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  • Title: UKEEP seminars coming up!
    Descriptive info: UKEEP seminars coming up!.. Thursday, 04 February 2010 15:36.. UKEEP will host two seminars during February: one in Dnepropetrovsk on February 16th and one in Zaporozhe on February 18th.. The seminars will cover a wide range of topics related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.. Speakers include international and Ukrainian experts, EBRD representatives and UKEEP participating banks.. Click here to access the agendas (.. Dnepropetrovsk.. ,.. Zaporozhe.. ).. Each seminar will have room for around 100 participants.. Please.. contact us.. if you wish to participate..

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  • Title: Map with UKEEP projects
    Descriptive info: Map with UKEEP projects.. Tuesday, 02 February 2010 13:57.. Our website now has an interactive map showing the locations of UKEEP projects for which case studies have been published.. Access the map in our.. section, or.. click here for a full-screen version.. !..

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  • Title: Season’s greetings and new case studies published
    Descriptive info: Season’s greetings and new case studies published.. Friday, 18 December 2009 14:33.. We want to wish all our partners and the companies we have met during the year a merry Christmas and a Happy new year! As a Christmas gift, we have now published two new case studies!.. 2009 has been a hard year for the Ukrainian economy and many companies have struggled with lower demand for their products, higher energy prices, a weak currency and a lack of financing.. However, the signs are now  ...   for Ukraine.. We of course hope that most companies will get healthy profits again next year and use the opportunity to implement energy saving measures in order to increase their competitiveness and be better prepared for the increased energy prices in the future.. UKEEP has been working hard during 2009 to help companies develop energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and will continue during 2010.. Our two latest projects have now been published in the.. case studies section.. We look forward to meeting you in 2010!..

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  • Title: UKEEP participated in Ukraine-EU round table
    Descriptive info: UKEEP participated in Ukraine-EU round table.. Thursday, 19 November 2009 15:45.. On November 18th, a round table "Ukraine-EU: joint energy challenges and perspectives" was held in Kiev with participation of many high level guests.. UKEEP project manager Anders Lund participated in one of the panels as a speaker.. The round table aimed at sharing ideas and exchanging information between EU, Sweden and Ukraine regarding future energy challenges and solutions.. The Ambassador of Sweden to Ukraine, Mr.. Stefan Gullgren, opened the round table, which gathered many high level delegates, such as members of parliament, government representatives from Ukraine and Sweden, international financial institutions, diplomats, business leaders and NGOs.. Mr.. André  ...   UKEEP Project Manager Anders Lund presented the results of UKEEP so far.. The initiative by the Swedish 2009 EU Presidency titled "Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership" was also presented.. The initiative aims at earmarking a significant amount of donor funds for environmental projects in Ukraine, of which a large portion will be used together with loans from international financial institutions such as EBRD and EIB to modernize the Ukrainian district heating sector.. The round table was organized by the Coordination Bureau for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, with the support of the Embassy of Sweden, which is holding the EU Presidency..

    Original link path: /en/news/49-ukeep-participated-in-ukraine-eu-round-table
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  • Title: Lviv seminar summary
    Descriptive info: Lviv seminar summary.. Monday, 19 October 2009 15:21.. UKEEP was invited by The City of Lviv to speak to the participants at the Fair of Lviv Producers on October 16th 2009.. Pictures from the event and all presentations are available now!.. An audience of some 70 people attended the half-day seminar, which was opened by Viktoria Dovzhyk, deputy head of the economic department of Lviv City Council.. UKEEP financial expert Jim Disenstam presented the UKEEP programme, followed by a case studies presentation by UKEEP energy efficiency expert Michael Reidlinger.. After the coffee break, UKEEP technical expert Sergey Zima explained how a UKEEP energy audit  ...   ambition and knowledge of the importance of improving energy efficiency wherever possible.. The UKEEP team discussed many interesting projects with the seminar participants, where UKEEP can provide technical assistance and loan financing.. Below the agenda and all the presentations from the seminar are available for download.. Downloads:.. Agenda.. How can companies in the Lviv area benefit from energy savings with UKEEP:.. Jim Disenstam.. , UKEEP Financial Expert.. Case studies of projects that UKEEP has financed:.. Michael Reidlinger.. , UKEEP Technical Expert.. Your Benefits with a free UKEEP Energy Survey:.. Dr Sergey Zima.. , UKEEP Technical Expert (Ukrainian only).. Presentation by OTP Bank (Ukrainian only)..

    Original link path: /en/news/45-lviv-seminar-summary
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  • Title: UKEEP presented at Sida conference
    Descriptive info: UKEEP presented at Sida conference.. Friday, 02 October 2009 12:36.. On October 1 Sida hosted a conference on "The Challenge of Environment and Climate Change in European Reform Cooperation" in Stockholm.. It was attended by some 200 guests.. See pictures and download our presentation from the event here on the website.. The conference opened with a presentation by the General Director of Sida, Mr.. Anders Nordström.. Senior Energy Specialist Jane Ebinger from the World Bank presented the report "Adapting to Climate Change  ...   in the future (you can find the report on the World Bank Website).. UKEEP project manager Anders Lund presented the concrete results that UKEEP has achieved with technical assistance funding from Sida in mitigating climate change through effective use of energy in Ukraine.. The conference participants included senior level persons from ministries, authorities, NGOs and private companies, as well as professors and doctors from universities and research institutes - all with the common goal of fighting climate change.. Presentation by Mr.. Anders Lund..

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  • Title: Donetsk exhibition summary
    Descriptive info: Donetsk exhibition summary.. Monday, 21 September 2009 13:29.. The UKEEP stand in the Donetsk Energy Efficiency Exhibition attracted many interested visitors.. Pictures from the event and the presentation held by UKEEP are now available for download here on the website.. The NAER exhibition "Energy Efficiency 2009" in Donetsk on September 17-19 was a success.. Several thousand people visited the exhibition, where Ukrainian and international companies presented various solutions for  ...   Project Manager Anders Lund and several key technical and financial experts.. Lund held a presentation for a large audience about UKEEP and also presented the new UKEEP credit line for smaller investments.. See the presentation below for more information.. Stay tuned to the website for more information about the new credit line!.. UKEEP presentation by Mr.. Bonus slideshow:.. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video..

    Original link path: /en/news/42-donetsk-exhibition-summary
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  • Title: Ivano-Frankivsk Conference a Success!
    Descriptive info: Ivano-Frankivsk Conference a Success!.. Friday, 05 June 2009 15:59.. The UKEEP conference in Ivano-Frankivsk on June 3rd drew a full house of interested companies.. Nearly 100 participants arrived to the UKEEP half-day seminar to hear presentations about energy efficiency, renewable energy and how UKEEP can assist them.. The head of economic and integration development of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, Mr.. Bogdan Bilyk, gave an opening speech, confirming that the city is very dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy and has a good cooperation with international financial institutions and different donors in this field.. Representatives from the UKEEP participating banks were there to give presentations and answer questions from the audience.. The Chairman  ...   Following the seminar, the participants were treated to a buffet lunch and had a chance to mingle and speak privately with UKEEP experts.. Stay tuned to our website to find out when UKEEP is visiting Your region!.. How can companies in the Ivano-Frankivsk area benefit from energy savings with UKEEP? Anders Lund, UKEEP Project Manager.. Case studies of projects that UKEEP has financed.. Jim Disenstam, UKEEP Financial Expert.. The benefits of Renewable Energy Investments.. Olga Fedorova, UKEEP Technical Expert.. Your Benefits with a free UKEEP Energy Savings Assessment.. Dr Sergey Zima, UKEEP Energy Efficiency Expert, iC consulenten (only russian).. How to get a new project accepted into UKEEP? Anders Lund, UKEEP Project Manager..

    Original link path: /en/news/37-ivano-frankivsk-conference-a-success
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  • Title: UKEEP visits Kherson
    Descriptive info: UKEEP visits Kherson.. Friday, 22 May 2009 15:48.. UKEEP visited Kherson on May 12-15 for meetings with companies and to attend the Kherson-Sweden Business Forum.. The UKEEP team met several companies in the region who are interested in reducing their energy consumption and utilizing renewable energy sources.. Kherson is an agricultural  ...   several industrial companies of small and middle size.. In fact, the first UKEEP project Tsyurupinsk Paper Mill is located in Kherson.. The presentation held at the Kherson-Sweden Business Forum can be downloaded below.. Please also.. visit our case studies section.. where you can find several projects that UKEEP has financed.. UKEEP Presentation..

    Original link path: /en/news/36-ukeep-visits-kherson
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  • Title: Cherkasy Conference Summary
    Descriptive info: Cherkasy Conference Summary.. Friday, 03 October 2008 14:34.. The UKEEP conference in Cherkasy held on 3 October drew some 60 interested companies from the region.. On October 3 UKEEP hosted a conference in the chamber of commerce in Cherkasy.. Some 60 companies visited the conference to learn about energy efficiency and UKEEP.. The conference was opened by the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr..  ...   Efficiency, how an Energy Audit works, UKEEP case studies and typical investments.. The presentations can be downloaded below:.. How can companies in the Cherkasy area benefit from energy savings with UKEEP, Why Invest in Energy Efficiency? Anders Lund, UKEEP Project Manager.. Your benefit with an Energy Audit.. Sergey Zima, iC consulenten (Russian only).. Project Case Studies from Ukraine.. Jim Disenstam, Financial Expert Torbjörn Jonsson, Technical Expert..

    Original link path: /en/news/31-cherkasy-conference-summary
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  • Title: UKEEP speaks in Crimea
    Descriptive info: UKEEP speaks in Crimea.. Sunday, 08 June 2008 14:18.. On May 28th UKEEP participated in the 6th International Conference "Investing in Energy, Energy Saving and Ecology", in Yalta, Crimea.. A three-day conference was held on May 28th-30th in Crimea, adjacent to the Livadiya Palace in beautiful Yalta.. The theme of the conference was "Investing in Energy, Energy  ...   from Ukrainian and international enterprises and authorities.. UKEEP financial expert Mr.. Jim Disenstam was first on the agenda and presented UKEEP and its results to the participants.. He emphasized how the payback period for energy efficiency investments have decreased remarkably during the last year as gas prices have increased, and gave examples of three excellent UKEEP projects..

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  • Archived pages: 354