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  • Title: UK Environmental Law Association | Join us
    Descriptive info: .. Thursday 6 December 2012.. UKELA Home.. Environmental law.. Join us.. Working parties.. Regional groups.. Special interest groups.. Publications and other resources.. Press centre.. Events.. Students.. Jobs and Internships.. About us.. Links.. Contact us.. New UKELA YouTube channel.. Environmental tips and talks.. Have you got an environmental problem?.. Find information here on issues from flytipping to noisy neighbours to climate change.. Law and Your Environment.. Latest Press Releases.. Do EU laws protect the environment or stifle the economy?.. Nov 22, 2012.. Fracking debate comes to London.. Oct 18, 2012.. Planning and energy two big environmental challenges we face.. Jun 28, 2012.. Search this site.. UKELA works to improve understanding and awareness of environmental law, and to make the law work for a better environment.. It's for anyone interested in environmental law..  ...   could governments introduce that might achieve better results? Join the Climate Change Energy Working Party at their conference on the impact of economics and world trade issues on climate change regulation at Nabarro, London.. London meeting on Flood Risk assessment management: 5th February.. One in six properties in the UK are at risk of flooding and the extent to which lawyers should advise their clients in relation to this risk has been much debated.. At this meeting some of the UK s top flood experts will explain flooding risks.. Tweets by @UKELA_LAW.. Contact Us.. -.. Privacy cookies.. Terms of use.. Accessibility.. Sitemap.. Credits.. Powered by.. Smart Media WebCentre.. This page was printed from the website of the UK Environmental Law Association at www.. ukela.. org.. Web site powered by Smart Media WebCentre..

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  • Title: UK Environmental Law Association | Join us
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  • Title: Environmental law
    Descriptive info: Air.. Access to justice.. Biotechnology.. Contaminated land.. Climate change.. Devolution.. Due diligence.. Nanotechnology.. Nature conservation.. Noise.. Penalties.. Planning and sustainable development.. Waste.. Water.. Wild law.. Disclaimer.. Nothing on this site constitutes legal advice.. Specialist legal advice should be taken in relation to specific circumstances.. The contents of this site are for general information purposes only.. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information on this site is correct, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to its accuracy and we do not accept any liability for error or omission.. We shall not be liable for any damage (including, without limitation, damage for loss of business or loss of profits) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of, or inability to use, this site or any material contained in it, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using this site or any such material.. UKELA will endeavour to update the site regularly but you should check that any information is still in date.. Environmental law is the body of law that seeks to protect or enhance the environment.. It is nothing new.. How did it start?.. There have been laws aimed at protecting or improving the environment since at least Old Testament times (Deuteronomy 23: 12-13, which concerns sewage disposal).. From such beginnings a wide variety of laws have been developed to protect the environment.. Early laws, often focused on the protection of rights associated with the ownership of property could, indirectly, protect the environment.. More recent laws have been made to protect the environment itself.. Globally, environmental laws apply in many countries and states and grant wide rights (such as the right to a clean and healthy environment which is, for example, part of the Indian Constitution).. Environmental laws cover a huge variety of issues from the local (e.. g.. noise control) to the global (e.. climate change control).. How does it work in the UK?.. In the UK the environment is generally defined to mean air, water and land.. The regulatory bodies charged with responsibility for protection of the environment are principally:.. the Environment Agency (which covers England and Wales).. the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.. the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland.. local authorities.. Law and Your Environment public information website.. Law and Your Environment, is the online guide to Environmental Law, mainly covering England and Wales.. Have you got an environmental problem? The kind of problems covered are: fly tipping; noisy neighbours; graffiti; litter; dog mess; pollution; planning; wildlife; rights of way.. You can find out where to go for help, who the regulator is and how to approach them, how the legal system works, and follow  ...   international Conventions and Agreements.. International Treaties seek to regulate issues as diverse as Climate Change, International Waste Shipments and Public Access to Justice, Access to Environmental Information and Participation in Environmental Decision Making.. How things are changing.. Increasingly the fixed emission limit controls that dominated the last century have been replaced or complemented by voluntary and market based approaches to controlling pollution and protecting the environment (e.. the Packaging Waste Regulations and the Emissions Trading Regulations).. As we move into the 21st Century, environmental laws which are enforceable against a relatively small industry sector, for example, waste management, will indirectly affect everyone.. Operators in such sectors seeking to comply with environmental laws will place restrictions on their customers and this will affect the marketplace, and so influence many day to day decisions, e.. the ban on ozone-depleting CFCs led to changes in the design of fridges and aerosols.. Environmental law was one of the faster developing areas of law at the end of the last century.. It is difficult to find an area where rules do not apply.. Such laws are often very detailed, sometimes deeply technical, at times over-complicated and arguably in places the framework appears incoherent.. Despite this, the environment in the UK is highly regulated, arguably better protected and appears in many areas to be in a better state than it was 25 years ago.. A question that has yet to be satisfactorily answered is whether the same or better environmental outcomes can be achieved in a more efficient manner.. The European Commission and the UK Government are increasing looking at whether the burden and design of environmental regulation is appropriate.. There have been a number of recent reviews and consultation papers on these issues but with the exception of the environmental permitting programme in England and Wales neither body has yet to make significant progress in this area.. Ultimately it would be foolish to suggest that many environmental issues can be satisfactorily addressed by environmental laws alone.. The issue of what to do with waste is a good example.. There are laws at every level to address the waste problem yet too much waste is produced and not nearly enough is recovered.. We are running out of room for landfill.. Incineration or using waste as a substitute fuel are deeply unpopular.. Everyone from trans-national corporations to the individual consumer - has a part to play in solving this challenge, which the astonishingly complex web of environmental laws cannot solve alone.. If you are interested in a particular area of environmental law, you may like to join one of.. UKELA s Working Parties.. that meet to discuss and comment upon developments.. Top of page.. Back..

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  • Title: Join UK Environmental Law Association - UKELA
    Descriptive info: UKELA conference outing.. Membership Leaflet.. You can download our membership leaflet here.. Membership Leaflet (PDF Document).. Are you interested in making the law work for a better environment? UKELA welcomes applications for membership from anyone - both lawyers and non-lawyers - involved or interested in the practice, study or formulation of environmental law and related disciplines.. How do I Join?.. It s quick and easy to join.. Download the membership form to email or post to us or click on the link to take you to an online application form:.. Membership form for downloading and email or posting to us (MS Word Document).. Membership Application form.. Why should I join UKELA?.. We offer:.. A lively events programme from the technical to environmental policy something for everyone.. UKELA s Annual Conference - the leading environmental law conference in the UK.. Great venues to enjoy from the wilds of Scotland to the heart of the City of London.. A chance to catch up with old friends and new over a drink.. CPD points.. A great read our journal e-law plus regular member mailings with all the latest news.. A chance to influence the law as it s drawn up.. If you re a student events, competitions,  ...   and unwaged, with a full priced individual at 65.. Corporate membership starts at 65 a year ( 385 full price).. In addition to the benefits above, corporate members can also extend the individual benefits of membership to up to ten named individuals (up to 3 for Local Authorities, which get a lower corporate rate), making this excellent value for larger organisations.. We look forward to welcoming you as a member very soon.. Further information may be obtained by contacting Alison Boyd at alisonboyd.. ukela@ntlbusiness.. com or UKELA, PO Box 487, Dorking, Surrey RH4 9BH.. Tel: 01306 500090.. Member Reward Scheme 2013.. Would you like to save money on your UKELA membership in 2013? Under the Member Reward Scheme, you can do just that.. If you introduce a new member to UKELA at the same time as you renew or join, then both you and the new member will receive 12 months membership for the price of 9.. It's easy to apply - simply click on either of the links to our application form above and follow the instructions.. Do take a moment to click on the link below for full details about the scheme and the terms and conditions.. Member Reward Scheme Details (PDF Document)..

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  • Title: Working parties
    Descriptive info: UKELA has a wide and varied range of working parties, comprised of UKELA members, which meet regularly to discuss issues including the practice and impacts of environmental law, and recent developments and proposals for reform in relation to environmental law, policy and practice.. They actively contribute to the development of their area of interest, and have an impressive record of contributing working papers and responses to government in relation to the development and reform of environmental law.. Any member of UKELA can join a working party.. If you are interested in participating, please get in touch with the relevant Convenor - you can find their contact details (and in some cases, minutes of recent meetings) by clicking on the relevant working party link below.. Working Party Star Member.. The award of star member is made to those who make an outstanding contribution to a working party.. The awards are reviewed every two months.. The current award winner is Julie Adshead for being an active convenor of the.. Water Working Party.. for five years, a role from which she has recently stepped down to focus on her work at Salford University.. Thanks to Julie for all her support.. Climate Change and Energy working party.. This working party seeks to influence and improve laws aimed at tackling climate change and promoting renewable energy.. The activities of the Group have included responding to EU Commission and UK Government consultations on a range of climate change related issues.. Transactional Issues and Insurance.. This working party focuses on the business side of UKELA's interests and includes insurance.. As a new working party in 2012 it is drawing up its terms of reference.. Environmental Litigation.. The environmental litigation working party seeks to review, influence and inform UKELA members on matters connected with environmental litigation.. Land Contamination.. The contaminated land working party is  ...   to translate this international ambition to the national and local level.. Lawyers can no longer treat sustainable development as if it was confined to the field of policy-making.. The term is now appearing in legislation, and as a material consideration in the decisions of public bodies.. Scottish Law.. This working party on environmental law in Scotland responds to relevant consultation papers when they are published.. Most of its communications are electronic.. It is interested in attracting more members who wish to get involved with influencing environmental law in Scotland as it develops.. Wales working party.. This working party on environmental law in Wales seeks to promote understanding and awareness of environmental law in Wales and influence the law by responding to relevant consultation papers.. It is a new working party that was launched in July 2012, and is keen to recruit new members.. Waste and Natural Resources working party.. The remit of the working party is to monitor, understand and influence the creation of waste management law, as well as being UKELA's mouthpiece on waste management law issues.. Increasingly, this also includes resource efficiency issues.. Water working party.. This working party is involved in formulating UKELA's views on government consultation papers, EU initiatives and other legal developments relating to water resource protection and management, the marine environment, water pollution issues, flood defence, fisheries, and other relevant topics.. We also get involved in proactive work on areas of particular interest to the group.. Organising an event.. UKELA has issued guidelines for organising an event, whether it be a speaker meeting or a major seminar.. These are below.. Organising a UKELA event - guidelines (PDF Document).. Reporting consultation responses.. Convenors are asked to provide details of each consultation response their working party submits, so that we can update our members.. Form to fill out with details of consultation responses..

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  • Title: UK Environmental Law - Regional Groups
    Descriptive info: UKELA benefits from a number of thriving regional groups across the country.. The South East region (covering Surrey, East and West Sussex, Kent, Hampshire) is covered by events offered in London, which should be within easy reach of most members in this region.. Northern Ireland is covered by the activities of the Northern Ireland Working Party.. Kenneth Ross, who is a member of UKELA's Council based in Scotland, is the Regional Group co-ordinator.. He will contact the groups from time to time to make sure they have an active committee and are planning events to offer to UKELA members in the regions.. His contact details are on the Council page.. Click on a region to see how to contact the convenor, and in some cases their programme of events:.. East.. Covers Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, part of  ...   Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, part of Herefordshire, part of Worcestershire.. Wales.. Covers all Wales.. West Midlands.. Covers West Midlands, Staffordshire, part of Shropshire, part of Worcestershire.. Guidance to assist regional groups.. UKELA Council has issued some guidance to assist Regional Groups.. Guidance on the management of regional groups and their meetings (MS Word Document).. Guidance on the roles of the regional group committees (MS Word Document).. CPD points for courses, conferences and workshops.. UKELA is recognised by the Law Society and the Bar Council as an external authorised provider of courses for the purposes of CPD points.. In order to take advantage of this authorisation, all those intending to run UKELA courses, conferences and workshops please check out the rules about the CPD.. UKELA CPD rules.. Bar Council CPD form (MS Word Document).. Law Society CPD form (MS Word Document)..

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  • Title: Special interest groups
    Descriptive info: Wild Law Special Interest Group.. Young UKELA.. Scholarship and Teaching.. UKELA has special interest groups which are not based on technical areas of law, like the working parties, or geography, like the regional groups.. There are currently three special interest groups: Wild Law, Young UKELA and Scholarship and Teaching.. The groups agree their own remits, activities and who can join.. The Student Group has its own separate area.. Young UKELA Special Interest Group.. Student Group..

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  • Title: Environmental Law Publications by UKELA
    Descriptive info: The State of Environmental Law 2011-2012.. E-Law newsletter.. Consultation responses.. Conference and seminar papers.. Other publications.. Advertising with UKELA.. There is a small charge for placing an advert on this website or in our journal.. The rates are below.. Advertising rates from January 2012 (PDF Document).. Special offer for UKELA members from the RMLA (New Zealand).. Frontiers of Resource Management Law provides a collected edition of the very best keynote papers presented at RMLA annual conferences (the RMLA is the New Zealand environmental law association).. The book is published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the RMLA, and the 20th RMLA annual conference that will be held in Queenstown from 27 September.. UKELA members are offered a discounted price (about 55.. 50 at current exchange rates).. RMLA  ...   Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS) at Cardiff University.. E-law.. - UKELA publishes an electronic journal, e-law, bimonthly.. This is available to members and is packed with news, events and thought-provoking papers.. Back issues can be accessed by clicking on the link on the left hand side of this page.. - UKELA and its working parties actively respond to government consultation exercises and papers which push forward the debate on key areas of environmental law.. - UKELA publishes conference papers and seminar presentations on a variety of environmental law topics.. Other publications and resources.. - These include UKELA briefing papers and guidance on specific areas of environmental laws, and selected third party publications.. View UKELA's 2011 Annual Report and Accounts (PDF Document).. View UKELA's Annual Report and Accounts 2010 (PDF Document)..

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  • Title: UK Environmental Law News and Press Releases
    Descriptive info: UKELA has an expert panel with specialists happy to speak to the press on different aspects of environmental law (in return for a mention of UKELA).. You can view the list of specialists on the 5th January 2012 press release.. If you would like to contact them or be added to the press mailing list.. , or you would like other information about an environmental law related issue,.. please contact Vicki Elcoate on 01306 501320 or 07982242453.. We appreciate mentions of UKELA in your publications and broadcasts.. As a small charity we have limited resources and will find it difficult to provide help for those who don't give UKELA a public credit.. Search press releases.. Article on Fracking originally published on HeadlineEnvironment (PDF Document).. [Nov 22, 2012].. [Oct 18, 2012].. [Jun 28, 2012].. Is UK Environmental Legislation fit for purpose? new report published NB EMBARGO.. [May 16, 2012].. Guarded welcome for planning reforms but concerns remain.. [Mar 27, 2012].. Clearer guidance on wildlife protection welcomed.. [Mar 22, 2012].. Cutting red tape may not help the environment.. [Mar 20, 2012].. Experts on environmental law now available for information, quotes and legal updates.. [Jan 05, 2012].. New Supreme Court Judge appointment welcomed.. [Dec 21, 2011].. Pressure needed on Carbon Targets.. [Nov 29, 2011].. The time has come for an independent Environment Agency in Northern Ireland.. [Sep 08, 2011].. The State of UK Environmental Legislation in 2011 is there a case for reform?.. [Aug 25, 2011].. Resource crunch challenges to the rule of law over the environment.. [Jun 22, 2011].. Natural Environment White Paper - UK Environmental Law Association initial response.. [Jun 07, 2011].. New Environmental Tribunal welcomed.. [May 18, 2011].. Environmental Law student handbook launched.. [Mar 31, 2011].. New Chair for UKELA.. [Mar 10, 2011].. UK invitation from new international alliance for  ...   2008].. New enforcement and sanctioning powers for environment and health and safety regulation.. [Mar 28, 2008].. The Battle for India s Environment.. [Nov 21, 2007].. Leading Indian environmental lawyer lecture: diary notice.. [Nov 10, 2007].. The International Battle Against Climate Change - International Summit.. [Sep 14, 2007].. UKELA Welcomes New Patrons.. [Jul 07, 2007].. UKELA Wants a Climate Change Bill with teeth.. [Jul 04, 2007].. UKELA Welcomes Review Recommendation for an independent environmental protection agency in Northern Ireland.. [Jun 19, 2007].. UKELA Conference fully booked - invitation to the Press.. [Jun 06, 2007].. UKELA Responds to EFRA on the Environmental Liability Directive.. [Apr 18, 2007].. UKELA Energy Review Consultation Case.. [Feb 15, 2007].. UKELA's New President.. [Dec 06, 2006].. Queen's Speech 2006 - Climate Bill on test.. [Nov 15, 2006].. Wild law press notice: Fish today, gone tomorrow - how the law needs to change.. [Nov 13, 2006].. Need for Judges to have Environmental Training.. [Jul 04, 2006].. Annual Garner Lecture : Environment on the Edge.. [Dec 12, 2005].. Wild Law Seminar.. [Sep 25, 2005].. Environmental Justice Bill: reform needed now.. [Jun 20, 2005].. Access to Justice.. [Nov 30, 2004].. Independent Environment Agency Report Findings Welcomed.. [Oct 18, 2004].. Huge environmental challenge for new EU member states.. [Oct 08, 2004].. Environmental Law Competitions Launched.. [Sep 27, 2004].. UK Environmental Law Association conference briefing note.. [Jul 07, 2004].. UK Environmental Lawyers Conference.. [Jun 29, 2004].. Serious lack of environmental information jeopardises Government commitments.. [May 24, 2004].. Urgent need for environmental Reform in Northern Ireland.. [May 14, 2004].. Environmental law web study launched.. [Dec 15, 2003].. Don t delay on environmental tribunal.. [Sep 18, 2003].. Legal spotlight on GMOs and climate change.. [Jun 23, 2003].. No more delay on environmental tribunal.. [Jun 11, 2003].. Scotland needs better wildlife laws.. [Jun 05, 2003]..

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  • Title: Environmental law events in the United Kingdom organised by UKELA
    Descriptive info: Online Booking Tips.. Annual conference 2012.. Annual conference 2011.. Annual conference 2009.. Annual Conference 2010.. Annual conference 2008.. UKELA CPD Rules.. Recent events.. The annual Garner Lecture.. Fields marked with a.. *.. are required fields.. Username.. Password.. Forgotten your password?.. Practical Law Company free resource.. UKELA members are invited to try out the PLC online services.. 27 multi-jurisdictional guides, on all areas of environmental law, are available to try free of charge.. Access to PLC guides.. One of UKELA's main aims is to promote discussion and networking opportunities amongst those interested in environmental law.. Events are held throughout the year to further this aim.. Regular events include London meetings (open to all members),  ...   check details for a past event (including CPD), click on the past events link at the bottom of this page.. UKELA's bank account details have changed.. For further information please contact.. alisonboyd.. com.. Forthcoming events.. Subscribe to UKELA's events RSS feed.. Environmental Law Practice - Master of Law (LLM) by Distance Learning (not a UKELA event).. 17-Apr-2012.. 20 years of the Habitats Directive: European Wildlife's Best Hope?(Antwerp) - international conference.. 12-Dec-2012.. Climate Change and Energy Working Party mini conference.. 16-Jan-2013.. London meeting on Flood Risk Assessment and Management.. 05-Feb-2013.. Wildlife, Wilderness Wild Law weekend - Loch Lomond Trossachs National Park.. 24-May-2013.. The next 25 years: the Future for Environmental Law.. 12-Jul-2013.. View past events..

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  • Title: Student resources at UK Environmental Law Association
    Descriptive info: Careers in environmental law.. How UKELA can help.. Moot competition.. Andrew Lees Prize.. Student Vocational Bursary Scheme.. Research Forum.. Simon Ball Prize.. Student Advisers.. The student adviser to UKELA's Council is Ben du Feu.. Ben is studying on the Bar Professional Training Course in London.. He has an LLM in Environmental Law and Policy from University College London.. He also does pro-bono work for the business-led charity Carbon Leapfrog.. Ben has a Law degree from Durham University.. His email is b.. j.. dufeu@gmail.. How to join UKELA.. Student Adviser to Council - guidance (PDF Document).. Outstanding Achievement Prize.. The winner of the Simon Ball prize for Outstanding Achievement 2012 is Thomas West.. Thomas was nominated for his work at Masters level at the School of Law at the University of Nottingham, in particular for his MSc dissertation on Environmental Justice and International Climate Change Legislation: A Cosmopolitan Perspective.. The judges say this was an ambitious piece of work of outstanding quality, originality and maturity, and which followed an exceptional performance on the taught part of his programme of study.. If you want to join UKELA as a student it's only 15 and you have the chance to attend UKELA events free of charge or at low cost.. You get to hear about all our events and competitions first - so do consider it if you're interested in Environmental Law.. Student careers evening.. The 2012 student careers and social evening is on 15 November at 39 Essex Street in London.. Thank you to them for hosting this very popular event which gives students an opportunity to talk to professionals in an informal setting.. If you are a UKELA student or graduate member and would like to book your free place please email alisonboyd.. Student survey 2012.. Thanks to all student members (and non members) who replied to our survey about what students want from UKELA.. You can read a report about it below.. We're currently reviewing our student programme and will announce any  ...   UKELA itself has limited resources and is unable to give specific advice about essays or careers.. The importance of getting involved.. UKELA offers a wide range of activities and events for students to get involved in which will help to develop your knowledge of and interest in environmental law.. Becoming an active member of UKELA by attending events, participating in working parties and regional groups and volunteering to help with UKELA s various charitable activities is a fantastic way to meet interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds that share your passion for the environment.. Getting involved will also provide you with insight into the current issues facing environmental law and hopefully help to set you on your path to a career in environmental law.. Getting involved as a student volunteer is highly regarded in the very competitive legal job market.. Events and conferences.. UKELA offer a wide range of events that are often free of charge to students.. Attending conferences and events is a fantastic way to develop your knowledge of legal issues that affect the environment from a range of perspectives.. UKELA runs a diverse events programme which offers not only an opportunity to learn, but also to engage in some all important networking with a range of different people involved in environmental law.. You are warmly welcomed to all UKELA events and encouraged to participate as valued members of UKELA.. The following events are held every year and always attract an enthusiastic group of participants:.. Annual Conference - Two heavily discounted student places are provided every year.. Discounted places are always available with cheaper accommodation and shared bathrooms.. Working party and regional group meetings - see the events diary and individual group pages for the full programme.. Contact the convenor to let them know you plan to attend.. Places usually free to students.. Student careers and social evening - this is held annually (usually November) in London.. Read more about events here.. Past moot competitions.. past essay competitions..

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