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    Archived pages: 192 . Archive date: 2012-12.

  • Title: UDC Consortium: Welcome to the Universal Decimal Classification Consortium
    Descriptive info: .. UDCC.. Web.. UDC Consortium, PO Box 90407, 2509 LK The Hague, The Netherlands.. Tel.. : (+31) 70 314 0509 Fax: (+31) 70 314 0450 attn UDCC E-mail:.. mail[@t]udcc.. org.. Click on the link but please remove the.. --antispam--.. part of the email address..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: About
    Descriptive info: : (+31) 70 314 0509 Fax: (+31) 70 314 0450 attn UDC E-mail:.. About Universal Decimal Classification.. Summary of classification.. |.. UDC Consortium.. What is the UDC?.. The Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) is the world's foremost multilingual classification scheme for all fields of knowledge, a sophisticated indexing and retrieval tool.. It was adapted by Paul Otlet (.. Rayward's Otlet page.. ;.. Wikipedia entry.. ) and Nobel Prizewinner.. Henri La Fontaine.. from the Decimal Classification of Melvil Dewey, and first published (in French) between 1904 and 1907.. Since then, it has been extensively revised and developed, and has become a highly flexible and effective system for organizing bibliographic records for all kinds of information in any medium (it is well suited to multi-media information collections).. It is structured in such a way that new developments and new fields of knowledge can be readily incorporated.. The code itself is independent of any particular language or script (consisting of arabic numerals and common punctuation marks), and the accompanying class descriptions have appeared in many translated versions.. UDC is in worldwide use, and has been published in whole or in part in 40 different languages (see.. bibliography of UDC editions.. ).. UDC is used in bibliographic services, documentation centres and libraries in around 130 countries world-wide (see.. an overview.. Library collections indexed by UDC can be found in library OPACs and databases (see information about.. larger collections.. The.. International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID).. managed UDC from its creation around 1900 until the 1980s when it became clear that a more broadly based and financially autonomous organization was needed to administer and exploit UDC.. FID, together with the publishers of the Dutch, English, French, Japanese and Spanish editions, became the founder members of a new body: the.. UDC Consortium (UDCC).. The Consortium assumed ownership of UDC on 1 January 1992.. The UDCC appoints the.. UDC Editorial Team.. and an.. Advisory Board.. with international membership, to oversee the content of UDC and contribute to its revision.. Scope.. All branches of human knowledge have a place in UDC, and are treated as parts of a balanced whole.. Because of the nature of the subjects, the listed subdivisions in science and technology outweigh those of the arts and social sciences, but these subjects demand different criteria, and are also properly provided for.. UDC has been modified and extended over many years to cope with the increasing output in all disciplines, and is still under continuous review so as to take account of new developments.. Structure.. UDC s most innovative and influential feature is its ability to express not just simple subjects but relations between subjects.. This facility is added to a hierarchic structure, in which knowledge is divided into ten  ...   come all of its subdivisions before 611.. 2 occurs, and so on; after 619 comes 62.. An advantage of this system is that it is infinitely extensible, and when new subdivisions are introduced, they need not disturb the existing allocation of numbers.. The Tables.. There are two kinds of tables in UDC:.. The main tables (also called the 'schedules'): these contain the outline of the various disciplines of knowledge, arranged in 10 classes and hierarchically divided (as explained in 'Structure' above).. They are numbered from 0 to 9.. Auxiliary tables (also called 'common auxiliary tables'), including certain auxiliary signs.. The signs (e.. g.. the plus, the stroke, the colon) are used to link two (or more) numbers, so expressing relations of various kinds between two (or more) subjects.. The enumerative tables denote recurrent characteristics, applicable over a range of subjects; the auxiliary is simply added at the end of the number for the subject.. The most general of them, called common auxiliaries, are applicable throughout the main tables, and represent notions such as place, language of the text and physical form of the document, which may occur in almost any subject.. There are also more restricted series, called special auxiliaries, which express aspects that are recurrent, but in a more limited subject range.. They are therefore listed only in particular sections of the main tables.. Maintenance.. A core version of UDC, with more than 68,000 subdivisions, is mantained in the UDC Master Reference File database and the standard UDC scheme is distributed in English, as a database file export called the UDC MRF under.. various licences.. Although the main language of the database is English, a great proportion of data exists in parallel in German and Dutch and will be fully aligned with the English language data by 2012 (see also.. UDC Summary.. - a freely available mulgiliangual selection of the scheme).. UDC MRF updates have been released annually since 1993.. In the period 2007-2009 the UDC MRF database was migrated to a new mySQL database with many added features including an enhanced data structure for UDC content management and access.. Since 1992 the UDC Consortium has maintained the quality of the scheme by reviewing its content and initiating revisions and extensions.. Since 1993 approximately 40% of UDC scheme has been completely revised and updated.. The results are published in the journal.. Extensions and Corrections to the UDC.. (ISSN 0014-5424) which also contains articles and major revision proposals.. Editions of UDC, incorporating the authorized amendments, are published by the members of the Consortium, each in its own language and by many other licensed publishers.. Last updated: 21 October 2010.. About UDC.. Outline.. Master Reference File.. UDC news.. |.. UDC publications.. Bibliography.. Consortium members.. UDC users..

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  • Title: UDC Summary
    Descriptive info: 50 languages.. Afrikaans (Afrikaans).. Arabic (العربية).. Armenian (հայերեն).. Basque (Euskara).. Belarusian (Беларуская).. Bengali (ব ল ).. Bulgarian (Български).. Catalan (Català).. Chinese (中文).. Croatian (Hrvatski).. Czech (Čeština).. Danish (Dansk).. Dutch (Nederlands).. English (English).. Esperanto (Esperanto).. Estonian (Eesti).. Finnish (Suomi).. French (Français).. Galician (Galego).. Georgian (ქართული).. German (Deutsch).. Greek (Ελληνικά).. Hindi (ह न द ).. Hungarian (Magyar).. Indonesian (Bahasa Ind).. Irish (Gaeilge).. Italian (Italiano).. Japanese (日本語).. Kannada (ಕನ ನಡ).. Kazakh (Қазақ тілі).. Latvian (Latviešu).. Lithuanian (lietuvių).. Malayalam (മലയ ള ).. Marathi (मर ठ ).. Norwegian (Norsk).. Polish (Polski).. Portuguese (Português).. Punjabi (ਪ ਜ  ...   (தம ழ ).. Turkish (Türkçe).. Ukrainian (Yкраї нська).. Vietnamese (tiếng Việt).. TOP.. SIGNS.. AUXILIARIES.. 0.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. TRANSLATIONS.. MAPPINGS.. EXPORTS.. ABC INDEX.. GUIDE.. ABOUT.. expand all.. collapse all.. click on a class to the left to display records.. The UDC Summary (UDCS) provides a selection of around 2,400 classes from the whole scheme which comprises more than 69,000 entries.. Please send questions and suggestions to.. udcs@udcc.. The data provided in this Summary is released under the.. Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.. 0 license.. [more]..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: Master Reference File (MRF)
    Descriptive info: Master Reference File (MRF).. What is the MRF?.. How can I access it?.. MRF Licence.. Major changes to the UDC since 1993.. The UDC Master Reference File (MRF) is a database that contains the UDC schedules together with records needed for administration, maintenance and archiving.. It contains the definitive, authorized version of the UDC and is maintained as a working tool for the UDC Consortium.. The UDCC created and maintains the MRF database in order to manage the content of the UDC, to determine the need and priority for revisions, and to keep track of changes over time.. To safeguard its contents, a duplicate of the database is used for regular maintenance and updating during the year.. Once finalized, this is used to create the new master file each year (during December/January).. The new version of the MRF containing that year's changes is used to provide the output for distribution to Consortium Members and licence holders and, if their applications are approved, also to other users.. Proposals for change to the UDC schedules are published annually in.. Extensions and corrections to the UDC.. together with the latest approved changes.. Copies of each annual edition of Extensions and corrections are printed during November and normally available for sale in December.. All agreed cancellations are published on the UDCC web site.. The MRF is the definitive source on which publishers base their UDC publications or services.. Users other than publishers can also benefit from direct access to the MRF, whether for classification, research or other purposes.. They may need to support their specific use, in particular, by employing a suitable software application.. The MRF database was originally designed using.. UNESCO's CDS/ISIS software package.. that supports international standards for the bibliographical data exchange format  ...   updated once a year during December/January to incorporate revisions and amendments published in.. As the authorized version of the Universal Decimal Classification, the MRF is available under licence.. In addition to the updated MRF, each user is provided with separate files containing new numbers, modifications and cancellations.. The terms and costs of licences vary according to the use that is made of data.. More information is available.. here.. It should be emphasized that the primary purpose for which the MRF database was originally created and is regularly updated is for the maintenance of the UDC and the distribution of the updated content to Members and licence holders as the source for their publications.. Although it is not designed with end-users in mind, it is an excellent, comprehensive reference tool and is available under.. licence terms.. to classifiers, librarians and other users.. CDS/ISIS users are provided with ISO exports and empty database file in case they want to import the UDC MRF in the CDS/ISIS database, from 2011 SQL tables will be provided for UDC MRF licence holders to use data in other type of DBMS systems.. Different database exports can beprovided on demand.. Ideally, in bibliographic databases or OPACs, the MRF should be integrated into local cataloguing or indexing systems which provide a familiar and customized interface.. The UDC Consortium specifically allows access (under licence) to MRF data in order to encourage the creation of various software applications designed to hold, display and handle UDC schedules or use them invisibly in other applications, such as translation or mapping mechanisms.. The UDC Consortium is always ready to discuss such cases and is willing to negotiate terms for active collaboration.. Last updated: 21 February 2010.. UDC News.. UDC Publications.. Consortium Members.. UDC Users..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: News
    Descriptive info: UDC discussion list.. UDC licence.. UDC Weblog.. UDCC Products - Pricelist.. UDC use and users.. Events and Conferences.. Recent Publications.. Notes Queries.. UDC IFLA Updates:.. 2006.. 2007.. 2008.. 2009.. 2010.. 2011.. UDC cancellations.. 18/07/2012.. We would like to invite colleagues interested in UDC to join us at our regular UDC Update session at the IFLA General Conference, in Helsinki:.. Sunday 12 August, 12.. 15-13.. 45, Room 206.. We will provide further information and materials in the following weeks.. If you are attending the IFLA conference, join us to learn more about the plans and developments for UDC in 2013: this is an opportunity to put forward suggestions and proposals and get involved.. 05/07/2012.. The Classification and Indexing Section s June Newsletter is now available.. This issue includes news about UDC editions and activities:.. http://www.. ifla.. org/en/publications/classification-and-indexing-section-newsletter.. 01/07/2012.. UDC MRF 2011 is now in preparation and will be released shortly.. The annual update increases the size of UDC MRF to over 70,000 entries.. Over 2,200 new classes were added primarily in the Place tables, Geological time subdivision and Biology.. Over 700 classes were cancelled and 1,000 records were altered.. 30/06/2012.. Extensions Corrections to the UDC 33(2011).. is now in print and will be distributed in August 2012.. You can see the content at.. udcc.. org/ec33_2011.. htm.. 01/02/2012.. UDC Summary as linked data can now be browsed at html.. Read more at.. http://udcdata.. info/.. 24/12/2011.. Bibliography of.. UDC Publications 2010.. is now available online.. 01/12/2011.. Table of Contents of.. Extensions Corrections to the UDC.. 32 (2010).. available online.. 04/12/2011.. Punjabi translation of UDC Summary, top classes is now available.. online.. 18/11/2011.. released as linked data.. The first static export dump in 26 languages is available from.. org/udcsummary/exports.. Further development of UDC in SKOS will be available by the end of 2011.. 10/07/2011.. UDC Update meeting at IFLA in Puerto Rico will take place on.. Thursday, 18 August.. 13:15-14:15.. Room 102A.. UDC Newsletter (IFLA edition), August 2011 is available as pdf in.. English.. and in.. Spanish.. Proceedings of the.. International UDC Seminar 2011.. published by Ergon Verlag will be distributed at the conference in September and delegates will be able to buy additional copies at a special conference discount price.. Read more.. 01/05/2011.. International UDC Seminar 2011 Classification Ontology.. will take place on 19-20 September 2011 in Koninklijke Bibliotheek.. Early bird.. registrations.. are now open.. 12/10/2010.. Upon the completion of the UDC MRF 2009 cancelled numbers are published at.. org/cancellations.. The MRF 2009 has 68,552 records.. The changes with respect to MRF 2008 (size 68,193 records) is as follows: 837 new numbers, 478 cancellations and 1009 records were modified.. 01/09/2010.. Bibliography of UDC related publications in 2009 is available.. The content of Extensions Corrections to the UDC, 31 (2009) containing the proceedings of the.. UDC Seminar 2009 Classification at a Crossroads.. is available.. 26/07/2010.. UDC Update Session at.. World Library and Information Congress: 76th IFLA General Conference and Assembly Open access to knowledge - promoting sustainable progress.. , 10-15 August 2010, Gothenburg, Sweden - will take place on Friday, 13 August 2010, 13:00-14.. 00, Room R2.. Download the update text.. 22/01/2010.. The latest UDC products brochures by AENOR (UDC in Spanish) and BSI (UDC in English) can be dowloaded from the.. UDC products webpage.. 15/01/2010.. A short report from the UDC Seminar 2009 Classification at a Crossroad: multiple directions to usability is published in the.. latest issue of the Classification and Indexing Section Newsletter (IFLA).. The issue also contain a short text about the multilingual.. UDC Summary project.. 15/12/2009.. , a selection of around 2000 classes from the UDC MRF is now available in 16 languages.. 15/11/2009.. Outputs from the UDC Seminar 2009, including photographs, presentations  ...   their copies in March 2009.. 30/10/2008.. Following the success of the.. first International Seminar on UDC.. , the second in a series of biennial conferences entitled.. Classification at a Crossroads: Multiple Directions to Usability.. will take place on 29-30 October 2009 in the.. UDC headquarters.. at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague.. To read more about the conference topics and call for papers visit the conference.. 03/02/2008.. An updated overview of UDC editions and a bibliography of translations in 39 languages is provided at.. org/bibliography.. 29/01/2008.. The new 29 (2007) issue of the Extensions and Corrections to the UDC has now been published.. The Annex of the issue (pages 159-321) contains.. Proceedings of the International Seminar Information Access for the Global Community , 4-5 June 2007.. See the.. table of contents and ordering information.. 27/09/2007.. At the.. UDC seminar 2007.. in The Hague,.. MagnaView.. presented an innovative visual application which gives you the possibility to view the UDC Master Reference File in novel ways, and to interact with it visually.. More information about.. UDC Viewer.. features, price and purchase is available in the MagnaView.. brochure.. 27/07/2007.. Conference Announcement: STI-2007, Moscow, 24-26 October 2007.. 7th International Conference on Information Society, Intelligent Information Processing, Information Technologies (STI-2007) see.. more.. New e-mail address for UDC Consortium is.. 15/07/2007.. UDC UPDATE AT.. 73rd IFLA General Conference and Council Libraries for the future: Progress, Development and Partnerships.. - Durban, South Africa.. Monday 20 August, 13.. 00-14.. 00h, Room 12ab.. The UDC UPDATE is an informal meeting to share general information and latest news about the Universal Decimal Classification.. Representatives and collaborators of the UDC Consortium will be there to exchange information and views with users and publishers of the UDC.. If you are attending IFLA and are interested in UDC matters, please make a note in your conference diary!.. 03/07/2007.. At the UDC Seminar in June, MagnaView announced that a special UDC-version of their application for visualising UDC MRF would be released on July 1.. MagnaView has decided to postpone this release until September 1 to further improve this version.. Their presentation Visual Universal Decimal Classification? and a summary of their talk can be viewed.. 02/07/2007.. Presentation files and abstracts of the talks delivered at the.. UDC Seminar 2007.. are now linked from the Seminar's programme at.. org/seminar07/programme.. 12/06/2007.. Prof.. Hermut Arntz passed away on 31 May 2007.. Prof Arntz was an active member of FID Central Classification Committee and spent many years working on UDC (.. read more.. 11/06/2007.. We have created a UDC Weblog at.. http://universaldecimalclassification.. blogspot.. com.. 05/06/2007.. A new revised edition of the.. UDC Guide by I.. C.. McIlwaine.. is published in June 2007.. 04/06/2007.. The UDC Seminar 2007.. - a two day event at the UDCC Headquarters in The Hague was opened in front of around 70 participants.. 22/04/2007.. IUFRO Updated Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFDC) Published By IUFRO.. IUFRO announces the publication of an extensively updated bilingual full version of English/German edition of the Global Forest Decimal Classification (GFDC).. The classification is used with UDC to provide more precision for forestry subjects.. 08/03/2007.. Enhancement of UDC data for use and sharing in a networked environment : [presentation at the Librarian Workshop in conjunction with ".. The 31st Annual Conference of the German Classification Society on Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Applications.. ", March 7-9, 2007, Freiburg i.. Br.. , Germany] by Aida Slavic, Maria Ines Cordeiro, Gerhard Riesthuis.. Available at.. http://dlist.. sir.. arizona.. edu/.. 31/01/2007.. Tamás Földi, a well known UDC specialist from Hungary, passed away at the age of 78.. Among librarians he was known as an expert dealing with scientific information, documentation and information-policy (.. ).. Last updated: 18 July 2012..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: Publications
    Descriptive info: UDC Consortium Products.. UDC Licences.. What are UDC licences and what do you need them for?.. UDC Publishing Licences -.. Prices.. and.. Terms.. UDC All UDC publishing licencees are automatically supplied with.. UDC MRF.. data.. Licences for UDC MRF Data Use.. -.. UDC MRF in English is updated annually, and is distributed in the following exports: XML, formatted text files and ISO2709.. Empty database files (CDS/ISIS) are also provided.. Publications.. Annual publication, containing information on UDC, articles and changes in the UDC scheme for the previous year.. last issue.. :.. 33 (2011).. The next issue: 34 (2012) in preparation.. expected in January 2013.. 125.. Ordering.. Universele Decimale Classificatie.. Dutch edition of the UDC scheme.. Prices.. Forthcoming.. :.. Universele decimale classificatie: eerste nederlandse pocketuitgave.. Dutch pocket edition: over 10,000 classes with introduction and detailed subject-alphabetical index.. Expected in September 2012.. 69.. (VAT incl).. Classification and ontology: formal approaches and access to knowledge.. Edited by Aida  ...   MagnaView: UDC MRF Viewer.. Other Publishers.. UDC publications in English.. BSI UDC products.. - (Download BSI UDC.. brochure 2009).. UDC Online.. - Universal Decimal Classification on the Web.. UDC Complete Edition.. , 2 volumes (2005).. Abridged Edition.. (2003).. UDC publications in Spanish.. AENOR UDC products (Dowload AENOR UDC.. brochure 2009.. Clasificación Decimal Universal: abreviada revisada (2004).. Clasificación Decimal Universal: edición bolsillo (2004).. Clasificación Decimal Universal: primera modificación (2004).. Guía para el uso de la CDU (2003).. CDU.. Clasificación Decimal Universal (publicación en soporte CD-ROM) (2000).. CDU Impresa.. Clasificación Decimal Universal.. (Tablas sistemáticas.. 3 volúmenes) (2000).. UDC publications in French.. Editions du CEFAL.. Classification Décimale Universelle.. - Edition Moyenne Internationale - 2004 en 3 volumes.. Classification Décimale Universelle.. - Édition abrégée - 8e édition [.. New!].. Guide d'utilisation de la CDU.. by I.. McIlwaine.. UDC publications in Czech.. Mezinárodní desetinné trídení : CD ROM: English/Czech.. 5th ed.. (2004).. UDC publications in Russian.. Last updated:11 July 2012..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: Bibliography
    Descriptive info: printed editions.. online editions.. overview of editions.. annually.. historically.. UDC Editions (40 languages).. UDC edition overview.. (Updated 05/07/2010).. Bibliography of last reported UDC editions.. (Updated 10/03/2011).. The latest research on the UDC translations and editions, published in the.. Extensions and Corrections, 26 (2004).. , contains a chronological summary of the editions and bibliography of last reported editions in 39 languages, and is available.. The last research on the UDC use worldwide was undertaken between 2004-2006.. The results are published in the.. Journal of Documentation, Vol.. 62 2(2008).. and a pre-print of the article is available.. Annual Bibliography of UDC editions and related publications.. Select year.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. 2005.. 2004.. 2003.. 2002.. 2001.. 2000.. 1999.. 1998.. 1997.. 1996.. 1995.. In the.. we.. record editions of the UDC worldwide and UDC related publications annually.. Selection of recent standard printed editions.. (the complete content of the UDC Master Reference File).. In English:.. UDC: Universal Decimal Classification.. Standard edition.. 2 volumes.. London :.. BSI,.. 2005.. Volume 1 - Systematic tables, ISBN 0 580 45469 X.. Volume 2 - Alphabetical Index, ISBN 0 580 45470 3.. In French.. Classification décimale universelle.. Édition moyenne internationale en 3 volumes.. Liège, Éditions du.. E.. F.. A.. L.. , 2004.. ISBN 2-87130-152-2.. In Spanish:.. Clasificación Decimal Universal (CDU) Norma UNE 50001:2000.. Printed edition in 3 volumes.. Madrid,.. AENOR.. , 2000.. ISBN: 978-84-8143-255-8 [for the complete set].. Volume 1: Tablas sistemáticas (0 / 5) 478 pp ISBN: 84-8143-256-3.. Volume 2: Tablas sistemáticas (6 / 9) 554 pp ISBN: 84-8143-257-1.. Volume 3: Índice alfabético.. 166 pp.. ISBN: 84-8143-258-X.. In Portuguese (Brazil).. Classificação Decimal Universal.. 2nd standard international ed.. in Portuguese.. Editor in chief Regina Coeli S.. Fernández.. Brasília : Ministerio de Ci ncia e Tecnología; Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ci ncia e Tecnologia, 2007.. (Publicação no UDC-P053).. Volume 1.. Tabelas sistemáticas; 1257 pp.. ISBN 978-85-7013-075-4.. Volume 2.. Indice alfabético ; 603 pp.. ISBN 978-85-7013-074-7.. UDC Online editions.. Multilingual.. Multilingual UDC Summary.. (49 languages, over 2600 UDC classes, free access and use).. In English:.. UDC Online (BSI).. (standard edition  ...   Centenary, Brussels, November 1976 (FID 561), The Hague: FID, 1978.. Fill, Karl.. Einführung in das Wesen der Dezimalklassifikation (FID 611), Berlin: Köln, Beuth Verlag, 1981.. Foskett, A.. The Universal Decimal Classification: the history, present status and future prospects of a large general classification scheme, London: Bingley, 1973.. Freeman, R.. The management of a classification scheme: modern approaches exemplified by the UDC Project of the American Institute of Physics , Journal of Documentation, 23, 1967, 304-320.. Proceedings of First Seminar on UDC in a Mechanized Retrieval System.. , and Atherton, P.. (eds.. ) (FID/CR Rep.. No.. ) Copenhagen, Danish Centre for Documentation.. 1969.. The UDC: essays for a new decade,Gilchrist, A.. and Strachan, D.. ) London: Aslib, 1990.. Guide to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).. (BS 1000C:1963), London: British Standards Institution, 1963.. [by Jack Mills].. International Symposium.. UDC in Relation to other Indexing Languages, Herceg Novi, Yugoslavia, 28 June-1 July, 1971.. Proceedings, Belgrade: Yugoslav Center for Technical and Scientific Documentation; The Hague: FID, 1972.. McIlwaine, I.. The Universal Decimal Classification - a guide to its use.. Revised ed.. The Hague: UDC Consortium, 2007.. (Also published in French, Japanese, Spanish, Romanian, Croatian).. Perrault, J.. M.. Towards a theory for UDC, London: Bingley, 1969.. Rayward, W.. B.. The Universe of information: the work of Paul Otlet for documentation and.. international organisation (FID 520), Moscow: VINITI.. , 1978.. Robinson, G.. U.. D.. C: A brief introduction.. The Hague: FID, 1979.. Seminar on UDC in a mechanized information retrieval system, Copenhagen, 2-6 September, 1968: proceedings Molgaard-Hansen, R.. , Rigby, M.. 9), Copenhagen: Danish Centre for Documentation, 1969.. Seminar on UDC and mechanized information systems, Frankfurt, 1-5 June, 1970: proceedings.. Molgaard-Hansen, R.. , Westring-Nielsen, M.. ).. (FID/CR Rep.. 11), Copenhagen: Danish Centre for Documentation, 1971.. Wellisch, Hans.. The Universal Decimal Classification: a programmed instruction course, Baltimore, MD: Univ of Maryland, School of Library Information Services, 1970.. The first UDC editions.. Manuel du Repertoire Bibliographique Universel, Brussels: IIB, 1905-1907.. Classification Décimale Universelle, (FID 151), Brussels: IIB, 1927-1933.. Dezimal-Klassifikation (Gesamtausgabe), (FID 196), Berlin: DNA.. ,1934-1953.. Last updated: 06 12 2012..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: Members
    Descriptive info: Members Access Only.. About UDCC Membership.. Current UDCC members.. Editorial Team.. The UDC Consortium (UDCC) is a self-funded, non-commercial, organization.. It was established in 1991 by FID and the publishers of the Dutch, English, French, Japanese and Spanish editions.. Current members are AENOR (Spain), BSI (UK), CEFAL (Belgium), National Library of the Czech Republic and VINITI (Russia).. The objective of the organization is to direct the development and dissemination of the Universal Decimal Classification in the best interests of its publishers and users.. Each of the members of the Consortium has the exclusive right to publish UDC in its language.. Members of the consortium, together with the chairman and the editor-in-chief of the UDC, form the.. Executive Committee.. This body determines the strategy and policy of the Consortium's activities and assigns priorities and budgets.. Day to day administration and management of UDCC activities rests with the office administrator.. The development and the maintenance of the UDC scheme is the responsibility of the.. , consisting of associate editors and coordinated by the editor-in-chief.. The work on the scheme revision and development is done in cooperation with the.. UDC Advisory Board.. , an international body of classification specialists.. UDCC CHAIRMAN.. UDC EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.. Mr Alan Hopkinson.. Head of Systems and Bibliographic Services.. Middlesex University Learning Resources.. The Sheppard Library.. The Burroughs, Hendon.. London NW4 4BT.. Phone: +44(0)20 8411 5238.. Fax:+44(0) 20 8411 5163.. Email:.. a.. hopkinson[@t]mdx.. ac.. uk.. Dr Aida Slavic.. London, United Kingdom.. Correspondence address:.. PO Box 90407.. 2509 LK The  ...   Moscow 125315.. Russia.. Tel: (+7) 095 152 6060.. Fax: (+7) 095 943 0060.. fidroe[@t]viniti.. msk.. ru.. EDITIONS DU CEFAL.. cefal.. com/.. Contact: Mr Jacques Burlet.. 31 Boulevard Frère-Orban.. 4000 Liège.. Belgium.. Tel: (+32) 42-54 25 20.. Fax: (+32) 42-54 24 40.. cefal.. celes[@t]skynet.. be.. THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC.. nkp.. cz/.. Contact: Ms Marie Balíková.. Klementinum 190.. 110 01 Prague 1.. Czech Republic.. Tel: (+420) 2 21663352.. Fax: (+420) 2 21663352.. E-mail:.. marie.. balikova[@t]nkp.. cz.. , United Kingdom.. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.. Ms Marie Balíková.. , Czech Republic.. Ms Vanda Broughton.. Dr Andrew Buxton.. Ms Sylvie Davies.. , United Kingdom.. ASSOCIATE EDITOR.. Dr Victoria Frâncu,.. Romania.. Dr Claudio Gnoli,.. Italy.. Prof Ágnes Hajdu Barát.. , Hungary.. Prof Ia C McIlwaine,.. United Kingdom.. Mr Alan Pritchard,.. Dr Gerhard Riesthuis,.. Netherlands.. Prof Nancy Williamson.. , Canada.. UDC Advisory Board 2012.. Ms Marina Akhverdova,.. Ukraine.. Mr Victor Beloozerov,.. Mr Miguel Benito,.. Dr Alexandra Dipchikova.. , Bulgaria.. Dr Wei Fan.. , China.. Dr Jolanta Hys,.. Poland.. Ms Lidija Juri -Vukadin.. , Croatia.. Ms Jelica Lešči ,.. Croatia.. Devika Madali.. , India.. Ms Alžbeta Martinická,.. Slovakia.. Ms Sirje Nilbe,.. Estonia.. Mr Benjamin Peiffer.. , Belgium.. Dr Jiri Pika,.. Switzerland.. ARD Prasad.. , India.. Ms Svetlana Pugacheva.. , Belarus.. Ms Darija Rozman,.. Slovenia.. Prof Rosa San Segundo,.. Mrs Manuela Santos,.. Portugal.. Prof Mohinder Satija,.. India.. Mr Wouter Schallier,.. Chile.. K P Singh.. Ms Ilinka Smiljani.. , Serbia.. Prof Sebastião de Souza.. , Brazil.. Mr Takaya Totsuka,.. Japan.. Dr Ekaterina Zaitseva.. , Russia.. Last updated: 30 October 2012..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: UDC Users, Communication and Use
    Descriptive info: UDC users.. USERS WORLDWIDE.. UDC user list and contacts information.. UDC use: overview by countries and languages.. COMMUNICATION.. UDC-Forum.. - is an open general discussion list for UDC users and researchers hosted by the British National Academic Mailing List Service known as.. JISCmail.. You can join by following this.. link.. The list is managed by Andrew Buxton.. Language: English.. - is a space for the exchange and publishing of information and news on UDC.. The blog is maintained by Aida Slavic.. Comments on the blog are open to all.. If you would like to use this space to publish your messages contact aida.. org and an invitation will be send to you.. CDU-ES - Lista de  ...   email es-info [AT] udcc.. UDC.. Lista Italia.. - is an open discussion.. Italian Working Group on UDC.. (currently working on the revision of class 1 Philosophy) and for UDC researchers and users in Italy in general.. The list is hosted by UDCC and run by Claudio Gnoli.. Language: Italian.. UDC-Development.. - is closed a list for members of the UDC editorial team, members of the UDC Advisory Board and invited UDC experts, hosted by UDCC.. The list is run by Aida Slavic.. UDK Konsorcium Rossiya.. - is the forum (VBulletin) for Russian UDC users run by VINITI.. Language: Russian.. UDC USE.. Bibliographic databases indexed by UDC.. UDC in library OPACS.. UDC research.. Last updated: 10 April 2009..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium: Bibliography
    Descriptive info: : (+31) 70 314 0509 Fax: (+31) 70 314 0667 E-mail:.. udc@kb.. nl.. countries.. languages.. Countries with UDC users.. Information presented here is based on.. 2004 research.. and subsequent verification.. A - UDC is used in the majority of libraries within the country and is the dominant classification system.. B - UDC is used in some type of libraries and in these countries it is used alongside other dominant classification system(s) such as DDC or some national classification system.. UDC in these countries is a well known classification system and is also most likely to be taught in LIS schools (at least some).. C - although there are libraries and information centres using UDC in these countries, the system is used rarely.. EUROPE (41).. A.. Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Repubic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.. Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine.. Austria, Faroe Islands, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.. ASIA (24).. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Macao.. India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhastan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.. Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan.. AFRICA (24).. Algeria, Angola, Burkina  ...   (4).. Australia, French.. Polynesia, New Zealand.. Fiji.. In addition:.. UDC users survey in Delhi 2007.. - report published in.. Extensions Corrections to The UDC, 30 (2008).. Countries by language of use.. UDC edition overview (39 languages).. ENGLISH.. B: Australia, Finland, Norway, Ghana, South Africa, India, UK.. B/C: Ireland, Canada, Uganda, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand.. C: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Trinidad Tobago, USA, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, Barbados, Jamaica.. FRENCH.. A: Congo DR, Togo.. A/B: Belgium, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal.. B: France, Luxembourg, Tunisia.. B/C: Benin, Libya, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, French Polynesia.. C: Cameroon.. GERMAN.. A/B: Switzerland.. B/C: Germany.. C: Austria.. PORTUGUESE.. A: Portugal, Angola.. A/B: Mozambique, Macao (China).. B: Guinea Bissau, Brazil.. B/C: Cape Verde.. RUSSIAN.. A/B: Armenia, Azerbaijan.. B: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.. SPANISH.. A: Andorra, Spain.. B: Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay.. B/C: Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela.. OTHER LANG.. A : Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech R.. , Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Serbia Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.. A/B: Bulgaria.. B: Denmark, Sweden, Japan.. B/C: Vietnam, The Netherlands, Surinam.. C: China, Faeroe Islands, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey,.. Last updated: 30 December 2010..

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  • Title: UDC Consortium
    Descriptive info: Bibliographic databases indexed by UDC.. In countries in which UDC is the main classification system (.. see the list.. ), national union catalogues and.. national bibliographies.. will also contain UDC numbers.. These databases are often large and are valuable information resources organized by UDC.. NAME.. NUMBER OF RECORDS.. COLLECTION INFORMATION.. VINITI RAS.. 28 mil.. Vserossiisky Institut Nauchnoi i Tekhnicheskoi Informatsii (VINITI) - All-Russian Scientific and Technical Information Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences is the leading information centre in Russia and.. CIS countries.. VINITI uses UDC as supplementary classification and to index selected material.. However, all documents in the 28 milion large VINITI Data Bank have.. State Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information.. codes mapped to UDC through a concordances table.. VINITI Data Bank consists of:.. multi-thematic databases (retrospective since 2001) growing annually by 700,000 records.. 30 thematic abstract databases for Natural and Pure Sciences.. Growing annualy by 1 mil records.. Slovak National Library Catalogue.. 4 mil.. Catalog of the Slovak National Library has 4.. 7 mil records (part of the collection still lacks full bibliographic description).. COBIB.. SI.. 5 mil.. Slovenian national union catalogue.. NEBIS.. 3 mil.. The Network of Libraries and Information Centers in Switzerland (NEBIS) comprises of over 80 university, technical college and research institute libraries from all language regions.. NEBIS is a member of the Informationsverbund Deutschschweiz IDS.. ROLiNeST.. Romanian Library Network Science Technology Portal.. The Romanian national virtual catalogue based on Metalib system is a distributed catalogue which offers the possibility of simultaneous searching of bibliographic databases  ...   Academy of Sciences (Biblioteka po estestvennym naukam Rossiiskoy akademii nauk).. Czech National Bibliography.. Czech National Bibliography contains 902.. 505 records, 554.. 812 of them is indexed by UDC.. Croatian National and University Library Catalogue.. OPAC of the Croatian National and University Library in Zagreb has 509.. 000 records.. MNB.. 6 mil.. Hungarian National Bibliography (MNB) contain 612,352 records (books, e-documents, cartographic documents, music prints and manuscripts, and sound recordings).. Meteorological Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA).. 600 journal titles.. American Meteorological Society.. - MGA ontains records drawn from the World's literature on meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry and physics, astrophysics, hydrology, glaciology, physical oceanography and environmental sciences.. Summaries from over 600 journal titles, as well as conference proceedings, books, technical reports and other monographs, are included.. Each record includes complete citation information, Universal Decimal Classification subject classifications, and subject descriptors drawn from the MGA Controlled Vocabulary.. Online versions of the Controlled Vocabulary and the UDC subject classifications are available to facilitate online searching.. Countries which use UDC in their national bibliographies.. Europe.. (430) Germany (until 2003).. (437.. 1/.. 2) Czech Republic.. 6) Slovakia.. (438) Poland.. (439) Hungary.. (460) Spain.. (469) Portugal.. (470+571)Russian Federation.. (474.. 2) Estonia.. 3) Latvia.. 5) Lithuania.. (476)Belarus.. (477) Ukraine.. (478) Moldova.. (480) Finland.. (496.. 5) Albania.. (497.. 11) Serbia.. 2) Bulgaria.. 4) Slovenia.. 5) Croatia.. 6) Bosnia and Hercegovina.. 7) Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of.. (498) Romania.. Asia.. (575.. 2) Kyrgyzstan.. Africa.. (611) Tunisia.. (64) Morocco.. (65) Algeria.. (663) Senegal.. (665.. 8) Cape Verde (Africa).. (691) Madagascar.. Last updated: 7 June 2010..

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