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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Sitemap.. About UET.. Trustees.. UET FAQ.. Planning for Success.. UET Layoff Policy.. Contact Us.. UET Programs.. Educational Assistance.. Application Forms.. Career Counseling.. Planning Your Retirement Training.. Labor/Management Training.. Online Magazine.. Current Issue.. Past Issues.. CIP.. CV Program.. CR Program.. VE Program.. SE Program.. CCV Program.. CCVE Program.. CAT.. PE.. OCSEA.. MyUET.. School/Course Search.. Welcome to Union Education Trust.. The Union Education Trust is where State of Ohio bargaining unit employees go for education assistance.. Explore the Trust programs and begin your journey shaping your future for tomorrows jobs today.. Pre-Retirement Training Program, November 10, 2012.. The Union Education Trust will be having a Pre-Retirement Training Program session November 10, 2012.. Attendance is free to bargaining unit employees.. For additional information or to register for the Union Education Trust’s Pre-Retirement Training Program, call us at 1-800-969-4702(extension 2645), or visit.. Planning Your Retirement.. Explore Your Career & Plan Your Education Online.. 24/7..  ...   explore new careers and education option to map out their career development plan.. Click Here.. to learn more!.. UET Implements Procedures to Help Members Save $$$.. If you receive more than $5,250 in paid educational assistance within a calendar year, you may be subject to income tax.. The income tax liability applies to educational assistance benefits you receive from UET and from your employing agency.. You may avoid a tax liability by claiming that the assistance you receive is for a qualified work related course.. Click here to learn more and to download the application form.. MyUET Members Only Area.. Check it out! A members only secure area for you to Apply Online for UET programs, check the status of your application, and funding you have available for Trust programs.. You can even generate a report listing the courses you've taken!.. Go To MyUET!.. Union Education Trust Phone: 1-866-436-7900 Email: support@uedtrust.. org..

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  • Title: Sitemap
    Descriptive info: CIP Home.. CAT Home.. PE Home.. Career Counseling FAQ.. Career Resources.. Online Career Exploration.. CIP FAQ.. Tips.. CV Application.. CR Application.. Procedures.. VE FAQ.. VE Application.. SE FAQ.. SE Application.. CCV Application.. CCVE FAQ.. CCVE Application.. CAT FAQ.. CAT Application.. PE FAQ.. PE Application.. PE Prepayment.. PE Reimbursement..

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  • Title: About UET
    Descriptive info: About the Union Education Trust.. The Union Education Trust provides a comprehensive program of training initiatives for State of Ohio bargaining unit employees.. The Trust develops programs that help bargaining unit employees advance their careers, improve their quality of work life and work towards achieving employment security.. Trust programs provide financial assistance to defray the cost of employees participating in education and training programs including:.. 1.. Basic skills development.. 2.. Technical and computer skills training.. 3.. College credit programs.. 4.. Workshops, conferences and seminars.. 5.. Vocational and  ...   Funding for the Trust is provided through employer contributions negotiated through the collective bargaining agreements.. Eligibility for Financial Education Assistance.. All current OCSEA state bargaining unit employees, OCSEA bargaining unit employees in the State of Ohio Treasurer's office, and CWA bargaining unit employees in the State of Ohio Secretary of State office, who are on the State of Ohio active payroll or who have recall/rehire rights are eligible to participate and receive financial assistance for Union Education Trust programs.. Eligible participants must meet specific program criteria and requirements..

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  • Title: Trustees
    Descriptive info: The Union Education Trust was formed on July 7, 2006.. The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees.. Christopher A.. Mabe, Chair.. OCSEA/AFSCME President.. Kathy Stewart, Treasurer.. OCSEA/AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer.. Cindy Bobbitt, Trustee.. OCSEA/AFSCME Board Member.. Mal Corey, Trustee.. Gerard Jolly, Trustee.. Michelle Smith.. Chapter President Lorain 4700.. We are proud to serve all Trust Members!..

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  • Title: UET FAQ
    Descriptive info: Questions & Answers.. Q.. How do I qualify?.. A.. All eligible state bargaining unit employees - including members in their probationary period - are eligible.. How do I sign up?.. Contact the UET office by e-mail at.. Support@UedTrust.. org.. or by calling the toll-free hot line:.. 1-866-436-7900.. What is the total amount of my UET annual benefit?.. Eligible employees have up to a total of $4,250 per fiscal year.. However,  ...   Application Training): $750.. PE (Professional Enhancement Program): $1,000.. You cannot transfer funds from one program to another.. Unused funds will not transfer to the following fiscal year.. What if class meets during my work hours?.. Provision of release time will be up to each agency.. In case of layoff, what are my rights and responsibilities?.. for UET Layoff Policy.. For additional information or questions, contact UET at.. or by e-mail at..

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  • Title: Planning for Success
    Descriptive info: Planning for a Successful Return to School.. The prospect of returning to school, developing new skills and improving their ability to compete in the workplace is an exciting possibility for many returning adult students.. Tempering that excitement is the reality of balancing new academic responsibilities against the continuing life responsibilities that adults face.. Having a plan in place can help the adult who is returning to school to maximize his or her opportunity to have a successful academic experience.. Being motivated is a good start, but personal motivation alone is no guarantee to achieving your educational goals.. Having the support of those around you is an important component of success.. Points to Consider.. Is your family, spouse or partner supportive of your returning to school and prepared for the time that you will spend in class and studying? Have you talked through and planned for the amount of time that school will require?.. Do you have a plan that will enable you to be a student and feel comfortable with your family obligations?.. Many adults returning to school face situational barriers such as the cost of education.. Fortunately, the Union Education Trust Tuition Assistance Plan can help offset the cost by providing up  ...   public transportation available? If you plan to drive yourself, is there adequate parking and is it safe? Will the cost of driving and parking make going back to school too difficult? How long will your commute be? Is it realistic? Are there alternatives?.. To be a successful student you need time to study and complete assignments.. Have you put a realistic schedule together? Have you identified a place that minimizes interruptions? Will you have access to a library where you can do the research many courses require?.. Increasing numbers of adults are returning to school and having success.. The key is to be aware of the barriers and to have a plan in place to overcome them.. Colleges and universities are becoming increasingly responsive to the needs of nontraditional-age students who work full time.. Consider looking into any programs or assistance your school offers returning students.. Another resource is UET's.. Career Counseling Services.. You can communicate with one of the counselors by dialing the toll-free number,.. 1-800-980-6973.. from 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday to discuss your career with a counselor.. To receive career help by email, send a message to.. uet.. career@pickawayross.. com.. Inquiries to the Career Counselors are confidential..

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  • Title: UET Layoff Policy
    Descriptive info: Your Opportunities and Responsibilities During Lay-off.. If you are an eligible State bargaining unit employee who has been laid off, you retain eligibility for several UET programs for up to one calendar year from your date of separation as long as you maintain your recall and re-employment rights.. Now might be a good time to develop new skills –.. During layoff, you can take advantage of the UET Career Counseling Services and many UET educational programs to develop new skills or to sharpen existing skills.. Laid off employees are eligible to receive career transition assistance through the UET Career Counseling Services program.. This program provides phone or e-mail based career counseling services with personal, one-on-one interaction.. For immediate assistance and for more information call.. , Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, or send an email message to.. Click Here For More Information.. UET Educational Assistance programs include:.. Career Improvement Program (CIP).. -Pays up to $2,500 per fiscal year for tuition,  ...   Participants may attend any school with regional accreditation.. The program will reimburse you for tuition, lab, computer and technology fees paid for college credit courses.. College Credit Voucher Program:.. Two types of vouchers are available through the college credit voucher program.. Vouchers may be issued for courses from colleges with regional accreditation or for pre-approved college credit course from a career college.. Vocational Education Program:.. Vouchers may be issued for courses from accredited vocational schools and community colleges.. Computer Application Training (CAT).. - Pays up to $750 per fiscal year (up to $200 per course) for computer training.. Professional Enhancement Program (PE).. - Pays up to $1,000 per fiscal year for short term training events such as workshops and conferences.. Click here for more information on educational assistance programs.. You may also wish to revisit your retirement plan by attending the Pre-retirement training:.. Planning Your Retirement (PYR).. Laid off employees are eligible to attend the UET pre-retirement training program.. Click here for more information..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Union Education Trust.. Phone:.. Fax:.. 1-866-436-7983.. E-mail:.. Union Education Trust.. P.. O.. Box 3270.. Westerville, Ohio 43086-3270..

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  • Title: UET Programs
    Descriptive info: Education Assistance.. UET Educational Assistance Programs.. (Career Improvement Program) offers up to $2,500 per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) of financial assistance for college-credit courses and Vocational Training and Specialty Education.. (Computer Application Training) offers $750 per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) of financial assistance for non-college credit computer training courses.. (Professional Enhancement Program) offers $1000 per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) of financial assistance for non-college credit, short-term training opportunities that are not covered by CIP or CAT..

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  • Title: Education Assistance
    Descriptive info: Career Improvement Program - CIP.. Computer Application Training - CAT.. Professional Enhancement Program - PE..

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  • Title: Application Forms
    Descriptive info: to login to MyUET and apply online for the following Voucher Programs:.. College Credit Voucher Program.. Vocational Education Program.. Specialty Education Program.. Computer Application Training.. to Download a printable.. Application form (Adobe Acrobat.. PDF format)for any of the following programs:.. College Credit Reimbursement Program.. College Credit Voucher Program.. Vocational Education Program.. to download a printable.. SE-CDL.. PDF  ...   Download and print the Educational Benefit Tax Exemption form.. Learn more about the educational assistance tax exemption.. IRS Publication 970 (refer to Chapter 12).. NOTE:.. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to print or view the downloaded version of the Application.. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free.. To get it,..

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