary agreement entered into pursuant to this article shall be relieved thereby of any obligation or duty assumed by said party state under or pursuant to this compact, except that timely and proper performance of such obligation or duty by means of the supplementary agreement may be offered as performance pursuant to the compact.. Article VII.. Other Laws and Relationships.. Nothing in this compact shall be construed to:.. Permit or require any person or other entity to avoid or refuse compliance with any law, rule, regulation, order or ordinance of a party state or subdivision thereof now or hereafter made, enacted or in force.. Limit, diminish, or otherwise impair jurisdiction exercised by the United States Department of Energy, any agency successor thereto, or any other federal department, agency or officer pursuant to and in conformity with any valid and operative act of Congress.. Alter the relations between and respective internal responsibilities of the government of a party state and its subdivisions.. Permit or authorize the Board to exercise any regulatory authority or to own or operate any nuclear reactor for the generation of electric energy; nor shall the Board own or operate any facility or installation for industrial or commercial purposes.. Article VIII.. Eligible Parties.. Entry into Force and Withdrawal.. Any or all of the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands shall be eligible to become party to this compact.. As to any eligible party state, this compact shall become effective when its legislature shall have enacted the same into law: provided that it shall not become initially effective until enacted into law by seven states.. Any party state may withdraw from this compact by enacting a statute repealing the same, but no such withdrawal shall become effective until the governor of the withdrawing state shall have sent formal notice in writing to the governor of each other party state informing said governors of the action of the legislature in repealing the compact and declaring an intention to withdraw.. Article IX.. Severability and Construction.. The provisions of this compact and of any supplementary agreement entered into hereunder shall be severable and if any phrase, clause, sentence or provision of this compact or such supplementary agreement is declared to be contrary to the constitution of any participating state or of the United States or the applicability thereof to any government, agency, person, or circumstance is held invalid, the validity of the remainder of this compact or such supplementary agreement and the applicability thereof to any government, agency, person or circumstance shall not be affected thereby.. If this compact or any supplementary agreement entered into hereunder shall be held contrary to the constitution of any state participating therein, the compact or such supplementary agreement shall remain in full force and effect as to the remaining states and in full force and effect as to the state affected as to all severable matters.. The provisions of this compact and of any supplementary agreement entered into pursuant hereto shall be liberally construed to effectuate the purposes thereof.. ".. The Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall each appoint a representative from this state to the Southern States Energy Board which is established by Article II of the compact.. Each such representative shall serve at the pleasure of the appointing officer.. The Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives are each authorized to appoint an alternate representative who may serve at and for such time as the regular representative shall designate and who shall have the same power and authority as the regular representative when so serving.. The representative appointed by the Lieutenant Governor shall be a member of the Senate, and the representative appointed by the Speaker shall be a member of the House of Representatives.. Each person appointed to represent this state on the Southern States Energy Board shall be entitled to receive the same per diem, travel expenses, and allowances for each day of service on the Southern States Energy Board as are authorized by law for members of the General Assembly.. Such expenses and allowances for members of the General Assembly serving on the Southern States Energy Board shall be paid from funds appropriated to the legislative branch of government.. The person representing the Governor, if a state officer or employee, shall receive such expenses and allowances out of funds appropriated to or otherwise available to the agency by which he is employed or, if he is not a state officer or employee, out of funds appropriated or otherwise available to the executive office of the Governor.. The employees of the Southern States Energy Board shall be under such merit system as the Southern States Energy Board shall provide and, for the purposes of carrying out Article II(f), the Southern States Energy Board and its employees shall be considered a state agency.. The Employees' Retirement System of Georgia is authorized to contract with the Southern States Energy Board in order to further or facilitate the activities of the Southern States Energy Board pursuant to Article II(f) of the compact.. No such contract shall take effect prior to its approval by the Governor.. For the purposes of facilitating Article II(g) of the compact, the Southern States Energy Board shall be considered a state agency.. Pursuant to Article III(a) of the compact, the Southern States Energy Board shall submit its budgets of estimated expenditures to the Governor for presentation to the General Assembly.. Any supplementary agreement entered into pursuant to Article VI of the compact and requiring the expenditure of funds or the assumption of an obligation to expend funds in addition to those already appropriated shall not become effective as to this state prior to the making of an appropriation by the General Assembly therefore.. The departments, agencies, and officers of this state and its subdivisions are authorized to cooperate with the Southern States Energy Board in the furtherance of any of its activities pursuant to the compact.. The funds necessary to carry out this article and the compact shall be paid from funds appropriated to or otherwise made available to the executive branch of the state government.. Our History.. How we came to be..

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  • Title: Southern States Energy Board Staff
    Descriptive info: Nemeth.. Executive Director and Secretary to the Board.. nemeth@sseb.. org.. Kathryn A.. Baskin.. Managing Director.. baskin@sseb.. Sally L.. Bemis.. Staff Assistant.. bemis@sseb.. Patricia A.. Berry.. Geologist.. berry@sseb.. Heather M.. Breeden.. Legislative and Regulatory Counsel.. breeden@sseb.. Joan T.. Brown.. Senior Accounting Specialist.. brown@sseb.. Gary P.. Garrett.. Senior Technical Analyst.. garrett@sseb.. Monica A.. Masaka.. IT and Communications Specialist.. masaka@sseb.. Leigh  ...   Operations.. sammons@sseb.. Kimberly A.. Sams.. Assistant Director, Geoscience Programs.. sams@sseb.. Canissa N.. Summerhill.. Program Operations Coordinator.. summerhill@sseb.. Christopher U.. Wells.. Assistant Director, Nuclear Programs.. wells@sseb.. Adjunct Staff.. Phillip C.. Badger.. SSEB Technical Manager, Bioenergy Program.. pbadger@bioenergyupdate.. com.. Gerald R.. Hill, Ph.. D.. Senior Technical Advisor.. hill@sseb.. Jim Powell.. Senior Policy Advisor.. powell@sseb.. Mark A.. Shilling.. Special Counsel.. mark@vsagency..

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  • Title: Energy and Environment Programs
    Descriptive info: The Southern States Energy Board operates and oversees a wide variety of energy and environment programs.. Areas from water use to carbon sequestration, biomass to nuclear waste transportation, legislative and regulatory action to energy independence and security, just to name a few, all fall under the purview of SSEB.. Click the links below to learn more about our leadership, activities and research in these areas.. American Energy Security.. (AES).. Clean Coal Collaboration.. Carbon Management.. (SECARB).. Southeast Regional CO.. 2.. Sequestration Training Program.. (SECARB-Ed).. Radioactive Materials: Emergency Response and Transportation Planning.. Southern States Biobased Alliance.. Energy and Environmental Legislative Monitoring..

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  • Title: Southern States Energy Board Members
    Descriptive info: website:.. SSEB Board Members.. The Southern States Energy Board is presided over by a governor who serves as chair and a vice-chair and treasurer who are legislative members.. Ex-officio, non-voting board members include a federal representative appointed by the President of the United States, the Southern Legislative Conference Energy Committee Chair and SSEB's executive director, who serves as secretary.. SSEB Associate Members.. Founded in 1984, the Associate Members Program represents the region's leading energy and technology providers and contributes invaluable expertise on the economic and social implication of federal and state energy and environmental policies.. These activities are integral to providing a balanced and responsible approach to environmental regulation that is economical and efficient.. The Associate Members gather frequently throughout the year to address such issues as federal energy and environmental policy and also have addressed matters including the re-emergence of the nuclear industry, grid modernization, state responses to energy emergencies, energy security, low-income  ...   environmental quality topics and participate on Board committees, coalitions and task forces.. Each Associate Member receives all SSEB publications, including the Annual Report, Legislative Digest, topical reports, issue briefs and other items produced by the SSEB staff.. Participation.. Any organization with an interest in energy and environmental affairs and a desire to pursue its concerns in a collective forum is eligible for membership.. Participants may include corporations, trade and industry associations, universities and other commercial and non-profit organizations.. Board Membership.. Nemeth, Secretary.. Executive Director.. Accounting.. Media/Website/Communications.. Masaka.. Meetings/Logistics.. Publication/General Correspondence.. Southern States Energy Board.. 6325 Amherst Court.. Norcross, Georgia 30092.. Phone: (770) 242-7712.. Fax I: (770) 242-9956.. Fax II: (770) 242-0421.. Complete Staff Roster.. This photo contact book presents useful information for each of SSEB's board members, including legislative committee assignments and staff contacts.. Update Contact Information Online.. Please click the below button for new memberships or to update your contact information.. Online Form..

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  • Title: Southern States Energy Board Members
    Descriptive info: Executive Committee.. Chair:.. Governor Phil Bryant, Mississippi.. Vice Chairman:.. Representative Rocky Adkins, Kentucky.. Treasurer:.. Representative Myra Crownover, Texas.. Governor Robert Bentley, Alabama.. Governor Mike Beebe, Arkansas.. Senator Robert Adley, Louisiana.. Senator Thomas McLain Middleton, Maryland.. Representative Harry Geisinger, Georgia.. Representative Weldon Watson, Oklahoma.. Representative Denny Altes, Arkansas^*.. Federal Representative:.. Ms.. Linda Key Breathitt*.. Secretary:.. Nemeth, Executive Director SSEB*.. ^Chair, SLC Energy and Environment Committee, Non-Voting Executive Committee Member.. *Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Executive Committee Members.. Alabama.. Legislation:.. Alabama SSEB Legislation.. Website:.. www.. alabama.. gov.. Governor Robert Bentley.. Senator Jimmy W.. Holley.. Senator Cam Ward.. , Senate Alternate.. Representative Randy Davis.. Representative Howard Sanderford.. , House Alternate.. Representative Micky Hammon.. , Governor's Alternate.. Arkansas.. Arkansas SSEB Legislation.. arkansas.. Governor Mike Beebe.. Senator Eddie Joe Williams.. Representative Tiffany Rogers.. Marc Harrison.. Florida.. Florida SSEB Legislation.. flgov.. Governor Rick Scott.. Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto.. Representative Clay Ford.. Governor's Alternate (.. pending appointment.. ).. Georgia.. Georgia SSEB Legislation.. georgia.. Governor Nathan Deal.. Senator David Shafer.. Senator Ross Tolleson.. Representative Harry Geisinger.. Representative Lynn Smith.. Jill Stuckey.. Kentucky.. Kentucky SSEB Legislation.. governor.. ky.. Governor Steve Beshear.. Senate (.. Representative Rocky Adkins.. Dr.. Leonard K..  ...   Legislation.. missouri.. Governor Jay Nixon.. Senator Mike Kehoe.. Representative Jeanie Riddle.. Jeff Harris, Governor's Alternate.. North Carolina.. North Carolina SSEB Legislation.. nc.. Governor Bev Perdue.. Senator Robert "Bob" Rucho.. Representative Mitch Gillespie.. Jon Williams.. Oklahoma.. Oklahoma SSEB Legislation.. oklahoma.. Governor Mary Fallin.. Senator Cliff Branan.. Representative Weldon Watson.. C.. Michael Ming.. Puerto Rico.. Puerto Rico SSEB Legislation.. ethanol-gec.. org/memstates/prgov.. htm.. Governor Luis G.. Fortuno.. Jose Rafael Diaz.. , House Legislative Counsel.. Luis Bernal.. South Carolina.. South Carolina SSEB Legislation.. sc.. Governor Nikki Haley.. Senator Lawrence Grooms.. Representative William E.. "Bill" Sandifer.. Tennessee.. Tennessee SSEB Legislation.. tennessee.. Governor Bill Haslam.. Senator Mark Norris.. Representative John Ragan.. Robert "Bob" Martineau.. Texas.. Texas SSEB Legislation.. texasonline.. Governor Rick Perry.. Senator Jeff Wentworth.. Representative Myra Crownover.. Barry Smitherman.. Virgin Islands.. Virgin Islands SSEB Legislation.. governordejongh.. com/meet/gov/index.. html.. Governor John P.. deJongh.. Karl Knight.. Virginia.. Virginia SSEB Legislation.. governor.. virginia.. Governor Robert F.. McDonnell.. Senator John C.. Watkins.. Delegate Harry R.. Purkey.. Maureen Matsen.. West Virginia.. West Virginia SSEB Legislation.. wvgov.. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.. Senator Douglas E.. Facemire.. Senator Art Kirkendoll.. Delegate Linda Goode Phillips.. Delegate Brent Boggs.. John F.. Herholdt..

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  • Title: Industry Partnership: Associate Members
    Descriptive info: 2012-2013 Officers.. Chairman:.. James Burwell, SCANA Corporation.. Randy Eminger, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE).. 2nd Vice Chairman:.. Mike McGarey, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI).. AGL Resources.. aglresources.. Jim Kibler.. Vice President, Governmental Relations.. email:.. jkibler@aglresources.. Alpha Natural Resources.. alphanr.. Jon Wood.. Vice President of Government and External Affairs.. jwood@alphanr.. Donald L.. Ratliff.. Vice President of External Affairs.. email:.. dratliff@alphanr.. American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.. cleancoalusa.. Randy Eminger.. Vice President-Southern Region.. reminger@cleancoalusa.. George Bullock.. Consultant.. gbullock@agnesscott.. edu.. American Electric Power.. aep.. Lauri Sheridan White.. lswhite@aep.. anga.. us.. Michelle Bloodworth.. Vice President, Business Development.. mbloodworth@anga.. Donald Erbach.. Paschall Strategic Communication.. don@paschallstrategic.. American Chemistry Council.. americanchemistry.. Rudy Underwood.. Sr.. Director, Government Affairs.. rudy_underwood@americanchemistry.. Arch Coal, Inc.. archcoal.. Pending Appointment.. Bell Bio-Energy, Inc.. bellbioenergy.. J.. Bell.. Chief Executive Officer.. j.. c.. bell@bellplantation.. Charah, Inc.. charah.. Danny Gray.. Executive Vice President.. dgray@charah.. ChevronTexaco Corporation.. chevron.. Brent Wood.. Public Government Affairs Manager.. brentwood@chevron.. Coal Utilization Research Council.. coal.. Ben Yamagata.. bny@vnf.. Dominion.. dom.. Herbert Wheary.. Manager, Corporate Public Policy.. herbert.. wheary@dom.. Duke Energy.. Website:.. duke-energy.. Chuck Claunch.. Director, State Government Affairs.. chuck.. claunch@duke-energy.. Eastern Coal Council/Coal Leader, Inc.. easterncoalcouncil.. net.. Barbara F.. Altizer.. barb@easterncoalcouncil.. Edison Electric Institute.. eei.. Brian McCormack.. Vice President, Political External Affairs.. phone: (202) 508-5200.. Sarah Lashford.. Director, External Affairs.. phone: (202) 508-5201.. Entergy Services, Inc.. entergy.. Kay Kelley Arnold.. Vice President System Government Affairs.. karnold@entergy.. Trevin Dalton.. tdalton@entergy.. Holtec International.. holtec.. Pierre Oneid.. Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer.. one@holtec.. ITC Holdings Corp.. itc-holdings.. Michael White.. Manager, State Government Affairs.. mwhite@itctransco.. MagneGas Corporation.. magnegas.. Maria Strollo Zack.. President.. The Strollo Group (Representing MagneGas).. MariaZack@StrolloGroup.. McGuireWoods Consulting, LLC.. mwcllc.. Stephen Horton.. Senior Vice President Director.. shorton@mwcllc.. Theodore F.. Adams, III,  ...   Region.. neil.. buckingham@shell.. Silform USA, Inc.. James F.. Gaffey.. jfgaffey@bellsouth.. South Carolina Public Service Authority/.. Santee Cooper.. santeecooper.. Rennie M.. Singletary.. Senior Vice President, Corporate Services.. rmsingle@santeecooper.. Bill McCall.. Executive Vice President and COO.. bmccall@santeecooper.. Southern Company.. southerncompany.. Tom Park.. External Affairs Coordinator.. tgpark@southernco.. Rick Burkhalter.. Vice President.. rburkhalter@sterlingplanet.. TECO Services, Inc.. tecoenergy.. Paul L.. Carpinone.. Director, Environmental Health Safety.. plcarpinone@tecoenergy.. Byron T.. Burrows, P.. E.. BCEE.. Manager of Air Programs.. btburrows@tecoenergy.. Troutman Sanders, LLP.. troutmansanders.. William M.. Droze.. Partner.. william.. droze@troutmansanders.. Virginia Center for Coal Energy Research.. energy.. vt.. Michael Karmis.. Director.. mkarmis@vt.. WVU Research Corporation.. research.. wvu.. Curt Peterson.. curt.. peterson@mail.. SSEB Contacts.. Program Contact.. Baskin, Program Manager.. Financial Contact.. Grants Accounting Specialist.. **.. SSEB Staff.. Membership Fee.. Annual associate member's dues are $3,000.. These contributions are added to SSEB's research budget.. Research includes advancing inquiry into the region's energy future and maintaining SSEB's optimum level of service to the region.. Membership Enrollment Form.. Resources.. New Coal Fueled Plants.. Power Generation in one direction since 1990.. Quick Links.. 2012-2013 Associate Members Roster.. (.. includes mailing address and phone numbers.. Policy Positions and Resolutions:.. Adopted by the Associate Members on February 27, 2012, as recommended resolutions for the Southern States Energy Board:.. SSEB Interim Storage 2012 Resolution.. SSEB Small Modular Reactors 2012 Resolution.. Past Recommended Policies:.. EPA Train Wreck (.. executive summary.. full version.. National Mining Association BACT White Paper.. Policy Session Summary.. SCANA 2011 Depreciation Reform for Advanced Nuclear Facilities in rate base.. SCANA 2011 Nuclear PTC Allocation for public private partnerships.. SCANA 2011 Tariffs Relief Proposal.. SSEB Resolution on Best Available Control Technology for Coal.. SSEB Train Wreck Resolution.. Members Brochure.. Meetings.. includes presentations from past meetings.. Photography..

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  • Title: Southern States Energy Board News and Events
    Descriptive info: News and Events.. October 13-15, 2013.. SSEB 53rd Annual Meeting.. Hotel: Beau Rivage.. Location: Biloxi, Mississippi.. Sponsorship Opportunities: Will be available soon!.. Special thanks to the.. 2012 Annual Meeting Sponsors.. Platinum Level - $10,000.. Gold Level - $7,500.. Silver Level - $5,000.. Bronze Level - $2,500..

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  • Title: Southern States Energy Board Past Events
    Descriptive info: November 27-28, 2012.. Joint Meeting of the Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee.. The Transuranic Waste Transportation Working Group.. Biloxi, Mississippi.. Download:.. Agenda.. Presentations:.. DOE-Office of Nuclear Energy - National Transportation Planning.. Corinne Macaluso, Office of Nuclear Energy.. WIPP Transportation Program and National TRU Activities.. Bill Mackie, Carlsbad Field Office.. Private Sector Radioactive Materials Initiatives.. Proposed Solutions for High-Level Waste in the U.. Doug Weaver, Holtec International.. Management of Low-Level and Mixed Waste Streams.. Kurt Colborn, Waste Control Specialists.. DOE Environmental Management Briefing.. Michael Wangler, DOE/EM Office of Packaging and Transportation.. Regional MERRTT Activities.. Ken Keaton, Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program.. DOE-Savannah River Site Program Update.. Bert Crapse, DOE-Savannah River.. Department of Transportation-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Update.. James Landrum, Hazardous Materials Program Specialist.. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Overview.. Earl Easton, Nuclear Regulatory Commission.. Foreign Research Reactor Program-Canadian Campaign Progress.. Jeff Galan, National Nuclear Security Administration.. September 23-25, 2012.. Southern States Energy Board's 52nd Annual Meeting.. Hotel: Renaissance Oklahoma City.. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.. SSEB 2012 Annual Meeting.. Meeting Program.. Presentations.. a link to each presentation is listed under the speaker's photo.. August 10, 2012.. Annual Briefing to Associate Members.. Hotel: Rio Mar Beach Resort.. Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.. SSEB 2012 Associate Members Meeting.. SMR-160: Unconditionally Safe Economical Green Energy.. Technology for the 21st Century.. Pierre Oneid, Holtec International Inc.. The Outlook for Coal: Domestic Energy and Exports.. Ned Leonard, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE).. A State Strategy for Unlocking Commercial Opportunities for.. Biomass.. Jill Stuckey, Herty Foundation.. Coal Combustion Product Management: Innovative Technology and Regulatory Solutions.. Danny L.. Gray, P.. , Charah, Inc.. Update on the Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration.. Partnership (SECARB) and Knowledge Sharing.. Hill, Southern States Energy Board.. July 28, 2012.. Southern States Energy Board Briefing to Legislative Members.. Hotel: Charleston Marriott Town Center.. Charleston, West Virginia.. SSEB 2012 Briefing to Southern Legislators.. SSEB Chair's Priorities and Initiatives.. Honorable Michael Ming, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy.. Charting Energy Security and Independence in the American South.. Ken Nemeth, Southern States Energy Board.. Legal and Regulatory Framework for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage.. Thomas J.. Russial, Global CCS Institute.. West Virginia's Wind Energy Initiatives.. Robert C.. Orndorff Jr.. , Dominion Power.. Electric Providers Alliance and Nuclear Energy in Missouri.. Representative Jeanie Riddle, Missouri.. May 15-17, 2012.. National Transportation Stakeholders Forum.. Hotel: Hilton Knoxville.. Knoxville, Tennessee.. SSEB Joint Meeting of the Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee and the Transuranic Waste Transportation Working Group.. Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Level VI Program Update.. Larry Stern, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.. Overview of the Clarus System.. Ray Murphy, U.. Department of Transportation.. Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program Review.. Ken Keaton, TRG Incorporated.. John Gilmour, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.. Download the NTSF.. **All presentations from the Spring 2012 National Transportation Stakeholder Forum Meetings can be downloaded from the NTSF website by clicking.. March 7-9, 2012.. 7th Annual SECARB Stakeholders' Briefing.. Hotel: The Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel.. Mobile, Alabama.. Address by NETL.. John Litynski, National Energy Technology Laboratory.. SECARB Offshore Studies: Legal and Regulatory.. Darrick Eugene, Interstate Oil Gas Compact Commission.. Report on Continued Characterization.. Vello Kuuskraa, Advanced Resources International.. Report on Continued Characterization.. Rebecca Smyth, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin.. Report on Plant Gorgas Characterization and Tar Sands.. Jack Pashin, Geological Survey of Alabama.. SECARB Cranfield Project-Panel Session, Technical Program.. Susan Hovorka, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin.. SECARB Cranfield Project-Panel Session, Geophysics.. Tom Daley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.. SECARB Cranfield Project-Panel Session, Hydrogeology.. Katherine Romanak, Gulf Coast Carbon Center, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin.. Southern Company Carbon Management Portfolio Preview of March 8th Tour.. Richard Esposito, Southern Company.. Southern Company/MHI Capture Unit.. Michael Ivie, Southern Company.. Pipeline Construction Commissioning.. Christina Harvick, Denbury Resources, Inc.. Results from Detailed Geologic Characterization and Modeling.. Dave Riestenberg, Advanced Resources International.. Permitting Injection Status.. George Koperna, Advanced Resources International.. February 27, 2012.. Southern States Energy Board's Associate Members Meeting.. Hotel: Marriott Metro.. Washington, DC.. The Oklahoma First Energy Plan: A Pragmatic Approach.. Honorable Michael Ming, Secretary of Energy, Oklahoma.. Governor's Alternate on the Southern States Energy Board.. The Future of Nuclear Energy: Moving Forward.. Mike McGarey, Nuclear Energy Institute.. Special Presentations from New Associate Members.. Sara Magruder Lyle, American Natural Gas Association.. Roger Bernstein, American Chemistry Council.. The Future of Energy in the U.. : An Industry Perspective.. Glenn Kelly, National Mining Association.. Introduction to Silform: Coal Fine Solutions.. Jim Gaffey, Silform..  ...   2011.. 6th Annual Southeast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership Stakeholders' Briefing.. Hotel: Hilton Atlanta Airport.. Fundamentals of Sequestration in Coal and Shale.. CCS Best Practices-Examples from the Field.. Tim Carr, West Virginia University.. Risk Assessment for CO2 Sequestration.. Ian Duncan, Bureau of Economic Geology.. The University of Texas at Austin.. Commercial CO2 Sequestration Will Differ from Demonstration Projects.. Dwight Peters, Schlumberger Carbon Services.. Address by NETL.. Traci Rodosta, National Energy Technology Laboratory.. Black Warrior Basin (Alabama) Coal Seam Project.. Evaluation of Large-Volume Carbon Sequestration Test in Central Appalachia.. Ed Diminick, Marshall Miller Associates.. Nino Ripepi, Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research, Virginia Tech.. SECARB Pipeline and Offshore Studies: Legal and Regulatory.. SECARB Offshore Study: Capacity Estimates and Existing Infrastructure.. Denise Hills, Geological Survey of Alabama.. SECARB Offshore Study: Federal Waters.. Dave Carr, Bureau of Economic Geology.. Site Setting, Scope of Program, and Results.. Susan Hovorka, Bureau of Economic Geology.. Well and Instrument Design, Installation, and Operations and Lessons Learned.. David Freeman, Sandia Technologies.. Modeling Program: Results to Date.. Seyyed Hosseini, Bureau of Economic Geology.. Project Design and Progress.. Rob Trautz, Electric Power Research Institute.. Southern Company/MHI Capture Unit.. Detailed Geologic Characterization and Modeling.. Dave Riestenberg, Advanced Resources International, Inc.. RTI International-TECO: Polk Power Station CCS Warm Gas Cleanup.. Byron Burrows, Tampa Electric Company.. Mississippi Power: Kemper County (Plant Ratcliffe) IGCC Project.. American Electric Power: Mountaineer CCS Project.. Gary Spitznogle, American Electric Power.. February 28, 2011.. Hotel: Capital Hilton.. (52.. 2kb PDF).. The Role of Natural Gas Vehicles in Securing U.. Energy Security.. (9.. 58mb PDF).. Bob Strickland, Alagasco.. The Future of Coal.. (559kb PDF).. Megan Parsons, Energy Development Burns McDonnell Engineering.. EPA Regulations-Higher Costs and Uncertainty on Manufacturing Competitiveness and Jobs.. (1.. 05mb PDF).. Paul Cicio, Industrial Energy Consumers of America.. November 30-December 1, 2010.. Hotel: The New Orleans Marriott.. New Orleans, Louisiana.. (87kb PDF).. 24mb PDF).. 2010 Texas WIPPTREX Execution and Lessons Learned.. (3.. 16mb PDF).. Mike Rutherford, Texas Department of State Health Services.. Update on NRC Activities.. 71mb PDF).. Part 37.. (152kb PDF).. Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Security Rulemaking Activities at the U.. NRC.. (881kb PDF).. MacArthur Maze and Newhall Pass Fires their Implications for Spent Fuel Transport.. (5.. 96mb PDF).. Rail Inspection Protocol Working Group.. 70mb PDF).. Cort Richardson, Council of State Governments-Northeastern Office.. 2011 Louisiana WIPPTREX Planning Status.. (2.. 84mb PDF).. David Lewis, URS-Washington TRU Solutions.. 11mb PDF).. William Spurgeon, DOE/EM Office of Transportation.. Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Report.. 1.. 15kb PDF).. Captain Bruce Bugg, Georgia Department of Public Safety.. S.. 15kb PDF).. Comprehensitive Safety Analysis (CSA) 2010.. 18kb PDF).. David Ford, Hazardous Materials Program Manager, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.. 30mb PDF).. October 14-15, 2010.. Biomass South 2010: A New Horizon.. Hotel: University of Memphis Holiday Inn and FedEx Institute of Technology.. Sponsorship:.. Biomass South 2010 Sponsorship Opportunities.. September 15-17, 2010.. 2010 Annual Meeting and 50th Anniversary Celebration.. The Greenbrier.. White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia.. (149kb PDF).. Into the Future: Energy for America in the Next 50 Years.. (4.. 53mb PDF).. Anthony Cugini,Director, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US Department of Energy.. Make or Break for US Green Energy: The Rare Earth Supply Chain.. 40mb PDF).. Mark Smith,CEO, Molycorp.. Rapid Prototyping-Accelerating Electricity Transformation.. 39mb PDF).. Kelly, Deputy Director, Galvin Electricity Initiative.. Advancing Technologies: The Key to a Clean Energy Future.. 25mb PDF).. Steven F.. Leer, Chairman/CEO, Arch Coal, Inc.. Ensuring Energy Independence and National Security for America.. 6mb PDF).. Adam Victor, President/CEO, TransGas Development Systems.. Impact of Federal Policies and Regulations on Energy Security.. 14mb PDF).. Steve Miller, President/CEO, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.. Alberta's Role in North American Energy Security.. 01mb PDF).. The Honorable Iris Evans, Alberta Minister of International Intergovernmental Relations.. Alberta, Canada.. Energy Diversity:The Key to a Reliable, Secure Future.. 92 mb PDF).. Bob Blue, Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Environment, Dominion.. Energy, Environment and the Economy.. (10.. Robert Bradley Jr.. , CEO/Founder, Institute for Energy Research.. Transforming Our Energy Future: Industry Perspectives.. Paul Evanson, President/CEO - Allegheny Energy, Inc.. 12 mb PDF).. Michael Morris, Chairman/President/CEO - American Electric PowerAmerican Electric Power.. Kevin Crutchfield, CEO - Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.. 96 mb PDF).. August 27, 2010.. 2010 Associate Members Meeting.. Ross Bridge Resort.. Birmingham, Alabama.. (50.. 9kb PDF).. Southern States Energy Board Activities.. 67mb PDF).. Nemeth, Secretary and Executive Director.. Introduction to Sterling Planet.. 34mb PDF).. Rick Burkhalter, Vice President.. Sterling Planet.. Clean Coal Technology in the South.. (645kb PDF).. Randy Eminger, Vice President-South Region.. Natural Gas Outlook.. 18mb PDF).. Jim Kibler, Vice President, Governmental Affairs..

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