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  • Title: Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: .. Pharmacy Education.. Pharmacy education is a cutting edge career path, with a number of different applications for those who are interested in beginning.. Drugs Anyone?.. If you look around your house right now, you probably have a few bottles of pills that you don’t really need, but that you hold onto because, well, you might have a really bad headache one day.. You have your local pharmacist to thank for that.. Diligently, they read the prescription you had (even the badly forged one) and filled up a bottle with pills to make you forget about the pain, your bills, and possibly even about your life, if you were lucky.. Pharmacists.. are the holders of the pills of all shapes and sizes, some will make you larger, and some will make you smaller, you know.. But handing out pills isn’t as simple as it looks, though they can make it look awfully easy, can’t they?.. Passing Out Pills.. Pills are the candy that can make you feel better and that can make you actually better if you take them as recommended.. A pharmacist is a person who is not only bottling up the pills for you to take home, but they are also making sure you’re getting the right dose and the  ...   scratch of a doctor’s prescription, all while having to hassle with insurance companies when the patient needs to have a generic, but the real version is much more expensive.. A pharmacist’s work is never, ever done.. We’re a culture of pill popping and pill enjoyment.. We like to swallow a pill and get on with our lives, no matter what might be going on in our bodies.. We don’t want to end up in the hospital, so we got to doctors for pills to help us bounce back.. Why You Want to Be a Pharmacist.. But the money might be what drove you to the.. pharmacist education resources.. in the first place.. After all, you want to have a job that’s secure and a job that’s going to offer you more than just temporary work.. With a pharmacist education, you can begin to change the way people feel, one pill at a time.. (And no, you don’t get to take your homework home with you to study.. ).. Comments are closed.. MENU.. Education Needed for a Pharmacist.. Choosing A Pharmaceutical University.. Types Of Pharmaceutical Research.. Career Paths for Pharmacy Majors.. University Pharmacy Graduate Programs.. Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Courses.. Advice for Students Planning Careers in Pharmacy.. Future of Pharmaceutical Education.. Pharmacy Education Resources.. 1998 -..

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  • Title: Advice for Students Planning Careers in Pharmacy | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: Taking advice for students planning careers in pharmacy is a good idea for anyone who wants to pop pills for a living.. Study Now, Study Often.. When you’re in college, you have a choice – you can be a nerd or you can decide to be a party animal that don’t a thing until the day before the test.. As a pharmacy student, you might think you have a choice, but if you want to make it through the pre-pharmacy program, you need to become a library lover.. Studying for your tests, for your classes, and for any other reason which inspires you is the best way to get ahead of the volumes of information you need to know in order to be a successful pharmacist.. You don’t have the choice anymore to absorb the information by osmosis.. You need to actually open up your books and force feed the information into your brain again and again.. Get  ...   being in front of a teacher and with other students helps you to be accountable for all of the times you didn’t study.. You don’t want to be the person who doesn’t have the answers, do you?.. Quick Doses of Advice.. Still want to know how to ace your pharmacy classes? Ethically?.. Read ahead of time.. – This way, you can prepare questions for your teacher when you’re in class and look really smart too.. Form study groups.. – While you might not like the people in your class, they can help you get better grades.. Meeting on a weekly basis to study together will allow you to help each other.. Take advantage of online study tools.. – The Internet has a number of study guides and videos you can use to make yourself all the smarter.. Pharmacy school isn’t for the weak, but it is for those who are willing to be slightly masochistic in their study habits..

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  • Title: Pharmacy Education Resources | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: Pharmacy education resources will help you to get to the front of the class without having to work harder to find help.. Pharmacy Education This website offers students the chance to learn more about pharmacy education, where it’s found, what it offers, etc.. ACPE Pharmacists Resources and Publications, Links The ACA website offers papers and documents regarding the latest research in pharmaceuticals.. Pharmacy technicians and assistants – After getting out of military service, some might want to look into a career in the pharmaceutical field.. The VA offers ideas and advice on how to do this.. Annual Report of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education The Annual Report from the  ...   website offers students the chance to see how they might be able to get loans and scholarships for pharmacy training.. License Renewal Resources At this website, pharmacists can learn how to update their licenses.. Training Educational Opportunities.. Classes.. For.. pharmacists.. looking into continuing education for their pharmacy licenses, this is a government website with information to peruse.. Resources for Pharmacy Education A PDF file for pharmacy education resources for those who are interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy.. Pharmacist.. com | Education This educational resource offers pharmacy students and pharmacists ideas about education and continuing education.. Pharmacy schools This website offers a listing of the currently established.. pharmacy schools..

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  • Title: Choosing A Pharmaceutical University | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: Choosing a Pharmaceutical University.. Choosing a pharmaceutical university requires that you check up on the school that’s going to take money and your social life away from you for the next few years.. What Kind of School Do You Want?.. Before you can head off to school, you need to know what you want.. Sorry, you can’t just show up to a school and have them let you in.. You need to know what sort of school you want, what it will offer you, and whether it will be able to give you the schooling you need for the.. career in pharmacy.. you envision.. Do you want:.. A two year program?.. A full PharmD program?.. Something in between?.. There are plenty of schools now which are offering pharmacy programs, so you need to look to see what kind of program it is before you start sending them checks.. How Much Time Do You Have?.. If you’re already in the throes of a career, chances are good you don’t have time to hit the local frat scene and head to classes all day with a hangover.. You want to find something that’s a bit more flexible for your schedule.. If you are a recent high school graduate, you might have  ...   pharmacy school off since this is not going to be a reasonably priced endeavor.. Not only are you going to have to pay for tuition, but the books are pricey and they’re always new.. In addition, you might need to take an internship in a pharmacy (for free) and that means you’ll have even less money on hand.. Will They Give You Any Money?.. Of course, if the pharmacy school wants to give you money for your.. graduate pharmacy training.. , that’s going to be the best way to approach your schooling.. Free money should never be turned down.. Ask about their scholarships and their grant programs.. You might be able to get a lot of the school funded.. And if not, loans are a great way to get all the money you need for class, books, and Fritos.. What Have People Been Saying?.. The reputation of a pharmacy school is more important than you might think.. Heading to Harvard as opposed to Daffy Duck University is certainly going to make a difference when you get out into the real world.. Ask around to see what others are saying about the schools you’re considering applying to.. If they have a bad reputation, that might not be your best career move..

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  • Title: Types Of Pharmaceutical Research | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: Types of Pharmaceutical Research.. The various types of pharmaceutical research might be appealing to those who don’t want to stand behind a drug counter.. Finding New Drugs.. Admit it, you’ve done your own pharmaceutical research.. Everyone has.. But at some point, you might have wondered if it was worth exploring a.. pharmacy education.. to find out even more about drugs and how they could help others, as well as yourself.. Within the field of pharmaceutical research are a number of opportunities to stay away from the patients and simply handle the drugs and the chemicals of which they are comprised.. You can work with other researchers in order to find new drugs which will conquer various illnesses, diseases, and conditions.. By taking the time to look at the processes by which chemicals interact in the body, you can begin to create pills which can then change the way a person feels.. Finding new drugs for cancers, viruses, and other common conditions will help to create a healthier world with longer life expectancies.. And since humans keep coming up  ...   taking the time to look at old drugs during pharmaceutical research to see what is and what is not working, new scientific findings can be included in new versions.. And then the drug companies can make more money from essentially the same product with a few tweaks.. Watching Drug Reactions in Patients.. During clinical trials, you might have to actually see a patient or two as you administer the drugs to these groups.. This will allow you to see how chemicals work in the body, outside of the speculation you had in the lab.. You can also look over the figures and the results of studies to see whether your ideas for new drugs are working.. Or if you’re going to be fired.. Sometimes you will just be asked to review clinical trials to see whether the results seem to be positive.. Or not.. If you’re not interested in wearing a white coat in the drugstore, you could always get involved in research and still make a.. good pharmacy career.. of the many years you spent in school..

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  • Title: Career Paths for Pharmacy Majors | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: With many career paths for pharmacy majors, it seems this schooling might just be worth the many years you pay for.. Pharmacy Techs.. Sometimes, you realize that your dead end fast food job sucks and you want to do something more with your life.. And you really can’t stand the smell of fries in your hair anymore.. Instead of applying for the swing shift position, you might want to head back for a shorter pharmacy tech program at your local university or community college.. This program will help you be ready for a position in a hospital or a local pharmacy, doling out pills with the advice of the head pharmacist.. You will be able to make more money, have more career stability, and stop smelling like day old hamburgers.. If you’re will to work a lot harder, you can apply for a.. pharmacy program.. at your local university and go for your PharmD.. This program will allow  ...   will be making a might higher salary than a tech ever would.. Plus, you’re immediately in charge of others – hello power trip.. Pharmacy Researchers.. When you want to stay away from patients, you might want to look into a career in.. pharmaceutical research.. These positions will help you to create, improve, or just study prescription drugs.. You can be hired by a hospital university or you might be hired by a pharmaceutical company to help in these endeavors.. Either way, you will be able to look at drugs to see whether they are actually helping the people they are meant to help – or not.. A career in pharmacy is one that pays well, but requires a lot of work from you.. You will need to pass your classes and some university graduate programs might even require you have a certain GPA in order to get into the higher levels of training.. No slacking off for you..

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  • Title: University Pharmacy Graduate Programs | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: University pharmacy graduate programs help to educate the pharmacists of the future.. Time To Graduate and Become a Graduate Student.. What many people don’t realize when they sign up for.. pharmacy undergraduate program.. is that they are signing their life away for a while if they want to have good career training.. A graduate student in pharmacy is one who will earn either a Master’s degree or they will earn a PhD.. You might hear the phrases PharmD or just PhD, depending on the school you attend.. All of these letters mean something to future employers as well as to the school loan companies (more money for them and less for you now).. These programs work to train you to be ready to:.. Fill prescriptions.. Be able to read prescriptions and dosages.. Ask the proper questions about confusing prescriptions.. Note the side effects.. Manage drug interactions.. Manage more than one prescription.. Talk with  ...   Mean.. But what does.. higher pharmaceutical education.. mean to you as the pharmacy student? Once you’re done, you’re going to be able to make more money than you might have as a pharmacy tech.. Plus, you can do to nearly any medical setting with a pharmacy and be able to run this part of the office.. You are a sort of instant pharmacy manager, without having to work up the ladder.. Your degree walks in before you, showing everyone that you have the training and you can get to work right away.. You can find graduate pharmacy programs at most larger medical school institutions, but also at a number of larger universities.. Finding a school with a devoted graduate university pharmacy program is the best choice since this means most of your classes will be in one building and you will have opportunities to work with pharmacies affiliated with the medical school institutions..

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  • Title: Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Courses | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: Undergraduate pharmaceutical courses help to prepare students for the tougher classes in the graduate levels.. Are You Good Enough?.. Just as there are weeder courses in pre-med programs, there are ways to make sure that pharmacy students are serious about going on to the.. graduate level classes.. in their pharmacy college.. In most schools, you will need to go through a two years pre-pharmacy program to see if you’re cut out for the heavy course load.. You might not be.. You might be.. You need to take these two years to make the decision to find out.. And while this might seem like a big commitment in your life, think about the many years to follow.. If you hate pharmacy training, you’re going to have a lot of years to suffer.. But when you are working through the  ...   The teachers are looking at you to make sure that you’re not going to waste their time and your own time.. You’re going to learn about:.. How chemicals interact.. What processes take place in prescriptions.. How the human body works and how it reacts to drugs.. Whether you can do all nighters for exams.. Training to be a pharmacist.. is akin to training to be a doctor, though you probably won’t be up for weeks on end on call.. Hopefully.. If so, get the heck out of that program.. Pharmacy programs are competition and cutthroat, so you need to be willing to give up your social life and study more than you watch Glee.. It’s time to buckle down (up?) in order to get the degree that averages out to about $100,000 a year salary after you’re done..

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  • Title: Future of Pharmaceutical Education | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: The future of pharmaceutical education will continue to be promising as people continue to need help with their health.. Focus on Preventative Care.. While we’re still a pill popping society, this doesn’t mean this is the way it will always be.. In fact, in most cases, the medical field is looking more to preventing illnesses from occurring, rather than just handing out pills whenever they can.. This is going to be the trend of the future too, it seems.. Though this does mean that pharmacists might play a lesser role in terms of dispensing pills, there will still be a need to dispense medical advice from behind the counter.. Higher Number of Older Patients.. The life expectancy of the world continues to rise, meaning that pharmaceuticals  ...   medications will need to be found in.. which will not overwhelm the older patient.. Electronic Prescription Management.. Since doctor handwriting is really that bad, it was only a matter of time before electronic prescriptions became popular.. By sending prescriptions in this way, it will become easier to see when prescriptions interact and when the patient is bringing in a valid prescription.. While this sounds like a pharmacist might be a thing of the past, this is far from the case.. You still will need to check on the medication to make sure it’s the right one since the electronic system didn’t go to pharmacy school – and you did.. The future of pharmacists is filled with innovations and new perspectives…and job opportunities for those interested in a..

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  • Title: Education Needed for a Pharmacist | Pharmacy Education
    Descriptive info: The education needed for a pharmacist is intense, but when you’re handling pills others are going to take, that’s necessary.. Starting with the Basics.. When you’re in high school, you need to put down the drug paraphernalia long enough to crack open your books.. In order to become a successful pharmacy student and get into a good program, you will need to take:.. Biology.. Chemistry.. Physical science.. Calculus and other advanced math courses.. The more Advanced Placement courses you can take in high school, and then pass the AP test, the more likely you are to get into a pharmacy school.. In addition, you might be able to test out of some of your basic science classes, saving you time and money along the way.. Yes, your grades do matter when you’re in high school.. You’re trying to prove to your future teachers that you’re someone who won’t doze off in class, too often.. Going to Pharmacy Schools.. The best way to  ...   you might want to look into.. pharmacy tech programs.. through a local technical college or community college.. Here, you can have the training you need to work in a hospital or pharmacy, but you won’t have to learn absolutely everything that a real pharmacist would.. Read: it won’t take as long.. When You Want to be the Head Honcho.. If you do want to be the big pharmacist in a medical setting, you will want to make sure you are taking the full program of pharmacy studies.. These programs last around seven years and will include everything from the basics of biology and chemistry and then they will take you through the various classes of drugs, their effects, their interactions, etc.. This is not going to be an easy process, to say the least.. But you will have a better chance of being able to get into management positions after a while – and then you can boss around other pharmacy techs..

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