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    Descriptive info: AVIATION TO BOOST ECONOMY.. Written by Administrator.. AVIATION TO BOOST ECONOMIC GROWTH IN GULF.. e-Travel blackboard Asia, Friday, 20 April 2012.. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has advised the aviation industry in the Middle East that it must “work together with a common vision and purpose.. ”.. A study conducted by Oxford Economics highlighted that “aviation in the Middle East supports 2.. 7 million jobs and $129 billion in GDP.. ”.. IATA’s director general and CEO Tony Tyler said the aviation industry is not yet guaranteed a leading role in boosting and developing economic growth and cooperation with government and industry partners was a key factor.. “It depends  ...   future demand and generate GDP increases.. Safety, infrastructure, the environment and security were among the most important fields of focus.. “If aviation is to continue to deliver on its immense promise, safety must continue to be addressed as a community, working in partnership with governments and based on global standards, such as the IATA Operational Safety Audit,” said Mr Tyler.. Mr Tyler was also impressed with the recent development of the Qatar Advanced Biofuel Platform formed by Qatar Airways, Rolls-Royce and other industry stalwarts.. “This is a positive development.. To move from large scale use of sustainable biofuels for aviation we need governments around the world.. Facebook Comments (.. )..

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  • Title: London Olympics pulling rates
    Descriptive info: London Olympics pulling rates.. London, Olympics are pulling up the hotel rates.. Three months before the Olympics, the prices of hotel rooms in London are rising dramatically.. According to an analysis done by Hotels.. com hotel in the capital’s market , where the Games will be held from July 27 to August 12, the average tariff would be increased by 97 percent over last year, reaching during the Olympic days, 255 euros per room per night.. "The interest is high for the Olympics in Italy - says in a note  ...   the first three months of 2011.. ".. By comparing the searches of hotels in London, carried out between January and March 2012 over the same period last year - Hotels.. com notes - was found an average increase, worldwide, 86 percent, with peaks of 300 percent in searches by the Chinese.. In outlying areas of London, however, the rooms would be at more affordable prices.. Suburbs such as Crawley, Stevenage and Dunstable, connected with trains to the city center.. According to Hotels.. com, although reservations were growing.. Source TTG Italy..

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  • Title: Costs drag United Continental
    Descriptive info: Costs drag United Continental.. Integration costs drag down United Continental Holdings.. United Continental Holdings has reported a first-quarter 2012 net loss of $286 million or $0.. 87 loss per share, excluding $162 million of net special charges consisting primarily of integration-related costs.. Including special charges, UAL - which operates United and Continental Airlines - reported a first-quarter 2012 net loss of $448 million or $1.. 36 loss per share.. UAL first-quarter consolidated passenger revenue increased 5.. 5 percent year-over-year.. First-quarter consolidated passenger revenue per available seat mile (PRASM) increased 5.. 2 percent compared to the same period in 2011.. First-quarter consolidated fuel expense increased 20.. 8 percent, or $557 million, year-over-year.. Consolidated unit costs  ...   with $7.. 8 billion in unrestricted liquidity.. UAL converted to a single passenger service system, a single website and a single loyalty program on March 3rd, 2012.. “This was a difficult quarter, but we made significant progress with our integration and we’re now able to serve our customers as a single airline,” said Jeff Smisek, UAL’s president and chief executive officer.. “I want to recognise my co-workers for their hard work during a challenging time, and thank our customers for their continuing support.. “We are now on the steep back slope of our integration and can look forward to delivering more benefits from the merger in the remainder of the year.. Source breakingtravelnews.. com..

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  • Title: Industry leaders tackle visa problems
    Descriptive info: Industry leaders tackle visa problems.. Industry leaders unite to tackle visa problems.. The leaders of the travel and tourism industry attending the World Travel&Tourism Council’s (WTTC) 12th Global Summit in Tokyo, Japan, actively committed to work together to have governments improve visa-entry procedures and systems in order to stimulate travel demand and create jobs.. By taking this action, the leaders from different sectors of the industry and regions agreed to speak with one voice to governments around the world compelling them to find better ways to balance the needs of sovereign security and the capacity of tourism to generate economic growth.. Led by a core group on stage and supported by senior members of the industry from within the audience, the WTTC Global Summit  ...   with aviation as the enabler for connectivity and access to markets.. The travel and tourism industry today represents as much as 9 percent of global GDP and employs 255 million people worldwide.. As such, encouraging governments to take steps to improve visa procedures as an effective means to increase the flow of travelers and thus wealth, was identified as a priority focus for the newly-formed Travel Association Coalition - a collaboration between global tourism bodies to coordinate messaging and activities across the different tourism sectors.. Complicated, lengthy, and often expensive, visa processes are common across the world, with frequent vast differences in requirements for procedures and documentation.. The industry leaders and the Tourism Ministers recognized how this brings constraints to prospective travelers.. Source Breakingtravelnews..

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  • Title: Press Room cat
    Descriptive info: Press Room cat.. Title Filter.. Display #.. 5.. 10.. 15.. 20.. 25.. 30.. 50.. 100.. All.. #.. Article Title.. Author.. 21.. WTTC Global Summit 2012.. Administrator.. 22.. Iata angers agents.. 23.. New Commissionners.. 24.. Booking Fees.. 25.. Assemblies in Rimini.. 26.. 43rd Congress in Nepal.. 27.. UFTAA Elects.. 28.. TERN on the Air Traffic.. 29.. “Booking source premium.. 30.. Alternative dispute resolution.. 31.. STH TOURISM.. Start.. Prev.. 1.. 2.. Next.. End.. Page 2 of 2..

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  • Title: IATA: Traffic growth continues to slow
    Descriptive info: IATA: Traffic growth continues to slow.. According to IATA: September brought a continued slowing of commercial aviation’s rate of traffic growth, with regions increasingly showing variations in their fortunes.. The slowdown in global air travel growth, which began to flatten during the second quarter of this year, continued in September, according to figures released by the International Air Transport Association.. Air cargo growth also continues to weaken.. Cargo’s 0.. 6% year-on-year growth was less significant than the 0.. 6% fall in airfreight volumes between August and September, IATA said, with the second notable month-on-month fall in air freight growth in as many months.. Capacity was trimmed 0.. 6% compared to year-ago levels.. This strengthened freight  ...   Europe’s airlines are experiencing profitless growth in a strategy to manage high fixed costs and taxes.. In Africa the challenge is to turn growth opportunities into profits.. “But for North American airlines, the focus is on tightly managing capacity in order to optimize profits in a slow to no-growth environment.. Asia-Pacific carriers outside of China are a mixed bag.. Robust growth in China is being tempered by faltering markets in Japan and India.. Tyler concluded, “The fact that airlines are making any money at all with weak markets and high fuel prices is a tribute to their strong business performance, as evidenced by maintaining global load factors close to 80% since the start of 2012..

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  • Title: NDC Arouses criticism towards IATA's Policy
    Descriptive info: NDC Arouses criticism towards IATA's Policy.. Tourism press reports around the world, tell of criticism on the part of industry bodies against IATA's new distribution capability claims.. IATA made the assertion in a press release at the end of its World Passenger Symposium in Abu Dhabi.. Travel news's website "Breaking Travel News", for instance, reports that "the American Society of Travel Agents and Business Travel Coalition have rejected emphatically the claim by IATA that the new “standard” it has developed for retail distribution was the “culmination of 12 months of intense coordination across the value chain with participation from airlines, global distribution systems, the travel agency community including online travel agencies  ...   and simple.. “We and fellow travel agency organizations around the world have been denied transparent participation in the development process for what IATA calls the New Distribution Capability.. “"IATA cannot legitimately claim this is an ‘industry effort’ on the grounds that one or two individual agencies were present".. In addition, broad-based business services company – Travelport's CEO Gordon Wilson said to ".. tnooz.. " that: " The desire to introduce NDC is based not only on arguments over technology but also a “power-play” by IATA and some airlines with their own agendas".. “There should be [distribution] standards,” Wilson argues, but created using a collaborative approach and not via the “lowest common denominator"..

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  • Title: Greece strikes hit holidaymakers
    Descriptive info: Greece strikes hit holidaymakers.. Greece strikes hit holidaymakers.. Air passengers to Greece have been warned that their journeys are likely to be affected by industrial action taking place today.. A 24-hour general strike has been called by trade unions in protest against a £9bn austerity package being discussed by the Greek government.. EasyJet has rescheduled 30 flights due to air traffic controllers joining the strikes.. They were set to join the industrial action for three hours today, from 10am local time.. The airline warned: “The industrial action  ...   getting to and from airports.. “Although outside our control, easyJet would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.. Ferry and rail services, including the suburban railway in Athens will be closed for the whole day, although the metro will operate normally.. Local bus services will operate from 9am to 9pm, while museums and archaeological sites are expected to be closed for the entire day.. The Foreign Office has also warned travellers to avoid demonstrations in Spain, after violent protests against austerity measures took place in Madrid yesterday..

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  • Title: Territorial disputes between China, Japan
    Descriptive info: Territorial disputes between China, Japan.. Territorial disputes between China, Japan and the Philippines take their toll on air transport.. CAPA (Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation) just released an analysis on the effect of territorial disputes between China on one side, Japan and the Philippines on the other side.. SYDNEY- Traffic is falling between China and Japanas well as China and the Philippinesas a result of China s dispute with those nations over tiny and largely uninhabited islands according to a report of CAPA, the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation.. The situation in Japan follows a wave of anti-Japanese protests and sentiment, resulting in some Japanese passengers cancelling tickets over safety concerns while Chinese passengers cancel tickets as a mark of nationalism.. All Nippon Airways has reported ticket cancellations whileChina Southern and Spring Airlines are cancelling some services.. The Philippines has not seen anywhere near the level of public uproar that Japan has, largely due to historical contention betweenChinaandJapan.. But the Philippines have been hurt from a Beijing-imposed travel ban that has resulted in scores of tour agencies, which carry most Chinese tourists, cancelling trips.. Scheduled seats between China and the Philippinesare at a near two-year low.. Restrictions in thePhilippines mean service resumption could hinge on slow bureaucracy changes while Japan will need a shift of public attitude, which may take much longer to be restored.. All Nippon Airways as of 18-Sep-2012 has seen 18,800 tickets cancelled for travel from September to November, the carrier told the Wall Street Journal.. Some 3,800 were from Japan-originating passengers while the remaining 15,000 were from China-originating passengers.. The total cancellation rate represents 5% to 8% of available scheduled capacity, according to CAPA s Innovata database.. ANA accounts for about 24% of the capacity between China and Japan.. It operates 24 routes between China and Japan from four Japanese airports and 10 Chinese airports.. ANA is so far cautious, noting cancellation rates are in line with decreases that occurred in a 2010 collision between Japanese and Chinese boats.. Japan Airlines, amongst others, is treating the delicately named "Japan/China situation" as equivalent to a force majeur and waiving ticket cancellation and change fees for flights until 19-Oct-2012.. Citing "recent irregular changes in travel demand", JAL on 21-Sep-2012 announced reductions  ...   the dispute as the reason for postponing the launch of Shanghai Pudong-Okinawa services from 20-Sep-2012 to Nov-2012.. Although not confirmed as a result of the dispute, China Eastern will indefinitely postpone the re-commencement of four times weekly Shanghai Pudong-Sendai service, which was scheduled for launch on 18-Oct-2012.. China Eastern officially cited lack of demand.. China Eastern s Sendai resumption was only finalised in August.. Prior to Japan s nationalisation of the islands, the director general of China s aviation regulator CAAC, Li Jiaxiang, and China Eastern Airlines separately cancelled meetings with Fukushima Governor Yuhei Sato.. Talks were to centre on resuming services between Shanghai and Fukushima as well as to open new Chinese services from Fukushima.. The critical question is how long China will tolerate – perhaps even propagate – negative sentiment towardsJapan, a decision that could see the current matter be merely a blip or start to have medium-term traffic impacts, as is occurring in thePhilippines.. The Philippines has also seen declining traffic to China in recent months and capacity levels in Sep-2012 have been at lows not seen in over a year.. There are currently about 11,000 one-way scheduled seats per week in the Philippines-China market, down about 15% from May-2012 whenChinafirst issued its warning against travelling to thePhilippinesfollowing a naval standoff with thePhilippinesaround the Scarborough Shoal.. Philippine carriers account for nearly three-quarters of capacity in the market.. Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the largest carrier, accounting for 37% of current capacity between the Philippines and China.. PAL, Zest and Cebu Pacific also operated frequent charters intoChina prior to May-2012, when Chinese tour companies cancelled their charter programmes as a result of the travel warning.. Most of the charters operated to airports near beach resorts (such as Kalibo) rather than Manila.. The warning has also significantly impacted demand and profitability on scheduled routes, according to executives at Philippine carriers.. The PAL Group s LCC subsidiary, AirPhil Express also operated flights to China prior to the onset of the current crisis in May-2012.. PAL Express will likely resume flights to the country once tensions ease and would be the logical brand for adding destinations in China that are not served by PAL mainline given AirPhil/PAL Express’ leisure focus and all-economy configuration.. (Source: CAPA)..

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  • Title: Lufthansa mobile boarding pass
    Descriptive info: Lufthansa mobile boarding pass.. Lufthansa mobile boarding pass via Passbook app now available at any time.. By the end of this year, in the second phase of development, Lufthansa aims to integrate the update functionality.. If, for example, the departure gate changes, information in boarding passes stored in Passbook is automatically updated and the user is notified of the change.. No further action is required.. Following the launch of the new Passbook app for the iPhone iOS 6 operating system, Lufthansa passengers can have their boarding pass issued  ...   via the Passbook function on their iPhone.. Once passengers have successfully completed the mobile check- in procedure, their boarding pass will be sent to their iPhone and saved to the new Passbook app.. The mobile boarding pass can then be called up at any time, even without Internet access.. As Passbook is time and location aware, the boarding pass will appear on the passenger’s lock screen in time for the flight.. Lufthansa is thus one of the first airlines worldwide to make the Passbook functionality available to its customers..

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  • Title: Online airline fee information
    Descriptive info: Online airline fee information.. 94% of summer travelers using online travel sites want airline fee information available.. Survey results show need for DOT action to protect travelers ability to see, compare and buy the full all-in cost of air travel.. WASHINGTON - Open Allies for Airfare Transparency released the results of a summer 2012 travel experiences survey, conducted online by leading market research firm Harris Interactive among 2,310 U.. S.. adults ages 18 and older, which found that 94% of Americans who recently used an online travel company (OTC) to book their travel this summer agreed that, "All airline fee information should be available to travel agents and online travel websites.. In addition, 95% of Americans who used an OTC to book their summer travel agreed that, "It would be easier to comparison shop if all airline fee information was available on online travel websites and to travel agents.. "These results should be a wake-up call for the Department of Transportation," said David Kelly, executive director of Open Allies.. "Consumers do not like to be held captive by the airline industry, whether stuck on the runway or shopping for a summer vacation.. The survey data demonstrates that consumers expect airlines to share fees in a transparent and purchasable format in all the channels where they sell their fares, and if the airlines will not do this on their own, then the Department of Transportation should exercise its authority to require it.. While online travel sites are required to disclose a list of baggage fees charged by airlines, the airlines are not required to fully disclose various charges such as checked baggage or preferred seat assignment fees in a way that allows consumers  ...   the frustration of unexpected fees because the airlines refuse to share this information with online travel sites and travel agents," said Kelly.. There is also good news for the airlines in the survey s results: not only do Americans want airline fee information to be available to online travel sites and travel agents, they also indicated they would likely purchase these services if they were available through those channels.. In fact, 57% of Americans who used an OTC to book their summer travel agreed that they would "purchase additional services (e.. g.. , extra leg room, early boarding, checked bags) if the airline fees for these services were available through online travel websites and travel agents.. Finally, when asked an open ended question why they supported having airline fee information available to online travel sites and travel agents, Americans gave a number of common sense responses including:.. To know the total cost up frontNo unexpected expensesDislike hidden fees/chargesAbility to compare airlines/feesSo consumers can know exactly what they re paying forTo get the best dealTo make informed decisions.. "These survey results clearly show that consumers are being harmed because the airlines are refusing to share fee information with popular online travel sites and travel agents which account for more than 50% of all travel booked in the U.. ," said Charles Leocha, founder of the Consumer Travel Alliance.. "There s simply no excuse for the airlines to keep consumers in the dark about the total cost of their travel.. That s why it s time for the DOT to step in and restore the ability for true comparison shopping by requiring the airlines to share fee information with online travel sites and travel agents..

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