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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | Home
    Descriptive info: .. Center for Adaptive Optics.. A University of California Science and Technology Center.. Adaptive Optics Picture Gallery.. A collection of AO pictures, animations web links.. Archived AO Headlines.. removing the blurring of images caused by changing distortions in optical systems.. 2012 UC CfAO FALL SCIENCE RETREAT and WORKSHOPS.. Fall Science Retreat.. Thursday, November 1 - Sunday, November 4.. LATEST NEWS!.. Our guest speaker this year,.. Dr.. George Waring, IV.. of Mcgill Vision Center, will give the keynote presentation on.. Visual Cortex Training after Corneal and Lens Refractive Surgery ,.. opening night, Thursday, November 1 at 8:00 PM in conjunction with the.. evolving sessions on.. neural adaptation and AO microscopy.. Register now!.. Laser  ...   California.. T.. he mission of the UC Center for Adaptive Optics is to develop, apply, and disseminate adaptive optics science and technology in service to scientific research, healthcare, and industry.. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the UC Office of the President.. University of California.. 1156 High St.. Santa Cruz, CA 95064.. Directions.. & Lodging.. Contact Us.. Last Modified: Sep 27, 2012.. |.. Search.. The Center.. Adaptive Optics.. Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators.. Members.. AO Meetings CfAO Events.. Publications.. Software.. Employment.. Picture Gallery.. Links.. What's New.. |.. Design Copyright 2002-2003 University of California Regents..

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  • Title: Adaptive Optics Pictures @ CfAO
    Descriptive info: The most up-to-date images and recent AO research can be found on the webpages of each of the CfAO Principal Investigators.. A collection of pictures, animations, etc.. If you have something to contribute, please.. email.. us.. Discovery of First.. Triple Asteroid System.. Keck images of Io.. Keck images of Neptune.. Stellar images with and.. without adaptive optics.. Images of the.. human retina.. The Lick Observatory.. AO System.. Retina Layers.. Galactic Center.. Observations.. The CfAO Logo.. Other Adaptive Optics Results and Images:.. CfAO Principal Investigator Links:..  ...   Miller, University of Indiana.. Gemini Observatory:.. Planetary Nebula BD+303639.. European Southern Observatory NAOS:.. HST/AO Comparison.. "Permission is granted to use these images for personal, educational, or non-profit/non-commercial purposes only.. Any other use of these images is prohibited.. ".. Last Modified: Sep 7, 2010.. You are here:.. In this section:.. First Triple Asteroid System.. Images of the Human Retina.. Stellar Images with and without AO.. Lick Observatory AO System.. Galactic Center Observations.. Center for.. Sitemap.. Research.. Education/HR.. Calendar of Events.. Design Copyright 2002-2003 University of California Regents..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | News
    Descriptive info: AO Headlines 2010.. Jerry Nelson receives Kavli Prize at Ceremony in Oslo, Norway.. UCSC Astronomer Jerry Nelson.. Wins Prestigious.. Kavli Prize.. in Astrophysics.. New Hubble Treasury Project to Survey First Third of Cosmic Time.. Celebration of Science and Technology Centers Class of.. 2000.. AO Headlines 2009.. Methane Clouds Observed Near Titan's Equator May Explain Presence of.. Riverbeds on the Surface.. 'Dark Cells' of  ...   Cosmic Diary Cornerstone Project for the International Year of Astronomy 2009.. Astronomer Sandra Faber to Receive Franklin Institute's Prestigious Bower Award.. AO Headlines 2008.. CfAO's Claire Max is elected to National Academy of Sciences.. UCLA Astronomer Andrea Ghez Named a 2008 MacArthur Fellow.. Princeton Awards Madison Medal to Astronomer Claire Max.. Astronomers Capture First Images of Newly-Discovered Solar System.. Last Modified: Jan 21, 2011..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | Center
    Descriptive info: The Center for Adaptive Optics.. Mission Statement: The mission of the UC Center for Adaptive Optics is to develop, apply, and disseminate adaptive optics science and technology in service to scientific research, healthcare, and industry.. Abstract:.. The Center for Adaptive Optics is a Science and Technology Center that was funded for 10 years by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is now funded by the University of California.. The Center is headquartered at UC Santa Cruz, with members from eight other UC campuses and with many academic and industrial affiliates.. Its mission is to advance and disseminate the technology of adaptive optics (AO) in service to science, health care, industry, and education.. Its goal is to lead the revolution in AO by developing and demonstrating the technology, creating major improvements in AO systems, and catalyzing advances nationwide.. The CfAO implemented a highly successful education program to teach our graduate students methods of inquiry-based science teaching, and to apply this knowledge in programs that attract and retain a new generation of scientists, particularly among women and underrepresented minorities.. This education program now resides in the Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators at UCSC, which serves graduate students throughout the science and engineering fields.. The Akamai Workforce Initiative, a partnership between the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy, UCSC's CfAO and ISEE, and Maui Community College, runs education and internship programs in Hawaii.. The CfAO is building on UC s strong leadership in AO  ...   Advanced Retinal Imaging Laboratory.. Eye Center.. University of California, Irvine.. Department of Physics and Astronomy.. University of California, Los Angeles.. UCLA Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics.. University of California, Merced.. School of Natural Sciences.. University of California, Riverside.. Physics and Astronomy Department.. University of California, Santa Barbara.. Department of Physics.. University of California, Santa Cruz.. Astronomy and Astrophysics.. Laboratory for Adaptive Optics.. UC Observatories, Lick Observatory.. MEMS Lab.. Ocean Sciences.. University of California, San Diego.. Shiley Eye Center.. /.. Jacobs Retina Center.. Department of Psychology.. University of California, San Francisco.. Department of Ophthalmology.. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.. Engineering.. Affiliated Institutes.. California Institute of Technology.. Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).. Division of Geological & Planetary Sciences.. Thirty Meter Telescope.. Tech Astronomy Department.. UC Davis - Visual Psychophysics Laboratory.. University of Chicago.. ChAOS Chicago Adaptive Optics System.. Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics.. Doheny Eye Institute.. Gemini Observatory.. Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (Canada).. University of Houston.. College of Optometry.. Indiana University.. Maui Community College.. Maui Community College Space Grant Program.. Montana State University.. Center for Computational Biology.. Mathematical Sciences.. National Solar Observatory.. University of Rochester.. Center for Visual Science.. Institute of Optics.. Schepens Eye Research Institute.. Space Telescope Science Institute.. University of Waterloo.. Department of Physics & Astronomy.. W.. M.. Keck Observatory.. Industrial Associates:.. ALU LIKE.. Ball Aerospace.. Bausch & Lomb.. Boston Micromachines.. Iris AO.. Lucent Technologies.. Lockheed Martin.. Maui Economic Development Board.. MEMS Optical.. Phone:.. 831.. 459.. 5592.. Fax:.. 5717.. Email:.. Last Modified: Sep 17, 2010..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | What is Adaptive Optics
    Descriptive info: What is Adaptive Optics?.. For more detailed information about AO, see.. Claire Max's ASTRO289C page.. refers to optical systems which.. adapt.. to compensate for optical effects introduced by the medium between the object and its image.. Under ideal circumstances, the resolution of an optical system is limited by the diffraction of light waves.. This so-called "diffraction limit" is generally described by the following angle (in radians) calculated using the light's wavelength and optical system's pupil diameter:.. where the angle is given in radians.. Thus, the fully-dilated human eye should be able to separate objects as close as 0.. 3 arcmin in visible light, and the Keck Telescope (10-m)  ...   about 1 arcmin.. To turn the problem around, scientists wishing to study the retina of the eye can only see details about 5 (?) microns in size.. In astronomy, the turbulent atmosphere blurs images to a size of 0.. 5 to 1 arcsec even at the best sites.. Adaptive optics (AO).. provides a means of compensating for these effects, leading to appreciably sharper images sometimes approaching the theoretical diffraction limit.. With sharper images comes an additional gain in contrast -- for astronomy, where light levels are often very low, this means fainter objects can be detected and studied.. Next page:.. Why Adaptive Optics?.. Last Modified: Aug 3, 2012..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | ISEE
    Descriptive info: Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators (ISEE).. This education program now resides in the.. at UCSC, which serves graduate students throughout the science and engineering fields.. **New 3/7/11**.. Report.. on CfAO's successful undergraduate internship program, with outcomes from 214 participants.. List of previous topics:.. Internships.. Professional Development Program.. Akamai Workforce Initiative.. EHR Meetings.. Resources.. Stars, Sight Science.. Courses.. Historical Picture Gallery.. Last Modified: Apr 15, 2011..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | People
    Descriptive info: UC CfAO Member Directory.. Institution.. Principal Investigators.. Email.. Phone.. UC Berkeley.. Imke de Pater.. Professor of Astronomy.. Professor of Earth Planetary Science.. imke at berkeley dot edu.. (510) 642.. 1947.. Stanley Klein.. Professor of Vision.. Science and Optometry.. sklein at berkeley dot edu.. (510) 643.. 8670.. Franck Marchis.. Assistant Research Astronomer.. fmarchis at berkeley dot edu.. 3928.. Austin Roorda.. Associate Professor.. Solon M and Pearl A Braff Chair.. in Clinical Optometric Science.. aroorda at berkeley dot edu.. 2380.. UC Davis.. Jack Werner.. Distinguished Professor Ophthalmology.. jswerner at ucdavis dot edu.. (916) 734.. 6817.. Robert Zawadzki.. Assistant Research Professor Ophthalmology.. rjzawadzki at ucdavis dot edu.. 5839.. UC Irvine.. Aaron Barth.. Physics and Astronomy.. barth at uci dot edu.. (949) 824.. 3013.. Betsy Barton.. Assistant Professor.. ebarton at uci dot edu.. 7178.. Gary Chanan.. Professor of Physics.. gachanan at uci dot edu.. 6619.. UC Los Angeles.. Mike Fitzgerald.. mpfitz at ucla dot edu.. (310) 206.. 7853.. Andrea Ghez.. ghez at astro dot ucla dot edu.. 0420.. James Larkin.. Professor within the UCLA.. Infrared Lab and Astronomy Division.. larkin at astro dot ucla dot edu.. (310) 825.. 9470.. Mark Morris.. Professor.. morris at astro dot ucla dot edu.. 3320.. UC Merced.. Wil van Breugel.. Adjunct Professor.. wvanbreugel at ucmerced dot edu.. (209) 658.. 6392.. UC Riverside.. Gabriela  ...   Laboratory for.. gavel at ucolick dot org.. 5464.. Lisa Hunter.. Associate Director, Education.. hunter at ucolick dot org.. 2416.. David Koo.. Professor of Astronomy Astrophysics.. koo at ucolick dot org.. 2130.. Joel Kubby.. Associate Professor of.. Electrical Engineering.. jkubby at soe dot ucsc dot edu.. 1073.. Renata Kupke.. Project Scientist.. rkupke at ucolick dot org.. 5804.. Claire Max.. max at ucolick dot org.. 2049.. Jerry Nelson.. nelson at ucolick dot org.. 5132.. Christina Ravelo.. Professor of Ocean Sciences.. acr at ucsc dot edu.. 3722.. Marc Reinig.. mreinig at ucolick dot org.. 4362.. Sandrine Thomas.. Associate Researcher.. sthomas at ucolick dot org.. 3870.. UC San Diego.. Dirk- Uwe Bartsch.. Associate Adjunct Professor.. dbartsch at ucsd dot edu.. (858) 534.. 4392.. Don MacLeod.. dmacleod at ucsd dot edu.. 3975.. UC San Francisco.. Jacque Duncan.. Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology.. duncanj at vision dot ucsf dot edu.. (415) 514.. 4241.. Brian Bauman.. Optical Engineer.. bauman3 at llnl dot gov.. (925) 423.. 6592.. Jay Dawson.. dawson17 at llnl dot gov.. (925) 422.. 1617.. Bruce Macintosh.. Physicist.. macintosh1 at llnl dot gov.. 8129.. Scot Olivier.. Optical Physicist.. olivier1 at llnl dot gov.. 6483.. David Palmer.. Electrical and Computer Engineer.. palmer25 at llnl dot gov.. 1249.. Lisa Poyneer.. Electrical Engineer.. poyneer1 at llnl dot gov.. 3360.. Last Modified: Feb 2, 2011..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | Events
    Descriptive info: Past Events: |.. Year 11.. Year 10.. | |.. Year 9.. Year 8.. Year 7.. Year 6.. Year 5.. Year 4.. Year 3.. Year 2.. Year 1.. UC Center for Adaptive Optics: Calendar of Events for 2012.. Date.. Event.. Location.. January.. January 8-12.. 219th AAS Meeting.. Austin, Texas.. January 16-20.. Exoclimes 2012.. Aspen, Colorado.. January 18-20.. 9th Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop.. Berkeley, California.. January 21-26.. SPIE Photonics West 2012.. San Francisco, California.. Photonics West BIOS Symposium:.. Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences XII.. Jan 29 - Feb 1.. Advanced Solid-State Photonics (ASSP).. San Diego, California.. February.. February 13-17.. Science with a Wide-field Infrared Telescope in Space and The 16th International Conference on Gravitational Microlensing.. Pasadena, California.. February 24-26.. Wavefront Congress:.. Wavefront Presbyopic Refractive Corrections.. March.. March 5-8.. Observing Planetary Systems II: An ESO Workshop.. Santiago de Chile.. March 9.. High Contrast Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop.. Vitacura, Chile.. March 28-31.. ISEE Inquiry Institute.. Maui,  ...   SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 2012.. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.. July 9-11.. AO Tomography Workshop.. Leiden, the Netherlands.. July 23-27.. 2012 Sagan Exoplanet Summer Workshop: Working with Exoplanet Light Curves.. August.. August 5-10.. 13th Annual International Summer School on Adaptive Optics.. Santa Cruz, California.. August 12-16.. SPIE Optics Photonics 2012: Optical Engineering Applications.. August 20-31.. IAU XXVIII General Assembly.. Beijing, China.. September.. September 11-14.. Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS).. Wailea, Hawaii.. September 20-21.. Keck Science Meeting.. October.. October 14-19.. 44th Annual Meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences (DPS) of the American Astronomical Society.. Reno, Nevada.. October 14-18.. OSA's 96th Annual Meeting: Frontiers in Optics 2012.. Rochester, New York.. October 24-27.. American Academy of Optometry: Academy 2012 Phoenix.. Phoenix, Arizona.. November.. November 1-5.. UC CfAO Fall Science Retreat Workshops.. Lake Arrowhead, California.. December.. December 4-5.. Real Time Control for Adaptive Optics Workshop.. ESO, Garching.. Last Modified: Sep 20, 2012..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | Publications
    Descriptive info: Science and Technology Publications.. Please click on the links below to access publications from previous years.. Last Modified: Jul 1, 2010.. CfAO Newsletters.. Annual Reports.. Science & Tech Publications.. Presentations.. AO Manual.. Auspices Statement..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | Software
    Descriptive info: Adaptive Optics Software.. The Center for Adaptive Optics acts as a clearing house for distributing Software to members of the community.. This serves two purposes:.. it prevents duplication of efforts at the Member Institutes.. it gives specialists in Adaptive Optics a place to distribute their software.. All software  ...   consult with the software authors with any questions or problems regarding installation and running the codes.. Hosted Software.. Off-Site Software.. Software Links.. Contact us if you have any inquiries regarding downloading and submitting software for distribution.. Center for Adpative Optics.. Phone: 831.. Fax: 831.. Last Modified: Sep 30, 2010..

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  • Title: Center for Adaptive Optics | Jobs
    Descriptive info: CfAO Related Job Announcements.. If you have an employment opportunity that would interest CfAO members, please email us at.. Adaptive Optics Scientist - Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation.. Research Position, Controls - NPS, AO Center of Excellence for National Security.. Research Position, Optics - NPS, AO Center  ...   Optics Engineer - Large Binocular Telescope.. Engineer/Scientist - Optical or Electro-Optical, Nutronics, Inc.. Postdoctoral Position, Adaptive Optics Retinal Imaging - University of Houston.. Postdoctoral Position Multi-Conjugate Adaptive Optics (MCAO) in Joint Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) and National Solar Observatory (NSO) Project.. Adaptive Optics Specialist/Scientist, W.. Last Modified: Sep 21, 2012..

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