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  • Title: Main Page - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: .. Main Page.. From XiphWiki.. Jump to:.. navigation.. ,.. search.. In an effort to bring open-source ideals to the world of multimedia the.. Xiph.. Org Foundation.. develops a multitude of amazing products.. This wiki describes our free and open protocols and software.. Contents.. 1.. Demonstrations of Xiph technologies.. 2.. Projects/Formats.. 1.. Container Formats.. 2.. Codecs.. 3.. Software.. 4.. Community.. 5.. Work in Progress.. 3.. Project management.. 4.. Resources for Video and Audio programmers.. 5.. Wiki internal.. Demonstrations of Xiph technologies.. Want to hear or see Xiph in action? These projects are using our codecs, formats, or libraries.. Vorbis Streams.. : Stations streaming with the.. Vorbis.. codec.. Games that use Vorbis.. : Games using the Vorbis codec for music or sound effects.. Vorbis Hardware.. : Hardware players using the Vorbis codec.. Vorbis Software Players.. : list of media players with out-of-box support for Vorbis.. Theora Hardware.. : Hardware using the Theora video codec.. Theora Software Players.. : list of media players with Theora support.. List of Theora videos.. : Sources for video encoded with.. Theora.. Projects/Formats.. Container Formats.. Ogg.. : Media container.. This is our native format and the recommended container for Xiph codecs.. Ogg Skeleton.. : Skeleton information on all logical content bitstreams in Ogg.. Specification of MIME types and respective codecs parameter.. SpeexRTP.. : RTP payload format for voice.. VorbisRTP.. : RTP payload format for general audio.. TheoraRTP.. : RTP payload format for video.. XSPF.. : XML Sharable Playlist Format..  ...   X (does not yet support encoding).. cdparanoia.. : CDDA extractor/ripper.. Community.. How to help.. Spread Open Media.. : project to promote Xiph formats.. MailOgging.. : provides templates for anyone willing to contact a company requesting them to add support for Xiph formats.. People.. : Who's who in Xiph.. Work in Progress.. Work In Progress.. : codecs and software still in the research and development stages.. Todo.. : To-do list for various Xiph projects.. Project management.. AdminProcesses.. : who's in charge of what project.. MonthlyMeeting.. : page with information on Xiph's MonthlyMeeting.. MailingLists.. : list of Xiph's mailing lists.. Bounties.. : list of bounties that you can take to improve Xiph's projects.. Resources for Video and Audio programmers.. Ambisonics.. : page with technical information on Ambisonics.. Courses and papers on Audio, Music and Speech.. : page with links to MIT and other universities' content.. Oggless.. : for ideas on how to use the different Xiph codecs outside Ogg.. Wiki internal.. Translations.. : What about some translation work.. Sandbox.. : Testbed for testing editing skills.. XiphWiki:Copyrights.. : License used for all content on the XiphWiki.. Retrieved from ".. http://wiki.. xiph.. org/Main_Page.. ".. Views.. Page.. Discussion.. View source.. History.. Personal tools.. Log in / create account.. Org Projects.. Audio—.. Opus.. Video—.. Dirac.. Text—.. Container—.. Skeleton.. Streaming—.. Recent changes.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. This page was last modified on 24 November 2010, at 16:49.. Privacy policy.. About XiphWiki.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: Xiph.Org Foundation - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: The.. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to protecting the foundations of Internet multimedia from control by private interests.. Our purpose is to support and develop free, open protocols and software to serve the public, developer, and business markets.. Please see the.. main Xiph About page.. for more details about why we're here.. External links.. Org homepage.. org/Xiph.. Org_Foundation.. This page was last modified on 10 August 2008, at 21:31..

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  • Title: VorbisStreams - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: VorbisStreams.. These links usually point to the page with instructions on how to listen to a stream, not to the station's main homepage.. We don't link directly to the stream because they tend to move around, because the stations like having people visit their websites, and this way you can compare Vorbis with the other legacy proprietary codecs many of these stations still use.. Automatically updated stream directories.. Icecast directory.. , The official xiph.. org stream directory.. Musicgoal.. , Provides a directory of Ogg Vorbis streams.. Radio Indymedia.. , Promotes open-publishing with an aggregated stream list.. Identifies Ogg Vorbis streams.. Live streams.. BBR.. Backstreet Backlash Records, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.. Bermudafunk.. Independent radio for the Rhein/Neckar-region, Germany.. BlueGrassRadio 108.. 24h Bluegrass Related Music - Tallinn, Estonia.. Brazillbient Lounge.. easy listening for punk rockers.. Český Roz hlas.. three public-radio channels, Czech Republic.. CJSW.. University of Calgary student radio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.. DANCE RADIO CZ.. dance radio channels, Czech Republic.. Deutschlandradio.. - Germany's nationwide public radio, broadcasting three channels: Deutschlandfunk (news, politics), DeutschlandRadio Kultur (culture, classical music), DRadio Wissen (science).. Edge FM.. 102.. 1 FM contemporary music from seventies to current, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia.. EBM Radio.. futurepop and industrial music, Germany.. Freies Sender Kombinat (FSK).. non-commercial grassroots radio, Hamburg, Germany.. FullVibes.. underground techno, hardtek, breakbeat, jungle, and drumnbass radio.. HBR1.. music on Futurenet, Germany.. Hertz 87,9.. College Radio, University  ...   radio in Budapest, Hungary.. URGent Radio.. student radio, Gent, Vlaanderen, Belgium.. URN 1350-AM.. student radio, Nottingham, United Kingdom.. WBAI-FM.. part of the Pacifica Foundation, community radio, New York, New York, USA.. WBUR-FM.. public radio news and talk, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.. WCBN-FM.. University of Michigan student radio, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.. WCLV-FM.. classical music, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.. WCPE-FM.. classical music, Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA.. WFMU-FM.. freeform radio, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA.. WKNC-FM.. North Carolina State University student radio, North Carolina, USA.. WRCT-FM.. Carnegie Mellon University student radio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.. WSCA-FM.. community radio, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.. WSIA-FM.. CUNY student radio, Staten Island, New York, New York, USA.. WUML-FM.. college radio, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.. WXDU-FM.. Duke University student radio, Durham, North Carolina, USA.. WXYC-FM.. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student radio, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.. Discontinued streams.. These streams are no longer working; they are mentioned for historical interest.. BBC test stream.. offline since 2003-01-03.. Free radio Linux.. speech synthesizer reading the Linux source code, offline since mid-2004.. San Francisco Liberation Radio.. was forcibly taken offline by the United States Marshalls and FCC on 2003-10-25.. Radio Słuchaj.. Poland.. offline since 2006-12-31.. CBC Radio One Two.. public radio, Toronto, Canada.. FM4.. Unofficial stream of FM4 Austria - offline since 2010.. org/VorbisStreams.. Category.. :.. This page was last modified on 14 September 2011, at 08:35..

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  • Title: Vorbis - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: is a patent-clear, fully open, general purpose audio encoding format standard that rivals or even surpasses the 'upcoming' generation of proprietary codecs (.. AAC.. and.. TwinVQ.. , also known as VQF).. There is no raw Vorbis stream defined, instead the Vorbis codec is typically used in the.. container format for audio files.. Because for a long time the Ogg container was quasi exclusive for Vorbis people often refer to it as 'Ogg Vorbis'.. Later the FLAC audio codec as well as the video codecs Theora and Dirac began to be used inside Ogg too.. In 2010 the.. WebM.. format was defined using the Vorbis codec inside the WebM container.. libvorbis,  ...   a list of all the players we know about.. More information.. : List of hardware-players supporting Ogg Vorbis.. : List of media players that can play Ogg Vorbis.. Vorbis Software Encoders.. : List of libvorbis frontends.. Vorbis Decoders.. : List of decoders (e.. g.. Xiph, Tremor, JOrbis, etc).. Vorbis Encoders.. : List of encoders (e.. Xiph, aoTuV, GT, vorbis-java).. Vorbis-tools.. : Reference tools maintained by Xiph.. org.. : List of games using Ogg Vorbis.. VorbisCasts.. : Audiocasts publishing Ogg.. feeds.. External links.. Wikipedia: Vorbis.. 128kbps public listening test.. 80kbps personal listening test.. 180kbps personal listening test with classical music.. org/Vorbis.. This page was last modified on 25 August 2012, at 14:11..

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  • Title: Games that use Vorbis - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: The following games use.. , most frequently for their in-game music or sound effects:.. All Games By.. Reflexive Entertainment.. 007: Nightfire.. : Uses Ogg Vorbis for background soundtrack.. Ascii Sector.. : Space combat/exploration/trading game.. Uses Ogg Vorbis for music.. Age of Conan — Hyborian Adventures.. : Uses Ogg Vorbis for all audio.. America’s Army.. : Uses Ogg Vorbis for main theme.. Amnesia: The Dark Descent.. AssaultCube.. : A free fast paced first-person shooter with little hardware requirements for Windows, Linux and OS X.. Uses Ogg Vorbis for all game sounds and music.. Black White 2.. : Uses Ogg Vorbis for music.. Candy Cruncher.. : This cute puzzle game from Brian Hook’s company, Pyrogon, uses Vorbis for the addictive music you hear while you race the clock.. Call of Cthulhu.. is a first-person horror game that combines intense action and adventure elements.. It uses Ogg Vorbis for music and speech.. Catechumen.. is a Christian-themed FPS that uses Ogg Vorbis.. Crashday.. : Stunt racing game, developed by independent German studio Moon Byte.. Chicken Litte.. : Adventure game for children inspired by the motion picture in PC edition uses Vorbis for dialogs and music.. (not sure if sound effects too).. Cossacks 2.. : “Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars” is a sequel of “Cossacks: European Wars”.. Ogg Vorbis 1.. 0 files are in \data\music\.. Darwinia.. : The second title from Indy developer Introversion Software.. Darwinia is a stylised retro — Tron meets Cannon Fodder.. It uses Vorbis for all in game sound effects and music.. DEFCON.. : The third title from Introversion Software.. Uses Vorbis for music, effects, everything, like Darwinia.. Devil May Cry 4.. (for the PC, at least): Uses (occasionally multichannel) Ogg Vorbis for ingame and cutscene music.. Deus Ex: Invisible War.. by Ion Storm/Eidos: Uses Ogg Vorbis for music and voice (and possibly for sound fx too).. Diablo III.. uses Vorbis for audio.. DOOM 3.. : The latest version of this famous first person shooter game from id software uses Vorbis for the theme music as well as their ambient and game sounds.. Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.. : This game from 3D Realms was released in 2002 and used Vorbis for their music.. (Official website is down, using Mobygames link).. Dynomite.. : Puzzle Bobble/Bust A Move clone for Windows by PopCap Games, with mouse control.. Uses Ogg Vorbis for nearly all sound effects.. Eschalon.. : A classic-style roleplaying game, for Windows, Mac, and Linux.. Music is in.. Ogg Vorbis.. format.. Enclave.. by Starbreeze/Black Label Games: Uses Ogg Vorbis for music (and possibly for sound fx and voice too).. EVE Online.. by CCP Games, the Icelandic-homed space-based single-shard persistent world game uses Ogg Vorbis for its music.. Fable: The Lost Chapters.. : Uses Ogg Vorbis for music and cutscenes (Ancient libVorbis version, 1.. 0 RC2).. FarCry.. by Crytek: uses Ogg Vorbis for music and effects.. Freedom Fighters.. by IO Interactive: String search reveals “libVorbis I 20011217” in freedom.. exe.. Gangland.. by MediaMobsters: Uses Ogg Vorbis for music and cutscenes (Data\streams\).. Encoded with Xiph.. Org libVorbis I 20020717.. Decoder library: FMOD 3.. 71.. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.. by Rockstar Games/Rockstar North uses Ogg Vorbis to store music, radio, ambient sounds, police messages and cutscene audio.. Players can also store their custom tracks (accessible in-game via the “User Track Player” radio station) in Ogg Vorbis.. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.. Guilty Gear XX.. : The PC version, at least, uses Ogg Vorbis for all the music.. Guitar Hero II.. by Red Octane (Activision), XBox360 platform only (multichannel Vorbis with 5 or 6 channels per song).. Halo.. : Mac and PC versions of Halo use Ogg Vorbis for all audio, it seems.. The Xiph license and dynamically linked libraries of Ogg and Vorbis are included in the Halo directory.. XBox version does not use Ogg Vorbis.. Harry Potter II (Chamber of Secrets).. : This is unsubstantiated, it was reported on one of the vorbis mailing lists, but there is little evidence either way on this title.. EA has been supportive of Vorbis though, so it’s not entirely impossible.. If anyone can give us a yay or nay on this, please do.. Heroes of Might and Magic V.. : Uses Vorbis for audio and Theora for video.. Hitman 2.. : uses Vorbis.. (PC only or consoles too?).. IGI2: Covert Strike.. : Not a Norwegian first-person shooter.. In The Groove.. : The premier dance game created by.. Roxor Games, Inc.. Uses Vorbis for all of the in-game music.. King's Quest I.. : King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (Enchanced) is a fan remake of the original Sierra classic.. Uses Ogg Vorbis for sound and Ogg Theora for cutscene  ...   the install.. Singles 2.. : Uses ogg vorbis for sound.. Ski Jumping 2004.. : A commerical game that accurately models the activity of ski jumping.. The game also contains over 700 Ogg Vorbis files.. Star Trek: Away Team.. : Vorbis is used for all sound in the game — music, voiceover and SFX.. This squad-based strategy game is set in the Star Trek Next Generation universe.. StarCraft II.. : Uses Vorbis for audio.. StoneLoops! Of Jurassica (.. Apple iTunes App Store link.. ): Colorful puzzle game for the iPhone/iPod Touch that uses Ogg Vorbis for audio.. Super Tux.. : Uses Vorbis for music.. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.. LS0 files are in fact Ogg Vorbis files.. Star Wars Republic Commando.. : Vorbis is used in the ambient and game music in this latest action game from LucasArts.. Swarm.. : A fun little arcade shooter.. SWAT 4.. : SWAT 4 uses Ogg Vorbis for audio files.. There.. : uses both Ogg Vorbis for the sound effects and Ogg Speex for realtime group voice chat, a first for an immersive consumer-oriented world.. Voice has become a very popular part of our product! ** posted by.. David Weekly.. , a There developer.. The Battle for Wesnoth.. : uses Ogg Vorbis for it's music and for most of it's sounds.. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher’s Bay (Director’s Cut).. : Uses Vorbis for all audio and Theora for cutscenes.. The Thing.. : Uses Vorbis.. “The original multilanguage distro took three CDs, and went down to only one after I converted all wavs to oggs.. Nifty :) Sadly enough, marketing decided to not have one language per CD anyway (probably to annoy people who migrate) :/ Thanks for a very cool (and easy to use) lib/format!” —Vincent Penquerc’h.. Torus Trooper.. : Frantic 3D shootemup, using Vorbis for the music.. (see also the.. Linux port.. MacOS version.. TrackMania.. uses Vorbis for music in menu and tracks.. [music in self-made tracks also need to be in Vorbis].. Tr3s Lunas.. (aka Music VR episode 1): This game, featuring the music of Mike Oldfield, uses Vorbis for the music.. Tribes: Vengance.. by Irration Games/Sierra use Ogg Vorbis for music.. True Crime: New York City.. : GameCube version contains over 11,500 Ogg Vorbis files.. It is likely that other platform ports also use the same files (note that the.. Xbox version.. uses Windows Media Audio files in place of Ogg Vorbis files).. Tuxtyping 2.. : Educational typing tutor for kids of all ages!.. UFO: Aftershock.. UFO: Afterlight.. Unreal 2.. : PC version uses Vorbis, usage on consoles not confirmed.. “We went with Ogg Vorbis due to its excellent playback and compression, and we used it not only for music but also all of the in-game voice.. Without it, we never would have been able to fit on two CDs.. ” —.. http://www.. 4unrealers.. com/entrevistas/263/.. Unreal Tournament 2003.. : This overwhelmingly-popular multiplayer first person shooter PC title uses Vorbis for its music.. Unreal Tournament 2004.. : Yet another Unreal game which uses Vorbis for the music (What about effects and voice? Does anyone know?).. The readme file of the demo even mentions Speex!.. The Ur-Quan Masters.. : Port of Star Control 2 to modern computers.. Toys for Bob released the source of this amazing game under the GPL in 2002.. Ogg Vorbis is used for the dialogue and the background music.. Uru: Ages Beyond Myst.. : Spinoff from the Myst series.. Lionheart — Legacy of the Crusader.. : An 3/4 RPG from Black Isle.. Uses Vorbis for all audio.. Thanks to all the guys that made Vorbis great.. (I even donated money myself, someday maybe I can convince the company to kick in some bucks as well).. Official site is down, using mobygames link.. Urban Dominion.. (beta): First Person Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game by Global-Gaming.. Uses Ogg Vorbis for the sound system.. Vietcong.. : Vietnam War First Person Shooter by Pterodon.. Uses Ogg Vorbis I believe for the background music.. Vega Strike.. : It is a free spacesim.. Ogg Vorbis files are stored in \music\.. Wings Of War.. : It is an arcade shooter in times of WWI.. Game has ogg.. dll, vorbis.. dll — but *.. ogg files are not accesible.. WinBuild.. : Winbuild is a port of Ken Silverman’s.. original Build engine demo.. (for DOS) to Windows.. It uses Vorbis compression for the music.. World of Warcraft.. : popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game from Blizzard Entertainment use Vorbis for speech and sound effects.. Zax — The Alien Hunter.. : A large 3/4 view action adventure game.. org/Games_that_use_Vorbis.. This page was last modified on 31 May 2012, at 04:41..

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  • Title: Vorbis Hardware - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: (Redirected from.. VorbisHardware.. ).. This is a list of hardware of all categories, from chipsets to ready-to-use products, that support Ogg.. Hardware support status for Ogg Vorbis is relatively good, you can choose between a huge number of mobile flash players, many HDD based players and a respectable number of Hi-Fi components.. More than 50 different companies offer a total of more than a hundred products for virtually every application, there is even a knife that can play Ogg Vorbis now ;-).. If you can't find a suitable player come back next week -- new products are added on a weekly basis, as many companies are working to support Vorbis on their hardware.. If you know of any hardware or projects that are not yet mentioned here, please add them to the list.. Consumer products.. The following music players support Ogg Vorbis either out of the box or after a firmware upgrade:.. Portable players (mobile players).. Flash Memory Storage.. Harddisk Storage.. CD/DVD Audio Players.. Mobile Phones.. Others.. Static players (installed players).. Hi-Fi components.. Car Audio.. Media Storage.. For hardware that is able to run third-party software (such as PDAs and video game consoles), please visit.. VorbisSoftwarePlayers.. Non-consumer products.. This is Vorbis in Silicon, meaning chips from which actual consumer products can be built.. FineArch.. FineArch, Inc.. developed a hardware core and control software for decoding Vorbis.. This technology can be integrated into portable players or cell phones, and since it runs  ...   we knew it was only a matter of time:.. I talked to Deborah Clark, product marketing engineer for audio chipmaker Sigmatel out of Austin, Tex.. She is the company's expert in audio decoders.. She says there is a growing base of support for Ogg Vorbis.. "We can't keep paying these high licensing fees for this.. Manufacturers would flock to something that's free.. ".. from a 2000.. column in Forbes.. Some STMP3500-based devices supports Ogg Vorbis, but there are no notes about this on SigmaTel-website.. SigmaTel introduces the STMP3600 with support for Ogg Vorbis, MP3, AAC, WMA and more.. Tamul Multimedia.. Tamul Multimedia manufactures decoding chips for Samsung.. They claim they have Ogg Vorbis decoding firmware, according to.. The Digital Times.. (Korean).. Telechips.. Telechips has developed the TCC72x, a single chip decoder that can play Vorbis.. The TCC72x series is based on on an ARM940T core, and it is used widely in Korea for players such as Iops or MobiBlu.. VLSI Solution Oy.. VLSI provides two Ogg Vorbis capable chips.. VS1000.. is an Ogg Vorbis decoder and controller chip based on a 16-bit DSP.. VS1053.. is a low-power "MP3 decoder" chip based on the same DSP.. What makes the IC unique is that it can both decode and.. encode.. Ogg Vorbis files.. There are several different quality settings to choose from varying from narrowband speech to high-quality stereo music.. See also.. org/Vorbis_Hardware.. This page was last modified on 2 September 2012, at 08:17..

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  • Title: Vorbis Software Players - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: Here is a list of media players for various operating systems that comes with “out-of-the-box” support for Ogg.. windows.. free software.. proprietary software.. Multi-platform.. DOS.. GNU/Linux *BSD.. Mac OS X.. 6.. Other.. 7.. PalmOS.. 8.. PocketPC.. 9.. Symbian.. 10.. iPhone.. 11.. Android.. windows.. free software.. Songbird.. : player from the great guys at Mozilla, etc.. Plays all major formats (including ogg).. wxmusik.. : player with support for Ogg Vorbis, as well as MP3, WAV, AIFF and WMA.. makes use of an sql based media libary for quick searching.. coolplayer.. : very small player.. mediaportal.. : home theater software.. mpeg audio collection.. : organizer for music collection.. mediamonkey.. : easy-to-use player/tagger/media library with built-in ripper burner which can even encode transcode to Ogg Vorbis.. Jajuk.. : Jajuk is software that organizes and plays music.. It is a full-featured application geared towards advanced users with large or scattered music collections.. Using multiple perspectives, the software is designed to be intuitive and provide different ways to perform the same task.. proprietary software.. winamp.. : very popular player supporting many formats.. foobar2000.. : freeware player with complex options and support for Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV and more.. quintessential player.. : freeware player with support for Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV and audio cds which also includes cd ripping.. dbpoweramp audio player.. : freeware player with Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support.. dbpoweramp music converter.. : freeware audio conversion software with Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support and also includes cd ripping.. xmplay.. ashampoo media player.. : audio and video player.. deliplayer.. mediajukebox.. : audio management.. muzikbrowser.. : player designed for display on a tv screen.. musicmagic mixer.. : player with playlist management.. zinf.. : zinf is not freeamp, freeware player.. vuplayer.. : multi-format freeware audio player with very easy interface.. directshow filter.. : adds support for Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Speex, Ogg Theora, Ogg FLAC, and native FLAC to any directshow-compliant player such as windows media player and bsplayer.. musikcube.. : freeware player.. ksp sound player.. : freeware player with lyrics, media library, suggestion searching and automatic playlist generation.. visonair.. tv player.. : freeware player ─ plays Ogg Vorbis and Theora streams.. jetaudio basic.. huelix audio recorder.. : audio recording software with support for Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MP3, and WAV formats.. huelix audio converter.. : audio conversion software to convert among Ogg Vorbis, WMA, MP3, and WAV formats.. c6 messenger.. : italian instant messenger with audio/video call based on speex/theora (.. icona.. net.. CorePlayer Pro.. : By the makers of TCPMP.. Costs $19.. 95US.. Acquire Digital Signage and Kiosk Software.. : Plays back all ogg media using the included DirectShow filters.. Multi-platform.. jOggPlayer.. : Open Source Java GUI Vorbis Player.. It features the usual basics needed to enjoy your files and internet streams.. VLC Media Player.. : Open Source media player and streaming server that support virtually every video and audio format.. Mplayer.. : Open Source video player that supports also many audio formats.. Zinf.. : Open Source player with support for Ogg Vorbis, as well as MP3, WAV and Audio CDs.. SnackAmp.. : Tcl/Tk player.. HelixPlayer.. : Open source player from RealNetworks.. Firefox.. : Open Source web browser versions 3.. x and 3.. 6.. x.. FFMp3.. : Open Source web (flash) streaming player.. JOrbisPlayer.. : Java Player that uses the.. JOrbis.. Java decoder.. jlGui.. : Winamp clone  ...   Source player with support for Ogg Vorbis, as well as MP3, WAV and AIFF.. Makes use of an SQL based media libary for quick searching.. Xine.. : video player with long list of supported formats.. XMMS.. Mac OS X.. Cog.. – requires Mac OS X 10.. 3 (Panther) and greater.. Quicktime components for.. Quicktime 6.. Quicktime 7.. – enables rudimentary support for iTunes 4.. 7 and greater.. Whamb.. – supports Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Vorbis streams, requires Mac OS X 10.. 2 (Jaguar) and greater.. kJams.. – Karaoke program which supports encoding (or re-encoding) of any audio type to Ogg Vorbis, enables editing of comments with the.. VCEdit Framework.. , requires 10.. 3 and the.. package.. More Info.. Other.. Nintendo DS.. : **.. MoonShell 1.. is a homebrew media player for the Nintendo DS.. It can play Ogg Vorbis.. It has two Vorbis decoders (both using Tremor), a “high accuracy” one limited to 128kbps average, and a “normal accuracy” one that can use higher bitrates, the default being the normal one.. DSOrganize.. transforms the Nintendo DS into a PDA capable of playing Ogg Vorbis audio.. Xbox.. : the.. Xbox Media Center.. is an open source project that transforms a modded Xbox with Linux into a media center and streaming client.. Rockbox.. : A replacement firmware developed for various digital audio players such as the Ipod, various Archos players, and more.. It uses the Tremor library to implement Ogg Vorbis playback.. Sony Playstation Portable.. lightmp3.. is a GNU GPLv2 licensed player which supports Ogg Vorbis and FLAC playback on the PSP.. GamePark32.. : the GP32, an arm9tdmi portable console with much hackability (gcc3 toolchain, expandable memory), has several.. Vorbis players.. available.. Sharp s Zaurus.. : the Zaurus, a very flexible PDA which runs Linux, can play Vorbis files with a variety of software, including a.. plugin.. for the default media player,.. xmms.. Ogg123.. mplayer.. , or.. theKompany.. com s tkcPlayer.. Sony Playstation.. the.. Media Digital Media Player.. is a streaming client solution for the Playstation 2.. PSPlayerMT.. is an “unsupported” Korean media player for the PSP.. The specs claim it will play Ogg Theora and Ogg Vorbis.. PalmOS.. POGGPl.. : still in alpha-stage.. The Magic Lantern.. The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP).. (.. Wikipedia article.. ): Formerly (and now once again) known as BetaPlayer.. Uses.. Tremor.. BetaPlayer.. (website in development ? Dead as of 2010-Feb): Continuation (and precursor) of TCPMP.. Pocket Tunes.. : costs 14.. 95 US$.. AeroPlayer.. : gratis for Ogg.. MP3 support costs 20 US$.. CorePlayer Mobile.. Costs $29.. PocketPC.. GSPlayer.. (WM5/WM6).. PocketOgg.. (PPC2002/PPC2003/WM*): Uses.. , version 0.. 72 Beta seems to not be compatible with PPC2002): Formerly (and now once again) known as BetaPlayer.. Today Player.. : a Today screen plugin.. Conduits Pocket Player.. : Costs $19.. 94US.. PocketMusic.. (PPC2003/WM*): Costs $19.. Symbian.. Ogg Vorbis Controller.. : plugin for Symbian's Multimedia Framework that allows decoding and playing back of Ogg Vorbis compressed audio files.. iPhone.. FStream.. : A no-cost webradio listener/recorder software, which supports.. directory browsing and decodes.. streams.. No "jailbreak" required.. Android.. RockPlayer.. : A NoCost FFMPEG based player that handles most of the formats including OGV/Theora stored on disk.. Needs Android 1.. 6-2.. 2 with ARM processor.. For hardware “MP3-players” that support Ogg Vorbis see.. org/Vorbis_Software_Players.. This page was last modified on 20 September 2012, at 08:07..

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  • Title: Theora Hardware - XiphWiki
    Descriptive info: TheoraHardware.. Hardware support status for Ogg Theora is a new thing, but it seems it's sometimes included even if not advertised.. If you can't find a suitable player come back next week, or ask your vendor if they could add support.. Consumer products.. Non-consumer products.. Encoder.. Decoder.. Architecture and current state of development.. Developers.. See also.. These players support Ogg Theora either out of the box or after a firmware upgrade.. COWON D2.. Supports playback of.. Ogg Theora.. video, out of the box.. COWON O2.. Updated design of the COWON D2 model.. According to Cowon America ( 2010-Sep-02 ), NO Cowon product supports Theora: "Our players do not support Theora video codec.. Its just not a common video codec that you see around in portable media players.. KiSS DP-1500.. Not advertising, but reportedly supports playback of Ogg Theora.. Probably.. other KiSS products.. , too?.. Encoder.. Elphel 333.. can encode a Theora stream.. More information on this project can be found on the project leader's.. Elphel Development Blog.. Decoder..  ...   author of the SOC 2006 proposal presented in his University:.. The first idea of implementation is shown on this presentation:.. Theora Hardware Decoding.. Video Encoding: Basic Principles.. Original 2006 GSOC project proposal.. Architecture and current state of development.. Current Theora Hardware VHDL source.. LEON resouces.. LEON architecture.. Complete description of the LEON3 integration.. Documentation and resources about the LEON3 integration.. students.. ic.. unicamp.. br/~ra023772/images/theora_integration_with_LEON.. png.. Developers.. Felipe Portavales Goldstein (portavales at gmail) -.. Website.. Leonardo de Paula Rosa Piga (leonardo.. piga at gmail) -.. Andre Costa.. : List of hardware-players supporting Ogg Theora.. TheoraSoftwarePlayers.. : List of media players that can play Ogg Theora.. TheoraSoftwareEncoders.. : List of software that can encode to Ogg Theora.. TheoraDecoders.. : List of decoder implementations.. TheoraEncoders.. : List of encoder implementations.. : Get some files to see what the codec's like.. Games that use Theora.. : List of known games that use Theora.. TheoraTestsuite.. : Different samples to test player compliance.. org/Theora_Hardware.. This page was last modified on 3 September 2010, at 18:13..

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    Descriptive info: Windows.. Linux/BSD.. Xiph Plugins for Real Player/Producer.. – QuickTime and Macintosh OS X plug-ins.. : Open Source video player (some limitations).. SMPlayer.. is a front-end which provides mplayer and libraries for different platforms.. CorePlayer.. : A multimedia platform for mobile and desktop computer systems.. Cortado.. : Java applet playing ogg/theora/vorbis.. Mozilla Firefox.. : Open Source web browser, Theora support since version 3.. 5 (was 3.. 1 beta).. Opera.. Web browser (closed source freeware), Theora support in experimental builds from 2007-Nov (very buggy), 10.. 5x versions (official support, but still had problems), and version 10.. 60 (2010-Jul-01) and newer (should be mature, also supports WebM/VP8 video).. Google Chrome.. : Web browser (supports Theora, WebM/VP8 and  ...   Visonair.. tv Player.. : Freeware player - Plays Ogg Vorbis and Theora streams.. Linux/BSD.. Helix Player.. - an open source media player for Linux, Solaris, and Symbian based on the.. Helix DNA Client.. media engine.. Totem.. - a Free Software (GPL-licensed) media player based on.. xine.. or.. GStreamer.. : a Free Software (GPL-licensed) media player, complete with its own media engine and a long list of supported formats.. Supports Darwin/MacOS X (ppc) via the fink project.. Elmedia Player.. – media player for Mac, which supports playback of lots of video formats (OGG Theora, WebM (???), proprietary formats), closed source freeware + PRO version.. org/TheoraSoftwarePlayers.. This page was last modified on 13 January 2012, at 07:26..

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    Descriptive info: This is a list of sites where you can download videos encoded with.. Serial and Episodic.. Video Sharing Services.. Short Films.. Scientific Demonstrations.. Streaming Media.. GNU/Linux Philosophical.. GNU/Linux Technical.. Web/Internet Technical.. Uncatergorized videos.. Serial and Episodic.. ElectroVid.. Learn basic electronics from a electrical engineering student attending University of York.. Iternautas Television.. Spanish website with clips from the Andaluzian station.. Content licensed under CC-BY-NC.. High Density.. A show about technology and politics, with a focus on simple explanations for interesting innovations.. Hosted by Ramon Cahenzli and Shane Coughlan.. Linux Action Show.. Video broadcast of the Linux Action Show during live recording.. Audio podcasts are vorbis-encoded.. Linux Journal.. Linux related tips and tricks, in-depth tutorials, product reviews, and insights.. Metavid.. Archive of the House of Representatives and Senate (USA) floor footage.. No Fat Clips!!!.. Short films, music videos, hip commercials, and other kinds of short visual entertainment.. Updated daily.. (English and Italian language).. Rustbelt TV.. Pittsburgh Indymedia's.. TV program based on.. Rustbelt Radio.. (audio available as ogg vorbis).. RyanIsHungry.. Features the stories of individuals hacking everyday life, with environmental sustainability.. thebroken.. Four technology episodes, from 2003 to 2006, that look at the computer hacker mentality.. the_source.. A video show providing news, reviews, and general discussion about open source initiatives, since 2006.. Uncensored Interview.. Thousands of musician interviews available under a creative commons license and as a Theora-encoded file.. Look for the "Download Clip" link above the embedded Flash Player on many of the webpages.. WFTL Bytes.. An ".. occasiodaily.. " FOSS and Linux News Show.. Theora-formatted since October 2008.. Video Sharing Services.. Blip.. tv.. A video sharing website which allows the upload and the download of.. files.. Dailymotion OLPC Group.. A dedicated space to save the videos created by XO users.. Dailymotion Openvideo BETA.. Dailymotion repository of videos hosted in a Theora format.. Engage Media.. A video sharing website which focuses on social justice and environmental issues in South East Asia.. EvoVid.. An HTML5-based video hosting website which supports Ogg video and (unrelated) WebM.. G.. I.. S.. TV.. Global Independent Streaming Support.. Free streaming services for free media.. Free as in cost, free as in software.. Individual videos are shared on the.. Distributed Media Database.. webpage.. Omploader.. A streamlined video sharing website for.. encoded files up to one gigabyte in size.. Theora Sea.. A directory of online and free videos using.. ITheora.. TinyVid.. An originally experimental Ogg video uploading site, which existed to test out usage of the HTML 5 video and audio elements with the Ogg codecs.. Could pick videos from Youtube and offer OGV for viewing or download.. Now back online, videos are there, but no longer download+convert from Youtube and login required to upload (doesn't work ???).. V2V.. A video syndication network which uses only open source software, in order to provide free and equal access to the video source.. Wikimedia Commons.. An archive database of.. more than 6'000'000.. media files (.. over 4400 of them.. are video), to which anyone can contribute.. JV-Video.. Anime, Asian content sharing.. In beta test.. Note: A list of video sharing websites which support the.. upload.. of Ogg files can be found on.. Wikipedia.. , all of them however will force-convert all incoming videos into a "flash" format, thus apply a "free and lossy into proprietary and lossy" conversion.. The page.. doesn't.. contain any information about video services allowing to.. host.. files in OGG format.. Short Films.. 11200 Undo.. A short movie about computer, religion, sex, glue and so on.. Big Buck Bunny.. (2008).. An open content, short animated film by the Blender Institute.. Also known as by the project codename, Peach.. Available in 720p and smaller sizes.. Elephants Dream.. (2006).. Also known as by the project codename, Orange.. More about the project.. Sintel.. (2010).. Another open content, short animated film by the Blender Institute.. Codename: Durian.. Internet Archive.. Thousands of digital movies which range from classic full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to videos of every genre.. Lego Movies.. Two short movies:.. A New Computer.. Swim.. More Lego Movies.. Submissions from an animation contest.. Also available as.. HTML-5 video tag elements.. on a separate page.. Shock Doctrine.. A short film by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein, directed by Jonás Cuarón.. Sita Sings the Blues.. (2009).. Acclaimed, animated film by Nina Paley.. Steal This Film 2.. (2007).. Video archive of the numerous interviews used, and not used, in the documentary.. Valkaama.. A collaborative, "open source" movie project, under a creative commons license.. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women.. (1967) and.. The Snow Creature.. (1954).. Full-length public domain movies from the Internet Archive's.. collection.. Scientific Demonstrations.. 1696 Lightnings.. Visual and  ...   as software developer interviews, instructional screencasts, and conference speeches.. Twisted Lincoln.. Two instructional videos on the use of the GNU/Linux operating system.. Ubuntu Screencasts.. Ubuntu Videos.. Video tutorials and graphical demonstrations on how to use the Ubuntu operating system.. VirtualBox Demonstration.. The ERACC Web Log discusses running the Windows 98 operating system with VirtualBox.. Yo Frankie!.. A technology demonstration of an open source, 3D video game, created by the Blender Institute.. Code named.. Apricot.. Web/Internet Technical.. Combination of.. video examples, from Open Source Forum 2005 and other events.. Annodex applies open standards in annotating and indexing networked media.. Software, produced by Annodex, is.. used by Wikipedia to host.. media.. online.. BBC R DTV.. A pilot project made up of interviews from knowledgeable BBC developers, BBC project experts and external experts from around the world, which includes uncut footage under a creative commons non-commercial attribution v2 license.. Also see their.. Episode Two.. of R DTV.. Cortado Demonstration.. A Java applet by GStreamer that can stream Ogg Theora files, so video media can be embedded into webpages.. This site also provides instructions on using the applet.. Drupalcon 2008.. Recordings of conference speeches in.. Drupal is an website framework and.. Free Software.. Envy Casts.. Tutorials available for download in.. after purchase.. Instructor led training for Ruby on Rails computer programming.. Firefox 3.. Various Firefox 3.. 5 screenshot and advertising videos, can be viewed inside browser or downloaded in OGV or MPEG format.. HTML5 Tests.. Implementation examples of the HTML "video tag", using.. video formats.. HTML5 Demonstration.. Anne van Kesteren's Fronteers HTML 5 presentation which has.. tags embedded in the presentation itself.. Naill Kennedy Blog.. Web journal that explores how syndication and new business are changing life on the web, including insight into.. video technologies.. Presentations are encoded into.. PeepCode Screencasts.. Hour-long instruction videos that teach Ruby on Rails website development.. Realeyes Demonstration.. A.. GPL-licensed.. C.. library of functions that maintain state information and analysis results about streams of data.. These instructional videos walkthrough a network Intrusion Detection System application, based on this library.. Screencasters at Heathenx.. A weekly blog illustrating just the fundamentals of Inkscape and using SVG format.. Thunderbird Presentations.. University students presenting information about their experiences within the Thunderbird project.. Thunderbird is an open source email client, for desktop computers.. Timeline Widget.. A visual introduction to a simple web widget, which illustrates scaling, zooming, and panning.. Transparency Camp.. Interviews with keynote speakers at the 2009 Transparency Camp conference.. The conference addressed using computer technology for a more open and accountable governance.. WebJam 3.. Short video highlight of the WebJam 3, held in 2007.. Media is free of copyright restrictions (public domain).. Uncatergorized videos.. 25C3 Recordings.. Computer-security conference speeches.. Bitlet.. A prototype for a P2P video sharing and video hosting service.. Battle of Wesnoth Trailer.. The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy computer game with a fantasy theme.. Video licensed under GNU Free Documentation License.. City of Vancouver Archives.. A historical preservation society in Canada that specializes in images and film-based moving images.. Dictionary of war.. is a collaborative platform for creating concepts on the topic of "war", to be invented, arranged and presented at a public, two-day event.. The aim is to introduce a series of concepts that either play an important role in the contemporary discourse of war, have so far been neglected, or have yet to be created.. Geek Entertainment TV.. A weekly video-cast covering technology topics, in an interview format.. Many.. format videos in the 2007 and prior archives.. Lawrence Lessig Videos.. Video recordings of speeches and presentations given by Lawrence Lessig on such topics as copyright.. fair use.. and the Creative Commons License.. Various media formats, including Theora-encoded.. Open Government Petition.. Lawrence Lessig and the Mozilla Foundation have created an online petition for a technologically open (USA) federal government.. The video on the web site is in three formats, including.. Public Access Digital Media Archive.. Online archive of densely text-annotated video material, primarily footage and not finished films.. The entire collection is searchable and viewable online, and is free to download for non- commercial use.. Pragmatic Programmer.. Technical tutorial screencasts for sale.. Some screencasts and screencast previews are available in.. format, including.. The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming.. Erlang by Example.. , and.. Everyday Active Record.. Scribus Tutorials.. Several video tutorials for Scribus, a desktop publishing application, for various skill ranges.. Ulm CCC Chaosseminar.. Computer-security conference speeches, download directory with many files including OGG Theora videos, German language.. Wintercamp.. Video interviews with participants of the 2009 Institute of Network Cultures conference.. org/List_of_Theora_videos.. This page was last modified on 25 September 2011, at 03:58..

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    Descriptive info: is a video codec, based on the.. VP3.. codec donated by.. On2 Technologies.. We've refined and extended it, giving it the same future scope for encoder improvement.. has.. See.. http://theora.. org/.. for more information.. Features.. Status.. Development.. More information.. Features.. Features available in the Theora format (and a comparison to VP3 and MPEG-4 ASP):.. 8x8 Type-II Discrete Cosine Transform.. block-based motion compensation.. free-form variable bit rates (VBR).. adaptive in-loop deblocking applied to the edges of the coded blocks (not existing in MPEG-4 ASP).. block sizes down to 8x8 (MPEG-4 ASP supports 8x8 only with 4MV).. 384 8x8 custom quantization matrices: intra/inter, luma/chroma and even each quant (more than VP3 and MPEG-4 ASP/AVC).. flexible entropy encoding (Theora supports 80 VLC tables selectable per-frame, MPEG-4 ASP has just one).. 4:2:0, 4:2:2, and 4:4:4 chroma subsampling formats (VP3 and MPEG-4 ASP only support 4:2:0).. 8 bits per pixel per color channel.. multiple reference frames (not possible in MPEG-4 ASP).. pixel aspect ratio (eg for anamorphic signalling/playback).. non-multiple of 16 picture sizes (as possible in ASP,  ...   Vorbis (decoder setup configuration, bitstream headers.. ) not available in VP3.. Status.. is the latest stable release (2009-10-01).. The bitstream format was frozen in 1.. 0 Alpha 3 on 2004-08-04: every file created with this encoder (and, of course, later encoders) will be playable by any compliant Theora decoder.. The decoder in 1.. 0 Alpha 8 implemented all features of the.. Theora Format Specification.. : every file created by any compliant Theora encoder will be playable by the decoder in 1.. 0 Alpha 8 (and, of course, later decoders).. Development.. Mapping in Ogg.. ToDo list for development.. Release checklist for the Cortado java applet.. It's possible to convert VP3 video to Theora.. vp3toTheora.. Theora homepage.. Theora documentation daily builds.. Wikipedia: Theora.. VP3 homepage.. : The homepage of the codec Theora is based on.. : The authors of VP3.. Ogg Theora Information on Doom9 Forum.. HOWTO: Rip DVD to Theora using Linux.. Codec shoot-out 2005.. Comparison of many video codecs, including Theora.. org/Theora.. This page was last modified on 7 July 2010, at 23:12..

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