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  • Title: Home | Greater University Chamber of CommerceGreater University Chamber of Commerce
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Us.. Our Staff.. Our Board.. Membership.. Member Events.. List of Current Members.. Events.. UP YOUR AVE/Ave-venture.. Farmer s Market.. Street Fair.. Community Clean-Up.. Calendar.. BIA.. Ratepayers Advisory Board.. Cleaning Graffiti Abatement.. Service Fund.. Located three miles from downtown Seattle, the U District stretches from Ravenna to Portage Bay and from I-5 to Lake Washington.. We are home to the University of Washington and many unique commercial districts.. The Ave , the Village, and Roosevelt Way are just a few areas  ...   Seattle.. Museums, public art, theaters, sporting events and outdoor happenings abound.. Marketing Promotions.. Communication Advocacy.. Economic Development.. Mission.. To promote economic vitality for the University District of Seattle and provide support services to our members.. Vision.. To enhance a healthy business environment in harmony with the unique residential and University communities of the University District of Seattle.. Produced by the.. Greater University Chamber of Commerce.. © 2012.. 4710 University Way Suite 114, Seattle WA 98105 |.. 206.. 547.. 4417.. for email inquiries:.. programs@udistrictchamber.. org..

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  • Title: Marketing & Promotions | Greater University Chamber of CommerceGreater University Chamber of Commerce
    Descriptive info: Goal:.. to establish and maintain marketing strategies which will draw new customers to our district and members to our Chamber by focusing on:.. New branding.. Special events.. Promotional materials.. Multi-media campaigns.. Cross promotions.. Business networking..

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  • Title: Communication & Advocacy | Greater University Chamber of CommerceGreater University Chamber of Commerce
    Descriptive info: Goal.. To establish and maintain communications strategies to provide a conduit for information in and out for our business district and our members through:.. an active web presence.. educate inform.. Social media connections.. Community outreach.. data collection.. Business advocacy..

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  • Title: Economic Development | Greater University Chamber of CommerceGreater University Chamber of Commerce
    Descriptive info: to establish and maintain a strategic direction in collaboration with community partners focused on economic development focusing on:.. Business growth.. Sustainable community.. the built environment.. a balance of services.. Street-scape beautification.. Public safety.. Currently, the Chamber is a fiscal agent for the.. University District Business Improvement Area Ratepayers Association.. and the.. University District Service Fund.. In addition, it administers a grant provided to the community through the City s Office of Economic Development for the.. U District Livability Partnership.. Other links to this program from our City partners are:.. http://www.. seattle.. gov/dpd/Planning/University_District/default.. asp.. gov/economicdevelopment/UDistrict.. htm..

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  • Title: Home | Greater University Chamber of CommerceGreater University Chamber of Commerce
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  • Title: University District Service Fund
    Descriptive info: The University District Service Fund.. was established in 2003 by the.. to provide program development services for community needs projects in the U District of Seattle.. The organization focuses on advocacy and education, community revitalization efforts, cultural celebrations/events.. with special programs for public safety, public art/history projects, and community coalition building.. ART CULTURE PROGRAMS.. UP IN THE AIR ART PROJECT.. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS.. FUNDRAISING FOR FUTURE COMMUNITY PROJECTS.. © Copyright 2012 Greater University Chamber of Commerce.. All Rights Reserved.. 4710 University Way NE, Suite 114, Seattle, WA 98105 (p) 206.. 4417 (f)206.. 5266.. director@udistrictchamber..

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  • Title: Up In the Air Art Project
    Descriptive info: Up in the Air Art.. look up!.. Beginning in 2004 with a grant from the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development for metal frames to be installed on our new low-level light poles from NE 41st Street to NE 50th St along University Way NE, students from the University of Washinghton School of Public Art and Sculpture partnered with local businesses under the direction of Professor John Young and the U District Chamber/U District Service Fund to create one-of-a-kind sculptures to be mounted in the metal frames.. Upon copmpletion in June 2008, 62 unique pieces have been installed.. Students assist with the installation of pole frames designed by Makers Architects to conform with the AVE revitalization.. Initially, 70 frames were installed between NE Campus Parkway and NE 50th St.. along University Way.. Each student presented their designs for approval to their client sponsor and a four person Design Review Committee from the community.. Professor Young assured structural integrity.. Professor John Young addresses students, sponsors and guests at the completion celebration on.. June 6, 2008.. Over 100 guests attended the reception which culminated in a walking tour hosted by Professor Young who told wonderful stories about each of the pieces, the artists and the sponsors.. Title:.. Appellation.. Artist:.. Seth Avecilla, 2005.. Sponsor:.. Neighborhood Farmers Market.. Description:.. vegetable shapes make celestial objects.. Child's Play.. Jimmy Jeghers Arthur Hill, Jr.. , 2008.. University Family YMCA.. child w/cape swinging thru the frame, resin metal fabrication.. Health, Hunger, Humanity.. Eileen Marie Dempsey, 2008.. University Rotary Club.. painted steel figure representing Rotary's feeding programs.. The Helix.. Steven Finhoff, 2006.. Harbor Properties.. painted metal spirals representing a helix in painted steel.. Stereotype.. Ryan Weiss, 2005.. Sponsor:.. University True Value Hardware.. large metal hammer gripped by.. huge fisted hand.. Untitled.. Eric Evan Haley, 2008.. The Lothlorien Apartments.. symbols of Elven forest in steel, from.. The Lord of the Rings.. City in a Basket.. Jeremy Sharp, 2005.. woven copper basket with wood shapes representing Seattle skyline.. Elven Jewel.. Daniel Monares, 2008.. symbols of Elven magic in steel and resin, from.. Naomi Ruden Margen Neff, 2006.. U District StreetFair.. colored strips swirl with little people playing on them.. Sanctuary.. Derek Schleich, 2008.. Elfin structure made of yellow leaves of steel, from.. untitled.. James Ryan, 2006.. Bank of America.. one side has image of a home.. and the other of a vault door.. Vintage.. Hillary Moore, 2005.. The Wilsonian.. brass tubes create illusion of.. flapper fringe.. Lauren Mamiya, 2006.. saxophone and musical score with dancing feet.. NE 47th Street.. The Elipse.. Naomi Ruden, 2006.. rings of painted steel with sun center.. Revolutions.. Lauren Antolin, 2005.. Red Light.. Dress form and vintage fabric.. Humility.. Continental Restaurant  ...   feature element.. Bring Me Water.. Cody Moss, 2005.. Soules Properties.. abstract shapes represent the fluidity of water.. Jayne Vidheecharoen, 2005.. symbols from multiple languages in a collage of book pages.. Title:.. Catherine Anderson, 2005.. Five Doors Up.. staircase with vintage shoes.. Ascending.. Carey Ackerstrom, 2005.. single bronze figure holds open book as wings.. Mark Bowen, 2006.. Woolly Mammoth.. two woolly mammoths orbit a globe.. Michio Imanaka, 2005.. Shiga's One World Shop.. materials designed to represent varioous aspects of Japanese culture.. Talisman.. framing of a raven in flight.. NE 43rd Street.. Dance of the Bees.. Brandi Svenden, 2005.. Flowers Restaurant.. large black and yellow bees surround a red flower.. Artist:.. Kai's Bistro.. cooking utelsils surround a wire bowl representing the world.. Thai-gher Room.. noodles pouring out of a bowl turn into a tiger.. Artist.. : Margen Nett, 2006.. ROOTS Young Adult Shelter.. rooflike structure and organic tree-root shapes combine.. Jasmine Zimmerman, 2005.. Kennedy Real Estate.. translucent fiberglass construct.. Circulation.. : Emily Alfstad, 2008.. U District Parking Associates.. Resin fabricated Earth globe with small stylized cars parked on it.. some are plugged into the surface.. Reaching Through Time.. : Josho Somine.. UW School of Art Parnassus Cafe/Gallery.. Rain City Flower.. : Germaine Cody McAfee, 2008.. University of WA, Arts.. steel flower shape made from stylized AVE banner frames.. Finn MacCools.. map of Ireland in bright colors on a patinaed background.. three brightly colored apples spin on a center pole.. : Maarika E.. Rang, 2008.. Unico Properties.. fabrication of steel and resin, stylized 3-D bicycle with globe wheels.. NE 42nd Street.. Kelly Dickenson, 2006.. Holman Cahill Garett Ives Oliver.. shapes representing sound waves with words inscribed represents freedom of speech.. pivoting panel w/ farm image cutouts.. Plain Wing.. Jet City Improv.. The sheet metal rivetted together is reminiscent of a jet wing.. Leslie.. La Tienda Folk Art Gallery.. large image of Indonesian finger puppet.. Service Above Self.. : Eileen Marie Dempsey, 2008.. Globe with flags and network connections.. Surge.. origami cranes of folded metal in bright colors ascend in a spiral.. John's Street.. Christopher Watt, 2005.. John Young.. large metal panel depicting the AVE.. Explore It.. Sumrin Mir, 2005.. large metal cutout of a yellow pepper.. Shultzy's.. collage of metal shapes representing the rebuilding of the AVE.. Nichole Lau, 2008.. boy with his dog, flying a kite.. Dog and kite made of sausage shapes.. Fabricated in bright colors from resin.. International Sausage Sattelite.. Claire Putney, 2006.. hotdog sattelite orbits the world.. A Treasure Nourished.. a treasure chest (representing security) springs from multi-colored roots.. NE 41st Street.. NE 50th Street.. back top the top of this page.. © Copyright 2007 Greater University Chamber of Commerce.. info@udistrictchamber.. Map of Sculpture Installations..

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