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  • Title: WTTC Global Summit 2012
    Descriptive info: WTTC Global Summit 2012.. Written by Administrator.. WTTC Global Summit 2012: Tourism now larger industry than automotive manufacturing.. The global Travel & Tourism industry is double the size of automotive manufacturing and roughly one-third larger than chemicals manufacturing, according to the latest research released by the WTTC at the WTTC 12th Global Summit in Japan.. The travel sector’s direct contribution to world GDP of US$2 trillion (2.. 8%) is more than double the GDP of automotive manufacturing and one-third  ...   same GDP as the global education and communications sectors, and about half that of the global banking and financial services industry.. The sector’s total contribution to world GDP of US$6.. 3trillion (9.. 1%) in 2011 compares with 8% contribution of automotive manufacturing and mining.. Travel & Tourism directly contributes more to GDP than automotive manufacturing in every region of the world, three times more in the Americas and twice as much in Europe.. Source Breakingtravelnews.. com.. Facebook Comments (.. )..

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  • Title: Iata angers agents
    Descriptive info: Iata angers agents.. Apr 19, 2012.. Iata angers agents with bid to use their data by stealth.. Agents have accused international airlines trade group Iata of trying to obtain permission to use their data “by stealth” as their deadline to respond to its request looms.. Iata has written to 12,000 agents across Europe asking for their go-ahead to use their agency details and sales data in its own products, which could be made available via third parties.. However, agents are unhappy that Iata sent a communication via BSP, the system used by agents to pay Iata airlines, instead of writing to agency bosses.. If agents do not respond within 45  ...   consent.. Iata wants to use the data in its market intelligence products PaxIS and Direct Data Service.. Anne Godfrey, chief executive of the Guild of the Travel Management Companies, said: “This is not best practice in terms of communication.. BSP goes to somone different in each agency – this communication should have gone to someone senior.. And it is unacceptable that silence equals consent.. ”.. Ken McLeod, corporate director at Advantage, said: ”We’re not happy about [Iata’s request] because there was not enough detail on what data they want to use and where it will be used.. Travel Weekly was unable to obtain a response from Iata.. travelweekly.. co.. uk..

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  • Title: New Commissionners
    Descriptive info: New Commissionners.. APPOINTMENT of NEW INDUSTRY TRAVEL AGENCY COMMISSIONNERS (TAC).. Recently the travel agency and airline industry representative organisations (ECTAA, UFTAA, WTAAA and IATA) jointly appointed Travel Agency Commissioners to fill the posts left vacant by the departing incumbents who had retired or had indicated a wish not to be reappointed.. The new appointees are:.. - for Area One (except USA): Ms Verónica Pacheco-Sanfuentes - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. - for Area Two (Europe/Africa and Near East): Ms Helene Cedertorn - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. - for Area Three (Asia/Pacific): Mr Jo Foged -  ...   www.. travel-agency-commissioner.. aero and will eventually appear in the next issue of the IATA Travel Agent’s Handbook.. The role of the Travel Agency Commissioner is an important one for the IATA Agency Programme since it offers Accredited Agents rapid, informal and cost effective access to possible remedies to problems encountered under that programme.. Recent experience shows that Accredited Agents are the principal users of the service, although IATA Member airlines and IATA itself are also entitled to use it.. The Office of the Travel Agency Commissioner is jointly financed by a periodic levy on IATA Accredited Agents, matched by a contribution from IATA, on behalf of its Member airlines..

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  • Title: Booking Fees
    Descriptive info: Booking Fees.. UFTAA and AA’s BOOKING SOURCE PREMIUM FEES.. UFTAA URGES RETHINK ON AA’s ‘ BOOKING SOURCE PREMIUM FEES AND THEIR.. PROCESSING THROUGH IATA BSPs.. When in November American Airlines announced its imposition of a Booking Source Premium fee on Accredited Agents, UFTAA sought to lay hands on the facts and to persuade those involved that there has to be a better way to resolve the AA versus Travelport dispute.. For UFTAA and its members, forcing agents to foot the bill for the consequences of a dispute that has nothing to do with them, is grotesquely unfair and crassly insensitive.. Not being familiar with the intricacies of the airline/GDS dispute, UFTAA refrains from taking a position on the respective merits of the protagonists’ cases.. That is a matter best left to the courts.. However, UFTAA does take a firm stance against the looming injustice now facing IATA Accredited Agents who happen to have signed up in good faith with Galileo or Worldspan.. Those intermediaries, spread over 55 countries designated by AA, have been told that henceforth, they can expect to be billed a supplementary charge by AA on each segment booked over AA using either of the above GDS, whether or not the ticket issued was in the name of AA.. That billing will be in the form of an ADM, sent after the sales transaction has been completed, and in all likelihood, after the passenger has flown.. What are Agents’ cost recovery chances there? IATA has apparently agreed to fall in with AA’s plans by accepting to process the offending ADMs through the BSP machinery.. Under IATA’s rigorously enforced group boycott rules an Agent’s ability to do business with any and all BSP Airlines can be paralysed if the Agent tangles with the boycott.. Exposure to such punitive action for resisting the contentious ADMs will put considerable pressure on Agents to knuckle under and pay up.. UFTAA challenges  ...   and one may well ask whether those responsible for creating that threat have thought through the implications of their actions.. UFTAA sees flaws in AA’s announced course of action which it considers would contravene both the letter and spirit of IATA Resolution 850m.. Unlike AA, which had full opportunity to take part in the drafting of Resolution 850m and in its adoption by the IATA Passenger Agency Conference, Accredited Agents had no voice and no choice.. Acceptance of Resolution 850m is one of the mandatory conditions of their IATA accreditation.. That is tolerable provided the resolution is applied even-handedly, as written.. UFTAA is accordingly encouraging its members to re-read the rules and to be ready to invoke the ADM dispute.. procedures.. (viz Resolution 818g, Attachment ‘A’, §1.. 7.. 8 or Resolution 832, §1.. 10) Both those resolutions are published on the IATA website in the Travel Agent’s Handbook.. As to the Agency Administrator’s role in authorizing collective disciplinary action against a targeted Agent who might resist the above arbitrary ADM treatment, UFTAA has sought an explanation from IATA, more than once since November, but none has been forthcoming.. Nevertheless, UFTAA is on hand to offer suggestions to IATA and to assist those of its members who may wish to seek review by the Travel Agency Commissioner under the provisions of IATA Resolution 820e, §1.. 1.. 10.. UFTAA is not the only travel agents association to approach the protagonists and IATA to protest and to reason with them on this issue.. There is still time to correct this flawed course of action before the situation can turn sour and litigious.. As 2010 draws to a close, one hopes that certain parties’ New Year’s resolutions include a determination to do the right thing by IATA Accredited Agents, who are, after all, still their principal source of sales.. That would be.. a New Year’s resolution to which UFTAA would heartily say ”Amen”..

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  • Title: Assemblies in Rimini
    Descriptive info: Assemblies in Rimini.. General Assemblies held in Rimini.. Rimini.. , Italy October 23rd, 2010.. UFTAA held its 2010 Annual General Assembly (AGA) and an Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) in Rimini this week.. Meetings were hosted by TTG-Italia on the occasion of its 47.. th.. TTG Incontri Fair.. In addition to dealing with the routine business of the federation, the assembly devoted a significant amount of time to seeking to define better ways to serve the UFTAA membership.. To that end it tracked progress of activities initiated at its November 2009 Kathmandu AGA, particularly with respect to developing a firm commercial operating base.. Notably, it studied the suggestions contained in an outline three-year-plan also developed at the request of the previous AGA.. Following the  ...   of them and of other ideas.. Tight time constraints were set.. In consequence, it is envisaged that the first fruits of the SPC’s work will be reviewed by the Board in early 2011, with parts of it implemented in short order.. The above work will be carried out under the oversight of the newly elected Board of Directors consisting (in alphabetical order) of Anwar Al Ashtal, Mario Bevacqua, Bruce Bishins, Paula Cortes Calle, Dato Khalid Harun, Richard Lohento, Patrick Mwale, Rajinder Rai, Mohammed Raoui, Nelly Sandalska and Burmaa Ukhnai.. In stepping down from the presidency of UFTAA and chairmanship of the Board, William Tan congratulated the AGA on its open-mindedness towards the prospect of change and the dynamism of the proposed approach to reforms..

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  • Title: 43rd Congress in Nepal
    Descriptive info: 43rd Congress in Nepal.. 43rd Congress held in Kathmandu (Nepal).. The 43rd World Congress of the United Federation of Travel Agents Associations (UFTAA) took place in Kathmandu, Nepal, in late November this year.. More than one hundred delegates from across the world were in attendance.. UFTAA represents 80 national and multinational travel agent associations spanning the globe.. The three days devoted to business issues covered a wide spectrum of topics of concern to the world’s travel agents.. Several informative presentations were made by members to illustrate how imaginative applications of new technologies offer opportunities for travel agents to position themselves more advantageously in a rapidly changing market place.. (See UFTAA Website for details).. Of particular significance was the determination made by the federation’s members to take firmer control over their affairs, with a view to strengthening the position of travel agents who, in recent years, have gained the impression that sight has been lost of the true value of their services to the industry’s suppliers.. In that connection, a three year plan is being developed as a matter or urgency by a group of members, for the board’s consideration and approval.. That plan will flesh out more services that can be made available to member associations and will seek to stabilize the  ...   independent stance.. Travel agents should be exercising more authority over their own affairs instead of allowing third parties, whose legitimate areas of interests do not and cannot fully overlap those of travel agents, to encroach on areas that would be better run by agents themselves.. Vocational training was mentioned specifically as an area best coordinated by travel agents.. In particular, some members stressed that, increasingly, when dealing with air transport related problems, they receive a more constructive response from the airlines themselves by dealing one-on-one with them.. Those members advised their colleagues to try the direct approach for themselves.. At the conclusion of the business agenda, the UFTAA President, William TAN of NATAS (Singapore) observed that this congress marked a significant and promising change in direction of UFTAA.. He looked forward to leading a more proactive federation but stressed that change can be achieved only by hard work by those who had undertaken to effect the reforms wanted by the congress.. About UFTAA: 19, av.. Des Castelans – Entrée C.. MC – 98000 Monaco.. Tel : + 377 - 9205 2829 Fax : + 377 – 9205 2987.. Contacts : President – Mr.. William TAN –.. president@uftaa.. travel.. Deputy CEO – Ms.. Nicoll CHOME –.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots..

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  • Title: UFTAA Elects
    Descriptive info: UFTAA Elects.. UFTAA ELECTS MARIO BEVACQUA PRESIDENT.. Following the election of a new Board of Directors by the recent Annual General Assembly held in Rimini (Italy), Mario Bevacqua, former Vice President, was elected President of UFTAA.. Mario is highly respected for his energetic and creative support of UFTAA, at all times.. His election comes at a time when UFTAA is exploring a new direction and the Federation is confident that he is the man to oversee the big task ahead successfully.. He plans to take a close and proactive interest in the work of the Strategic Planning Committee set up by last week’s General Assembly.. Patrick Mwale of Zambia left  ...   of UFTAA, who make up the Executive Committee, served on the previous Board and are thus well placed to make a rapid start in their new capacities.. Commenting on his new appointment, Mario Bevacqua stated that UFTAA is having to change with the times.. He is confident that the Federation has the experience and the know-how within its ranks to manage the desired transition from a traditional trade association into an entity operating on a business model basis, capable of earning its own keep by providing the services its members desire.. “In that connection, the recently set up Strategic Planning Committee will have a key role to play”, he added..

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  • Title: TERN on the Air Traffic
    Descriptive info: TERN on the Air Traffic.. Tourism Emergency Response Network (TERN) - Statement on the Air Traffic Disruption in European Airspace.. Millions of people inside and outside Europe have been affected by the current air traffic disruption in European airspace.. Many travellers are stranded and airlines, airports, hotels, travel agencies and tour operators, as well as local tourism authorities and diplomatic representations are facing extreme challenges to provide assistance, and safeguard the rights and wellbeing of travellers.. The members of the Tourism Emergency Response Network (TERN) have been closely monitoring and coordinating the situation during the past few days.. At a meeting convened by UNWTO on 19 April, TERN recommended that the following principles should be considered as general emergency priorities in situations such as the current one:.. • The number one priority remains the safety.. • Travellers should be provided, as far as possible, with the required means to ensure their wellbeing, namely:.. − clear and precise information;.. − assistance and support, whenever possible and in accordance with passengers’ rights; and.. − visa facilitation procedures when in transit and unable to leave airports.. • The respective authorities are called on to provide to the sector all possible regulatory support.. TERN noted that such an unprecedented situation requires a  ...   15 and 20 April.. - The following organizations are currently cooperating within the TERN network:.. • African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA).. • Airports Council International (ACI).. • American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA).. • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).. • Asociación Latinoamericana de Transporte Aéreo (ALTA).. • Association of Asia and Pacific Airlines (AAPA).. • Association of European Airlines (AEA).. • Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).. • Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA).. • Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO).. • Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).. • European Travel Commission (ETC).. • Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).. • International Air Transport Association (IATA).. • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).. • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).. • International Federation of Tour Operators (IFTO).. • International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA).. • International Shipping Federation (ISF).. • Meeting Professionals International (MPI).. • National Tour Association (NTA).. • Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).. • SKAL International.. • Tour Operators’ Initiative for Sustainable Tourism Development (TOI).. • United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations (UFTAA).. • US Travel (UST).. • World Health Organization (WHO).. • World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).. • World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA).. • World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).. • World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSETC)..

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  • Title: “Booking source premium"
    Descriptive info: “Booking source premium.. AMERICAN AIRLINES and “Booking source premium”.. UFTAA members will recall American Airlines’ announcement made in mid-November that it planned, as from the end of 2010, to charge travel agents a fee for each segment booked by them over AA’s services using a Travelport GDS supplier.. UFTAA promptly took a vigorous public stance against AA’s heralded intention and questioned its legality, as well as that of any supporting role of IATA BSP acting as an accessory by processing ADMs generated by AA.. Letters were sent to AA, Travelport and to IATA setting out UFTAA’s position.. Explanations were received from the two adversaries.. UFTAA refrained from taking a position as to the rights and wrongs  ...   again and to devise a solution to their difference that did no harm to others.. It has been reliably reported in the US trade press that AA has now changed its mind.. The dispatch of ADMs to collect the purported ‘Booking Source Premium’ fees will not now be implemented by AA.. UFTAA draws satisfaction for its Members that this threat has been lifted and congratulates AA on having the courage to change its mind and to do the right thing by its appointed travel agents.. UFTAA wishes the two parties success in their on-going negotiations towards a fair and transparent solution to their differences.. February 16.. , 2011.. Source : Travel Daily, Australia.. http://www.. uftaa.. org/File/press%20releases/PR-AA-Travelport-%2016%20Feb%202011.. doc..

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  • Title: Alternative dispute resolution
    Descriptive info: Alternative dispute resolution.. Alternative dispute resolution in travel (learn how to stop litigating and start mediating).. Learn how to stop litigating and start mediating.. Dispute mediation is the fastest growing trend in legal systems worldwide.. Now, through the services of (UFTAA/IFTTA/ World Travel Dispute Center) the travel industry can avail itself of the benefits of industry trained mediators in travel law.. WHY MEDIATION :.. 1) Saves Time.. 2) Saves Money.. 3) Preserves Client  ...   Legal Systems.. 6) Is Favored and Often Necessitated By Court Systems Worldwide.. 7) Is Internet Capable.. And perhaps most important is that through World Travel Dispute Center, mediators are travel industry professionals who understand the business of travel.. This topic will be addressed by Larry GORE (Attorney - Fort Lauderdale, USA - President of the World Travel Dispute Centre, Inc.. ) during the 37th UFTAA World Congress in Damascus (Syria) -Oct.. 31/Nov.. 3, 2003..

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  • Title: STH TOURISM
    Descriptive info: STH TOURISM.. A new company in its brand which has an experienced staff and directors aiming to get bigger with maximum customer satisfaction.. You can make your dream tours to every place all over the world with STH TOURISM; Special Tours, Honeymoon Tours, Cruise Tours, Visa Services and conference organizations with maximum customer satisfaction..

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