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  • Title: UEFI - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Skip Navigation.. Home.. About UEFI.. Join UEFI.. UEFI Specifications and Tools.. News.. UEFI Learning Center.. UEFI Events.. Members Pages.. Privacy Policy.. |.. Site Map.. Contact.. Forgot Password?.. Log On.. Unified EFI Forum:.. UEFI is a community effort by many companies in the personal-computer industry to modernize the booting process.. UEFI capable systems are already shipping, and many more are in preparation.. During the transition to UEFI, most platform firmware will continue to support legacy (BIOS) booting as well, to accommodate legacy-only operating systems.. UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.. The UEFI specification defines a new model for the interface between personal-computer operating systems and platform firmware.. The interface consists of data tables  ...   Forum is the group responsible for developing, managing and promoting UEFI specifications.. Further information about the UEFI specification and membership opportunities can be found throughout this Web site.. The Adopter membership category is free.. For additional information please contact.. UEFI Administration.. Media Advisory:.. UEFI Forum Releases UEFI 2.. 3.. 1 Specification Update and Schedules.. UEFI Summer Summit Interoperability Education Event.. For more information please visit the UEFI News section at the following link:.. http://www.. uefi.. org/news/.. UEFI Specifications Update:.. The UEFI 2.. 1 Specification is now available.. Visit the.. UEFI Specification web page.. or the.. Members Only area.. to download the updated specification.. Web site and all contents Copyright UEFI 2005-2012, All rights reserved..

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  • Title: UEFI - About UEFI
    Descriptive info: Board of Directors.. Working Groups.. Contact UEFI.. Logo Use.. Overview.. The Unified EFI Forum is a non-profit collaborative trade organization formed to promote and manage the UEFI standard.. As an evolving standard, the UEFI specification is driven by contributions and support from member companies of the UEFI Forum.. The UEFI Forum board of directors include representatives from the following eleven leading companies:.. AMD.. American Megatrends Inc.. Apple Inc.. Dell.. Hewlett Packard.. IBM.. Insyde.. Intel.. Lenovo.. Microsoft.. Phoenix Technologies.. With support and innovation from all UEFI Forum member companies, work is being done continually to evolve the UEFI specification to meet industry needs.. For more information about making a direct contribution to development of the UEFI specification, learn more about.. becoming a UEFI member.. FAQs.. Q:.. What is UEFI?.. A:.. UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) will be a specification detailing an interface that helps hand off control of the system for the pre-boot environment (i.. e.. : after the system is powered on, but before the operating system starts) to an operating system, such as Windows* or Linux*.. UEFI will provide a clean interface between operating systems and platform firmware at boot time, and will support an architecture-independent mechanism for initializing add-in cards.. What is the relationship between EFI and UEFI?.. The UEFI specification will be based on the EFI 1.. 10 specification published by Intel with corrections and changes managed by the Unified EFI Forum.. Intel still holds the copyright on the EFI 1.. 10 specification, but has contributed it to the Forum so that the Forum can evolve it.. There will not be any future versions of the EFI specification, but customers who license it can still use it under the terms of their license from Intel.. The license to the Unified EFI Specification will come from the Forum, not from Intel.. Is there a charge to use the specification?.. Not for the specification itself.. The  ...   served as the OS-firmware interface for the original PC-XT and PC-AT computers.. This interface has been expanded over the years as the PC clone market has grown, but was never fully modernized as the market grew.. UEFI defines a similar OS-firmware interface, known as boot services and runtime services , but is not specific to any processor architecture.. BIOS is specific to the Intel x86 processor architecture, as it relies on the 16-bit real mode interface supported by x86 processors.. Does UEFI completely replace a PC BIOS?.. No.. While UEFI uses a different interface for boot services and runtime services , some platform firmware must perform the functions BIOS uses for system configuration (a.. k.. a.. Power On Self Test or POST ) and Setup.. UEFI does not specify how POST Setup are implemented.. How is UEFI implemented on a computer system?.. UEFI is an interface.. It can be implemented on top of a traditional BIOS (in which case it supplants the traditional INT entry points into BIOS) or on top of non-BIOS implementations.. What problem is the Forum trying to solve?.. Interest in EFI has been growing steadily, and the Promoter companies believe that broad adoption requires industry management and control.. How will the Forum ensure compatibility between different implementations of UEFI?.. UEFI member companies will make compatibility test code available.. Information will be available at www.. org.. When will products using UEFI technology be available in the market place?.. Platforms using the existing EFI 1.. 10 specification are already in the market place.. Platforms using the UEFI specification will enter the market as the specification is developed by the Forum.. Does UEFI increase security risks from viruses and the like?.. Any firmware implementation has to take care to address security.. UEFI does not change that for better or worse.. How do I get more information on UEFI or the UEFI Forum?.. Contact.. for any additional questions..

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  • Title: UEFI - Join UEFI
    Descriptive info: Membership List.. Join the UEFI Forum.. Membership in the UEFI Forum is open to any interested company.. Membership in the UEFI Forum gives you the opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the UEFI specification in addition to other membership benefits including:.. Access to the UEFI Forum Members Only Web area.. Invitations to member meetings and events.. Access to UEFI technical tools and design guides.. Already a Member?.. If your company is already a member of the UEFI Forum, you can gain access to the Members Only Web area.. Simply complete the.. Company Representative Sign Up.. form to obtain a username and password.. Your email domain must match your company's list of accepted domains.. If you already have an account but  ...   listed above.. Contributor Membership.. $2,500 annual membership.. Membership benefits as listed above in addition to the following:.. Opportunity to participate in UEFI Working Groups via invitation.. Participate on email reflectors related to UEFI Forum activities.. Preview draft revisions of the UEFI specification.. How to Join.. Download the appropriate UEFI Membership Agreement.. Adopter Membership Agreement.. Contributor Membership Agreement.. (should also complete Adopter Membership Agreement).. Print and fill out completely Return the Membership Agreement along with annual membership fee to:.. 3855 SW 153rd Drive.. Beaverton, Oregon 97006 USA.. Tel:.. +1 503-619-0864.. Fax: +1 503-644-6708.. E-mail: admin@uefi.. For more information, view the current.. UEFI bylaws.. Bylaws and Corporate Documents.. Bylaws (HTML).. Bylaws (PDF).. Change Bar Bylaws approved Oct.. 09, 2007 (PDF).. Articles of Incorporation (PDF)..

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  • Title: UEFI - UEFI Specifications and Tools
    Descriptive info: Specifications.. The.. UEFI Specification Version 2.. 1.. is now available.. Please click the following link to access.. Versions 2.. 0, 2.. 1, 2.. 2 and 2.. of the UEFI Specification.. Please note that the 2.. 3 version of the specification is the most recent version available.. The 2.. 2, 2.. 1 and 2.. 0 versions are provided for reference purposes only.. UEFI Platform Initialization Specification 1.. 2.. Versions 1.. 0 and 1.. of the UEFI Platform Initialization Specification.. Please note that the 1.. 1 version of the specification is the most recent version available.. The 1.. 1 and 1.. UEFI Shell Specification Version 2.. 0.. is available.. This specification covers the description for programmatic and scripting interfaces, shell environment characteristics, and a series of shell commands that users of a compliant shell can expect.. UEFI Platform Initialization Distribution Packaging Specification Version 1.. 0 with Errata A.. This specification defines the overall architecture and external interfaces that are required for distribution of UEFI/PI source and binary files..  ...   EFI Protocol Specification.. TCG members may access the.. Members Only.. area of the TCG Web site for additional information.. Supplemental Test Tools.. Self Certification (SCT) for the UEFI Specification Version 2.. package is now available.. This is the latest version available.. To access the package, please.. click here.. Self Certification Test (SCT) for the UEFI Specification Version 2.. Version 2.. The UEFI Board endorses the open source effort for the Self Certification Test (SCT) for the PI Specification Version 1.. 0 at.. sourceforge.. org/projects/pi-sct.. This is the most recent SCT.. In general, the SCT to a new version of the PI specification is expected to be available 18 months after the specification release.. Technical Information.. Additional UEFI test tools are available in the.. Members Only area.. EFI System Partition Subdirectory Registry.. Registry of vendor specific subdirectory names in the EFI system partition.. Originaly implimented by the.. DIG64.. Consortium, the purpose is to assist companies in avoiding unnecessary collisions in implementation.. This list is voluntary and minimally administered..

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  • Title: UEFI - News
    Descriptive info: UEFI In the Industry.. UEFI Press Releases and Announcements.. June 2012.. UEFI Forum Release UEFI 2.. 1 Specification Update and Schedules - UEFI Summer Summit Interoperability Education Event.. Link to Business Wire:.. businesswire.. com/news/home/20120703005840/en.. August 2009.. 2009 Advanced UEFI Workshop for PRC Higher Education.. June 2, 2009.. UEFI Forum Publishes New Specifications as the Momentum of UEFI Adoption Continues.. April 9, 2009.. Red Hat Fedora Test day, April 9, 2009.. : The objective is to verify that affected components provide the expected UEFI functionality.. Those with access to UEFI capable systems are actively solicited to validate their hardware.. More Information.. May 20, 2008.. UEFI Forum Showcases Widespread Industry Adoption  ...   Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008.. June 18, 2007.. DMTF and UEFI Forum Work Together to Advance IT Standards.. See associated.. UEFI-DMTF presentation.. supporting this news.. April 24, 2007.. UEFI Forum Sees Industry Adoption of Extensible Firmware with UEFI Testing at the Windows Server 'Longhorn' Plugfest.. April 3, 2007.. 2007 UEFI.. March 27, 2007.. UEFI Forum Promotes Industry Adoption of Extensible Firmware with New Specifications, Interoperability Events and the Formation of Its Industry Communications Working Group.. February 21, 2006.. UEFI Forum Releases Updated and Open Specification for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.. July 25, 2005.. New Unified EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) Forum to Manage Key Firmware to Operating System Specification..

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  • Title: UEFI - UEFI Learning Center
    Descriptive info: Learning Center.. The following are resources from past events and technical sessions.. UEFI Today: Bootstrapping the Continuum.. The Intel Technology Journal, Volume 15, Issue 1 issue is completely focused on UEFI and the impact the technology has had on platform engineering.. The content architects for this edition are Vincent Zimmer and Michael Rothman.. From its roots in 1997 to support Intel Itanium based servers and the first published Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) specification around 2000, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) has now eclipsed legacy BIOS across all computing platforms from high performance servers to mobile devices to deeply embedded devices.. The success of UEFI would not have been possible without industry support of the open source implementation and industry-guided platform firmware specification.. UEFI as an open standard specification ensured that it received broad support and investment from across the industry to evolve as required to support technology changes in our industry, for example boot time requirements and an ever-increasing focus on security.. Download the PDF of the Entire Issue.. here.. Table of Contents.. Foreward.. Beyond BIOS: Exploring the Many Dimensions of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.. Silicon Enabling in a Modular Architecture.. UEFI and the OEM and IHV Community.. Booting in an Instant.. UEFI Networking and Pre-OS Security.. Debugging Firmware Based on the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.. Broad Use of UEFI in Hewlett Packard Systems.. Quick Boot: A Guide for Embedded Firmware Developers, by Pete Dice.. Boot Fast or Die.. The Flow of Booting an Intel Architecture System.. Using Shells and Native Applications in the UEFI Shell 2.. UEFI Summer Summit: July 16-20, 2012.. UEFI Development Update.. - Mark Doran (Intel Corporation).. Deploying Secure Boot: Key Creation and Management.. - Arie van der Hoeven (Microsoft).. UEFI Security Defenses.. - Dick Wilkins (Phoenix Technologies Ltd.. ).. UEFI Secure Boot Use Cases and Linux.. - Matthew Garrett (Red Hat, Inc.. ARM Introduction Update.. - Andrew N.. Sloss (ARM).. Firmware Implementation Techniques to Achieve Windows 8 Fast Boot.. - Jeff Bobzin (Insyde Software).. Building Better Firmware Experience: An OEM Perspective.. - Samer El-Haj Mahmoud (Hewlett-Packard).. Creating Advanced Graphics Libraries on Top of GOP.. - Zachary Bobroff (AMI).. UEFI Plugfest: May 8-10, 2012.. March 2012 Plugfest Introduction.. - Terry Chen (Phoenix Technologies).. UEFI on ARM Introduction and Update.. The EDID Protocols and COP Driver.. - James Huang  ...   energetic and successful event.. To see some highlights and hear the impressions of the attendees of this event, watch the video:.. July 2011 Plugfest Video.. UEFI Plugfest Lab Package.. UEFI Ecosystem.. - Mark Doran (Intel) President UEFI Forum.. UEFI Secure Boot.. - Jeff Bobzin (Insyde Software) Secretary UEFI Forum.. UEFI SCT.. - Dong Wei (HP) Vice President UEFI Forum and Harry Husing (Intel) Member UEFI Forum.. Replacing VGA, GOP Implementation for UEFI.. - Paul Blinzer (AMD) AMD Fellow.. Hardware Prototyping Using a Windows-Hosted UEFI Environment.. - Tim Lewis (Phoenix Technologies) UEFI Board Member.. Best Practices for UEFI Driver Option ROM Developers.. - Brian Richardson (AMI) Member UEFI Industry Communications Work Group.. UEFI Drive Partition Limits Fact Sheet.. A fact sheet describing the limitation of Master Boot Record (MBR) Partition on systems with disk drives of greater than 2.. 2 Terabyte capacity, and the UEFI solution for this limitation.. A Tale of Two Standards Article.. An article examining two technologies and comparing the evolutions of the boot firmware technology and the networking solutions.. Learn more about the upcoming book from Intel Press and download technical articles.. Beyond BIOS 2nd Edition.. Developing with the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.. By Vincent Zimmer, Michael Rothman, and Suresh Marisetty.. Download the article:.. The Evolution of the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.. Download the artcle:.. Manageability and the Intel Unified Extensible Firmware Interface.. Embedded Boot Solutions.. Harnessing the UEFI Shell.. Moving the platform beyond DOS.. By Michael Rothman, Tim Lewis, Vincent Zimmer and Robert Hale.. Download the Forward by Dong Wei (Vice President and Chief Executive, The UEFI Forum).. Download article:.. A Brief Introduction to the Conception of the UEFI Shell.. The UEFI Shell in Detail.. Using the UEFI Shell for Bare Metal Provisioning.. UEFI Plugfest June 22 - 24, 2010.. Download the presentations (5MB zip file).. UEFI Plugfest September 24-28, 2007.. Download the presentations (3MB zip file).. Session presentations include:.. Phoenix Session: BIOS on UEFI - What they never taught you in UEFI 101.. Intel Session: UEFI 2.. 1 and UEFI Platform Initialization (PI) 1.. 0 Details and Differences.. AMD Session: AMD Common Silicon Firmware Module (ACSFM).. Microsoft Session: Microsoft and UEFI.. UEFI Plugfest June 11-15, 2007.. Download the Presentations.. Other Documents for reference:.. EBC Driver Presentation Demos (.. zip).. EBC Driver Presentation.. EBC Complier Presentation.. EBC Debugger (..

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  • Title: UEFI - UEFI Events
    Descriptive info: Previous Events.. UEFI Summer Summit.. July 16-20, 2012.. Redmond, Washington.. July 2012 Summit Presentations.. Event Logistics Overview.. UEFI 2.. 1 SCT Release for Summer Summit.. UEFI Plugfest.. May 8-10, 2012.. Taipei, Taiwan.. May 2012 Plugfest Presentations.. 1 SCT for the TW Plugfest May 2012.. Registration Reminder.. February 20 - 23, 2012.. Sunnyvale, CA.. Download the presentations here.. 1 SCT for the UEFI Winter Plugfest 2012.. Event Invitation Letter.. Registration Form.. Hotel Recommendations.. October 24-27, 2011.. Fall 2011 Plugfest Presentations.. July 6-9, 2011.. Redmond, WA.. Summer 2011 Plugfest Invitation Letter.. Schedule and Logistics Packet..  ...   Form.. 10-in-10 Computing Conference Registration Form.. UEFI Fall 2010 Plugfest Invitation Letter.. UEFI SCT 2.. 3 Package for October 2012 Plugfest.. June 22 - 24, 2010.. DuPont, Washington.. Plugfest Logistic Information.. Shipping Information.. September 24-28, 2007.. Sunnyvale, CA.. Extended Registration and Test Information.. Link to Event Invitation.. Plugfest Participation Agreement.. Hotel Information.. Information Packet.. AMD Map.. Technical Presentations for UEFI Plugfest 2007.. June 11-15, 2007.. Nanjing, China.. Event Presentations.. Event Photos.. EFI Byte Code (EBC) Summit.. February 27-March 1, 2007.. Link to Agenda, Session Overview, Area Map, and Hotels.. EBC Summit Participation Agreement..

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  • Title: UEFI: login
    Descriptive info: Skip to Main Content.. Skip to Primary Navigation.. Help.. Login.. UEFI Public Site.. Workspace.. Login to Workspace.. You need an account to access Workspace.. If you don't have an account yet, learn.. how to join.. Forgot your Username or Password?.. Get password help.. Login.. Username.. Password.. Remember me on this computer..

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  • Title: UEFI - Privacy Policy
    Descriptive info: Privacy.. UEFI respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information.. We have established the following Privacy Policy to explain how the personal information we collect is used.. Our site may require visitors to give us information such as name, address, phone, e-mail, or additional information.. If you choose to provide us with  ...   response to inquiries and distribute UEFI related information.. We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without receiving your permission.. UEFI will not change the way in which we use your personal information without your consent.. Please feel free to.. contact us.. with any additional questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy..

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  • Title: UEFI - Site Map
    Descriptive info: Expand All.. Collapse All..

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  • Title: UEFI - Contact
    Descriptive info: UEFI Forum Administration.. Tel: +1 503-619-0864.. E-mail:.. admin@uefi..

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