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  • Title: Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program - Official Website - Home
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. APPLICANTS.. EMPLOYERS AGENTS.. Skip to search.. Skip to content.. Skip to footer menu.. Skip to Minnesota North Star menu.. Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program Home page.. Welcome to the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program.. This is the official website of the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Program, administered by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).. SELECT WHO YOU ARE:.. Applicants.. Employers Agents.. Positively Minnesota.. Copyright 2011 Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development |.. Privacy statement..

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  • Title: Minnesota Unemployment Insurance - Official Site - Welcome Applicants!
    Descriptive info: What do I need to know?.. How do I apply?.. How do I get paid?.. What affects my benefits?.. How do I appeal?.. Help Support.. Contact Us.. Was this information helpful?.. Yes.. No.. About UI.. |.. Log in to My Account.. Español.. Hmoob.. Somali.. Play.. Stop.. Quick Links.. Estimate Your Benefits.. Information Handbook.. Extended Benefits.. Financial Help Community Services.. Report UI Fraud.. UI Law.. News Updates.. EUC Tier 1 - weeks of benefits reduced from 20 to 14.. EUC  ...   Data.. Welcome Applicants!.. This is the official resource for information about Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits.. UI benefits provide a temporary partial wage replacement to workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own.. If you have become unemployed or had your hours greatly reduced, complete the.. Application Process.. we will determine whether or not you are eligible and notify you.. I Need To.. Apply for Benefits.. Request a Benefit Payment.. Log in to my Account.. Find a Job..

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  • Title: Minnesota Unemployment Insurance - Official Website - Welcome Employers!
    Descriptive info: Wages Taxes.. Benefit Charges.. Employer Account.. Info for Agents.. Raise an Issue or Appeal.. Employer Login.. Agent Login.. Employer Handbook.. Employer User Guide.. Educational Seminars.. Due Dates.. New Account Information.. System Availability.. Self-Service System Planned Maintenance - Saturday, October 20th.. 3rd Qtr Wage Detail Reports Payments due by October 31st.. Wage Detail Reports Payment Due by October 31, 2012.. 3rd quarter Wage  ...   Employers!.. This is the official resource for information about Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI).. Unemployment insurance tax (SUTA) provides benefits to workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own.. If you have paid wages to employees in covered employment in Minnesota, you must register for an.. employer account.. Register for an Account.. Employers.. Agents.. Log in to my Account.. Find Workers..

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  • Title: Search
    Descriptive info: Search:.. No results were found for your query..

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  • Title: Help & Support
    Descriptive info: Home.. Help and Support.. Password Resets and Account Lockouts.. Allows you to securely access your benefit account.. An overview of unemployment insurance benefits.. This handbook provides important information about unemployment benefits.. Work search resources.. Definition of Terms.. View definitions of terms used on this website.. View Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Law.. We know that unemployed individuals may have other needs.. The links provided are not intended to be all inclusive, but a good place to start..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Customer Service.. Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.. m.. to 4:30 p.. , except on State holidays.. You can reach a customer service representative by calling the automated phone system:.. Automated phone instructions.. Twin Cities area:.. 651-296-3644.. Greater Minnesota:.. 1-877-898-9090.. TTY for the hearing impaired:.. 1-866-814-1252.. If you.. have.. a benefit account and password:.. Make your.. language choice.. -.. English.. ,.. Spanish.. Hmong.. , or.. Enter your.. Social Security number.. and.. password.. , and then press the.. #.. key.. Press.. 2.. for other options.. 3.. for answers to commonly asked questions  ...   your account?.. Tips to avoid locking your account.. do not.. have a benefit account:.. for frequently requested information.. Mailing Address and Fax.. UI Customer Service.. P.. O.. Box 75576.. St.. Paul, MN 55175-0576.. Fax:.. 651-205-4007.. Appeals.. Appeals must be filed electronically, by mail, or fax within the timeframe specified on the determination or correspondence to be appealed.. Instructions for Filing an Appeal.. are printed on all applicant and employer determinations.. Information Line (no appeals accepted here):.. 651-296-3745.. TTY-Teletypewriter for the deaf and hard of hearing:.. Report UI Fraud..

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  • Title: Information Feedback
    Descriptive info: root.. Thank you for your feedback.. Let us know how we can make this website better.. Send us an email.. with your comments or suggestions.. Do not send.. your Social Security number or personal information about your account.. For assistance with your account, contact customer service:.. Employers/Agents.. Use the.. Back.. button on your browser to return to the previous page..

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  • Title: Information Not Helpful
    Original link path: /uimn/info-no.jsp
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  • Title: About UI
    Descriptive info: About Unemployment Insurance.. The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program provides a temporary partial wage replacement to those Minnesota workers who become unemployed through no fault of their own.. It is an economic stabilizer/stimulator in times of economic downturn and helps maintain an available skilled workforce for employers.. The Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) supervises and administers the UI program.. Mission.. Enhance workforce development and economic strength of Minnesota by providing unemployment insurance for individuals and employers.. Vision.. We make the Unemployment Insurance Program work for Minnesota.. We are a leader in providing quality services.. Employees and stakeholders work together in developing service delivery strategies.. We empower customers by providing access to services and information via multiple means.. We succeed via:.. Enhancing UI staff skill attainment;.. Increasing job responsibility and authority;.. Ensuring program and system integrity; and.. Using technology to be accessible, responsive and efficient.. Values..  ...   changing and developing the business environment.. RESPONSIVENESS.. We follow through on commitment.. We value accuracy and completeness.. We value timeliness and responsiveness to customer needs.. RELIABILITY.. We provide services in a consistent, uniform and fair manner, in good economic times and in bad.. EXCELLENCE.. We strive for accuracy, efficiency, timeliness and objectivity in delivering services to customers.. We innovate in the use of options and resources.. COST EFFECTIVENESS.. We leverage resources to maximize value in service.. We are diligent stewards of the public trust.. TRUSTWORTHINESS.. We protect the subjects' data privacy rights and the data with which we are entrusted.. We ensure that the quality of data will be maintained.. INTEGRITY.. We have the personal courage and ethical strength to act with integrity.. Performance.. The Unemployment Insurance Program's.. Annual Program Summary.. serves as DEED's mandated annual program progress report and is updated yearly for a new legislative session..

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  • Title: Spanish Forms and Publications
    Descriptive info: NOTAS:.. Usted necesitará Adobe Acrobat Reader para descargar e imprimir estas formas.. Las instrucciones están al pie de la página.. Solicitud De Beneficios De Desempleo.. (pdf).. Manual de Información.. Forma Española de petición de pago e instrucciónes.. Instrucciónes para Español en línea y petición de pago por telefono.. Cómo solicitar  ...   indicado al contario en el documento, favor de enviar los formularios que se ven arriba a:.. UI Customer Service Center.. PO Box 202.. Cloud, MN 56302-0202.. Adobe Acrobat Reader le permite ver, navigar, e imprimir archivos PDF en todas las plataformas principales.. Decargue gratis.. Acrobat Reader.. del web de Adobe..

    Original link path: /uimn/applicants/language/spanish.jsp
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  • Title: Hmong Forms and Publications
    Descriptive info: CEEB TOOM:.. Koj yuav tsum muaj Adobe Acrobat Reader mas koj thiaj li yuav luam tau cov ntawv no.. Nyob rau nram qab no nws yuav qhia koj saib yuav ua li cas thiaj tau Adobe Acrobat Reader coj los siv.. Daim Ntawv Thov Nyiaj Poob Hauj Lwm.. Phau Ntawv Qhia Ncauj Lus.. Tsab ntawv thov nyiaj thiab sob qhia lus hmoob.. Tshooj cab sab thiab hu xov tooj thov nyiaj lus  ...   koj xav mus rau lwm qhov chaw, ces koj xav cov ntaub ntawv no tuaj rau qhov chaw nyob saum toj no:.. Acrobat Reader thaum koj siv Adobe Acrobat Reader no nws muaj pheev xwm yuav cia koj saib thiab luam tau cov ntawv nyob rau hauv PDF thiab lwm yam ntau tshaj no.. Yog koj mus rau Adobe qhov website no koj yuav qhib tau.. no coj los siv dawb xwb..

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    Archived pages: 367