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  • Title: UGETFO Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Email Webmaster.. Website Designed/Managed.. ETFO ONLINE VOTE.. Takeover Bulletin #7.. Soup, Socks, Song and Skating.. 10 Prizes to be won.. Program Rules.. The Current - Advice on Progress Reports.. September Newsletter.. The Current - Progress Reports & Bill 115.. The Current - Bill 115 Update.. Photos - Sandals Rally, Strike Vote, Jones Rally.. NOTE:.. Many of our files are in.. PDF.. (Acrobat Reader) form.. If you need Acrobat Reader.. to view them,.. click here.. Friend Us!.. Tweet Us!.. Oct.. 11 Press Conference..

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  • Title: UGETFO - Who We Are Page
    Descriptive info: WHO WE ARE.. We are the union that represents over 1200 full and part-time teachers employed by the Upper Grand District School Board in the Guelph, Fergus, Orangeville, Shelburne, Mount Forest, Grand Valley, and Arthur areas.. ETFO strives to develop programs and services that both protect and enhance the working lives of its members in these challenging times for education.. ETFO works continuously to provide an environment that celebrates the diversity of its members and the students in their care.. ETFO reaches out to the broader community to foster a climate of social justice in this province and beyond.. OFFICE STAFF.. View.. Upper Grand ETFO Local Office.. in a larger map.. Our Orchard Park office is located in Guelph on Highway #6 north.. It is less than a kilometre north of the Woodlawn Road intersection (Canadian Tire, WalMart).. Park in the first lot on your left and  ...   at right).. OR.. General Email:.. information@ugetfo.. org.. Drop in at the office.. (see map above).. Orchard Park Office Hours:.. Monday - Friday 8:30 a.. m.. to 4:30 p.. Orchard Park Staff.. Position.. Name.. Email.. President.. Doug Cook.. dougcook@ugetfo.. Vice President.. Gundi Barbour.. gundibarbour@ugetfo.. Chief Negotiator.. Lanny Fleming.. lannyfleming@ugetfo.. Staff Officer.. Amy Murray.. amymurray@ugetfo.. Office Manager.. Linda Barton.. lindabarton@ugetfo.. Executive Officers.. For a photo of all executive members,.. Worksite.. Phone.. Secretary.. Krista Pederson.. Victoria Terr.. 519-823-5450.. Treasurer.. Graham Fiddes.. Aberfoyle.. 519-763-7040.. Status.. Amanda Clark.. Island lake.. 519-941-3292.. Executive Officers - At - Large.. Liz Ashworth.. Adrienne Bell.. Scott Montgomery.. Heike Schiller.. Lisa Taylor.. Executive Officers - Regional.. North Wellington.. - Sharon Williams.. East Wellington.. - Kari McCracken.. Centre Wellington.. - Carrie Zamora.. West Guelph.. - Laurie Garbutt.. South Guelph.. - Mary Ann Randall.. East Guelph.. - Tanya Hipfner.. North Dufferin.. - Mary Jane Stewart.. South Dufferin.. - Danielle Brasche..

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  • Title: UGETFO Local Info Page
    Descriptive info: LOCAL INFORMATION.. CONSTITUTION.. Constitution Text.. NEWSLETTERS.. 2012-2013.. 2011-2012.. Sep.. Nov.. Dec.. Jan.. Feb.. Mar.. Apr.. May.. Jun.. MEETINGS.. Check our.. Calendar.. for Information.. Executive Minutes.. "Draft" Minutes will be posted after meetings, Final Versions will be posted after approval at the next meeting.. 2012 - 2013.. Oct (Draft).. The CURRENT- Bulletin.. -.. Progress Reports & Bill 115.. Bill 115 - Update.. Advice On Progess Reports.. Bill 115 compensation strips.. and strike vote flyer.. Democracy in Ontario.. EXPENSES.. Expense Form/Mileage Policy.. Dependent Care claim form.. PROFESSIONAL LEARNING (PD).. PD Funding Eligibility.. PD Funding Application Form.. WORKSHOPS.. EVENTS.. STANDING COMMITTEES.. Committee Chairs.. Committee.. Chair.. AWARDS.. BUDGET.. GOODWILL.. Jeanette Sales.. LAST FIVE.. Dawn McClure.. STATUS.. Deepti Celetti.. STEWARDS.. FIRST YEAR/FIRST FIVE.. GENERAL/ANNUAL MEETINGS.. HEALTH AND SAFETY.. POLITICAL ACTION.. Gundi Barber.. P.. D.. WORKSHOPS (LOCAL).. Krista Pedersen.. RESOLUTIONS:.. LOCAL CONSTITUTION.. ETFO - AGM.. Committee Responsibilities As Outlined in the Constitution.. Consist of one executive officer and at least two members appointed by the executive.. Be responsible for the developing and reviewing of the terms of reference and for the ongoing work of the committee.. Put forth a budget request to the executive.. Prepare a report to present at the annual meeting.. Committee Overall Goals.. Build a better, safer world for other citizens.. Protect the rights for fair working conditions.. Help colleagues strive for professional and personal growth.. Maintain the physical, emotional, social health in the work place.. Defend the value of public education.. AWARDS COMMITTEE.. Goals and Objectives.. To administer and evaluate awards currently presented by UGETFO.. To prepare proposals for new awards (when appropriate) to be presented to the Executive.. To keep members aware of both Local and Provincial awards.. COLLECTIVE BARGAINING COMMITTEE.. Goals and Objectives.. To negotiate a real salary increase.. To guarantee and improve working conditions.. To defend and improve existing group benefits.. To achieve gains in equity provisions.. ELECTIONS COMMITTEE.. To conduct elections in accordance with the constitution.. GENERAL MEETINGS COMMITTEE.. To make necessary arrangements for our three Annual ETFO Dinner Meetings including setting dates/times, booking the facility , caterer, bartender,  ...   maintain the website.. STATUS - MEN COMMITTEE.. To inform our members about issues related to men.. To work with community groups that share common purposes.. To provide activities that relate to both personal/professional development of men.. To work on ensuring inclusive curriculum in the classroom.. BUDGET COMMITTEE.. To prepare a draft budget.. To present the draft budget to the Executive for review.. To incorporate recommended changes into the draft budget and prepare a final draft budget.. To present the final draft budget to the Executive for approval prior to Annual Meeting.. To present the Proposed Budget to the General Membership at the Annual Meeting for approval.. CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE.. To review the Local Constitution and recommend, when needed, revision(s).. FIRST FIVE COMMITTEE.. To provide support for new members.. To provide information about local and provincial programs including collective bargaining rights for working conditions and available opportunities for personal and professional growth.. LAST FIVE COMMITTEE.. To provide program(s) to meet the needs of members in their last five years of teaching.. GOODWILL COMMITTEE.. To encourage and financially assist organizations, individuals or groups whose goals must include one or more of the following criteria:.. - in line with the objectives of ETFO;.. - of direct benefit to elementary children and/or teachers in the UGDSB;.. - educationally based;.. - in promotion of social justice.. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUNDING.. - REGIONAL COMMITTEE.. To allocate Professional Development Funding as outlined in the constitution.. - LOCAL COMMITTEE.. To provide a variety of relevant workshops reaching as many of our local members as possible.. To collaborate with other groups supporting the professional development of our members.. STATUS - EQUITY COMMITTEE.. To inform our members about issues related to equity.. To provide activities that relate to both personal/professional development.. To work on ensuring inclusive curriculum in the classroom.. STATUS - WOMEN COMMITTEE.. To enhance the status of women both in the education setting and in the wider community.. To inform our members about issues related to the status of women.. To provide activities that relate to both personal/professional development of women..

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  • Title: UGETFO Log In Page
    Descriptive info: MEMBERS ONLY LOG IN to the WORKPLACE.. Username:.. Password:.. Due to the confidential nature of the information on the Workplace Page, please protect the password.. Do not give it to non members..

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  • Title: UGETFO Health & Safety Page
    Descriptive info: HEALTH & SAFETY.. Health Benefits.. Green Shield Members' Plan.. Extended Health & Dental Benefits.. Go to our.. Workplace Page.. PREGNANCY/PARENTAL Info.. A S P.. Board Attendance Support Policy.. Attendance Support Program FAQs.. Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.. WSIB Claim.. A Member s Guide to WSIB.. EPI-PEN USE.. EPI-PEN Instructions.. This site contains a short movie on the administration of Epi-pens and a downloadable product manual.. UGDSB Policies.. Board Policies Index.. (link to UGDSB website).. Safe Workplaces and Learning Environments.. Health  ...   Physical Intervention Policy.. 2009.. UGDSB Procedure for Fifth Disease.. 2003.. E A P.. Employee.. Assistance.. Program Information.. O T I P & L T D.. 2012 LTD NO CHANGE Renewal communication.. Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan Benefits & Insurance bulletin.. Fall 2011.. Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan Website.. A Member s Guide to LTD.. Leaves and LTD.. Feeling Better Now.. Early Intervention Services.. Cancer Assistance Program.. When do I need to Claim?.. Request for Termination of LTD Coverage.. Our LTD Policy.. (OTIP Link)..

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  • Title: UGETFO Provincial Info & Links Page
    Descriptive info: PROVINCIAL ETFO.. ETFO Workshops.. ETFO Conferences.. LINKS.. The Upper Grand District School Board.. The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board.. Retired Teachers of Ontario.. OSSTF District 18 (Upper Grand).. Ontario College of Teachers.. The Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP/RAEO).. Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO).. Ontario Teachers' Federation.. Canadian Teachers' Federation..

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  • Title: UGETFO Photo Gallery Page
    Descriptive info: PHOTO GALLERY.. Click on an "Event" to see the pictures.. Click on.. to come back.. here.. Executive 2011.. CBC 2011.. Queen's Park Rally 2012.. Guelph Rally at Liz Sandals' Office.. Strike Vote Oct.. 2012.. Orangeville Rally at Sylvia Jones' Office.. Executive Members 2011.. Front row left to right:.. Jeanette Sales, Deepti Celetti, Gord Dunbar.. Second row left to right:.. Amy Murray, Ken McDougall, Carrie Zamora, Manon Vaillancourt, Wendy Clarke.. Third row left  ...   Barbour, Heike Schiller, Liz Ashworth.. Back row left to right:.. Tamara Reso, Robb Mason, Doug Cook.. Absent from photo: Kari Lowry.. Click the Pic for a larger version.. Collective Bargaining Committee 2011.. Front Row:.. Jim White, Jennifer Hesch, Sharon Williams, Lanny Fleming.. Middle Row:.. Tamara Reso, Lisa Taylor, Tanya Hipfner, Dan Turner.. Back Row:.. Doug Cook, Gundi Barbour, Janice Dampier, Liz Ashworth.. Guelph Rally at Liz Sandals' Office Sept.. 21, 2012.. 3, 2012..

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  • Title: UGETFO Calendar Page
    Descriptive info: CALENDAR.. to come back here.. SEPTEMBER.. OCTOBER.. NOVEMBER.. DECEMBER.. JANUARY.. FEBRUARY.. MARCH.. APRIL.. MAY.. JUNE.. JULY.. AUGUST.. SEPTEMBER 2012.. >.. October.. Sunday.. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday.. Thursday.. Friday.. Saturday.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Labour Day.. 4.. School Starts.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. Executive Meeting (4:45) Orchard Park.. 13.. ETFO New Steward Training (1:30 - 3:30) Orchard Park.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. Leadership.. 27.. Exec Regional election (in school).. 28.. 29.. 30.. September.. OCTOBER 2012.. November.. Strike Vote Guelph Place.. more info >>.. ETFO Representative Council.. Executive Meeting.. Orchard Park.. Fall General Meeting.. Guelph Place.. PA Day.. 31.. NOVEMBER 2012.. December..  ...   Community Centre.. Raising Awareness, Elora.. Pension Workshop.. Steward Session 12:00 - 3:00 pm.. Centre Wellington Sportsplex, Fergus.. First Five Wkshp.. Understanding the TPA, Elora.. DECEMBER 2012.. January.. >.. Executive Meeting (8:30 - 4:00) Orchard Park.. Christmas Break.. > > >.. JANUARY 2013.. February.. Executive Meeting (12:30 - 4:00) Orchard Park.. FEBRUARY 2013.. March.. Family Day - NO School!.. Winter General Meeting/Delegate Elections.. Fergus Sportsplex.. MARCH 2013.. April.. March Break.. Upper Grand ETFO Executive Meeting (4:45)Location TBD.. APRIL 2013.. May.. (8:30 -3:30).. Orchard Park.. MAY 2013.. June.. 16.. Victoria Day.. Executive Meeting (4:45).. Ken Danby.. JUNE 2013.. July.. Retirement Celebration.. Executive Meeting (4:45)Location TBD.. JULY 2013.. August.. AUGUST 2012.. ETFO Annual Meeting..

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  • Title: UGETFO CBC Log In Page
    Descriptive info: Collective Bargaining Committee Login.. Due to the confidential nature of the information on the Collective Bargaining Committee Page, please protect the password.. Do not give the password to anyone..

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  • Title: UGETFO Strike Vote Information Page
    Descriptive info: STRIKE VOTE INFORMATION.. Map to Guelph Place.. View Larger Map.. A message from Local ETFO President, Doug Cook:.. The presence of all ETFO teachers and occasional teachers in one building demonstrates, on its own merit, a commitment to collective bargaining.. The Guelph Place Banquet Hall is the only available facility large enough to host all members.. Bill 115 does not prevent taking a strike vote or the commencement of a job action.. It is extremely important for members to voice their opinion through this form of collective action.. Directions to Guelph Place.. Updates, when available, will be posted here..

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